Dispelling the Psychopaths From Our Quantum Soup

Carwyn Rudo, Contributing Writer
Waking Times 

Raw Milk and Psychopaths in Our Soup

In a world in which we see psychopathic politicians and industry leaders flourishing, it behooves us to consider which conditions are ideal for and which inimical to such pathology. Looking at the fundamental conditions underlying pathology becomes paramount since resistance has been limited (as with protests) or controlled (as with national media), and even infiltrated (as with FBI agents stoking violence from inside peace groups), and since language itself has been perverted (as with attacking and taking control of Iraq and calling that bringing peace and democracy) and lies are presented as truth (as with references to a mythical “deadly Spanish flu pandemic” when aspirin was the killer).

When organizations, media, protests and language have been co-opted, what is one left with? We’re left with a task to understand the underlying conditions of life more deeply, in order to understand what affects existence for everyone, whether for good or ill. We must figure out how can we affect those conditions, ourselves, for good. And the best information on what we can do, surprisingly, is coming in from biology and quantum physics, both of which are supporting the force of love.

We are, in a sense, all swimming in an invisible soup. only able to see a rotten potato and then a spoiled tomato, and then a contaminated onion. We are not aware of the soup itself or of our being the actual base of it. In not paying good attention to it, we have allowed some pathogenic ingredients to poison the whole soup.

Fig. 1

The author of Manipulating Our Electromagnetic Field For Better or Worse, explains that “the biologic conditions we live in can determine whether we are well – for example, polluted water sets up negative context that allows for pathogens to flourish ….” and talks of “Our compassion [being] hijacked to be used against us”. It seems that is certain conditions which are either good for pathology or profoundly antithetical it, and that is what we must start to appreciate.

Raw milk is a premier example. Its high proportion (and proportion itself is critical) of friendly bacteria overwhelm pathogenic bacteria, keeping the milk safe, even when left out. Leave out pasteurized milk that has killed off the good bacteria, and the milk will go putrid rapidly.

  • Raw milk is quite sturdy. Despite armed raids on Amish dairy farmers; a multiple agency armed raid (including the CDC) on an organic coop in LA; the CDC warning of raw milk while not using its own data showing raw milk is 35,000 times safer than all other foods; the FDA asserting in a raw milk case that we have no rights to choose our food or even to our health; and funding to destroy the friendly bacteria in milk after yogurt showed itself to be more effective than anti-retrovirals for treating AIDS in Africa, it is flourishing (more than 9 million people drink it in the US and that number is growing) and bringing health to little kids.

    Raw milk also tells a quiet biologic truth that people could learn from. Good bacteria overwhelm bad bacteria. It is not force (pasteurization) that makes things safe, but sufficient good.

    Fig. 2

    The soup we find ourselves in, it seems, can be fine if there is enough goodness in it. Quantum physics says our consciousness is what makes up the soup. If enough of us have loving consciousness, our combined intent has an immense impact. Masuru Emoto’s work shows a single person can change the strucuture of water from chaos to incredibly beautiful coherence, and a group can beneficially affect polluted bodies of water.

    From Spirit of Maat:

    “The photo on the left [fig.1] is of a frozen water sample from the lake at Fujiwara Dam, in Japan. As you can see, the water’s structure is dark and amorphous, with no crystalline formations.

    ‘After the above water sample [fig.2] had been taken, the Reverend Kato Hoki, chief priest of the Jyuhouin Temple, made a one-hour prayer practice beside the dam. After that, new water samples were taken, frozen and photographed. As you can see (at right), the change is stunning–the ugly blob of the former sample has become a clear, bright-white hexagonal crystal-within-a-crystal.

    “The third photo shown here [fig. 3], also of water taken from Fujiwara Dam after the prayer treatment, reveals a shape that had never, prior to that time, been seen by Masaru Emoto in his over 10,000 water-sample experiments. As you can see, it is a heptagon, or 7-sided crystal.”

    Fig. 3

    Rebecca at DolphinSwimtells us:

    “Reverend Kato explained that during his hour-long prayer vigil he was invoking the spirits of the Seven Benzaiten: the Goddesses of Fortune. You’ll also notice that this photo displays the color gold, not white. “At left [fig. 4], for comparison purposes, is a representative photograph of “untreated” distilled water. Different samples of distilled water showed different formations, but none were crystallized.”

