Gigantic Wooden Megaphones Amplify the Sounds of the Forest in Estonia

Vic Bishop, Staff
Waking Times

Megaphone 1

[Image: Photo by Tõnu Tunnel].

In a forested park in the small Eastern European nation of Estonia, a fascinating art installation has set up gigantic wooden megaphones deep in the forest which amplify the pacifying sounds of the woods. In Pähni Nature Centre the architectural objects are giving many people a new reason to visit the forest and spend a little extra time there.

Megaphone 3

[Image: Photo by Tõnu Tunnel].

  • Created by a group of architectural students, the project has become an instant fascination for many.

    “According to interior architect Hannes Praks, who leads the Interior Architecture Department of the [Estonian Academy of Arts] that initiated the installation project, the three-metre diameter megaphones will operate as a ‘bandstand’ for the forest around the installation, amplifying the sounds of nature.”

    Megaphone 4

    [Image: Photo by Tõnu Tunnel].

    The acoustic tunnels serve as artwork, furniture, a resting spot, and a place to meditate on our role in the natural order of things.

    Megaphone 5

    Megaphone 6

    [Image: Photos by Tõnu Tunnel].

    Large enough to fit a number of people at once, the exhibit is free to enter and is a great place to take photos.

    Megaphone 7

    [Image: Photo by Tõnu Tunnel].


    [Image: Photo by Tõnu Tunnel].
    A simple, compelling idea that amplifies our connection to nature, something the world needs more of.

    Megaphone 8

    [Image: Photo by Tõnu Tunnel].

    Megaphone 9

    [Image: Photo by Tõnu Tunnel].

    The forest is in critical danger in this day and age, and any opportunity that we have to place our attention on the forest and what it means to all life on planet earth, is a good thing. People are in desperate need of re-connecting, so it’s encouraging to see modern design offer something that can help achieve that.

    Megaphone 10

    [Image: Photo by Tõnu Tunnel].

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