Symbolism, Saturn and the Energy of Fear and Control

Linda George, Contributing Writer
Waking Times

What is a symbol? Something that represents something else – in essence. The word symbolic is defined as : “The practice of representing things by means of symbols or of attributing symbolic meanings or significance to objects, events or relationships. ”

Yes okay, but we know there is more to symbolism than a wordy definition. When we say something is ‘symbolic’ – we want to say that the something has a deeper meaning but it is one we cannot quite define, or explain so well in words. And it’s one of those lovely words that hints at the mystery.  It’s interesting….but the word symbolic seems to be highly symbolic ……which is ironic.

I am an astrologer – so to point out the obvious, I deal with the language of symbolism on a daily basis. Astrology is a ‘symbolic language’……. The symbols being the glyphs of the signs and planets  – and the arrangement of the horoscope itself. The symbols of astrology convey information.

Symbols are really packages of information. More precisely, a symbol is an information field. That is, an image – be it a shape or a colour,  or a combination thereof,  that conveys to our perceptions, specific information. The information exists first and foremost at the level of a vibrational or frequency pattern. This vibration or frequency pattern travels in waves. Everything is waveform information – before it is anything else. Everything we see, hear or perceive, in the universe exists primarily as waveform information. It is only when we decode the wave or frequency pattern, that it appears real, solid or in some way perceivable. Until we decode this primal form of information, it remains at the level of the metaphysical universe: unseen, unheard, untouched, unknown, unmanifest.  But it is there – encoded in a pattern of waves that is beyond the frequency range of our sensory apparatus. Once we decode the information, which is electromagnetic in nature, we become aware of it, we perceive it. Such awareness may be conscious, or it may bypass the conscious mind entirely and zap straight on into our unconscious mind. Awareness has occurred, regardless. At some level we have perceived the energy field that the symbol conveyed and it has impacted on our energy field.

  • Symbols are perceived then on either a conscious level, or an unconscious one.  Many of us are aware of the fact that in this world, our perception is being constantly manipulated. This is done in a variety of ways, and one of them is symbolism. Why this is so is the subject of another discussion. It’s a big one.  For now, let us stay with this fact: our perception is being manipulated through the conscious or unconscious awareness of the information fields contained in symbols.

    Symbols are potent  conveyers of information, because in one small package, layers and layers of meaning can be contained. We see this in astrology – the symbol for Saturn for example, tells us we may be dealing with the energy of time, authority, control, fear, anxiety, blockage, restriction, limitation, discipline, hard work, difficulty, boundaries, physical structures, ageing, the law, bones, the teeth, the skeleton, the colour black, etc.  We see from this list that Saturn has something to do with the physical, 3D, material world.  Once we go beyond this third dimensional realm, time, for instance, has no relevance. We see also that Saturn has a lot to do with fear and control, and the limitations and laws of the material world:  Saturn in a nutshell.

    The vibratory frequency field emanating from the planet Saturn is conveyed to our conscious, and more worryingly, our unconscious minds, via the language of symbolism. This means that the frequency field of fear and control is impinging our own frequency field – and thereby altering it (when two fields touch, both are altered) without us even knowing it! Saturn symbolism goes far beyond astrology; it permeates our culture at every level. All organised religions are rife with the symbolism of Saturn: there is the cross, (a Saturn symbol – representing the intersection of spirit with matter), the kaabar (a Saturn symbol), and the black robes of the Priesthood (Saturn symbolism again) to mention just a few. Satanism (obviously from the word Saturn) and black magic, employ symbols (the pentagram, the skull and cross-bones, the horned goat Baphomet) and the power of words (another form of symbolism) to invoke specific (evil) energies to effect specific results.

    We see satanism (I refuse to give it a capital) blatantly promoted in the entertainment industry today, through symbolism.  Saturn symbolism is frequently seen in the masonic black and white square tiles on the floors of cathedrals (control) and governmental (control) buildings.  It is often there in corporate logos, along, of course, with a host of other information fields, designed to convey specific messages to an unsuspecting public.

    Saturn energy is the energy of fear and control and it is the energy that defines, most clearly, the dense, material, third dimension – the place where waveform energy is slowed to its extreme, giving the appearance of solidity. This is the world of forms, the world of finite forms. The world that Saturn rules – as we say in astrology.

