The Hamster Wheels of the Matrix

hamster wheelZen Gardner, Guest
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It’s amazing how many come so near yet so far. As I’ve said all along, without a full-on conscious awakening, no matter to what degree people are “getting” what’s going on, it’s still propelling the matrix – another hamster wheel of futility fighting this imposed matrix at many levels yet all on the terms of the control system.

Do we want to be winners for love and truth, or destined-to-lose self-reinforcing pulpit pounding tools of unending futility?

This is where the heart comes in. Do we learn and grow in humility to the wondrous universe and all its workings? Or are we just new forms of egoic expression, lording over others our new found knowledge of the increasingly obvious workings of the matrix of deceit.

That’s a pretty big question.

Chest Pounding Apes or Conscious Administers of Loving Empowerment

You can’t awaken others unless you’ve been awakened yourself. Sure, there’s all kinds of misinformation here to address at level after level, but is our response conscious, fully awake and aware, to where we can offer a true solution to mankind’s predicament?

That takes humility. Knowing we don’t know squat compared to what we’ve come to know is available to us is imperative. But that attitude alone is arguably the greatest propellent to Truth. The hungry, honest, grateful and sincere heart will find the truth, but it will be met with a lot of opposition by those who couldn’t proceed on the path for one reason or another.

It seems they camp out and take their “positions”, guarding what they consider to be their personal trek up the mountain and daring to decide who may ascend and who may not, like self appointed machine gun bunkers. This isn’t always the case, but if you’ve noticed not just with the continuous infighting of the outside world but also with the alternative community of late, the infighting has stepped up and some pretty nasty salvos are being lobbed from these very same perspectives. Some are obvious plants and trolls, others just very misguided and shortsighted people.

  • You can’t force a wake up on anyone. In fact we shouldn’t, even if we could. But we can’t. It’s always a choice. That’s the majesty of free will which we’d be violating, which brings up another symptom of controllers and manipulators. They have a habit of riding rough shod over anyone that doesn’t toe the line as they think it should be and forcefully pushing their viewpoints in a way that’s very much akin to violence, only with words. Information is for the taking, by choice. Sure people get enthusiastic about their findings, but resorting to demeaning put downs or undermining the efforts of those they don’t understand is virtually childish.

    Let’s face it, that’s how this created system operates. So where’s the change?

    Which again is my point. Anything short of a fully consciously awake and aware approach to our predicament here doesn’t just fall short, it reinforces the control paradigm.

    hamster wheel

    Back to the Hamster Wheel

    It’s never obvious. How humanity has been trapped, diverted, disempowered, divided and set at variance against itself is a long, long story. But you can see it everywhere. How people interact, the competitive nature of our engineered society, ladder climbing to make a living and attain social stature, sports, fashion and appearance, one-upmanship and establishing a place in others’ eyes, it goes on and on.

    They even invented a pseudo science to treat the very conditions they’ve induced: psychology – which only validates and reinforces their control system. And if you want justification for a dog eat dog existence, just look at the taken-as-fact theory of evolution. Survival of the fittest – a nice tidy package for the plebeians to accept the oligarchs staying on top and to keep us fighting amongst ourselves.

    This is an important topic at this time. Information has woken people up to an astounding degree. But what are we doing with it? The humble and lovingly sincere see it as an opportunity to help others, and even change the world we’re living in. Others are like muscle builders, strutting their stuff and flexing every chance they get with a little thrust for truth thrown in.

    You’ll know who’s who by the spirit it gives off. Don’t hold them to their place, they may yet evolve, but it’s something important to be aware of.

    Test Your Sources

    What effect does something have on you? Is it empowering overall? Does it rile up only anger, disgust and hatred, or ultimately a more transcendent understanding? Certainly much information is infuriating and there’s no avoiding that. But where are the solutions?

    I maintain a conscious awareness of our real condition, our infinite power and unlimited potential, including recognizing the ongoing awakening, are the ever present living solution.

    From this awareness we can operate out of love and an ever quickening intuitive heart knowledge that not only centers us, but brings love, compassion and profound truth that is unshakeable no matter what happens to this planet.

    But it also spurs us to action – conscious action.

    Stay on your toes; lots of crosswinds and attempted confusion in the air.

    Trust your heart.

    Much love always, Zen

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