Support David Icke’s Initiative to Create “The People’s Voice” Broadcasting Network

Dylan Charles, Editor
Waking Times

Truth movement icon, David Icke is a tremendous force in the movement for honest government, personal liberty, and higher consciousness. His personal story of spiritual awakening and transformation has been a source of inspiration to many, and has helped to catalyze the growing opposition to government lies and the high-tech police state that is emerging before our eyes.

His background in journalism as a former news anchorman gives him a unique edge when dealing with the onslaught of criticism he has faced for being open about the truth as he sees it. Having endured for decades fanatic ostracism and personal attacks for his theories on our world, and having remained committed to the awakening of the human race, David Icke is a rare force in this movement, and one of the few public figures capable of tactfully presenting the shocking ideas that can help us breakthrough to a new understanding of our personal power to influence positive change in this brutal world.

  • David has recently announced a crowd-sourced effort to construct a free internet & TV broadcasting station, with global reach, to counteract the damage and brainwashing being done by a media industry that goads the public into accepting fear, ignorance and powerlessness as part of daily life.

    Please take a look at this video explaining the aims of this proposal and consider lending your support to this noble effort.

    If there is an individual that has the tenacity, wit, and guts to stand up to mainstream media lies and obfuscations, it is David Icke.

    Please support this effort by visiting their fundraising page at

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