Monsanto Forced into Cutbacks as GMO Awareness Grows

Monsanto Crop Circle-1Phillip Schneider, Contributor
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In the past few years public awareness of GMO dangers and the risks of pesticides like Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, have grown exponentially. People ffrom all walks of life are choosing to buy certified organic foods, even despite increased costs, because the general public is waking up to the reality surrounding GMO’s and the bio-tech industry’s practices.

At a time when GMO and pesticide awareness is at its peak, the largest bio-tech company of all, Monsanto, has just announced that it will cut 2,600 jobs as a move to cut company costs. In other words, about 11.6% of Monsanto employees are about to be looking for work again.

Momentum is Growing for Food Justice

Although this is wonderful news (if you’re in the know about Monsanto), the battle over GMO safety and common sense labeling is certainly not over. At this very moment Monsanto is working on lobbying congress to pass a bill that would eliminate the USA’s rights to implement GMO labeling at the state level. Big Food and Big Ag bought the elections in California, Colorado and Washington State, defeating our right to know if our food has been genetically modified by spending over triple the amount of money that was spent on the vote Yes Campaigns. Then, Vermont chose another route and actually implemented GMO labeling on a state level, which will go into affect soon, unless the DARK (dubbed Deny Americans the Right to Know) ACT is approved by congress.

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    Monsanto Corruption Only Waking People Up

    Corruption has been on the radar in regards to Monsanto for a long time, but recently they have been in the spotlight in a bigger way. On September 5th of this year the New York Times reported on email correspondence between Monsanto and University of Florida Horticulture Professor Kevin Folta after a watchdog organization called the US Right to Know exposed them through Freedom of Information Act requests. The emails contained information about how Folta had received$25,000 from Monsanto two days before promising “a solid return on the investment.” It’s this type of corruption that is snapping people out of their trance-like state brought about by mainstream media outlets and their incessant push for GMO agriculture and causing, ironically, anything but ‘a solid investment’ for Monsanto.







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