    Our consciousness doesn’t just affect the electromagnetic field of the earth. It is inseparable from it. A coherent field, generated by our love, is beneficial to all living things. A chaotic field sets conditions for psychopathology to operate more easily. And it is pecifically to counter negative effects from war and terrorism, that the Global Coherence Initiative came into being.

    John Hagelin’s work showed that with a strong enough field of consciousness, even during a war, acts of terrorism stopped.

    We haven’t fully grasped either that we have this emotional power or how our feelings have been used against us to create conditions beneficial for evil to function and spread.

    Fig. 4

    The following sections are taken from an interview on the book, Political Ponerology [political evil]. Emphases have been added to bring attention to the unseen condition, that psychopaths are affecting. Repeatedly the interviewees use words such as “influence,” “pollute,” “atmosphere,” “pathogen,” “disease,” in trying to describe the way in which people are drawn in and altered themselves by psychopaths, not speaking directly to the quantum soup we share with them and their impact on it. The article’s focus is on the rotten potatoes affecting the other things floating in the soup (people). While that has been true, with quantum physics now, it becomes clear, it’s the soup itself, however invisible, that has the real power once those who comprise it act (feel) lovingly and coherently.

    ” … these individuals …. create conflicts in their work and …. wherever they go, pollute the atmosphere.

    Henry: “…. we were stunned. We had been preoccupied with the question of why, no matter how much good will there is in the world, there is so much war, suffering and injustice. It doesn’t seem to matter what plan, ideology, religion, or philosophy great minds come up with, nothing seems to improve our lot. And it has been that way for thousands of years, repeating over and over again.”

    Laura: ” …. We were engaged in working with groups of people …. and how they are corrupted by pathological deviants insinuating themselves into a group under the guise of normality, was very familiar to us on a small social scale. We had observed it and dealt with it time and again ….”

    Henry: “But Political Ponerology presents the subject in a radically different way …. suggesting that the influence of psychopaths …. isn’t just one of many influences working on society, but, under the appropriate circumstances, can be the primary influence that shapes the way we live, what we think, and how we judge what is going on around us.

    “When you understand the true nature of that influence, that it is conscienceless, emotionless, selfish, cold and calculating, and devoid of any moral or ethical standards, you are horrified, but at the same time everything suddenly begins to makes sense. Our society is ever more soulless because the people who lead it and who set the example are soulless – they literally have no conscience.”

    Consciousness is the precise opposite of the political evil described here. The use of consciousness depends on conscience, requires emotion, is spurred by and leads to selflessness, and is based on a morality ethics. It is also calculated, but with a specific intent to bring benefit to all people and to all of nature. In thinking of this article on evil in the context of consciousness, it becomes transparent that consciousness is not just a powerful means of affecting the quantum soup that modern people left unattended on the stove to go bad because they didn’t realize they are the soup, but that even at the level of political discourse, consciousness is in every way, a very precise antidote to the evil being described here.

    “When you come to understand that the reins of political and economic power are in the hands of people who have no conscience, who have no capacity for empathy, it opens up a completely new way of looking at what we call “evil”. Evil is no longer only a moral issue; it can now be analyzed and understood scientifically.”

    Laura: “…. When psychopaths are the policy makers in government and the CEOs of big business, …. the mind of the population is infected in the way a pathogen infects a physical body. The only way to protect ourselves against this pathological thinking is to inoculate ourselves against it, …. by learning as much as possible about the nature of psychopathy and its influence on us. Essentially, this particular ‘disease’ thrives in an environment where its very existence is denied, and this denial is planned and deliberate.”

    Henry: “First of all, it needs to be said that “mad people” don’t need the support of large populations, only a powerful minority that can both “drive” the population and control it. Look at the polls in the United States. Bush has been hovering around 30% popularity for years – and that is the population as a whole. But because he is backed by a very powerful minority, the people who own the media, the arms industry and their military supporters, the oil companies, among others, popular discontent doesn’t matter.

    Popular discontent negatively impacts the electromagnetic field and is positive for those in power. Whereas, the public’s loving consciousness has silent impact no matter what those in power do.

    Laura: “In the U.S. – and elsewhere in the world – even the most oppressed and unfairly treated people are easily controlled by fear …. People are afraid of making waves for fear of losing what they have, of losing their peace, of having to exert effort to resist. …..”

    The waves people are making now are coherent ones of loving consciousness. That can be done alone or with others and is internal and silent, requires little exertion, and cannot expose anyone to political repercussions.

