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The one undeniable experience that I believe everyone on Earth is having right now is that of immense change. Time seems to be speeding up, cataclysms are erupting and destabilizing communities, economies are crashing and wars are erupting. Fear is prevalent, but why then do I feel this overriding current of intense love, truth and harmony? This change, I feel most viscerally, is certainly beautiful – albeit a change that is the product of a period of much upheaval.

My reason for writing this article is most definitely not to focus on the bad stuff that is happening on this planet. I don’t want to spend time identifying the people who cause the bad events and discuss theories that pertain to the “end” of the human race and the various other speculations that are becoming such voraciously consumed trends in the alternative information arena. I believe we should all be questioning any mainstream source of information. Not because it is aspirational to be ‘anti-establishment’ (although blindly following the herd is equally undesirable), but because there are so many roads to ‘truth’, and true knowledge can’t be acquired by merely trusting a single source of information (mainstream-media as a single entity in its entirety).

My reason for writing this article is to suggest ways and means for us to collectively as a species make the transition period we are experiencing as gentle and harmonized as possible. We can experience this together WITHOUT being affected by the fear which is a product of so many of the events which are being unleashed into our current projection of reality.

Right now at this specific point in the timeline of the Earth’s journey, the human race is experiencing many things which are shaking a great number of us to our very core. Don’t get me wrong. At any given point in the history of mankind, the human experience on this planet would have always seemed full of chaos and unsettling events to the people living in each respective era. However, what is becoming more and more apparent to me is the fact that growing volumes of people from all over the world are starting to ‘question’ the official versions of reality that have been dished out to us throughout the course of our lives through the educational and religious institutions, the media, society, culture, military and governments. I acknowledge that tragedy will always occur by default because the definition of consciousness is that for it to evolve it has to have experience through a variety of expressions/manifestations of the original source-consciousness. Some expressions will be positive and some negative. And so we have the eternal loop of the good and bad events occurring all over the planet. I am noticing however, that we seem to be alive at an extremely auspicious point in the timeline of the human race.

  • The era of human civilization on Earth is just a drop in the ocean in comparison to the lifespan of our planet. We love to tell ourselves our species is the most important thing that has ever evolved by natural selection. However, everything happens in cycles and the human experience on the planet is no more than another phase that begins and ends. The time of our species existing on Earth is drawing to a close. Our collective consciousness is – unbeknownst to our conditioned minds –already preparing for a great shift into a new density of existence.

    Humanity has unwittingly volunteered itself into its relinquishment of authentic freedom, through the subjugation of our species to the unauthentic experiences of the era of ‘instant-gratification’. Be this through a lifestyle of consumerism, addiction to processed foods , the acquisition of pricey material items and the belief in the words that come out of the mouths of our societies ‘authority’ figures, we sign away our freedom by conforming to the template the powers-that-be have constructed for us to conform to. But the contrived control of the human journey is losing its hold over the collective human soul. The slightly ponerological pursuit which fuels our coerced enslavement is being challenged by our intrinsic need to evolve spiritually. I believe that the individuals who work hard to project the structured and segregated illusion of reality have to exert intense energy to smooth cracks of truth that start shining dazzling slivers of light through their fraying veil of concealment. These “truth-cracks” are appearing everywhere at an increasing rate where entire belief systems have been broken to reveal the true nature of our existence. Once truth trickles into the foreground it quickly becomes a colossal downpour of clarity. This is a complete nightmare for the people who have the ridiculous need to control populations of people. The laws of physics have already been placed under pressure by a miniscule minority orchestrating their agenda over a gigantic sum of people. The fact is: we are more in numbers than the minority of oligarchs.

    When the collective consciousness of human souls leaves this realm to be part of the ONE, the never-ending, all-encompassing plane of existence known as pure conscious energy it will be the time we will have been given for authentic choice. Right now your mind is still locked in the (for lack of a better word) “matrix”, but your soul has already made its choice about its evolution.. I’m not going to harp on about the depraved and depressing details of the dastardly plans of the angry-at-each-other-all-the-time-world-leaders, because you, the reader, already know what their tools for control are. I’m just reinforcing a proposition that change is coming. You would already know this, but we need to have our instinctual knowledge acknowledged when we can’t always receive approval by publicly broadcasting our speculations about the future of mankind. Human life as we know it will end – but life will continue, albeit in a very different capacity to what we currently have a frame of reference to define.

    Everything that you can see, touch, taste and smell is pure, conscious energy materialized in waveform frequency. The Earth is a living, breathing entity who is experiencing her own journey independently of us humans. Gaia is embarking upon her own transition period. Whether or not you believe in the prophecies of ancient cultures (Mayans, Aztecs, Hopi) or whether you ascribe your belief system to a religious institution or whatever your basis for your acknowledgement of a global change is, there is one undeniable truth here: The Earth and every sentient being that calls it her home, is going through a transition into a brand-new age of learning, growth and experience. The human life experience will change. A rebirth into the new is always the result of unconditional pure love and individuals that seek to control the course of the journey are appearing to amplify and increase the instances of global tragedy. So it appears that there needs to be a period of upheaval before we make the final transition into the new era of the human experience. If anything, the elements of control that perpetuate the fear paradigm over the human soul-collective are merely trying to halt our journey into the new era of pure LOVE consciousness by creating events that keep our minds locked into the “fear” grid.

