The Terminator – Revelation of the Coming AI Takeover


Jay Dyer, Guest
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I’ll spare you any Arnold impersonations, as The Terminator impersonation is perennially the material of hack comedians. On the contrary, the Terminator series is one of the more profound examples of predictive programming, establishing memes and implanting preparatory ideas comparable to The Matrix. While The Matrix is the classic conspiracy-genre trope for “awakening” to the fraud of the system as a whole, the Terminator series is far more ominous and serious in its foreboding message. Foreboding, because the real shadow government plan is to erect Skynet in reality, and serious because the establishment’s entire paradigm is that ofdepopulation. Mix the two together, and you get Terminator.  Thus, I have been of the opinion for a few years now that the reason for the erection of A.I., while full of esoteric undertones, is pragmatically about erecting a control grid impervious to human error which will then function as a global human deletion grid.

Past regimes and empires collapsed due to corruption, degeneration and human frailty. What, then, is the one way to avoid this imperial atrophy? The answer is robotics, and removing humans from the equation – the rise of the machines. For this analysis, I am not going to do the traditional scene by scene approach to symbolism: The Terminator series is pretty straightforward. Like a gigantic android middle finger, the Terminator films are a full-frontal example of the long-term plan of the establishment to erect a control grid with human agents out of the loop. I will also look at real white papers and plans that detail this plot, as well as prominent voices who have given this very warning.

  • In the first installment, we are introduced to an apocalyptic future where an amorphous Skynet has decimated the globe with a nuclear strike intent on wiping out the human population. Here enters Arnold, the T-800 model cyborg assassin, sent back in time to halt the birth of John Connor, the future leader of the human resistance. With archetypal 80s blue lightning, the action commences with a naked Arnold ravaging L.A. in pursuit of Sarah, John’s soon to be mom who gets busy with Kyle Reese, another resistance fighter from the future sent back to give birth to John. I’m not positive, but something there in this plot timeline doesn’t add up – if your future dad comes back in time to conceive you, presumably you could also come back in time to conceive yourself, if you were incestuous. But this brings up a side theme in the Terminator films in addition to A.I. – the issue of determinism, time and free will. Whether the nuclear apocalypse is predestined or whether the time continuum can be altered was a big movie question in the 80s – just ask Marty McFly and the Doc.

    Skynet nukes America (think Matthew Broderick in Wargames!) because its “achieving self-awareness” results in a calculated cost-beneft analysis of the threat and uselessness of billions of hominid meatbags. Human reasoning and emotions and frailty give rise to error, and humans might shut down Skynet, ergo they must be eliminated. The essential revelation is not that robotics will evolve consciousness (which is all based on the outdated mechanistic Enlightenment worldview that all of reality is an atomistic causal determinism), but rather that the radical eugenics program of the global elite has morphed into a technocratic transhumanism. Racial and familial eugenics is really a thing of the past – an older form of eugenics that gave way to bioethics and bioengineering. Combined with technocratic futurism, we now have a new paradigm, spun off from the Darwinian and Malthusian models – transhumanism or post-humanism.


    T2 film poster.

    In Terminator 2: Judgment Day, this becomes more evident, as an advanced silver silly putty nanotech T-1000 bot is now on the trail of Connor with a new twist introduced – the future humans have also sent a hacked T-800 Arnold bot to protect John. Debates ensue concerning the ability of free will to change the track of history, blah, blah, but what’s more relevant in the sequel is the statement Arnold makes concerning how Skynet came to be. Arnold reveals that the U.S. military decided to go to a fully A.I. robotic and drone force. Aware readers will recognize that this is now quickly becoming our reality, as numerous publications have reported the Air Force plan to move entirely over to unmanned A.I. drones. The Declassified Air Force A.I. plan for 2009-2047 reads as follows:

    “Figure 10 – Long Term – Full Autonomy

    The final portfolio step leverages a fully autonomous capability, swarming, and Hypersonic technology to put the enemy off-balance by being able to almost instantaneously create effects throughout the battle space. Technologies to perform auto air refueling, automated maintenance, automatic target engagement, hypersonic flight, and swarming would drive changes across the DOTMLPF-P spectrum. The end result would be a revolution in the roles of humans in air warfare. Long Term (FY25-47) Technology Enablers

    Assuming legal and policy decisions allow, technological advances in artificial intelligence will enable UAS to make and execute complex decisions required in this phase of autonomy. Today target recognition technology usually relies on matching specific sensor information with predictive templates of the intended target. As the number of types of targets and environmental factors increase the complexity of and time to complete targeting increases. Further, many targeting algorithms are focused on military equipment. Our enemies today and those we face in the future will find ways to counter our systems. Autonomous targeting systems must be capable of learning and exercising a spectrum of missions useful to the Joint Warfighter. However, humans will retain the ability to change the level of autonomy as appropriate for the type or phase of mission.”

