Radiation Protection Strategies: Avoid & Supplement

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As the realization of the environmental damage at Fukushima sets in, many are continuing to look for ways they can protect themselves from potential radiation exposure. Although I am far from an expert in this area, I have followed the disaster since March 11, 2011 intimately as well as the material put forth by trustworthy sources. I was recently asked in an interview about ways to protect oneself from damage due to radiation contact. I felt I should do my best to expand on some solutions for those in search of them.

When it comes to radiation protection, the matter can be narrowed down to three different approaches. The entire topic of radiation exposure is mind boggling once you get into the game of what could potentially happen. For this, I refer you to Helen Caldicott. Her thorough presentation about the potential impact of the Fukushima disaster leaves nothing to the imagination. However, there are some realities that need to be contemplated, and as you become informed, do not approach the information with fear. What I write about is “known” knowledge that others have already presented. What I expect you to come away with is info that you can then tailor to your own personal evolution.

Truth cannot be told, it must be realized.” –Max Igan

  • Avoidance

    It is always easier to strip away what is not useful. Therefore, it is in the avoidance that focus should be placed. Through water testing and various computer models, we have to assume that the food chain of the Pacific Ocean is compromised. It is also know that radiation bioaccumlates up the food chain. This means that the larger the fish, the greater the concentration of potential radiation. Tuna, swordfish, shark, etc. will have the most potential to contain contamination. Sidestepping those options until more in-depth testing is standard and/or available would be a wise decision. This also applies to milk from cows as already evidenced in the previous Chernobyl disaster.

    Given that the damaged Japanese (General Electric) nuclear reactors are still leaking radioactive waste into the ocean, it would also be advisable to read the labels of seafood, seaweed, algae, and other products that come from the ocean to see if they originate in Japan. The United States has relaxed the testing of incoming products, so trusting a company’s word becomes an issue here. Exercising a little caution will go a long way towards prevention of allowing contaminated products into your body.


    There are many people who claim that certain supplements help to protect, detoxify, or stop radiation from affecting the body. Although most of these claims may be true, here I will be discussing only the ones that I know are backed by medical research and trusted doctors.

    Arguably, the most important compound showing radioprotective properties is curcumin, a major component of turmeric. It has been extensively studied and is consistent in showing anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, anti-carcinogenic, and antioxidant properties. It’s been shown to protect cells of every type against radiation. Stick with dilutions in extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, or glycerin for maximum absorption.

    Next is beta-glucan, a potent radio-protector of tissues. It has also been found to stimulate stem cell production to replace radiation-damaged red and white blood cells. Lycopene, a cariconoid substance that gives tomatoes and watermelons their red hues, also protects cells from gamma-radiation damage. Another is ferulic acid, a flavonoid found in fruits and vegetables, that has been found to up-regulate protective antioxidants and improve stem cell recovery. Quircetin has demonstrated excellent radioprotection in mice exposed to very high levels of radiation in a laboratory. Spirulina was proven as an immune enhancer in the treatment of children affected by the Chernobyl disaster, and it also promotes the evacuation of radioactive nucleotides from the body. Finally, Japanese studies have show that chlorella has an anti-tumor effect. The key advantage to all of these supplements is that they are natural and have a synergistic effect when taken in combination.


    Something I’ve noticed that is commonly missed is the importance of the purification of the air that we are breathing. From the reported findings of tested air filters in Seattle in April of 2011, it was estimated that people in that city were inhaling 5 hot particles a day. In certain areas of Japan, the number is thought to be much higher. Although particles may settle outdoors in the soil and water, concentrations in households may be something to also consider. A quality air filter will provide some insurance against this factor, and it will clean other airborne contaminates and allergens from your living space – a true win-win.

    Extra caution should be given to those in Japan who sleep on futons that are closer to the floor. In addition, sweeping floors may disturb settled dust and particles reintroducing them into the air to be inhaled. It makes sense to use a magnetized, wet swifter or other floor cleaning device to avoid this potential problem.

    Individual solutions and protective measures are continually being presented and discovered by trustworthy sources. I suggest the work of Dr. Russell Blaylock, Gary Null PhD, Dr. Joseph Mercola, and Mike Adams/Natural News, among others.

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