Finding Purpose in Life

Mike Molyneaux, Contributing Writer
Waking Times

Many anarchists today advocate the rejection of authority, rules, hierarchy and social order. But more than ever before the world needs wise and encouraging mentors, exceptional, spiritually enlightened, well-informed leaders who will inspire us to cooperate and reach intellectual, emotional and spiritual maturity. We are social beings and we need social relationships, hierarchy and order to become human and to bring out the best in us.

Statistically verified research in many parts of the world shows that those who are part of loving, caring, encouraging, ordered  social networks are contented and enjoy many more healthy years than the rest of the population (in some communities as much as 40 years longer). We are made to associate and collaborate with people and leaders, but with the “right” leaders. We don’t want to reject, eliminate or destroy society; we want to renew, enrich and free both society and our natural environment. So, we have to foster positive relationships and find the right mentors and leaders or else we are all either like ships passing in the night or we are all simply fighting against one another.

We were created for a purpose and our lives have no purpose other than to nurture and cherish our wives or husbands, children, grandchildren, animals, birds, gardens, forests, rivers and oceans. All living things work together towards this purpose and when we participate in that as a community and teach others to do the same, we find the purpose for our lives and we can celebrate and delight with one another in our purpose. But if we are distracted from our intended purpose and/or try to pursue other goals, we lose our souls. If we focus on hoarding, massing fortunes, protecting and saving our own individual rights and properties and building castles, empires and monuments for ourselves or temples for the gods of our ancestors, we will lose our souls and become selfish, brutish, oppressive, discontented, anxious, stressed, frustrated and aggressive or lazy and depressed. We have to surrender our personal goals and idols in order to serve our true purpose and high calling. Our children and grandchildren, the works of our hands must be our treasures, the memorials that we build and leave for posterity.

  • We are the creation of the highest authority of the universe who created us for a purpose and will guide our thoughts, words and actions towards that purpose if we will be quiet from time to time and listen. We don’t build temples. The highest authority of the universe lives in us as His temple and we have to accept that He also lives in other people as His temple and will guide their thoughts, words and actions too if they will listen. We have to make quiet times and places to hear that guiding voice.

    That’s the message announced by the great prophet, the perfect man, born and chosen from the sons of Israel, echoing the voice of the highest authority of the universe – all of us have to become prophets who can hear the gentle voice of our creator. When we hear this message we know it to be meaningful, to be perfect and true, for everyone who wants to fulfil his or her purpose in life. We should look out for mentors and leaders who have become prophets that can hear the gentle voice of the highest authority of the universe; that do not build castles, empires and monuments but nurture and cherish their wives or husbands, children, grandchildren, animals, birds, forests, rivers and oceans.

    About the Author

    Mike Molyneaux is a low profile family man who has worked professionally as a psychologist, engineer, scientist, lecturer and school teacher. He was educated in South Africa and spent two years travelling the world doing low paid and volunteer work in London, Jerusalem, Greece, and San Francisco. He moved his family to New Zealand to avoid the racially and culturally divided African Colonial society he was raised into. After emigration he noticed the same oppressive, deceptive, imperialist political and religious ideas and strategies being practiced on a global scale, including New Zealand. He developed and tested a unique new statistical technique for analyzing belief systems and ethical philosophy that can also be applied to contrast subjective perceptions and objective reality. The analysis indicates whether any system of verbal communication includes anything of real knowledge and meaning or is only an obtuse, confusing mish-mash of esoteric nonsense, mumbo-jumbo mysticism or pseudo-science. Please suport his ideas and research by contacting him at

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