On the Eve of Construction

Flickr - Save the Earth - AlicePopkornZen Gardner, Guest
Waking Times

I love the sound of construction. I always have. Not the industrial sound from the kind of massive, offensive structures made with other-worldly looking machines, but the intentional, gentle kind. Small structures going up, improvements on homes, road repairs, even tending to gardens whether it’s tree pruning or small rearrangements.

Hammers and saws and simple equipment, busy in the hands of caring people. It’s all creation at work.

The same is happening on the conscious awakening level. New structures are being built continually. We may not get to “see” the fulfillment of what’s truly going on about us, but a new world is being born nonetheless. Just as you’d see a myriad of tiny gossamer webs sparkling with dew on a leaf or pine needle strewn forest floor, so micro and macro networks are growing and spreading around the globe continually.

And it’s something we can derive great encouragement from.

Earth’s Awakening

A very similar parallel is occurring with our home planet. It’s continual and appears to be stepping up. She recycles, she shakes things around, she sweeps her atmosphere, she builds new molten mountains…all as she careens through space no matter what alien body may confront her.

Not unaware, yet fearless.

That sounds a lot like humanity to me. We carry on, we keep building, we keep learning. We can’t help it. It’s the power of creation of which we are part. Whatever may befall us we’ll chug along right up to that moment. It’s how we are.

On an evolving planet in evolving bodies in an evolving and currently contrived social construct humanity still thrives. It’s in our nature. The nature of everything to be exact. Here’s an interesting example if not parallel.

  • Our Crystalline Heritage

    Crystals keep building and growing. That the “rocks are alive” may be a shock to some, but it’s fact to others. And just as creation keeps growing and transforming, so does humanity, physically and spiritually. It’s natural. Sure, there’s decay but there’s always continual rebirth followed by more growth. Crystals are living fractals, the imprint of the holographic nature of the Universe.

    When you consider the current manufactured societal world we’re living in, it is anything but constructive. It is destructive on more levels than we can name. From spiritual, moral and economic subversion, to continual wars and the very real potential for nuclear and/or geoengineered decimation. Our home is clearly under attack, by very serious and well coordinated forces.

    Crystals and the fractal reality they evidence are a gateway to understanding the nature of our alive, holographic universe. Fractals are not just amazing in their own right, but that we can see them grow in nature in crystalline structures, including holographic human blood, should amaze and encourage anyone.

    What do movie special effects, the stock market, heart attacks and the rings of Saturn have in common? They all consist of fractals, irregular repeating shapes found in cloud formations,tree limbs, stalks of broccoli and craggy mountain ranges and even in the human heart. Discovered by mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot, they are the architecture used by nature.

    Entropy vs Creation

    Entropy is the phenomenon that breaks down complex organisms or structures to their most basic components. The whole concept of entropy, both natural and manipulated, when applied to humanity’s condition is quite profound.

    It’s degradation…of thought, of intention and more importantly the underlying impetus for courage and resultant action. In the physical and at the quantum level it is a breakdown of creative structure of any kind into a lower vibrational signal. A very serious concept and reality to explore. After all, we are fundamentally vibrational so the conflict would take place at that level in some way.

    That we have proliferating cell towers and other EMF relay stations, smart meters, CFL lightbulbs, nuclear contamination, GMOs etc. now deliberately working to accomplish this purpose attests to this, never mind the other manufactured influences. This may take some research, but the attempts to break down humanity have few limits.

    Most of all, they are all entropic, as are the programs of the social engineers. It’s the ultimate fulfillment of divide and conquer, breaking down our complexity into easily manageable units and attempting to erase our creative nature and abilities.

    I Hear the Sound of Construction

    In spite of whatever influences befall us, the sound of creation continues. It’s beautiful, it’s continual, and it has so much energy! People are busy and active in all walks of life, but they’re also waking up and doing something about what they’re learning. It almost doesn’t matter what, just that they activate.

    As I like the say, the boat has to be in motion for the rudder to take effect.

    Individually and collectively we are taking action, and inherently building a new “crystalline” structure despite this onslaught of misinformation and misdirection. It may not appear anywhere in the media, it may seem insignificant, but it is real and happening far and wide. This reality needs our attention and focus.

    As each of us activates, disengages from the beast and its web of lies, the new world is realizing. And this awakened world is rising beneath our very feet. Now.

    Our Construction vs Their Entropy

    The points above may seem somewhat disjointed or unrelated, but they are meant to illustrate our predicament as well as our innate empowerment against any onslaught. And this is barely scratching the surface.

    Most importantly, new lives built on awake awareness are sprouting more than we could number. No matter the impotent attempts at fearful tamp downs by outside influences, we are alive and active, like a culture of warmth and truth residing safely under the earth. It cannot be extinguished. The electromagnetic, social engineering, food adaptation and other methods of subjugation will only have so much effect.

    Activate with confidence. It’s ours in love for the taking.

    Make your garden large, and make it green and growing. It doesn’t matter what befalls us, we are here to cultivate. Our energy outweighs theirs by quantum leaps, if they’re even in the same league as we are. Which they aren’t.

    Never dread, and don’t stare at their machinations. They are crumbling even now.

    Ours is to build and to plant, all the while exposing their perfidy.

    Do it triumphantly.

    Much love, Zen