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I’ve had a habit for many years, as I’m sure many others have, of clearing paths that I travel by foot. I can’t help it. I kick stones out of the way, clear branches, whatever I happen upon. It only makes sense and I’ve never thought anything of it. I was thinking today what a perfect metaphor for life that is. We don’t have to take the whole world on at once, just deal consciously with what’s in front of us.

Just imagine if everyone cleared the path for others in whatever way they could, even just a little at a time.

It doesn’t take much. A little kick here, a toss there as obstacles appear. Some are not as easy as others. Some need chainsaws and bulldozers a team will need to provide in some form. We can each do what we can do. Many “rock kickers” have joined into teams of “earth movers” and I’m blessed to know many of them. Either way, even with the seemingly small stuff, just kick it aside and keep on.

We each make a huge difference in spite of what we’ve been told. It’s the activation of that conscious impulse that matters, and our response to the immediate need.

  • Responding

    It’s really instinctive, or rather it should be. Unfortunately simple conscious responding has become less and less the case. The wonderful underlying reality is that many make this a way of life – whether for their childrens’ safety or future, or even their own survival. In more advanced tribal and cultural societies this was ingrained in their way of life. In today’s world, extending that impulse for the sake of the whole is seriously discouraged.

    That is easily overcome.

    Life is a series of interactions within ourselves, as well as between ourselves and the world around us. Our behavior is based on how awake and aware and responsive we are, and to what we are responding. Since birth we’ve been programmed with guidelines and rules for behavior. Having the simple courage to overcome that selfish, fear based training and allowing our own personal awakening from this programming to flourish determines how much we’re letting our true essence come to life.

    It’s clearly a process but most of all it’s a continual choice. Will I let my true convictions show and play out? Or will I cave in to conformity with a clearly dysfunctional world and stifle those conscious promptings?

    It’s hard to fathom the mass of decisions we’re faced with every day. The underlying important ones get buried in the daily hubbub of experiences and input. The truly conscious questions have to do with why we’re here, where am I going, what is behind this apparent illusion, and what do I do about it. Once we start to grasp these essential basics we’ll know how to respond consciously. The problem is these underlying questions are deliberately suppressed, discouraged and glazed over.

    The beauty of it is that this latent lower level programming is almost immediately overcome when a personal awakening takes place. Whole new worlds of dynamics affect our response mechanisms and everything drastically changes.

    How Does This Translate?

    A smile, a helping hand, a word of encouragement. A wise word of advice, a hug, or even shared information and artistic expression, however you can get it out. It comes in all forms. As each of us adopt and commit to this simple way of life the world will continue to change for the better. Love is affirmed, sympathetic vibrations radiate, the social and spiritual fabric changes.

    Change the world by Manifesting the Mystic Morphic Field I like to say.

    As synchronicity would have it, as I walked home from a local park thinking about this I turned up a street to see a young father and his daughter walking ahead of me. And what he was doing? Kicking gravel and rocks to the side of the road, just as I was, here and there. It was picture perfect synchronicity as I mulled writing about this life long habit. He seemed to be a local tourist and may not even walk that way again but he felt responsible.

    That’s what I’m talking about. Caring enough to at least do something whenever we get the opportunity.

    No matter how seemingly small or insignificant, we each make a huge difference. And our accumulated effect is something we can derive huge inspiration from. Keeping proactive in all of these small ways has a much greater impact than can be calibrated. Have you ever watched a column of leaf cutter ants work their way back and forth from a nearby crop of leaves they’re harvesting? Talk about focus, teamwork and determination…one responsible ant at a time.

    The beautiful thing is that it’s happening with humanity. It’s not new by any means, but in an increasingly callous world it is a radical act to be unselfish. It’s very similar to Orwell’s adage on speaking the Truth in an oppressively deceptive climate such as we’re seeing today:

    “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

    So is behaving lovingly and responsibly in a world seriously infected with selfishness and fear.

    Keep On Kicking

    Each of us have our own obstacles. We can succumb to them or we can intelligently learn from these challenges and either bypass, overcome or transcend them. When it comes to common sense in-your-face issues that need immediate addressing we cannot falter. Some of these are pretty huge, such as the on-going Palestinian extermination which the world will not even acknowledge, but tackle them we must by responding consciously and not going on business as usual. As humanity arises from its slumber and learns to spontaneously care for each other and our environment, the changes for the betterment and reawakening of our planet will accelerate with blinding speed.

    If the rock’s in the way, kick it aside.

    Others will travel “the road less followed” with fewer mishaps and obstacles, and take the awakening even further down the road. We don’t need to see the results to know this, it just is.

    Keep kicking and and keep on loving in every way possible.

    Much love, Zen

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