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Dylan Charles
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Great revolutionaries inspire others with passionate words and set examples with proper deeds, using their life experience as wisdom to guide others.

One doesn’t have to be as well known as Ghandi, or as celebrated as Martin Luther King, Jr. to have this revolutionary spirit.  In fact, anyone who cultivates the state of mind and confidence of action that lights the way of truth for others, wherever one may roam, is a revolutionary.  Anyone with the passion to speak openly of the truths they know, then, act righteously in accordance with those truths is a revolutionary.  And, so it is, that great revolutionaries can be found anywhere in the world, on any given day.  They are the ones in society engaging in behavior that inspires others to think, to question, and to work toward improving themselves and the world.

Are you a revolutionary?

  • Most of us don’t consider ourselves to be revolutionaries, but we probably already are.  If we’re tired of seeing the earth exploited, it’s creatures exterminated and it’s peoples poisoned, bombed and enslaved, then we certainly are.  If we recognize that certain social structures and cultural paradigms are laying waste to our potential to live naturally healthy lives with abundant futures, then we are in revolt.  If we feel, believe and know that mankind can do better, that humans deserve to be fronted by institutions of peace rather than of warfare, of justice rather than of greed, then we are indeed revolutionaries in this seemingly wicked time.

    This revolutionary spirit is critically important today because it is through the process of revolution that evolution takes seed.  Evolution is the idea that an organism can change its structure and capacities in order to regain balance and prosper in a changing and perhaps threatening environment.  Which is exactly what mankind must do.  We must evolve, overcoming the inertia of our violent, selfish past, inviting a new era of trust, compassion and creativity.

    So, I ask.  What does it take for an individual to move from awareness of these problems to participating in the solution?  What does it take to harness this revolutionary spirit, channeling it towards our mutually beneficial evolution?

    A revolutionary act can be grand, or it can be a small and seemingly insignificant notion, yet the value of a singular tiny shift toward righteousness cannot be over estimated.  For some, a revolutionary act may be something as simple as rejecting fast food or turning off the TV, while for others it means having the courage to testify against a criminal or to refuse an unlawful police search.  Revolution can mean disagreeing with someone at work about 9/11, modifying shopping habits, choosing a natural treatment for cancer, or going AWOL from the military.  It can be the act of participating in a political rally, sitting in front of a moving tank, leaving the Church, or drinking Ayahuasca instead of taking Prozac.  In general, any conscious act, thought or speech that arises out of the need to behave in accordance with one’s own righteous values can be revolutionary.  And any single act can unwittingly lay the foundation for the next, more significant expression.  Every ripple counts.

    Outward actions are certainly powerful, however, the greatest revolutionary act possible is the total evolution of the individual, the complete transformation of the self, from a being of limited consciousness, motivated by fear and selfishness, to one of ever-increasing consciousness and righteousness.  Propelled by love and respect for life and body, this transformation begins with a single idea, but never ends, for it is an ongoing revitalization of what it means to be human and act humane in an insane world.   It is an ever-increasing expansion of our human potential toward thriving in harmony with nature, amongst our fellow men, and in communion with spirit.

    To manifest this type of personal evolution, first and foremost we must address our health, which is under siege in almost every way imaginable.  The recovery of health begins by limiting exposure to toxicity as much as possible.  Perhaps beginning by switching to filtered water, as an example, but ultimately taking the responsibility to learn how our food, water and air has been poisoning us, then altering our habits ad patterns of consumption to mitigate exposure.  Attention then must be given to restoring and strengthening the body.  Engaging in physical healing arts like Yoga and Tai Chi are particularly wonderful in helping the body to heal itself, but any type of enjoyable exercise is beneficial.  Natural healing, holistic medicine, Shamanism, Chinese medicine, massage, and body work are mostly ancient methods of caring for the body that have been useful and natural for millennia.  Rejecting chemical based healthcare is critical to regaining abundant health.  The body is the physical foundation of the mind and spirit, and the total transformation of the self must include careful attention to health of the body.

    As the body recovers and strengthens, the functions of the mind are naturally supported and improved.  Emotions become more balanced and favorable.  Behavior naturally adjusts away from self-destructive patterns and towards modalities that nurture positive thought and allow the self to detach from implanted beliefs and cultural programming.  In this stage, learning to recover and reprogram the mind may include opting out of pop-media and pop-culture, opting out of violence based entertainment and quitting talk radio and news programming.  Tuning into ideas that enlarge our perspective and present constructive ideas, encouraging our creativity develops healthy mental habits.  Reading books, alternative news and choosing conscious entertainment can be ways to elevate the capacity of the mind, which then begins to integrate more deeply with the healthy body.  As the mind and body improve in tandem, happiness further blossoms and one is encouraged to continue on their path toward personal growth.

    Finally, the human spirit naturally begins to awaken and enliven.  Now supported by a vital body and agile mind, the soul is free to take flight, and one grows to understand their innate divinity and develops appreciation for the joy and magnificence of being alive.  One recognizes the false promises of a society manipulated by fear as blatantly obvious shams, the whims and control fantasies of a destructive power elite.  One learns not to fear these designs but to acknowledge their desperation, then work happily at exposing these illusions and repairing the world through word and deed.  Yet, here too is where respect for nature, and life is re-established and felt as a deep earthly truth, an unbending attachment to all and everything that life around us.  This is when life becomes joyous again and one feels the mystery of the universe as indescribable peace.

    With physical, mental and spiritual health working together to support an overall thriving human being, one is now capable of turning their full energies toward service to the earth and all that dwell therein.

    The great and total revolutionary begins by revolting each and every day against the injustices and tragedies surrounding us.  Against the ideas and habits that work against our higher potential.  In small ways at first that build up and accumulate over time until the great tidal wave of revolution has swelled and evolution washes over the consciousness of the once blind.

    So, waste no more time.  Acknowledge and develop your daily revolutionary spirit.  Keep your eyes open for assaults on your physical, mental and spiritual health, be open and honest the painful truths around us, and guide others so that they too may become the type of people who are not afraid to act in behalf of a more equitable, sustainable and naturally healthy world.

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    Dylan Charles is the editor of Waking Times and co-host of Redesigning Reality, both dedicated to ideas of personal transformation, societal awakening, and planetary renewal. His personal journey is deeply inspired by shamanic plant medicines and the arts of Kung Fu, Qi Gong and Yoga. After seven years of living in Costa Rica, he now lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where he practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and enjoys spending time with family. He has written hundreds of articles, reaching and inspiring millions of people around the world.

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