The Mind Blowing Power of Meditation to Bring Peace to a Violent World

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We often feel powerless to change the violence we see in the world. We feel utterly destroyed when war tears through Syria, Ukraine, Iraq, Nigeria, and Afghanistan, or our governments put more ‘boots on the ground’ in yet another foreign country it has no business being in. The US has more military installations on foreign land than any other people, nation, or empire in history, but there is something even more powerful than this perpetual war machine. It is meditation.

If just the citizens of the United States alone were to practice meditation for a mere ten minutes every day, concentrating on peace, the wars would lessen, and eventually stop.

This is no bogus claim. It is backed by over 100 scientific studies proving that meditation stops war. It has been shown at Harvard, at Princeton, and Yale. Add MIT, and Stanford.

Quantum physicist, John Hagelin describes the possibility to change the world’s peace barometer as such:

“[With the use of meditation] there would be a radiated influence of peace that would affect the behavior of people throughout society. People would wake up in the morning and they would decide, “Hey, I don’t think I’ve got to kill anyone today.” What a novel thought – that with some expanded comprehension, with a less narrowly cramped, less narrowly self-centered, acutely stressed vision – that those desperate acts of terrorism simply don’t have a fertile field to fall on.”  – [Source]

  • Let’s Start with the Maharishi Effect

    Many are familiar with the Maharishi Effect which was demonstrated in 1978 when 7,000 individuals gathered to meditate over a course of three weeks to hopefully alter their community in a positive way. The participants were able to lower suicide rates and automobile accidents, but they also lowered ‘acts of war’ and terrorism by an impressive 72%. Should you suppose this was a mere coincidence – something science could not replicate, think again.

    Mind Blowing Proof That Meditation Alters the Field Toward Peace

    An even more convincing study was conducted that involved the war in Lebanon in the 1980s. At that time, Lebanon was war-torn in the same manner Syria is today. Scientists wanted to see if they could stop the war and affect numerous other things, as varied as the performance of the stock market in Tel Aviv to crime levels in Israel.

    The meditation experiment did not go as planned, but this turned out to be a blessing, because some very telling information was revealed. Instead of having a consistent number of meditating volunteers over an 8-week period, similar to the Maharishi experiment, the number of participants that were meditating at any time over the course of the experiment varied dramatically. When they plotted the participation of the meditators to the ‘quality of life index’ which was based on factors like lower crime rates, less war, higher stock performance, etc., they found that the rise of society’s experience exactly correlated to when there were high numbers of people meditating.

    Using a specific formula, the researchers found that when the group of meditators was large enough, they actually stopped the war in Lebanon.

    This study was published in one of the most prestigious journals on peace studies in the world, the Journal of conflict resolution, published by Yale University. Ref. Journal of Conflict Resolution, vol. 32, no.4, Dec 1988, pp. 776-812, but it was years before the writers would acknowledge their findings, because they were so controversial.

    Where is Your Attention?

    Meditation is all about creating awareness. If you are constantly being pulled around by your nose by television and radio advertisements, societal undercurrents of violence or greed, and the seemingly perpetual treadmill to consume, then you won’t likely sit for ten minutes and say to yourself, “let all beings be happy and free,” or any other simple mantra which would contribute to world peace.

    The powers that prosper from perpetual war don’t want you to know just how ridiculously simple it actually is to change the world. They don’t want you to sit quietly – even for ten minutes a day – and consciously create less tension in your family, your neighborhood, your state, your nation, and your world. They don’t want you to create peace, though you can.  

    They keep you distracted with political circuses, celebrity gossip, polarity-causing issues like GMOs and vaccines, or even debates on religion.

    There is something so profoundly effective to change the world that the only way they can keep us pouring our tax dollars into a never-ending war machine, dumbly sending troops off to fight the elite few’s war, that if we were all to just stop and DO IT, this nonsense would stop forever. We would experience peace.

    Here’s the caveat – we have to create it. Go figure.

    Ask yourself, are you creating war, by letting your attention slip, and be swayed to topics that are not peace-creating, or are you demanding a better world by meditating for a less violent, and loving planet? The choice is, and always has been yours.

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