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Does it matter if the girl at the bank knows what GMOs are? She’s a sweetheart… teaching me how to speak Spanish. She says I’m good… my accent is hardly noticeable. So we get into a new phrase every time I see her. She doesn’t know I’m on a mission… getting my ears used to another language. And why should she? She’s just living life and enjoying a customer.

I slip in a reference to GMOs, she asks what that is, I give her a little bit of info and we’re done – perfect exchange. She gives me something and I give her something… love all around. Do I then go home and complain about the fact that she doesn’t know what’s going on in the world? No way! Her mind will open when it opens, and who am I to criticize her timing.

The truth dawns on different people at different times, and that’s a good thing. To loosely paraphrase what Stuart Wilde pointed out… if everybody knew the full extent of the darkness that is being hidden from us, all at once, can you imagine what would ensue? People would instantly have to choose a side and they couldn’t do it! They’d go crazy because the darkness is not just outside of them, it’s on the inside too.

What brought on this train of thought? Well, this morning I received an email from a beautiful person who had become very much afraid after listening to a ‘truth exposed’ radio broadcast. The fear was close to overwhelming, and she didn’t know what to do with it. Buy some supplies? Hunker down? She began to look for encouragement – something to get her through. She came across one of my articles and decided to do what I had recommended… turn on the music and dance. The dancing helped. It lifted her out of the gravitational pull of collective fear.

  • I know sometimes people are disturbed and puzzled by the slowness of the general public’s wake-up. There are huge numbers of people who still don’t know 9-11 was a false flag! Why don’t they see what’s going on… they’re ‘sheeple’ following the propaganda. Or are they? To me they’re actually people, and I’m not into rushing them. Some might not ever see it, or they’ll see it the moment it’s all over.

    Others will come to it as their awareness allows, and they’ll make their choice as they awaken. Hopefully they’ll have prepared a little, worked on their own shadows, and they’ll choose to disengage from the system calmly, without being overwhelmed by the fear. They’ll make a plan, and they’ll trust their instincts.

    In my view, the truth is digested much more successfully when spiritual nourishment and a little humor is offered on the same plate. When someone is pulling away from an energy vampire, you have to feed them some good energy to make up for it. They’re going to be weak and they’re going to doubt themselves. They need to know there is life on the other side, and relationships, and laughter, and a return to self for all who choose to be renewed.

    Give them an energy boost, and remember the difficulties you had, and the time it took for you to get back into your own center and get your footing. Whatever kindness was offered to you, offer it to them. There is no way a person can act appropriately when caught in their own fear, or in the collective fear sinkhole. Fear is the great obliteration: mind gone, trust gone, perception gone, connection to the divine within gone, intuition gone, knowing gone.

    Encouragement: memorize the litany against fear from the book Dune:

    “I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

    The I that remains is where you will want to settle in. Settle and connect, and remember… there is a great deal of celestial light coming in that the collective knows nothing about. When we work on our own darkness: emotions, attachments, reactions and opinions, we can clear the way for a connection with that celestial light. Many people have done it. We can do it too – this is the renewal.

    Telling the truth is a wonderful thing. I am so very grateful to the radio hosts, video commentators, and writers who look at these things, suss them out, point out the inconsistencies, bring on the experts, discuss the facts, open up the minds: the shift is happening, to a great extent because of this kind of effort. If they did not do it, who would? Who would have the heart, and who would dare?

    But to those who offer truth with a generous serving of spiritual nourishment and a dash of humor, I give the highest regard. That’s the winning combination!

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    Ida Lawrence is an author, blogger, copywriter and editor based in Atlanta, Georgia. She has authored two books on racial justice and human rights, and numerous articles on human rights, self-empowerment and related subjects. Ida is also a certified Tai Chi instructor with a special interest in helping seniors and the disabled with Tai Chi and Chi Kung practices modified for their use. Her goal in life has been to find answers to the question of ‘why’ and then to explore the question of ‘what is’. More of her work is available at her personal blog,

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