    Henry: ” …. The system that is in place is a pathological system that is at odds in a very profound way with the being or nature of most people. People of conscience are being ruled by people with no conscience. This fact is the primary injustice and is the basis for the other ills of society.”

    Yes, but since people of conscious outnumber those in power by huge numbers and huge numbers have woken up to the immense force of consciousness to change things for the good, have seen its capacity to cure cancer almost instantaneously, in a very real sense, this pathological system is ending. We see the soup and understand we make it and can make it good for everyone.

    Henry: “Were that pathological influence removed from society by putting psychopaths into quarantine, by educating people of conscience on the signs of pathology, of what to look for and how to deal with manipulation, by changing the systems created by psychopaths; if through such methods we were able to remove this ponerogenic influence, then the other pole, that of conscience, would be the more influential of the two, and people would gravitate towards altruism and truth rather than selfishness and lies.

    Consciousness is not another pole. Consciousness is the unified field of being. It is based on love and light. All that is needed is awareness, because those who have been doing evil have depended on people not knowing how they are being tricked into responding with negative emotions, and about their own power to affect everything for the good. The psychopaths have filled people’s bodies with chemicals such as fluoride that dim their brains, and in the most central organ for affecting the electromagnetic field – people’s hearts – they have incited hatred. People haven’t realized that their feelings radiate out kilometers from their hearts and when with others and sharing common loving intent, the effect is geometrically increased. And love is 5000 times more powerful in affecting things than anger, depression or despair. So, people don’t need to gravitate toward altruism, or love. It is their natural state. They only need to understand that and begin feeling it.

    If we were able to remove the pathological influence, we might find that our conceptions of “human nature” are wrong and are weighted wrongly because we accept those who are genetically without conscience as “human”. Remove them and their acts from the data set, remove their influence from society as a whole, and the higher qualities of human nature capable of conscience might find room for expression in ways that we have never dreamed possible.”

  • SC: How can we distinguish between psychopaths and healthy people? Can you give us the portrait of a true psychopath? Which of their faculties have problems?

    Henry: ….They lack any sense of remorse or empathy with others. They can be extremely charming and are experts at using talk to charm and hypnotize their prey. They are also irresponsible. Nothing is ever their fault …. Psychopaths use pity to manipulate. [e.g. “Urgent: Save the sick, starving children of the third world!”]

    They convince you to give them one more chance, and to not tell anyone about what they have done. So another trait – and a very important one – is their ability to control the flow of information. ….

    Another trait of the psychopath is what Łobaczewski calls their “special psychological knowledge” of normal people. They have studied us. They know us better than we know ourselves. They are experts in knowing how …. to use our emotions against us.

    The unified field is composed of information. Our emotions are what affect it. The psychopaths have been controlling our emotions through media as the means to scare or anger people through fake attacks, fake pandemics, and other emotional outrages, etc., and in that way, they prevent the unified field from achieving the coherence which would be their undoing. It would be a soup too good to sustain pathogens. Instead, they keep it in a condition beneficial to themselves – chaos and a low dense frequency of fear.

    The interviewees end by saying the truth must get out that our world is being run by psychopaths who lack all empathy and suggest that structures that support conscience put in place. They are correct that people should know how they are being manipulated emotionally, and that structures should be in place for conscience. But the biggest “structure” imaginable already is in place and has been – the unified field. People have just not known it was theirs and how to use it. It affects everyone and everything, starting at the smallest quantum level up to the universal. It responds most powerfully to love. And it seeks harmony.

    “The eternal power of the Universe has gathered itself to create the world with true and grand harmony” Masuru Emoto

    How poetic that the greatest harms the world has ever seen come from those who cannot love, and that it is love which has the power to stop them. For good. People, in fact, possess the most powerful force in existence, and have it inside them at all times – their hearts. It is a concealed weapon. We have been giving up fear, hatred, anger, depression, despair – no matter the provocation, and feeling love even for those who have instigated so much suffering. We are loving despite knowing the truth of what psychopaths are doing to us. Thus, on a moral level, love is already unfathomably bigger than evil. But on the level of atoms and physics, when we feel it together, loving consciousness is a million times stronger than a nuclear explosion.

    Knowing all that, we can sit down to a glass of raw milk and bowl of quantum soup, and send love from our hearts for such delicious and powerful goodness.

    No, thanks!