    As we move into the new age, or new earth as Eckhart Tolle terms it, the grip of the physical world is beginning to loosen; Saturn ‘rulership’ is beginning to crumble. More of us are becoming aware of the fact that nothing is solid; everything is energy – and therefore everything is a vibratory frequency. The energy of fear and control is just that, a frequency. It is a frequency that when introduced into our individual energy fields, has the potential to disrupt their coherence. Illness and disease are manifestations of disrupted energy fields. Incoherent  energy fields make us sick, they make us emotionally and mentally unstable, they steal our joy and replace it with pain. As if the assaults on our energy fields coming from the outer environment, in the form of emfs (electromagnetic fields of different frequency to our own) chemicals in our food and water, pesticides, chemtrails – were not enough (!) we are simultaneously being assailed with frequencies generated by symbolism – designed (by those in the know) to disrupt them further and keep us in the grip of fear and control. When people are fearful, they are easier to control – and that is the agenda. Religion is a glaring example of control through fear, and look at it! Organised religions are masters of divide and rule – and rife with symbolism: the symbolism of Saturn.

    So where does this leave us? The answer is simple: when we are aware of the game, that of the manipulation of our perceptions, we can detach from it. We are no longer susceptible to the manipulation once we see it. We each have the ability to over-ride the messages and frequencies coming at us through the symbolism that is everywhere around us, purely and simply by knowing that it is there. We can choose to turn away – and to focus instead on more positive things. Just as we can choose not to watch the television news, or read the papers, because we know that our energy fields are being negatively impacted by doing so, we can laugh at the pathetic attempts to manipulate us – albeit by those who seem to know more about the occult (hidden) world than most of us do.

    We don’t have to play the game. People only play the game because they are unaware they are playing it. And it is a game. It isn’t real. The whole thing is an illusion. It is the illusion of a world appearing to be solid and real, when in fact, it is nothing but shifting, intermingling energy fields. We take it all far too seriously. Oh, and that is Saturn again – seriousness. Seriousness and responsibility (you have to work hard and be serious, or you wont survive!) …. This is Saturn’s domain.  Time is another feature of the ‘Saturn program’ – and look how controlled we are, how stressed we are, by time. Perhaps it is time to unhook from the program. Another thought – we each have Saturn in our astrological charts – we cannot make it go away; it was there in the heavens at our birth. We are being impacted by the Saturn program – as surely as everyone on the planet. But what we can do, is alter the energy of Saturn through consciousness – change the program!  (And that is another discussion)

    Now that I have focused overlong on the negative here, some balance is called for: Symbolism has the ability to convey information that is positive and uplifting. Think of an image of a heart, a peace sign, the word Love, a flower. Look around you now, and I am sure you will see a world of information fields, a world of symbols coming at you, that speak to your heart. The world of negative symbolism speaks to something else. It speaks to the left brain, the ego, the side of you that knows fear and believes in (the illusion of) separateness.  It is always a choice we have: what will we listen to – and what will we see? Ego, separateness, fear? …… Or, oneness, joy, love?

    The energy of Saturn is a reality, if we buy into the reality of this material realm. If we don’t….. it isn’t. As we move more deeply into the transformation, I believe the solidity of the world will begin to soften and dissolve – and we will perceive dimensions beyond this one.  The infinite is already making its presence known. We will understand that the finite world we see and feel around us is just one aspect of a much larger picture. Then, the manipulators will be fighting a lost cause. The days of our mind enslavement will be over and we will truly be creators of our own reality.

    Finally, David Icke has written extensively on this subject – and I thoroughly recommend his latest book “Remember Who You Are” (and of his books for that matter). And I acknowledge and thank him unreservedly for his forward thinking work that has re-contextualised astrology, and so much more.

    About the Author

    Linda George is an author and astrologer living in New Zealand.  She has been passionately involved in astrology alternative health, spirituality and metaphysics for many years – and with a background in journalism she is now committed to ‘spreading the word’ in these waking times.  She works as an evolutionary astrologer, writer and yoga teacher. Please support her enlightening work and check out her book ‘Sun Signs and Soul Mates’.

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