Co-Creation: 5 Paths Toward Personal Power

Dylan Charles, Editor
Waking Times

Of our many innate powers as human beings, our power of intention heralds as the primary key to unlocking our ability to co-create reality.  When our energy moves from the mind outward into the physical realm, ferried by the vehicle of intention, the world becomes a reflection of our will.  Our directed intention is the transport for our ideas, carrying them to fruition in the material world.  And because the human mind is capable of conceiving all things imaginable, good, bad or ugly, when a powerful intention has its way with the world, anything can happen.

Yet without this vehicle, absolutely nothing is possible.

How strong is your intention?

Just as our health and energy levels can fluctuate under various circumstances, so too, the power of our intention can be dull or finely honed.  Much like an axe, or a quality craftsman’s tool, this treasured gift of our humanity is the primary method by which we create our personal realities.  When strong, it is co-creation itself, the alchemy of the Cosmos, the single thing that makes possible the construction and the deconstruction of anything and of everything.  Authentic power.

Cultivating intention opens wide the doors of possibility in life.

Paths Toward Power

There are many effective methods for fortifying one’s powers of intent, and several of the most potent are mentioned below.  It is of note, however, that these are all life long affairs, activities that begin, but never exactly end.  For intention itself is something that evolves through the course of a life, if nurtured.  Much like a garden, this power is alive, dynamic and for the bearing of fruits.  Something to be cultivated, not attained, nor achieved.

  • Consider the value of the following practices which develop personal power through gradual and daily development of mind, body and spirit, building over time a total human being capable of anything.

    Integrated Physical Arts – Participating in sports in general is highly beneficial, but integrated practices like Martial Arts, Yoga, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong have been specifically developed over the course of centuries to unify the powers of mind and body.  These practices use the physical body as a training ground for the mind and spirit and often the physical movements have more to do with the expression of philosophical truths and perspectives on life than merely providing exercise.  Regular practice in integrated arts will continually bring unfolding mystery, revelation, and fulfillment to the devoted, life-long student.

    Meditation and Prayer – Cultivating clarity of mind and purity of intent through meditative practices and thoughtful prayer reveals the inner workings of the mind and lays bare the contents and motives of our desires.  In this quiet space, it is possible to recognize whether one’s pursuits are chosen out of impulse or from guidance by the higher self, giving one the awareness to notice the many profound and subtle ways in which our prayers are always already answered from day to day.  Becoming aware of the connection between our prayers and their outcome is critical to understanding how the mind shapes the world and participates in the creation of reality.

    Self Reflection – Taking stock of the self is a serious and critical venture in the development of personal power.  Journaling and dream chronicling on a regular basis are excellent opportunities to converse with oneself and learn how to use one’s latent intuition as a guiding light.  This journey begins by asking deep, penetrating questions of the self, purposefully examining the events and ideas that construct our present realities.  By exposing, honestly, our own neurosis, quirks and impulses along with our darkest thoughts and most uplifting sentiments, we gain the perspective needed to choose and navigate the most meaningful course for our lives.  Lifelong, continual self-examination is the most revelatory means  path toward individuation and mastery of life.

    Creative Visualization and Affirmation – The meta-physical power of language and imagination is breathtaking.  Words themselves act as spells on other people and have the power to build up or tear down completely.  Affirmation is the use of language to program, or re-program, the mind, reorganizing it to operate in new patterns.  Creative mental visualization is a playground where all of life’s possibilities and limitations can be beta-tested before manifesting in the five sense world.  Exercising the function of intentional visualization and positive affirmation opens up a synergistic connection with the external events of life, and it begins to feel more like a preordained joyous affair of the Cosmos rather than the ho-hum, stuck-in-a-rut slog that many complain of.

    Being a Witness – Learning to observe the happenings in our world and in our personal lives without judgment creates space in which we can choose how to react, rather than be victims of circumstance.  The human psyche is structured in such a way that once it patterns itself and finds comfortable behavioral routines it develops a staggering inertial resistance to change.  As such, we all too often must be directly confronted with our own hubris and insanity, and deeply humbled by the tragedies of self-destruction, sadly.  It is a curse of man that we usually have to hit rock bottom and be frightened severely before we can develop the intention required for evolution.   Being an open witness to life and the stories of all people and cultures gives us the earliest possible warnings when balance is lost and course correction is needed.  Being a witness means having the strength to look deeply into the suffering in our world as a means of gathering the strength to change ourselves the world for the better.

    Manifesting… Now

    These life practices have the power to unlock our latent human capacity of co-creation.  By adopting a way of life that includes daily cultivation of personal intent, we get to actively participate and manifest our own realities, so gaining an opportunity to experience a more meaningful life.

    About the Author

    Dylan Charles is the editor of Waking Times and co-host of Redesigning Reality, both dedicated to ideas of personal transformation, societal awakening, and planetary renewal. His personal journey is deeply inspired by shamanic plant medicines and the arts of Kung Fu, Qi Gong and Yoga. After seven years of living in Costa Rica, he now lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where he practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and enjoys spending time with family. He has written hundreds of articles, reaching and inspiring millions of people around the world.

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