Chi, Ki, Prana, Orgone – Utilizing the Life Force

Zen Gardner
Waking Times

Because the eye gazes and catches no glimpse of it, it is called elusive; Because the ear cannot hear it, it’s called rarified; because the hand cannot feel it, it is called infinitesimal; it’s rising brings no heat, it’s sinking no darkness. It is called CHI. – Tao Te Ching

Chi, Ki, Prana, Orgone, Ether, the Universal Life Force – call it what you will. We all know an underlying energy beyond some confining definition exists and empowers and flows through everything. Mainstream science has consistently choked on recognizing this since to them it crosses into the metaphysical which they claim can’t be quantified.

  • To me, that encapsulates the recalcitrant ignorance of the so-called “scientific approach” perfectly.

    But this is changing rapidly as previous defining lines of distinction are intellectually and vibrationally dissolving. Seemingly hidden Truths are now coming to the surface and perspectives are continuing to shift, despite the Controllers’ efforts to hold the illusion together.

    Known and Utilized for Ages

    Many great pioneers in philosophy, spirituality, metaphysics and true science (meaning knowledge or “knowing”) have spoken to humanity about this seemingly ethereal resource, including those using powerful meditative, shamanic, psychedelic and other esoteric approaches. Today, with the exponential growth of alternative research and information rapidly approaching what’s loosely called the Singularity, even modern physicists are coming to paradigm shifting conclusions.

    Oddly enough, many still refuse to fully acknowledge the fact that this essence is an already known and experienced phenomenon that’s been utilized by spiritually advanced civilizations for millennia. A very humbling realization for a stubborn egghead, but a thrill for a true learner.

    And once you know, you know.

    It’s out, and won’t go back into the bottle no matter how hard they try.

    A New Worldview Is Emerging

    Quantum physics in its drive to mechanistically dissect matter ever further in order to finally arrive at the ultimate elementary particle has finally reached a point where it is forced to question it’s own paradigm.

    Quantum physicists now question the stability of matter itself and seem to arrive at a concept where elementary particles are seen as mere perturbations “on the surface of an endless sea of energy” which some scientists have agreed to call “Zero point energy” or “Torsion Fields” (Kozyrev et al.). Don’t you all hear a few wise Yogis laugh through the millennia over so much foolishness and late dawning of truth?

    They knew it all along!

    I personally believe that the emerging new paradigm is characterised by a fusion of mystic knowledge and quantum physics. Do not expect to read that in the school and university textbooks yet, but you can smell it in the air.

    To sum it up: We are talking about a new world view that will finally enable us to integrate the paranormal and other observations that are not readily explained with the increasingly obsolete models of mid-20th century physics and resolve the contradictions between Einstein’s relativity theory and quantum physics. Source

    Wilhelm Reich and the first cloudbuster

    Meet Wilhelm Reich

    One little known pioneer in translating this life force, which he named Orgone, into a pragmatic resource for humanity was Wilhelm Reich. As you can expect, he was hounded, marginalized, maligned and very probably murdered, dying the day before parole while in a US federal prison. Again, for his “alternative views” that challenged the status quo of his day…as is almost always the case…in this current paradigm at least.

    Literally tons of his research work was destroyed as well. Of course, his research led to the weaponization of torsion fields, but who’s looking.

    Why the fuss? Think Nicolai Tesla, Royal Rife, Galileo, Socrates, etc. The status quo does not take challenging well, unless it’s one of their own, carefully bringing in a new control system with a strain of “new” truth to substantiate it and make it appear changing.

    That’s at least one reason why this deserves researching. Same symptoms. But even more so, some fascinating understandings. And out of it came a profoundly simple and powerful technology that deserves looking into.

    An Introduction To Orgone Technology

    Reich was anathema to his contemporaries because of his orgone research. He felt he had found an underlying force so profound that everything else paled in comparison.

    The second observation that Wilhelm Reich made was the following: Organic matter attracts and holds orgone energy while metallic matter attracts and immediately repels orgone. He designed his orgone accumulators following these two principles, and the same principles were active in Mesmer’s barrels. Mesmer was not aware of these characteristics of life force.
    A Reichian orgone accumulator is a box that has alternating layers of organic and metallic materials. The outermost layer is organic while the innermost layer is metallic. As a consequence there will be a flow of orgone energy from the outside of the orgone box to the inside. The life energy inside the accumulator will become stronger and stronger. According to Reich, a thermometer on the inside of the orgone box shows consistently a higher temperature. This fact contradicts the law of entropy. According to the second law of thermodynamics the inside of the box should have the same temperature as the outside.

