UN Seeking Full-Spectrum Biometric Dominance of the Human Race

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The UN has announced a plan to biometrically track every citizen on Earth – to collect and store all the information about our facial features, fingerprints, iris codes, DNA and anything else that might be useful to them to identify each one of us individually. This information would then be stored in a central database in Geneva, and ostensibly used to improve our lives and increase their capacity to better serve us.

Findbiometrics.com writes…

“The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is moving forward with its plans to use biometric technology to identify and track refugees, and has selected a vendor for the project. Accenture, an international technology services provider, has won out in the competitive tendering process and will oversee the implementation of the technology in a three-year contract.

The UNHCR will use Accenture’s Biometric Identity Management System (BIMS) for the endeavor. BIMS can be used to collect facial, iris, and fingerprint biometric data, and will also be used to provide many refugees with their only form of official documentation. The system will work in conjunction with Accenture’s Unique Identity Service Platform (UISP) to send this information back to a central database in Geneva, allowing UNHCR offices all over the world to effectively coordinate with the central UNHCR authority in tracking refugees.”

  • Banks Moving in Same Direction

    In addition, major banks are also moving in the same direction. Citigroup is currently testing a new type of ATM that requires smart phone information and eye scanning technology in order to dispense cash. A cashless society is really not necessary for humanitarian enterprise, but it allows all transactions to be tracked, monitored, taxed and controlled by organizations with nearly unlimited power. Detailed information about individual purchases, behaviors, location and more would be a veritable gold mine for totalitarian governors, and with the ability to remotely shut down anyone’s ability to purchase or conduct business transactions, the implications for tyranny are frightening.

    The idea of relieving yourself from the burden of remembering a PIN number and carrying a card may be attractive and to some seem reasonable, but nothing could be further from the truth. The whole idea of having a “universal ID” that would be virtually, if not totally essential for functioning in society is deeply embedded in the use of finance as a universal shackle. Most banks are now reducing the amount of money that is allowed to be withdrawn from an account and customers with large cash requests are being flagged as suspicious – potentially freezing an account for no reason other than taking more money out of your account than usual.

    Global ID Leads to Social Credit System

    China recently announced that it will begin what is being called “the most frightening game ever” and it is called “Sesame Credit”. In short, it is a system that measures how obediently you follow the status quo and grants “good”, obedient citizens of the state special privileges like cheaper hotel visits, etc. As opposed to a credit score that measures how promptly you pay your bills, your sesame credit score “aims to create a docile, compliant citizenry who are fiscally and morally responsible by employing a game-like format to create self-imposed, group social control.” The fear is that it will later be used to penalize non-compliant citizens to create intense social pressure to conform – and the worst part is that it is set up to be mandatory in 2020.

    The United Nations is often portrayed in the media as a benevolent organization, something to honor and look to for leadership. But is the generally accepted reputation of the U.N. really accurate? More importantly, is it safe for human kind to give so much authority and power to a single organization or governmental entity?

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