Illinois Town Covered in Mysterious Sticky Residue Falling From Sky

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For the last few weeks in the small, friendly town of Elk Grove Village, Illinois, a bizarre sticky substance has been falling from the sky leaving a nasty, persistent coating on everything on the ground below including cars, window and homes. Long time residents of the village have never before seen anything like this and are growing in concern as there seems to be no single explanation that everyone can agree on.

Lucarz, who has lived in Elk Grove for 11 years, said she has never seen the dark residue before. Within just a couple of hours of washing her vehicles, toys and furniture, they are completely covered again, she said.

Residents have contacted the local government about this phenomenon, and so far there are no concrete answers as to what this sticky film could be. Sometimes, it even blacks out windows because it is falls from the sky in amounts that leave a thick enough layer to completely blot out the sun.

Possible explanations range from an increase in tree sap caused by abnormal weather and insect conditions, to near-by construction, to jet liners passing overhead and spraying some sort of chemicals into the air which fall onto the ground below.

Frustrated residents in suburban Elk Grove have complained about a sticky residue that has coated their cars and anything else kept outside that some believe may come from jets or nearby construction.

  • The most likely explanation, according to the township, is that the residue is mostly tree sap.

    Elk Grove Village officials released a statement Monday that claims the mysterious film is actually caused by sap, however. Their information comes from an “expert forester,” they said.

    “Due to the wet spring, there has been higher than usual sap production and activity by scale insects, which consume sap and cause residue to be released into the air,” a statement from the Elk Grove mayor’s office read. “While the sap residue is clear, fungi attracted by the residue as well as dust and other particles in the air can give it a blackened appearance. The recent dry spell means that no rain has rinsed away this residue, and the sap residue continues to blow around, collecting on cars and other surfaces.” [Source]

    Not everyone belives this is a genuine possibilty, however, because public awareness about geoengineering is growing, and some people belive that the sticky film may be a chemical agent being dumped from the sky in an unpublicized effort to manipulate the weather.

    This problem has been a persistent one for several weeks now and many residents are not happy with the government’s explanation or response. With no clear answers forthcoming at the moment, people will just have to wait and see when and if it stops, and then see if it causes any health problems for people, plants or animals.

    “The FAA has not released a statement about the possibility of jets as the cause of the film.”

    Many people around the nation are quite concerned about what appears to be aeresol spraying from commercial-type jetliners which leave unusual patterned clouds and lingering contrail-like clouds or particulate in the sky for hours. Films like Why in the World are They Spraying offer concrete evidence of government geoengineering programs. Perhaps the material falling from the sky in Elk Grove needs to be tested to see if it is organic, possibly originating form tree sap, or if it contains any of the chemical agents known to be used in aeresol sprying operations.

    This week, many residents will be attending a meeting with the FAA to discuss this. Watch the following newscast from Elk Grove Village, Illinois for a close up look at the situation.

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