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I like to listen when I first come awake in the morning… to try and get a read on where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing during sleep. So this morning I listened, and the message was “No regrets, no worries.” Aha! That’s a good place to stand at the beginning of the day.

Lately I’ve been ‘not attending’ to demands, inner and outer. Too many demands, too many injured souls, too much pain in the world, the fear is too cold, the anger leaves bruises.

Is it pummeling your spirit too? Words upon words to the degree that they become repetitious… losing their meaning. That is the storm… lightening, rain, thunder, wind, and all kinds of debris blowing around. I found myself needing to move to the eye of the storm… where it’s quiet.

Observing and not doing, hearing and not listening, standing still like a human tree, roots going down and roots going up too. Sensitivity to the great turmoil thrusts one inward and you go there slightly wounded and befuddled. The sacred and holy is not found in cacophony.

  • Interesting, the other day I read an article about a feeling certain people describe: a longing and sense that they’re not home… that they come from another place or dimension or world and they wish to return. But you know, that didn’t settle with me. No matter where our energy may extend to, we are, at this moment, within our own all-inclusive universe. Wherever we came from, whoever we have been, whoever we will be – that isn’t gone or absent. It all exists because we contain it.

    How can you ever leave You? So I figure we might as well go to stillness when things get a bit much. Be rooted here. Love is here, and Truth is here too, Grace is here, Surrender is here. Nobody has all the info and all the answers, but we do have that portion of divinity living within our universe.

    I believe in the simple answers. I believe that ‘love-the-love’ is the most divine and most rewarding thing I’ve ever done, and perhaps the hardest. I believe this is the end of an age and some things that don’t belong in heaven will go down and others that do belong will rise, and we do choose… every day; and I believe what we encounter really is a projection… llooooonngg term, and a reflection… short term; and the instruction to go from the head to the heart and out to the human being in front of you is a pretty good evolutionary roadmap. So there you have it.

    One Love – that’s where I stand. Give me some Bob Marley and I’m good – no regrets, no worries – no past, no future. Smile my friends, we are living.

    In this ‘beginning of a new day’, giving it up or letting go doesn’t feel all that bad to me. To accept ‘what is’ as perfectly fine is challenging for a dreamer… it’s the kind of challenge that is born after a long journey: liberation in the long run.

    It must be an Elder thing I’m going through… or transformative: gotta grow closer to the core, gotta wise up, the storm is ‘on’ and a lot of stuff is breaking apart. And yet there is a coming together in the eye. While the eye moves with the storm, we who are here grow, and we love the love.

    Thinking of all the people who have impacted my life, and how they came along at the right time, and how I blundered and did wrong and felt remorse, and how I suffered the consequences and learned. And how I sometimes tuned in and dedicated energy and moved mountains and crossed gorges and saw the ‘good’ made manifest.

    I see the people who could have loved but did not, and the ones who did, no matter what; the ones who could have told the truth but did not, and the ones who did, no matter what.

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    Ida Lawrence is an author, blogger, copywriter and editor based in Atlanta, Georgia. She has contributed to and edited two books on racial justice and human rights, and numerous articles on human rights, self-empowerment and related subjects. Her latest book is entitled The Warrior’s Way to Heaven on Earth. Ida has also published a companion book of blog favorites from http://talk2momz.com/.

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