    The goal is thus to attain full autonomy, with attack systems functioning to spot targets and threats ahead of time using predictive templates, something like a military version of pre-crime. Just like Minority Report, the decision of Skynet as to who will constitute a future threat and must therefore be eliminated (without any trial or due process) is to be determined by predictive algorithms! The justification of the preemptive iStrike doctrine is, of course, a “wartime scenario,” but all this legalese shuffling around means is all humans are potential threats in a global “wartime scenario.” While the majority of mankind still thinks the battlefield of life is competition between nation states and rival corporations, the globalists have already planned decades ahead in their white papers for scenarios of universal, perpetual war theater engaged against the “insurgent” population of humanity en masse.

    In Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, a sexy silver putty nano bot from the future again traverses back in time to hunt John Connor, while Arnold as the older Commodore 64 model returns to be his guardian angel. Both Terminator 2 and 3include the theme of the A.I. obtaining “self-awareness,” which cheese ball scenes of Arnold and Connor bonding over Arnold beginning to have “feelings.” The entire ethos of A.I. obtaining “consciousness” is itself a nonsensical myth born of Darwinism meets tech, operating on the reductionist, mechanistic, materialist assumption that “consciousness” is nothing more than a more complex evolution of chemical reactions. The final goal with this idea is, as I’ve written, a mirrored, virtual mimicry of our present reality, with a melded bio-organic one.


    T3. Skynet should’ve just sent the hot bot the first time, in the 80s.

    This replacement grand narrative is the ultimate Royal Society myth perpetuated for the last few centuries, and almost all collegiate techies and the corporate guru establishment are duped by it. Having bought the propaganda ofTerminator, plus T-1000 more hours of Hollywood psy ops, as well as years of standardized education since youth, the training to see “A.I.” bots as “alive” is a now a reflexive action to decades of conditioning (think of the sympathy we are to feel for “David” in Spielberg and Kubrick’s A.I.). Myths need a future, millennialist component, as well as a grand narrative explanation for the past, and Darwinism melded with techno-utopianism is a perfect concoction for modern man, with perhaps a little panspermia thrown in for good measure. However, while a “living” A.I. consciousness may not be obtainable, as JC Collins has elucidated, and as I commented, a synthetic, a spontaneous data-driven subconscious might be possible through the collection of mass data via the Internet and social media over long periods of time.

    Let’s return to our virtual theater for the moment.  The most striking aspect of T3 is the activation of Skynet by the Air Force as a software program installed in almost all computers and electronic devices, which then activates a wargame scenario of a cross nuclear strike between Russia and the West. From what I understand, this is absurd, as power plants and nuclear arsenals are not wired into the Internet, which is why attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities for example reportedly require a direct installation of viruses through a zip drive. Regardless, in T3 Skynet is a ominpotent botnet program that goes global. If the rumors of PROMIS software are correct, the rise of “Smart” everything could make this a possibility. Recall Petraeus as head of CIA stating your dishwasher would spy on you.  Indeed, the public plan from IBM is to erect fully integrated SmartCities in areas like Singapore and Rio. I have posted it many times, but the CEO explicitly states that pre-crime and total information awareness will be the reality in these plastic nightmares. Imagine living inside a giant city sized Best Buy.

    In Terminator 4: Salvation, the setting is the future where the resistance takes on Skynet’s home base directly in San Francisco through infiltration aided by a “resurrected” Cyberdyne cyborg criminal, Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington). Marcus turns out to be a longterm plot of Skynet to kill John Connor by infiltrating the resistance with a hybrid, programmed super soldier assassin. The Christ-like imagery comes to the fore, with Wright siding with the humans to help destroy Skynet. In part 4, Skynet is the immediate antagonist, and we are given a full picture of its gruesome slave-factory and total control system erected around experimenting on and ultimately wiping out humanity.  The salient element here is that Skynet is structured like a SmartCity!  The full integration of all tech, as well as the Internet of Things results in a slave city where humans are brutally slaves of the technology they built.   Vice recently reported on the military’s real Skynet program, revealing the holistic integration I’m speaking of:

    The future SmartCity – Skynet! Image: Deviantart.

