Mexico Officials: Allowing GM Corn Will Devastate Crops

Lisa Garber, Natural Society
Waking Times 

Despite growing worldwide concern over the health and environmental risks inherent in genetically modified crops, the government of Mexico is toying with the idea of growing GM corn. This is the opposite of what other nations such as India are doing, where scientists gathered in New Delhi to discuss the need for the Indian government to ban GMO trials in their country. The gathering was a media briefing  organized by Aruna Rodrigues, “the lead petitioner in a public interest litigation” seeking the ban.

“Every indication shows that a decision could be taken in the coming weeks,” says Silvia Ribero, spokeswoman for Canada-based ETC Group (an ecological impact monitor). Ribero adds that although legal paperwork remains to be prepared in full, President Felipe Calderon could authorize the motion before leaving office in December to reduce Mexico’s food imports.

Destruction of History and Humanity

All the big players—Monsanto, DuPont, and Dow—are waiting for the go-ahead from the agriculture ministry to plant their poison in natural corn’s indigenous soil in an area roughly the size of El Salvador (2.4 million hectares).

  • “We are talking about damaging more than 7,000 years of indigenous and peasant work that’s created maize,” says Veronica Villa from the Mexico branch of ETC, “one of the world’s three most widely eaten crops.”

    It is because of this crop’s versatility and prevalence in the contemporary human diet that so-called philanthropists like Bill Gates have invested so much into GM technology. In 2010, he purchased 500,000 shares of Monsanto, claiming that GMO crops were the answer to starvation.

    Why GMOs Don’t Fully Address Starvation

    None of us here likely know who Bill Gates truly is at the end of the day. But let’s be frank: at best, he’s yet another one of the billions funding biotech and Big Ag propaganda. Does he truly believe that genetic modification comes without consequences.

    At worst, however, Gates, Monsanto, DuPont, and Dow simply do not care that farmers across the world commit suicide in the thousands after going bankrupt thanks to overpriced, ineffective GM seeds.

    They do not care that Monsanto’s insecticides are creating resistant weeds and insects, forcing farmers to spray more insecticides that pollute soil and therefore ground- and still therefore drinking water.

    They do not care that our GM food has pesticide residue contributing to countless diseases in both animals and humans (and humans who consume animals), and have the gall to hide their dirty hands deep in their cash-lined pockets.

    But what do we know?

    GMO Free Food Storage

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