The Push Me, Pull You Socio-Psychological Taffy Machine

Zen Gardner, Guest
Waking Times

This is fundamental in many ways but the solution may surprise most. Nothing is as it appears. Nothing. The answers lie in the observer and within each of our grasps. But it requires some serious personal work and true honest evaluation of many profound things. Mainly ourselves, at levels many may have not yet begun to fully perceive.

The ultimate challenge and final frontier….

What is the truth? What do we base what we call truth on? When it comes to information we tend to trust what we consider “reliable sources”. And just where do they get their information? Do we know for sure?

In this day of the information glut resources are more and more spurious, never mind the infiltration of agendized psyops and A.I. disinformation bots at every level. So where do we turn? What’s the message that we need to take away from this current milieu of information pollution?

  • First we have to clearly identify the problem. Once we admit we’re confused and often chasing our own tails, or someone else’s, we start to gain some detachment and discernment. Admittedly it’s not easy but it’s part of the growth process. Social engineering is an easily documented reality, begun in earnest by a cabal of so-called academics and sociology think tanks as far back at the 1700s and proliferated and heavily expanded upon in the last century. It’s there for anyone to read about in mainstream documents.

    The idea that arrogant elites of the system have taken upon themselves the role of channeling everything from our education system to our media to promulgate a distinct agenda towards a certain pre-set goal for humanity isn’t easy for most to digest. It implies the whole idea of a concerted “conspiracy” in some form, a term deftly demonized as a catch all for anything contrary to their social programs. Once this deliberately engineered idea hurdle is overcome, things start to crystalize.

    The Taffy Convolution Machine

    Confusion, distraction and division are essential tools for those imposing their mentally confining, clearly directing paradigm. In their minds this is a necessary evolution that needs their hands-on participation and enforcement. Even the slightest degree of investigation into the government takeover of education, for example, from childhood to universities, reveals a very clear intention. The same can be said of the evolution of science, politics, the impetus behind wars and aggression in the name of “defense”, the continually consolidating corporate takeover, the engineered breakdown of the family and the clearly planned immigration and multicultural agendas…and on it goes.

    Once we are willing to begin to connect the dots it becomes quite obvious that there is an overriding direction to which humanity is being deftly herded.

    Today all of this has taken on a new and exponentially expanding dimension. Besides the obviously controlled mainstream media, the so-called alternative community is known to be heavily infiltrated, from anger instigation to plain distraction to new age incapacitation. This doesn’t mean there aren’t true sources of empowering truth and awareness. The point here is that everything has been led into this giant convoluted machine similar to the above taffy maker.

    If this resonates to how you feel now about investigating and understanding what’s really going on, don’t be surprised or taken back by it. This is how it works. It’s the nature of the beast. Keep everyone confused and busy while they get on with their overall agenda. It’s not new, every hierarchical civilization or major institution such as religion has used this for eons. It’s just that today it is much more sophisticated and because of the electronic connectivity much faster, immediate and deftly effective.

    So What Can We Do?

    Number one is again identify what is going on. Many are rightfully looking for spiritual answers that surpass this seemingly insane dimension of experience. Within the taffy maker there is no end of loops and repeat conditioning which has become increasingly enticing due to its complicated algorithms, at many levels. It’s a system designed to have no escape as it sets its own ever changing rules and parameters. Eastern thought has a simple explanation or categorization for the whole ball of taffy – it’s maya, or illusion – as compared to true underlying reality.

    Their advice is to just tune it out. Escape in some fashion, in other words. From there we’ll have a real perspective which profoundly includes non-participation.


    This is why getting off the hamster wheel or merry go round is paramount in order to truly be clear enough to begin to grasp this strange experience. This has always been the case, but today’s challenge has become so convoluted it appears to many there is no avenue of escape, never mind solution. This is resulting in people lashing out in many ways including on minute social issues in an effort to fight their way out of this imposed paper bag over our heads.

    This is engineered, believe it or not, but the evidence is overwhelming for those willing to look.

    It all points to our individual personal condition. Our reactions, no matter the external impulse, are the real issue. We were groomed, in trauma-based matrix conditioning, to be reactive. That and concentrating on personal survival and acceptance. A perfect set up. Rather than look within ourselves for the limitless resources innate to us, and having our imagination cultivated and encouraged, we are conditioned to look for external help, from government to religion to unhealthy co-dependent relationships. Never mind massive distractions such as sports and celebrity and the like.

    The Answer Lies Within – Each of Us

    It can seem bleak, but it isn’t. This is a golden opportunity no matter how challenging. Many wonderful therapies are available for self reconciliation and discovery. Without this essential work it will only be wash, rinse repeat if we only deal with the external or the superficial. This subject is up for personal discovery whether some technique is needed or not.

    In order to change the world we have to change ourselves first and foremost. Otherwise we will only create or affirm just a new socially and spiritually constrictive world based on previous ignorance or entrainment. This whole idea and approach is totally contrary to our engrained way of thinking. As the above quotation clearly states, we will only rebuild the old in new clothes. True change comes from within, approaching and addressing our most sacred territory – ourselves. The elevation that takes place is not just informational, but vibrational and in essence dimensional.

    This is the realm we long for. In a sense it doesn’t really matter what happens to our perception of the outside world. But when we change individually, everything changes. And each individual change, at this profound level, changes the overall, much like the morphic field or even the profound dynamics as described by quantum physics.

    This directly applies to activism as well, no matter how impassioned and sincere, and those working for change within this oppressive system at whatever level. We cannot play their game at their level. But all of this requires personal elevation to new levels of awareness.

    Something to think about. This implies a lot of personal shifting and change. Some will take it up, most won’t.

    I’ll leave the challenge with you. And me.

    Personally, I’m working on it, and it’s profoundly liberating and empowering.

    Much love.

    About the Author

    Zen Gardner is an impactful and controversial author and speaker with a piercing philosophical viewpoint. His writings have been circulated to millions and his personal story has caused no small stir amongst entrenched alternative pundits. His book “You Are The Awakening” has met rave reviews and is available on

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