Transhumanist Singularity – The Ultimate Escapist Agenda

TranshumanismJulian Rose, Contributor
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Bare with me, for this may not be an easy read – but we need to crack the code of this much discussed vainglorious chimera.

Which is not to say it doesn’t exist – it does. Yet it exists as a by-product of minds that operate in a sub human vacuum; that have severed their connection with with the normal diversity of emotions – and more particularly – with spirit and soul. Once this type of divorce is sanctioned there can only be deleterious consequences

The current Transhumanist ethos is deeply atheistic, and as such, has no need to replace God, since it doesn’t believe there is such an entity in the first place. But, ironically, it seemingly does have the need to create an all powerful god of its own design.

Such a concept, pursued through to its conclusion, can, according to its proponents, provide some sort of final solution to the human dilemma. So we get the Transhumanist notion that  the realisation of a computer that can outmanoeuvre the human brain will somehow produce a liberated society.

Nothing, in reality could be further from the truth. By handing over responsibility for the management of our lives to machines, we usurp our own ability to shape, alter, direct and ultimately rejoice in the art of living. Instead, we individually elect to become slaves to our own inventions.

  • Recognising this is most important, as it puts the Transhumanist agenda in its true light – which is actually not light at all – but essentially dark. When given free rein, harbouring delusional visions of power leads on to openly fascistic expressions. The Nazi eugenics programme of World War Two is testimony to this horror. And the attempt to bring into existence an all powerful ‘conscious’ computer capable of outstripping human intelligence  makes Transhumanism into a new form of concentration camp.

    The eugenics school of ‘population cleansing’ has never been far from the surface in this corporate dominated era, and is particular to New World Order ambitions. But to achieve a major depopulation ambition in the post World War Two era would require a highly subversive slight of hand – and I believe that the Transhumanist prophecy of a coming ‘Singularity’ – is such a deeply subversive slight of hand.

    Transhumanists use the term ‘The Singularity’ to describe the time when they believe that artificial intelligence, in continuing on its exponential rate of growth, will take over – or overtake – natural intelligence. They name that time ‘The Omega Point’.

    This is, I suggest, a direct plagiarism of the spiritual context in which this same term (although not in common parlance) would describe the time of humanity’s broad awakening to Divine Consciousness – or Godliness.

    The Singularity of Transhumanist origins thus represents the demonic opposite of Divine Awakening, or Enlightenment. It reverses the natural flow of life and imprisons its prey in a Matrix like world of brainwashed, sterile conformity; the overseer of which is a man made brain. Orwell, Huxley and others warned of just such a possibility more than sixty years ago.

    So when we hear that Google, whose chairman is a regular Bilderberg attendee, is pursuing interests in this field, it becomes all too clear that the agenda is directly linked to the ongoing establishment of just such a big brother global control system. One which, according to the Singularity ethos, ultimately leads on to a technically refined form of ‘thinking’ super-computer permanently replacing the higher callings of the human mind.

    Under this heinous regime, it is touted that this piece of man made technology will, sooner or later, take the responsibility for managing planetary affairs out of human hands completely, and leave newly ‘liberated people’ to scuttle around like so many rudderless chickens under the watchful eye of the ‘master cyborg cock’.

    The software instructions would no doubt gear this all pervasive big brother to instil a further degree of fear upon an already jittery society. And so in awe of its powers would people be – that the  ‘logic’ of its pronouncements/actions would be deemed irrefutable. So much so, that all its instructions could never be proved invalid, or be capable of being struck down by a court of law.

    No surprise that we have recently witnessed a slue of cinematic previews of this futuristic type of scenario becoming reality.

    If you have ever tried to question your account balance with banking staff, you will likely have experienced an abdication of responsibility for any error that may have been made – followed by a reference to any error being “with the computer” and therefore somehow beyond the control of bank staff. This is an initial phase of human abdication to the ‘thinking’ machine. Only a managerial employee might finally be persuaded to actually check the computing end of the system for a potential error.

    The desire to never be held accountable and to escape all personal responsibility for the realisation of one’s own God given creative potential – or for the condition of the physical world – represents the ultimate escapist agenda; and makes perfect canon fodder for the vampiric greed of the dark side.

    We know that various forms of high-tech (mind) control systems were already under scrutiny within the sinister and secretive MK-Ultra programme and CIA sponsored Cybernetics teams of four or five decades ago. And that before this, certain pseudo-Christian sects held that the gathering of all human intelligence into one vast central holding pool would somehow provide the basis for an evolutionary shift into a higher evolved state for human kind; which would in turn flood the universe with the power of its combined intelligence.

