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Sit until the world becomes still. There is a quote that Wayne Dyer uses frequently by a man named Blaise Pascal which goes: “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”

Isn’t that the truth.

In life things always seem to go wrong when we start to interfere with the natural order of things. And when we do interfere and things start to get all messed up, our solution is to keep on interfering and try to forcibly change and fix things with our own will. Yet that rarely ever works because every time we interject in life we are always trying to solve a problem with the same level of awareness that created it, and as Einstein advised us, that does not work.

So I have devised another system. Actually, I cannot take credit for it in any way because it is many thousands of years old, and it is what Sages and Saints from every age and every culture have been telling us to do since time immemorial. I call it, sitting until the world becomes still. Or in other words, sitting quietly until every single one of our problems resolve themselves all on their own.

Now you may be thinking that this cannot possibly work. That in order to solve a problem or to do anything in life you have to do something, or work hard. But I can assure you that this is not the case, and if you were to try to do anything, it is most likely that you would merely aggravate the issue.

The key to life is to live from a place of stillness and non-attachment, because when we seek that stillness within us and become detached from the transient world, we begin to live from the unified field – creative consciousness. And not only do we begin to enjoy life more as a result, but it becomes smoother because it is the fluid expression of our creative, infinite self manifesting in the world.

  • When we become too attached to the world then we think we have to fix everything, interfere and interject, but that is the realm of the ego. Living as a master of creation, a manifester, is much different. Masters of creation don’t get in the way of nature, because they understand that reality is created by their thoughts, emotions, and desires, thus they go to a deep place of peace within themselves and fix any issues in their lives and in the world all internally by aligning themselves energetically with source.

    By tuning into that place of stillness within themselves where there is no distraction or disruption of pure consciousness, they become pure consciousness and their thoughts and emotions align naturally. And then they simply allow creation to do what it naturally does: reflect our inner world.

    When we are internally still, we reflect the universe. Thus all our dreams and intentions are fulfilled when we stop interfering.

    The issues arise when we radiate and create, but then forget to collapse back inwards on ourselves as the universe does, which is the natural cycle and dynamics of all consciousness. And that is why sitting until the world becomes still is not only so important to do, but also why it is so effective.

    When we sit until the world becomes still the world seems to right itself. Our problems disappear because we detach from them. And by detaching from them completely and entering the stillness within us, our universally aligned desires become apparent to us. Then, all we need to do is simply obey them because when we feel those pure desires, which so clearly reflect the truth of who we are, it is nearly impossible to regard them with anything but the understanding of, “Wow, how could it have been any other way?”

    In my life when I sit until the world becomes still, I realize that every single time all of my frustration and stress and suffering was nothing but the result of resisting an act of creation. I AM an act of creation, and so is my life. But I am merely a co-creator, as we all are, conductors of universal energies with our perception. We do not own those energies, we simply have the ability to channel them through ourselves and condense and focus them with the lens of attention onto whatever we desire, in order to create and manifest literally anything.

    After sitting until the world becomes still an article or insight arises from the depth of me, and as I write it down, everything in my life is resolved because I stopped resisting my own nature. And I believe that describes perfectly the primordial desire of all reality: the desire to create.

    Every single one of our individual and collective dreams, are but our deepest desire for creation and co-creation. It is my belief that creation is the only thing that we have to do on this planet. It is what fills us with the most bliss, the most peace, inspiration, enthusiasm, satisfaction, and fulfillment. And everything else we do are just made up problems which are getting in the way of our one and only desire: to co-create and to enjoy in blissful unity all of creation.

    Everything the majority of us do in life is usually geared towards distracting us from what is going on inside. But what if that is the fundamental source of all our issues, in life and in the world? And as Blaise Pascal observed, what if we could actually resolve everything by sitting until the world becomes still?

    Wayne Dyer said that when we first sit down to meditate, “we realize how slimy our minds really are.” And that is the main reason why most of us avoid dealing with that experience through television, indulgence in food, consumption, or other distractions. I believe that every one of us are guilty of this in some way at one time or another. Yet I am here to tell you that it is okay.

    Looking within yourself will be difficult and chaotic at first, but if you sit long enough, your world will become still. Your world will exude peace and potential because you will have reached a place of stillness and potential within yourself, which your world will reflect.

    Now I know that whatever confronts me in my life, whenever I get stuck, or confused, or lost, all I have to do is sit until the world becomes still and I will see clearly exactly what it is that I am supposed to do. The article that I was resisting will arise within me, like this one, and I will write it and all of my frustration and stress will disappear. I find new focus, new direction, and new connection every time I sit until the world becomes still, because when I become still and silent internally, I become the unified field of all possibility, and the universe erupts through me, as I know it will do for you too because we share the same source, and we are one.

    Sit until the world becomes still. Namasté.

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