    The intention could therefore be presumed to be one in which the dominant elite don’t want us to spiritually evolve as the result of our universal third-eye opening because it means they would have to relinquish complete control. The scenario I am painting of course is completely irrelevant if you understand how to protect yourself from fear and its emotional subdivisions. We should all have empathy and send love to those who are suffering at the hands of unscrupulous psychopaths and their enslavement agenda , however the magic of karma is that love always balances out whatever pain has been caused at the hands of fear. We can’t allow ourselves to impede our transition into a new life expression of consciousness by allowing the worry and anxiety of world events to impose itself into our higher-selves evolution. At the highest level of awareness, it is almost irrelevant how much death and destruction prevails on Earth in these last days because Gaia will regenerate and our species will endure. Whatever souls lose their human experience- vessels (the death of the physical body) in whatever geophysical or man-made tragedies occur, these souls will still have the same opportunity as the rest of us to choose whether they will remain in the reincarnational cycle of the third dimension or ascend to a higher plane of consciousness. The choice is ours and each individual one of us is at some level of our awareness, making this choice right now!

    Let me backtrack here to put you in the picture with regards to what I think the prevalent issue is with us humans and how to overcome the programmed adversity. I believe that one of the most destructive forces with regards to our emotional, spiritual and physical health and well-being is low-vibrational emotion. Our body is similar to a computer and fear-based emotion essentially destabilizes the computers construct. Therefore the electric and chemical equilibrium will too become off-kilter. This is akin to how ingesting chemicals (pharmaceuticals, street drugs, etc) or the effects of radiation and other electromagnetic fields imbalance our physical bodies. So either way the consequence is that we are affected vibrationally.

    Absolutely everything in this reality is ultimately vibrational – we are energy vibrating at a frequency densely compacted into a perceivable manifestation for which experience can occur. Reality as we know it is the simulated expression of the waveform metaphysical universe. When we embody, harness and stimulate low-resonating emotions such as fear, anger, jealousy, judgment or hate, it keeps our body-computer in a state of shock and imbalance and this limits our ability to think, feel and exude a necessary level of empathy towards other expressions of consciousness. As mammals we are all hard-wired to feel and express empathy spontaneously. However, when we focus on the tragedy that happens around us, like the events caused by megalomaniacs in high-status positions around the world fighting amongst themselves for more ‘money’ and “power”, etc, we then become enveloped in the fear which is the product of such events. When we feel the fear that is projected through the low-vibrational frequency which is off-set by negative events it naturally leads us to start behaving in fear-based patterns. In other words, we become left-brain oriented, logic and analytical behaviour prevails and survival-only thinking becomes dominant meaning we become beings who live day-to-day operating for the benefit of ourselves, our own survival and protection. This is counter-productive to the journey to enlightenment and freedom because we stay trapped in a never ending loop of selfish self-serving behaviour . This is what makes us so CONTROLABLE to the people who enjoy controlling. This is actually a very foreign state for the human-being to exist in.

    When you consider the nature of the human body, specifically with regards to our physical bodies overall health and well-being, your entire perspective can be drastically altered when you understand the “illusion” that reality really is. You have to understand that absolutely everything is energy. So for the pure sake of the different forms of consciousness needing to have diverse experiences in an infinite number of parallel and varied realities , surely it is reasonable to presume that each reality is then just a hologram or a projection that we just perceive through whatever ‘perception’ tools we have been allowed in the dominant incarnation? Atoms after all contain nothing but empty space, so something ‘solid’ is of course about as solid as the air between the solid objects, technically speaking. The human body is then the result of atoms bumping into each other and forming a frequency field which is the decoded result of a type of projection by other frequency codes. These other frequency codes are of course the DNA and the RNA which are the central processing units which store the information which make us US! When one truly gets this, when this truly sinks in, the epiphany is that one understands how mainstream science can’t always explain how people can heal or how the physical body can improve in its overall strength and health through something as simple as a loving interaction or even alternative healing modalities such as Reiki or acupuncture.

    I feel like I should sum everything up now with some principles I feel are important in applying to our journeys in this exciting transition period. Each and every one of us has the power and the choice to decide how we feel in each moment that we live during this exciting journey. We have the ability to introduce love into our experience at any point and to make that the dominant frequency that resonates through our story. If you search for truth and answers outside of yourself you will be denying yourself so much freedom and potential to evolve because there is only one truth. The one truth that is and always as and always will be is inside you all the time. The truth and the answer to everything in the eternal experience is love. That’s it. Let go of fear and conditioning which perpetuates concern about what others think about you. Embrace and own each and every single unique and different view and idea you may have about reality. If you do this you can step outside of the farm, you stop being a head of cattle. If everyone does this we all leave the herd so there is no more herd! In turn it is an act of love to respect and revere other peoples choices in terms of how they choose to walk their journeys. When we allow others to embrace their unique understandings without them fearing our reaction or opinion we then allow ourselves more freedom to explore our unique journeys more fully. We quit being so focused on the choices other people are making in their stories and relinquish the need to correct and judge. Free will is a gift, we have to allow each other to enjoy this gift completely. Imposing our beliefs onto others is never out of love. Love is loving the learning that is the product of loving everyone for their diverse and individual understandings that they take in as they go along. The meaning of all life is to take in what we learn as we go along. Love just helps us take it all in much more thoroughly.”

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