    The future SmartCity – Skynet! Image: Deviantart.

    “Their study argues that DoD can leverage “large-scale data collection” for medicine and society, through “monitoring of individuals and populations using sensors, wearable devices, and IoT [the ‘Internet of Things’]” which together “will provide detection and predictive analytics.” The Pentagon can build capacity for this “in partnership with large private sector providers, where the most innovative solutions are currently developing.

    iLove with Spike Jonze’s “Her”

    iLove with Spike Jonze’s “Her”

    In particular, the Pentagon must improve its capacity to analyze data sets quickly, by investing in “automated analysis techniques, text analytics, and user interface techniques to reduce the cycle time and manpower requirements required for analysis of large data sets.

    Cloud robotics, a term coined by Google’s new robotics chief, James Kuffner, allows individual robots to augment their capabilities by connecting through the internet to share online resources and collaborate with other machines.

    By 2030, nearly every aspect of global society could become, in their words, “instrumented, networked, and potentially available for control via the Internet, in a hierarchy of cyber-physical systems.”

    Consider as well the Vice article calls us all potential insurgents and terrorists.  When one takes into account the anti-human and older eugenics-based worldview of the real global system, and when one looks at IBM’s primacy in that spectrum, it is not a leap of logic to consider that the ultimate plan is to wipe out humanity through a global, fully integrated A.I. kill grid. If you saw the recent installment of Captain America: Winter Soldier, that was the very plot of the film – including predictive algorithms wiping out future resistance leaders. So we have the Air Force admitting these plans, as well as IBM, but what about Skynet? I have bad news. Not only is Skynet a reality, rumors are the Terminator films were based on the Pentagon’s longterm plans, and not vice versa. I have written previously on the topic of Skynet and a fully-integrated global system with microchips and satellite technology that can blast “insurgents” with directed energy weapons. This is a real military plan, much like the above, declassified at

    1995’s real military Skynet: Directed energy weapon satellite system plans.

    1995’s real military Skynet: Directed energy weapon satellite system plans.

    These are not science fiction speculations – notice the trend in military, intelligence, economics and banking, etc., all the way down to daily life with your personal BFF, your iPhone. Whispers are, in the next few years, your iPhone will be a personal assistant, able to converse with you, much like the “IOS” in Spike Jonze’s excellent film, Her. However, Her might be considered in this same light – was it merely a conditioning tool to warm us to the idea of falling in love with our own technological femme fatale? You’ll notice that Scarlett has twice now been the face of the new Pistis Sophiatechgnosis goddess, when we consider Lucy. On top of that, we will soon see new A.I. films such as Ex Machina, featuring more robo hotties. As one commenter opined on my site, we can see more of the eugenics barrenness plan at work in the coming robo sex bots. We can think again here of A.I., where Jude Law portrays Gigolo Joe, the Fred Astaire-esque male escort bot. The entire plan appears to be deceiving man into thinking the virtual and synthetic can fulfill his desires, and as he gradually accepts this faux overlay, the kill grid will commence to massively depopulate.

    In conclusion, we should stop and consider where our new idol, techne, is taking us. With tech entrepreneur Elon Musk sounding similar warnings, it is something we need to take seriously. While the media is busy with ridiculous nonsense stories and staged events, even alternative media follows the train of the mainstream, only pointing out some “executive order” by Obama as the supposed danger lurking behind the videodrome distractions. On the contrary, the real purpose of all these distractions I am coming to believe is far more devious and long-reaching – it is the erection of Skynet, the real Skynet, which will be interlinked with all other Smart objects, a fully enmeshed global fabric “Internet of Things,” allowing the A.I. supercomputers to harness the system for “human deletion” on depopulation grounds. It will be humans – the globalists – programming the A.I. to delete threats, not the A.I. magically coming “alive.” It bears repeating Bill Joy warned of this possibility in his famous Wired essay, “Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us.” Alternately, Musk opines:

    “With artificial intelligence, we are summoning the demon,” Musk said last week at the MIT Aeronautics and Astronautics Department’s 2014 Centennial Symposium. “You know all those stories where there’s the guy with the pentagram and the holy water and he’s like… yeah, he’s sure he can control the demon, [but] it doesn’t work out.”

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    Jay Dyer is the author of the excellent site Jay’s Analysis, where this article was originally featured.

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