    Within this delusional homophobic vision of a man-made speeded-up evolution, the ‘superior mind’ of the computer would be relied upon to coral collective global human information energy. Once achieved, it would no doubt be left in charge of deciding who would – and who would not – be acceptable to the resulting cybernetic society. A super-computer would, in this way, inherit the role of eugenics commander-in-chief, and in something like a Scientology debriefing session – would be given responsibility for selecting who was eligible or ineligible within a kind of sub-human survival of the fittest. The  ineligible being dispensed with in whatever way was deemed ‘most efficient’.

    Most efficient – and most in keeping with the needs of those party to designing and programming the commander-in-chief’s software – who would make sure to write themselves out of the programme and claim they had no part in the outcome. This super computer will therefore supply the perfect alibi as, according to its programmers, it will have have exceeded their ability to retain control over its actions – and thereby absolve  them of responsibility for its excesses. The ultimate pre conceived opt-out.

    Nevertheless, the commander-in-chief computer’s primary role is supposed to be a triggering of the great ‘Singularity Event’. An event that might manifest as some kind of Luciferain/Illuminati glorification rapture. A ritualistic dark-side fest with strong similarities to the annual Californian Bohemian Grove gathering. A satanic coming together to celebrate the time in which the spiritual soul would finally be laid to rest and the rampant materialist ambitions of a soulless elite get their full and unopposed due. In this scenario ‘The Omega Point’ sees the Illumaniti dream fulfilled.

    After this, the machine would no doubt be switched off – by someone who had retained sufficient will power to carry out this action. Most of the new inheritors of the Earth would insist on having human slaves to look after their various and vicarious needs. In their compassion-less version of Shangrila, the suffering of others would likely add some ‘frissant’ to daily life – and robotic objects could not so amply fulfill this role.

    It seems likely that to-days Transhumanists are extending a script that emanates from the Nazi era. The wish to preserve/build a super race – and rid the world of all that fails to measure up to its definitions of mental perfection. Illuminati initiates already consider themselves to be bloodline descendants of extra terrestrial god-kings. These extra terrestrial ambitions tie-in closely with the Transhuman agenda – in which human heart-based spiritual power – being the chief obstruction to the fulfilment of their goal – is finally fully subverted.

    We know something about this. For the same sinister theme runs throughout the barely hidden ambitions of corporate exploits in the fields of GMO, pharmaceuticals, agrichemicals, nuclear energy, much of the food industry, corporate controlled media, key banking institutions, advanced technology and telecommunications, the military, NATO, the super-rich, the top dogs of just about all government institutions including the Vatican and other church heirarchies. Not forgetting the European Union and United States executive and taking-in the World Trade Organisation and all the main global trading blocks of this materialistically segmented planet.

    In all these – and more – one can detect the mostly secretive – but sometimes quite open   despotic desire to exercise an inhuman form of domination, surpassing even the profit motive. The desire to exercise a coldly controlling influence over others and to use this planet as if it were nothing more than free fuel for the further aggrandisement of already over inflated egos.  Never mind if ecocide is the end result. Never mind if wisdom, knowledge and a caring heart have to be dispensed with so as to get this devil onto its vainglorious throne.

    All these sinister ambitions are fully dependent for their realisation on the Singularity ‘Omega Point’ delivering its technological take-over of human society – and mesmerising the majority into submission and surrender with its seemingly endless and adaptable calculating capacities.

    Psychologically, the despotic ‘thinking super-computer’ is nothing more than the projection of an ever restless alter ego. A compensation for an unbearable sense of spiritual inner emptiness and the attempt to try to make up for this by surrendering one’s soul to an all powerful and dominating self created idol.

    So if you harbour a secret fascination in corporate mass produced gadgetry – watch out! You are already entering the foothills of the Transhumanist domain and opening yourself to a mind controlling medium which is shaping the lives of a whole generation even as I write.

    It is in fact, part of the same domain in which avid genetic scientists like Craig Venter are putting the final touches to their (ostensibly illegal) laboratory conceived designer babies.

    We, in whom circulates the precious red blood of love, sympathy, sadness, joy and passion, are never going to fall foul of this soulless ghost  – neither now or in the future. But we need to know of it; if only to remind ourselves of what lies in store for this world if we fail to realise our God given potential to be warm hearted, creative beings.

    Creative, sentient beings whose destiny is to break-through the insanity which surrounds us, drawing upon a deeper courage and a greater conviction concerning our own Divine powers. Powers to bring forth that which will banish forever those who count on fear winning out over the glorious celebration of love, which is, has been – and will always be – the true foundation of Universal and Earthly life.

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    Julian is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, a writer, activist and social entrepreneur. He is president of The International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside and author of the acclaimed ‘In Defence of Life – Essays on a Radical Reworking of Green Wisdom’ available from and independent book shops. Julian’s web site is:

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