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The space-weather community is abuzz with Comet Ison, dubbed by many as ‘The Comet of the Century’.  As it travels deeper into our solar system en route to a close encounter with our sun later in November there are many watching with intense interest.

As some spectacular images of this significantly sized comet emerge (the comet nucleus is estimated to be anywhere between 0.5km – 4km in diameter), we would be wise to bear in mind the electrical nature of comets and the potential implications of its encounter with the sun. Far from being huge chunks of ice, comets are in fact more like asteroids and are highly electrically charged, with the nucleus acting as a charge capacitor. This often very high electric charge interferes with the plasma sheath of the sun, most often resulting in an outburst of plasma from the solar surface, a Coronal Mass Ejection.

There have been numerous observations of recent, smaller comets ‘sundiving’ into the sun as if on a suicide mission. Each comet that meets its demise at this interface is followed almost immediately by an outburst, a CME – sometimes a brief burst, sometimes a full halo event as if the entire surface of the sun explodes all at once. What is surprising is that the mainstream media either doesn’t acknowledge the observational results of cometary-sun interactions or dismisses them as purely coincidental.

  • The following is taken from Wallace Thornhill and Dave Talbott’s article “The Electric Comet” :

    “In the electric comet model, the electrified plasma environment of the Sun allows for two-way transactions that are inconceivable if interplanetary space is truly a neutral plasma medium, rather than a quasi-neutral medium.

    In 2003, as comet NEAT raced through the extended solar atmosphere, a large coronal mass ejection (CME) exploded from the Sun and appeared to strike the comet, causing a “kink” to propagate down the comet’s tail. Of course, for solar physicists the timing of the mass ejection could have no connection to the approach of the comet.

    SOHO has, in fact, recorded several instances of comets plunging into the solar corona in “coincidental” association with CMEs. But the scientific mainstream allows for no electric force external to the Sun to have any influence on the Sun’s atmospheric behavior.

    But how would an electric Sun respond to the approach of a relatively small but strongly charged object? In electrical terms, the influence of the comet could be far more significant than its trivial mass in relation to the Sun.

    What will occur electrically if the charged plasma or “atmosphere” of the comet interferes with the isolating double layer of the Sun’s plasma sheath?

    Perhaps the observation of Nobel Laureate Hannes Alfvén, the father of plasma cosmology, can put the issue in context. It was his opinion that coronal mass ejections are caused by a breakdown or breach of the Sun’s double layer – an event that provokes an explosive exchange between the insulated plasma cell of the Sun and the plasma of surrounding space.”

    With Comet Ison being somewhat larger in size, and it would appear, very highly charged, we should perhaps be aware of the potential for more intense solar activity as it is drawn closer in towards our sun. Already we have seen a number of recent M and X class solar flares in recent weeks after a prolonged period of solar quietness, coincidental with its increasing proximity.

    While there is little likelihood of any direct interaction between Comet Ison and earth, any pronounced solar activity resulting from its interaction could have potentially devastating effects for our planet.

    Solar-Earth Considerations

    The mainstream media have at least been increasing public exposure to the potential effects of a major solar storm

    The major concerns regarding the impacts of a massive solar storm are identified in a report issued this year by Lloyds. While the focus is largely on the USA, the same issues are a consideration for many other developed countries. You can click here for the full report

    While the focus in the Lloyds report tends to be on the electrical grid, economics and business communities, we should be aware of the huge number of factors now associated with extreme solar activity :

    1. Destruction of electrical transformers and long-term power outages
    2. Damage to satellites and GPS systems
    3. Increase in earthquake and geophysical activity
    4. Stray ground currents with potential damage to undergournd, ill-maintained pipelines (therefore disruptions to fuel supplies). Having had personal experience in the petrochemical industry of underground bulk storage tanks being punch-holed by stray electrical ground currents, I would be concerned by the potential ecological and other consequences of such events.
    5. An increase in extreme and bizarre weather events
    6. Social unrest and upheaval

    Other factors not generally acknowledged as being associated with solar activity, but which many energy sensitives can testify to, include such things as mental, emotional and physiological disturbances. Our subtle energy bodies are highly sensitive to changes in the frequency of our environment, as many reports on the detrimental impact of artificially generated EM fields indicate.

    A higher level of electrical charge at lower levels of our atmosphere can severely upset the stability of our own subtle energy fields, resulting in emotional and mental imbalances. There are also likely to be adverse genetic mutations resulting from intense solar radiation as well as potential ‘scrambling’ of the morphic fields. The emerging field of epigenetic studies provide some insight into the switching on and off of gene expressions dependent upon the ‘environment’ (Internal and external environment)

    We would do well to be aware of all of these potential effects of severe solar activity.

    In addition to the more obvious effects of disruptions, we would be wise to take measures to also ensure the integrity and strength of our own energy fields, hence minimizing any adverse effects from either EM interference or radiation.

    As is pointed out in the Lloyds report, we are due a ‘Carrington-Level’ event such as was last experienced in 1859. A solar event of this magnitude could devastate the way of life for many in societies so heavily dependent upon an electricity-based way of life. Given the weakened state of our planetary magnetospheric shield, even a solar event that is weaker than a Carrington Level could have enormous consequences for life as we know it.

    Is it coincidental that there is a huge simulated Power Grid down drill being jointly run by authorities in USA, Canada and Mexico on 13-14 November? This is a huge exercise, and it should be stressed that this is a simulation and not an actual grid take down. However, is it possible that the PTB are preparing for a major natural event as opposed to the emphasis on cyber attacks?

    As the ‘comet of the century’, perhaps we should be prepared, aware and educated about the potential for Comet Ison to wreak havoc in many ways.

    What has not been mentioned is the  information from astronomers that we are likely to experience a deluge of cometary ‘dust’ in its wake, whether or not the comet itself is broken up in close proximity to the sun. Projections are that we will be exposed to this dust in late Dec./ January 2014.

    Hint : fine, nano particles of dust can hold static charge and can be highly explosive with simply a spark of ignition.(think fires in a flour or talcum powder factory). While there is talk of great displays of noctilucent clouds accompanying this dust, this is an indication of our atmosphere being very highly charged & could render it potentially ‘explosive’ given a powerful source of ignition (our sun). At the very least, we could witness more extreme weather.

    At the moment, no one is quite sure what Comet Ison will bring and the ultimate meaning for life on earth.

    The more informed and prepared we are – psychologically, mentally, emotionally and physically and spiritually – the more effective we will be in dealing with whatever it brings and whatever the consequences may be.

    No fear……

    About the Author

    Julie Umpleby is an energy therapist and international teacher of a number of spiritual development and energy awareness programs. She is the founder of The Diamond Light Grid Alignment, a process of geometric vibrational alignments for restoring energy field integrity and a higher level of balance. The Diamond Light Grid facilitates wholeness and energy field strength and coherence in a very down to earth, modern way with an understanding of the power of the geometry to support personal energy field stability.

    Julie also facilitates a number of hands-on Diamond development and other consciousness expansion workshops. Please visit her website,


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