Waking Times on The People’s Voice – Episode 2 This Weekend!

Waking Times

Not wanting to miss out on the exciting events taking place at the The People’s Voice network, we’ve been working hard to produce our second episode of Waking Times for the network.

Episode 2 features a fascinating interview we did with James Gilliland of ECETI.org, discussing the inter-dimensional beings who are affecting events on planet earth. We also discussed the control matrix set up for the bulk of humanity, free energy devices, how ordinary people can benefit from this information, and much more.

Tune in at:

Saturday February 15th at 8:00am GMT in Europe, or 2:00am CST in the United States
Sunday February 16th at 6:00am GMT in Europe, or 12:00am CST in the United States
Monday February 17th at 3:00pm GMT in Europe, or 9:00am CST in the United States

Listen here… THE PEOPLE’S VOICE 

Stay tuned, as we are developing the online archive and will soon have previous episodes available to listen to on YouTube.


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