Healing the Wounded Dragon

Chris Bourne, Contributing Writer
Waking Times

Accessing the purity of primal power

I’d say we’re all pretty conscious of the need for healing of the divine feminine. It’s an energy that has been subjugated and mis-treated within society for eons. However, little seems to be said also about the need to heal the divine masculine. And by that, I don’t mean to neuter him! I mean to go deeply into the primal male power, to explore the distortions of it, peel them away, to harness the sleeping dragon and unleash it within our lives. It’s an awesome energy that’s intimately entwined within the DNA of everyone of us. And I’m not just speaking for the guys here, I mean unleashing the primal woman too. When correctly harnessed, the coiled potential resting deep within, can help blaze the trail of our evolutionary journey…

A furnace in the danten

In my earlier years, I’ve had no shortage of primal power. It was always there for me like a furnace constantly burning within my danten (pelvic region). It helped me greatly in sport, the martial arts, in the military and as a business entrepreneur. It’s that ancient energy that won’t lay down and die. It’s the directing ‘gut instinct’ that wants to squeeze every last drop from this magical brew called life.

  • It is totally fearless. Rather it seeks out fear. It wants to expand boundaries and limitation, to break down barriers, to eat and drink-in the fullness of life. It’s appetite for living is voracious – indeed the coiled dragon within can be one of our greatest allies on the spiritual journey.

    Why then have we suppressed him so much? How have we done that? And most importantly, how can we heal him again for maximum evolutionary transformation?

    The abuse of power

    When I speak of ‘the dragon’, what I’m speaking of is an ancient primal power that is intrinsic in every one of us yet stimulated only to various degrees of awakeness. It is the reptilian aspect of our nature encoded into our DNA. It’s seat of power is the colon, but it has a direct connection into the core of our brain and particularly the pituitary gland. When the dragon is fully breathing, we feel enlivened, emboldened, thirsty for life experience.

    It’s been a much misused and abused energy throughout mankind’s history – indeed even before that. It’s heritage dates back right to the dinosaurs when even then, it’s energy got out of hand with the raw destructive power of the raptors. In my knowing, that’s why Gaia’s saddened outcry wiped them from the face of the earth in a blaze of falling comets. It’s a karmic pain she carries even today, and one which she must soon heal.

    We still retain that energy in the field all around us. I believe it’s right to say, it is the core frequency of the field all around us, but one that’s been heavily abused and distorted. One that’s been used to subjugate and control, to pervert and wind-up. It’s created the ‘matrix’ of conditioned fearful and exploitative behaviours. In my knowing, it’s that unleashed, distorted and unrestrained brutality that’s caused the recent football violence in Egypt that left over seventy people dead.

    Positively propelling us into the higher paradigm

    No wonder awakening people have wanted to ‘dissolve’ this very primal aspect of our beingness. The trouble is, you can’t dissolve it! You can only suppress and deny it. That’s what’s been done in society too. Junk food, alcohol, soft drugs, distraction and densitisation has for many put the dragon into a docile slumber.

    But why would we want to wake the dragon up?Because it has amazing powers that can be of great benevolence. It’s a core aspect of us, purposefully designed to blaze a trail through resistant density in the physical plane. And in any case, the field is now transmuting, the dragon in Gaia is reawakening and so will ours too. It cannot be stopped, only harnessed, healed and purified.

    When our primal nature is fully purified and activated, it can guide us intuitively to good health and vitality. It can communicate telepathically and it can store and build energy to propel us into astral travel. It’s a big part of our full awakening as human beings aligned with Gaia on this planet. As I said earlier, it’s a part of her karmic healing just as it is ours. I strongly believe that it is this energy which can help propel her and us into the higher paradigm.

    Healing the dragon

    Of course these powers have been much distorted within society, for example during wars and generally in times of control and manipulation. They’ve been used to dominate the divine feminine within us, which we must not let happen again. It doesn’t need to be that way. We can heal the dragon and unleash it. Denial of it simply leads to an unfulfilled life, frustration, anger and a limiting cap on our evolutionary growth.

    So how can we heal the Dragon? We have to get into our earthy primal nature, right into the density of physicality. And there’s three key areas to explore: our dietary habits, physical exercise and primal sexual expression. The invitation is to look deeply into these fundamental aspects of human beingness, to honour and express the truth of what’s activating for us…. but then also to carefully watch where the dragon becomes distorted, to peel away those distortions and unleash the authentic action at their core.

    Let’s look briefly at these three areas…

    • Diet: There can be few areas in human life where there’s so much confusion about what is right and healthy to eat. I’d say a key previously unconsidered factor, will be the degree of dragon activation. For me, as he awakens, I’m rediscovering the need for slightly denser protein based foods, like beans, lentils, and even animal protein such as eggs (for me, meat is still very much off the menu, but it will be for each of us to figure out where it feels right to draw the line). The amazing thing about a truly revitalised colon, is that it can pick the right foods for us – we just have to heal it and get the mind out of the way (Jasmin green tea seems to be great for helping heal the colon).
    • Physical exercise: I’ve observed robust exercise is essential for realigning the reptile DNA. We have to unleash the reins and allow the ‘horse to gallop’, for only then can it become healthy and strong. But neither do we need to over condition it – vigorous walking in the countryside, with pumping heart and lungs might be sufficient for some. And remember sensitivity needs to be entwined within the musculature, so free flowing yoga might be right for your personal alignment (or indeed Openhand’s soulmotion). And when we truly want to ‘blow off some steam’, maybe even kick boxing or other martial-art-type expression. When we dispense with pent up anger or rage without projecting at others, then the distortions will fall away and the primal power can be positively harnessed in a purely benevolent way.
    • Primal sexual expression: clearly this is yet another area within society that’s been much maligned. It’s created so much unwelcome limitation and taboo for people. I’ve experienced that between two loving partners of benevolent intent, love making can be passionate and primal yet without distortion. The practice of tantra can heal the dragon, integrating sensitivity with strength, building energy without frustration, pushing the boundaries without breaking them. Tantra can also work even when not in relationship – we simply need to explore personal sensuality and active ‘dream-like’ imagination.

    Getting to know your dragon

    I’m getting to know my inner dragon really well now. It’s a primal power that’s been with me all of my pre-awakened life. It’s something I subconsciously distanced myself from following my awakening. It seemed that such passionate behaviour was somehow inappropriate. I’m pleased to say I don’t feel that way any more!

    As the energetic frequencies within the field change in alignment with our Ascension, it’s an energy which we can all make great use of for transforming the distorted density all around us. Yes, as the matrix unravels, it’s sure to be used malevolently by those who have not yet mastered or integrated its purity. But that’s no reason to fear or deny it within ourselves. All the more reason to explore, heal and harness it for counterbalancing benevolent action.

    As our ancient DNA frequencies now activate, I’ve found my dragon is beginning to open up new creative pathways for me in life. I call him “Douglas”, he’s fiery but compassionate.

    What’s yours like?

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