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Chris Renzo, Contributing Writer
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As self-reflective beings we are gifted with tremendous creative power. Our self-reflections become known and felt on the inside through experience. And by honing in on these inner thoughts and feelings we enhance our ability to effectively live with purpose. We are always creating, but to the degree to which we become aware of our inner experience is to the degree to which we hone in on this creative potential. The hard work of enhancing self awareness pays off becuase we figure out through experience what is best for us.   

The purpose of this post is to understand how to bring the knowledge of the soul forward so that we can reflect this energy upon life as opposed to letting the repetitive and conditioned mind dominate our existence.

As our thoughts and feelings radiate outward they interact with everything. All thoughts and feelings are creative. For example, if I were walking around feeling angry chances are I wouldn’t find myself in experiences that day that are joyful and creative. Opportunities to experience a sense of well-being, peace, and or fun may be right there in front of me, but in this instance my anger would block me from seeing the opportunities to create that.  On this day my anger would became the filter through which I create life. The natural rule here that I want us to observe is that… life will bring you exactly what it is that you bring to life. It’s that simple.

Of course we have a hard time believing it’s this simple. Our emotions are dynamic and multifaceted. Often we find ourselves chasing to understand our own thoughts entangled by their mixed messages. But only when we get out of our on way do we start letting go of how our emotionally dynamic self constructs a life of confusion, contradiction, and emotional imbalance. So then how do we get out of “our own way?”  We do this by getting out of our minds. But given how we have been operating for so long it may not come easy.

  • Simply put, we over use the mind. Yes, the mind is a beautiful thing. It helps me convey this message to you, but when we come from a place that is always thinking, always analyzing, we diminish our ability to tune in with the soul. To me, the soul is the place in all of us that just knows. It does not need to question.  To me the soul is the place that does not judge, but discerns. To me it is the place that guides, but does not force.  To me the soul is the source of guidance that enables us to be who we are and create a life that aligns us with the highest vision we have about ourselves.

    We are a three part being. We are mind. We are body. And we are soul. Over indulging in one aspect over the other leads to some sort of disharmony. 

    So then how do we “get out of our minds” and balance ourselves so that we can listen and utilize the knowledge of the soul? I suggest we take time to become profoundly aware of ourselves. We do this by observing how the mind is operating and how the body is feeling. Without awareness of the mind the mind uses us. Without awareness of the body we oversee what it is trying to tell us. Without awareness we live unconsciously.

    To use the example from before, without awareness we may never allow ourselves to control the anger we feel. Without awareness of the anger, the anger will control us. It will take root in our body and wear us down. By taking time to be observant we diminish the control that our impulses have over our experience. Awareness lets us process, digest, and let go of the experience we are having so that we can step into something totally new and aligned with this moment.

    But how do we become more aware? We become more aware by attempting to decipher between the feelings we feel innately as our own and the feelings we feel that are influenced by conditions we place on ourselves. The feelings that stem from a sense of lack or temporary fulfillment are feelings that are bound to conditions. How can one experience a sense of full self-acceptance if we believe we have to be something we are not or attain something that does not start from within? Thing is, you are already who you want to be…you intuitively know this if you listen to yourself without the clutter and demands of the conditioned mind. The ultimate process of self creation starts when we listen to the knowledge of the soul.

    The knowledge of the soul is a type of knowledge that is beyond concepts and ideas. Soul knowledge is the experience of unconditional acceptance. This acceptance brings you a sense of passion and clarity to create a life that suits your highest vision of yourself. Putting that soul knowledge to work is knowing that in this moment of now that you have the ability to create the life you feel inwardly drawn to. There is no questioning this. But it is the mind that reminds you of your self imposed limitations. And it is the mind that reminds you of who you think you should be.  Yet, the soul knows that life is not bound by the conditions we place upon ourselves. The conditions we often put in place becuase of past experience.

    We often feel safe when we think we know who we are. But the act of thinking and knowing cannot coexist simultaneously. If you think of something to be true you only assume it to be true. Yet when you know something “truth” becomes irrelevant for you have no need to have your truth validated by some idea or someone else. Your declaration to see things as they are and the confidence you gain by knowing yourself to be who you are releases you from the burden of unconsciousness. You move forward and create how you decide and that is that.

    Allowing yourself to be who you are and allowing yourself to be with things as they are requires that you see things as they are without the need to label it or change it. From this place of knowledge the mind takes its rightful place in your experience as the transmitter of your life as opposed to the generator it has so “normally” become. It is important to realize that things may seem normal and we therefore do not question them, but normal does note denote natural. So please release yourself from the burden of having to be something. You are already something…and that something is perfection.

    It is love and perfection that begets all creation. And as the creator of your life this is who you… Love and perfection! So why not create with the knowledge of who you are as opposed to who you think you are. Go on and step into your power… it is already within you!

    About the Author

    Christopher Renzo is a life coach and writer who specializes in helping others get in touch with their source of inner power and confidence to create a more harmonious life. He has been working with clients in a professional manner since 2009 and has been helping people with his intuitive gifts ever since he was a teenager. He holds the notion that once people understand the root of their troubles from a psychological and spiritual perspective, they can break free from the conditions that bound them to a life of discontent. Born and raised in the New York Metropolitan area, Christopher now resides in Berkeley, California. Please visit his excellent blog, Keen Awareness.

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