The Magic Power of Words and Why Words Rule the World

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“Without knowing the force of words, it is impossible to know more.” – Confucius

We hear and speak words everyday for the reason that we heavily rely on them to communicate. Because of this, words play a very important role for shaping our beliefs and perception of reality. It is estimated that the average person speaks more than 7,000 words per day. Even though we hear and speak words everyday, most of us have no clue as to how powerful words are.

What most people do not know about words is that they have magic properties and are very effective for deceiving the mind. However, words can also be used to empower the mind. In this article, I will show you how words are used to trick you to give up your natural rights and spiritual powers to the state. Every time you give up your spiritual powers and natural rights to a government agency, you are committing sin against the Prime Creator.

The process of using words to trick you to commit sin is what I like to refer to as word magic. Be aware that word magic can be used for good or evil purposes. If you are new to word magic, I recommend reading my empowering article titled Magic and the Power of Words. My article shows you evidence of why words have magic power.

  • One of the first things the state does to trick you to give up your natural rights, so they can make you play their vampiric game called the debt-based commerce system is by convincing you to sign commercial contracts with their government. Your first commercial contract with the state is the birth certificate. I am not going to go into details about the birth certificate, because this article is about educating you to become aware of the magic power of words and why words rule the world. If you want to learn more about the birth certificate, watch the short and informative video below.

    The Magic Power of Words

    Before we explore the magic power of words, I need to explain to you what magic is so you can see the relation between magic and the power of words. The term magic is derived from Old French magique, Latin magicus, and Greek magikos. One of the earliest definitions of magic is the “art of influencing events and producing marvels using hidden natural forces”.

    The Universe has many natural forces. Some of these forces are the “engines” that control the behavior of sound, light, vibration, and frequency. When you learn to use these forces to control energy, you can control how energy manifest itself into physical things to a significant degree. This is the art of magic or magick.

    One way to tap into the magic power of words is to use the force of thought along with sound and sacred geometry. Sound plays a really important role for directing energy to create sacred geometries. These sacred geometric patterns are some of the building blocks of matter, which is why they can be found near the core of all material objects, even down to the level of atoms. The evidence proving that sound has the power to create sacred geometry can be seen in cymatics.

    A written word without sound is not that powerful. However, when you add sound to it using your voice, the word vibrates with more energy and therefore becomes “alive”, allowing it to do magical things. Because a spoken word has sound and sound can create sacred geometry, the right combination of spoken words can cast magic spells and control the flow of energy. Combine spoken words with the power of thought and emotion and certain natural elements (e.g., fire and water) and you have a very powerful tool to use for creating magic.

    Why Words Rule the World

    The system that deals with law and justice and keeps society in order is the court system. When you go to court, you are not really going to court but are going to a game arena to battle other people with words. The person who knows how to use words wisely and effectively will usually win. When you arm yourself with the right words and effectively use your mind and heart to unleash the power of words, you can win nearly every court case. This is why words rule the world.

    The court system like to use words to trick you to consent to be a legal person, also known as a corporation or legal fiction. Because of this, you need to know how word magic is used in court. The content in italics below shows you how courts use word magic to deceive you, so that they can claim jurisdiction over your body, mind, and soul. The following content is a section from my book titled Word Magic: The Powers & Occult Definitions of Words.

    The legal system operates in a jurisdiction that deals with fictional things. This is why the “laws” of the legal system are called acts and statutes, just like the acts and statues in a play. Because of this, nearly everything it does is unlawful. After reading this book, you will know why the legal system is a big fat fraud!

    Under admiralty law, if you are missing for 7 years, you can be declared legally dead. This is why people lost at sea are declared legally dead after 7 years. In the USA, our political and court system are operating under admiralty and maritime law. Both of these laws deal with commerce on the sea. To connect the dots, when the government announces you as being legally dead, what they are really saying is that you are dead at sea. They say this because you are mostly made of water and you were born from a sack of water (the amniotic sac).

    Because you are legally dead and the government owns your legal name, the government can legally claim your estate. This process is similar to when people die and their estates are transferred to the people listed on their wills. This is why the government can legally seize your properties and children when you violate their acts and statutes. However, if you rebut their presumption and let them know that you are not dead, it makes it much harder for the government to confiscate your properties.

    When you send a letter to the government to let them know that you are not dead at sea but is alive and well, you are correcting your status and removing yourself from their jurisdiction, which is an imaginary territory that operates in a dead fictional world. After you correct your status, the government now has to treat you as a living natural person instead of a dead person/legal person.

    A dead person, also known as a legal person or legal fiction, has no natural rights, only privileges. An example of a legal person/legal fiction is a United States Citizen. Because United States Citizens are legal persons with only privileges, according to the legal system, they have no natural rights. This is why when you go to court and shout out to the judge about your natural rights or constitutional rights, the judge will look at you like you are a fool and may tell you to sit down and shut up!

    Because the legal person (e.g., United States Citizen, legal name, and corporation) is a dead thing, the government has jurisdiction over it. On the other hand, the natural person is a living, breathing person, and therefore has natural rights, which are unalienable rights given to the natural person by the Prime Creator. The word unalienable means “incapable of being aliened, that is, sold and transferred”. In other words, your natural rights are superior to all “laws” made by the government and can not be sold, and therefore the government does not have jurisdiction over you, the natural person.

    The people who control the legal system are master magicians, and therefore are well aware of the power of words. Unfortunately, they like to train their judges and attorneys to use the power of words to enslave your mind, body, and soul. The good news is that if you learn how to use words wisely, you can put their judges and attorneys in checkmate. The following video shows you how the right words can free you from the jurisdiction of the court.

    Did You Know Judges are Low-Level Magicians?

    When you walk into a courtroom, you are actually walking into a game arena to play legal and magic games. This is why the judge is sometimes called the magistrate and the letter that the court used to notify you to appear in court is called a summons. What do witches do when they want to call spirits to appear in front of them? They summon them using the power of words! They did not call it a summons letter by accident.

    In legal terms, the word magistrate is defined as “any individual who has the power of a public civil officer or inferior judicial officer, such as a Justice of the Peace”. Magistrate can also be defined as “a civil officer charged with the administration of the law”. To find the occult definition of the word magistrate, you need to split it into two words (magi-strate). The word you need to pay attention to is magi. One of the origins of the word magi is the Latin word magi (plural of magus), meaning “magician, learned magician”. Hence, the words magistrate, magician, magic, and magistery.

    Judges are trained by the legal system to cast magic spells on you when you are in a courtroom. However, many judges may not be aware that they are casting magic spells. The hidden agenda of their magic spells is to trick you to give up your spiritual powers and natural rights. The good news is that when you learn how to rebut their claims using the right words, you can nullify their claims and put them in checkmate. Do you comprehend now why words rule the world?

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