The Understandings of a Backyard Gardener

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The Competition called life

Life is about competition – a struggle for food and sexual partners, and everything in this reality is programmed to survive – to be born, replicate and die. This understanding becomes self evident when we grow a garden.

For those of us who are organic gardeners and do not use sprays of any kind, growing our own food although a joy can also be a battle. When our plants are attacked by insects we often have to be an executioner albeit a reluctant one and kill the bugs ourselves. Life is about competition and we have to eat to live.

Not many of us think about how our fruit and vegetables are grown. In the super markets, farmers markets and wayside stands, the organic and non-organic produce is without blemish, scab or wormhole. Do we ever consider how many life forms are indiscriminately destroyed by organic or chemical sprays to keep our produce looking perfect?

Personally, I’m glad to see a wormhole in a cabbage or an aphid on a lettuce – if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me.

  • Organic Gardening

    My experience with organic growing began in my early twenties. I volunteered at an organic vegetable farm for three years. There were two gardeners both named Tom on the estate. Old Tom was eighty five years old and still going strong, and the other was young Tom aged sixty five. These two old boys were a mine of information, and I was forever asking questions. The first thing I learned  about was polarity – understanding the vibrational connection between insect predators and the plants they preyed on.


    One day we were walking round the broad bean field, and I saw a few plants out of hundreds were infested with black fly. I asked old Tom why some plants were attacked and the rest were free of predators. He replied that the plants in question were sick, and it was a predators job to consume them. Plants, he said like everything else had an energetic field. When the plants were healthy they had strong energy, a positive charge and completed their cycle, but if they became stressed for any length of time or were injured in some way, they gave off a negative charge. The resonance of death called in predators – black fly in his experience was the broad bean predator of choice. They were the undertakers of the plant world, and when they detected a plant with weak or dying frequency, rushed in to kill them off.

    It made perfect sense to me – and I never forgot it. One of those priceless teachings that old folk have to offer but in our busy ‘whirled,’ we seldom have the time to listen to them.

    We can see the balance of polarity at work in both the plant and mammal world. If our bodies are overtly acid which most of us are, we give off a negative charge and in response here comes the human dust bin men – viruses, fungi and bacteria to finish off the job. That’s what being sick is all about – an out of balance polarity – a state of dis-ease within the body system.

    The balance

    The animal kingdom is a diverse community of species, herbivore and predator. They depend on one another for survival, and to keep earth’s ecosystem healthy and well balanced. The big cats, lions and leopards hunt zebra, rhinos and giraffe, and everything that manifests has its programme – predator or prey to keep the back drop world in balance. Many species are disappearing because of human depredation and that is the death knell for us too – for everything is connected. But the blind madmen of the matrix are full of ‘what they think they know’.

    Satanic agenda of Gmo’s

    Genetically modified plants with built in pesticides have negative energy fields because their programming has been interfered with. No matter how strong a poison used to kill the bugs, they mutate into super bugs, in line with the predator – prey polarities built into the matrix. This understanding is born out by a report called Pests, Pesticides and Propaganda: the story of BT Cotton.

    “A whitefly epidemic has devastated the Bt cotton crop in Punjab forcing farmers to use 10-12 sprays.
    In Maharashtra, Haryana and Punjab, farmers growing non Bt, desi cotton have not been impacted by pests like Bt cotton has. And organic farmers in Punjab had no whitefly attacks.” 

    Chilling vision

    The growing of genetically modified food will lead to the rise of pesticide resistant super, super pests, and super, super weeds –  a poisoned environment, massive crop failures, and starvation. This understanding gives us a chilling vision of the future –  the doomsday madness of genetically modified vegetables and fruit.

    Gardening is a teaching

    Gardening is a great teacher of reality. It allows us to experience first hand how the matrix programme of predator and prey holds everything in balance, and exposes the underlying flaw of biotech intellect that thinks it is a god.

    I suspect the AI’s pushing the biotechnology, and depopulation agenda know exactly what they are doing, but no one in their right mind would try and modify the matrix of which they are a part.

    Restoring the balance in the garden

    The introduction of ladybirds, lace wings, preying mantis, spiders and parasitic wasps to the garden restores the balance and we let the matrix take its course.  And there are other things we can do to make our gardening a success. Floating row covers, orgone pyramidal grids, elemental support, prayerful intent to archetypes – and with proper care there will be abundance.

    Feet and hands in the soil

    The kiss of the sun for pardon – The songs of the birds for mirth – One is nearer God’s heart in the garden – Than anywhere else on earth.   Dorothy Gurney 1858 – 1932.

    Uncertain world

    In a turbulent world of uncertainty and war, we never know when we may have to survive upon food we grow ourselves. Community gardens are springing up all across the country, where like minded people are taking their ‘food power’ back, and are no longer reliant on the poisoned apple of corporations and the biotech industry. In an age of uncertainty, we need to be as self sufficient as we possibly can, and growing and canning our own food is the first step to sovereignty – and survival.

    Co-creators instead of opponents

    Most of us have the opportunity to plant a garden whether it be the traditional back yard, on a rooftop  – pot plants on a sunny balcony, a window box or raised beds on a patio. Gardening has so many advantages; it allows us to eat fresh and vibrant food, creates beauty – re-connects us to the spirit of the Earth and gives us an opportunity for spiritual understanding and expansion.

    I have the sense that we can evolve from opponents of the life force, into co-creators – and through image in, we can construct our own matrix, enter a timeline of the Beauty Road – and be the executioner no more.

    The dead do not dream – and what is life without a dream.

    “We need to return to harmony with Nature and with each other, to become what humans were destined to be, builders of gardens and Shires, hobbits (if you will), not Masters over creatures great and small.” – Steve Bivans.

    About the Author

    Elva Thompson was born in England 1947 and moved to Rosebud Lakota Rez in 1987. Elva is a medical intuitive, sonic re -patterner, and her interests are organic gardening, ancient phonetic languages, sacred geometry, sonic sound, and their application in the healing arts. Elva is the author of the occult novel HeartStar: Book One: The Key made of Air. Please visit,

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