10 Reasons ‘JOB’ Should Be a Four-Letter Word

J.P. Hicks, Contributing Writer
Waking Times

It seems to me that the millions of Americans caught in long-term unemployment are suffering from some kind of illness – a mental impairment that blocks their ability to be creative – called hopelessness.

Through no fault of their own, they seem to lack the will to create their own income path.

They spend their days circling want ads, sending out resumes, moaning about their situation to anyone who will listen, and praying that someone comes to their aid with a well-paying job.

I have a brilliant cousin with a $180K Syracuse education working part-time at a department store. She has literally sent out 38,000 resumes in the span of a year to no avail. I have another very bright friend with the kindest heart who is so desperate he has applied for dishwashing jobs and didn’t get them, sending him deeper into depression. I’m sure we all know people like this, or perhaps have even been there ourselves.

  • Society has trained us to believe that we are worthless without a job. Indeed, we feel worthless when we are unemployed with few prospects of making money. Family, friends, and peers constantly remind us in subtle and not-so-subtle ways that we “need” a job.

    No one ever tells us to stop looking for a job and get busy building something.

    No one ever says to go out in the world and create something only you could create. No one ever says that when you find your passion, you’ll find success. They just reinforce the mantra to get a job.

    I say, give up hope. Stop looking for a job. Ask yourself how many people you know who actually like their jobs. Jobs suck! Stop being sad that you don’t have a job, and start creating something better.

    Here are 10 reasons “JOB” should be a curse word in your vocabulary:

    1. Working a job makes someone else, besides you, wealthy: Why would you want to spend the majority of your life pushing paper for someone else?

    2. Pay and benefits never keep up with the real cost of living: Jobs have never and will never keep up with the real rate of inflation. Jobs are designed to make you poorer.

    3. Jobs force you to get up at the same time every day: Who likes when their alarm clock goes off to get up and go to a thankless job?

    4. Most jobs require you to wear a costume of some kind: Even if you feel special wearing a suit and tie to work, you’re still wearing a costume for someone else’s benefit.

    5. Bosses wield the power of your very livelihood over you: Many are so worried about losing their job that they’re willing to put up with being treated like a slave by the head slave.

    6. Jobs force you to pay the highest percentage tax of any form of income: Even (and especially) if you have a good-paying job, you’ll be forking over 30+% of your income to Uncle Sam. That means you work 1/3 of the year for free.

    7. Not having a job makes people unnecessarily miserable: Why should you hate yourself because you can’t find a job? As soon as you start loving yourself again, you’ll be turning down job offers.

    8. Jobs zap your passion to do what you really want to do with your life: Even the minority of people who claim to like their jobs, usually aren’t passionate about their tasks or the company they work for. They usually like their job because of material reasons like; it pays well or offers benefits. Don’t let a job get in the way of your passion.

    9. You’ll never be in control of your life working for someone else: If some has the power to end your way of life, then you will never be free. Who wants that kind of bondage?

    10. Most jobs hold back your potential as a human being: Let’s face it, most jobs are mindless and easily replaceable. You have infinite potential to accomplish whatever you can dream up. How many jobs will permit you to live up to that opportunity?

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