[WATCH] Viral Video Reminds America that Local Newscasts are Scripted and Phony

Vic Bishop, Staff Writer
Waking Times

We’ve known for years now that the media industry in America has become highly consolidated by mega corporations, giving a very small group of people incredible influence over what the nation thinks.

“The conglomerates are: General Electric, News Corp., Disney, Viacom, Time Warner and CBS. 


All are corporations that have their own shady histories, dealings and suspicious actors. Disney being widely regarded as an occult enterprise aimed at warping the minds of children with disturbing subliminal imagery. One of these companies is also the 12th largest US military defense contractor, so it’s no surprise that so much of our entertainment centers around the glorification of war and violence.

As a perfect example of what this means for television programming, a viral video compiled dozens of nightly news broadcasts to show just how homogenized and phony America’s news really is. The video features clips of nightly news broadcasters from local stations around the nation, all owned, in this case, by Sinclair Broadcasting Group, Inc., one of the ‘most diversified television broadcasting companies in the country.’

All of the clips are edited together to show you how a single corporation can propagate a very specific idea into the mind of the public. Take a look…

The real question is, does America even care that even local news is so homogenized and tightly scripted from up high by giant corporations?

Apparently not, as this is nothing new to mainstream viewers. Conan O’Brien has been highlighting this for a number of years with his skits titled, “Newscasters Agree.” The audience always laughs.

This kind of top-down, micro-managed news is why the mainstream legacy media is failing so badly these days, and why they are being forced to try out all kinds of new methods of digital censorship to shut down independent news and ideas.

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