    However, when Reich showed this experimentation to Einstein, Einstein apparently recognized some significant and quite obvious flaws in Reich’s original experimentation and, instead of making him aware of this and examining other experimental results, for some reason or another he found it more convenient to brush him off for some reasons unknown.

    Wilhelm Reich has also made another important observation: An electroscope discharges much faster in an atmosphere that has a high orgone potential. This characteristic allowed Reich to measure the strength of fields of life energy. If we consider this characteristic of life force and the fact that the inside of an orgone box is warmer than its surroundings, we must realize that there is an “interface” between the space time that physics describes and life energy.

    Wilhelm Reich was a medical doctor. Therefore he used orgone energy for healing purposes. This brought medical traditionalists on the plan with the usual consequences. Reich went on to use his discoveries to build devices that he called “cloud busters.” He used these devices to influence the weather: by forming clouds and by destroying them.

    Reich also discovered a variation of orgone that was stagnant. He called this energy deadly orgone, or DOR. He used cloud busters to remove clouds of DOR that are hostile to life. Source

    The Orgonite Revolution

    This area is not new to many, yet a surprise to others. One thing that resonates with many is that orgone technology gives a proactive approach to the heavily infected, polluted and infested environment we live in, not the least of which are chemtrails and electromagnetic soup. If we can not just protect ourselves, but actually CONVERT this negative entropy being rained on the human population into a positive force, that would be revolutionary on a major scale.

    That is a happy thought. And very empowering if true. Mind you, the human body-soul-spirit is the biggest transformer and converter there is for utilizing this same life force via conscious awareness and that’s our primary focus, but let’s take a look at this.

    In fact, as you research this subject you’ll find many testimonials of people’s lives being transformed from sad and depressed to happy and empowered ones. It’s quite remarkable. Orgonite has also been proven to drastically help plant growth in many cases. Who knows what it can affect in the human body?

    It’s also demonstrably effective for blocking harmful emfs from cell phones and cell towers and has been documented busting up chemtrails. Hmm.

    I’m still learning about this technology but for one its pure simplicity resonates with me, and I’ve integrated it into my life, as well as done quite a bit of “gifting” myself. Heck, I’ll do whatever I can to reverse this flow from the PTBs. (Other tools such as scalar devices are also available to mitigate EMFs.)

    What Is Orgonite?

    Orgonite® is a word that was invented by Karl Hans Welz for a material he made as a variation on the technology of Wilhelm Reich.

    Reich identified an energy which he called orgone and discovered it could be manipulated using layers of metal and organic material. He used things like wood and cotton for his organic materials and iron sheets and other metals as the metallic components.

    Welz’s orgonite® simply brought a modern material into play acting as the organic component polyester resin. Orgonite® is simply a combination of many metal particles suspended in a resin matrix. Because there are often many metal particles the energy flow within orgonite® tends to be very dynamic making it pretty powerful stuff.

    Orgonite® was taken to the next level by Don Croft who added crystals to help convert DOR or Dead(ly) ORgone into POR or Positive Orgone.

    The Why:

    How much you understand the why of orgonite® will depend on how much you are up to date with the front wave of scientific thought about the very nature of life as we know it. Finally, science has caught up with the wisdom of the shamans and have concluded that everything that we perceive as solid is actually vibrating energy. If you understand this you will understand that we can be negatively affected by energy that is disharmonious with life (DOR) in the same way as a staggering drunk would affect the flow of a busy New York sidewalk“ particularly if he was walking the other way!

    If you extend this analogy further and visualize your life and well-being as a series of busy sidewalks then the modern world, its technology, and inhabitants are like a series of bars spewing staggering drunks into your path 24/7.

    In this picture, orgonite® is the stuff that instantly sobers up these characters, turns them around behind you and gets them gently pushing you in the way you want to go! It is that profound and that useful! Source

    DOR and POR – Entropy and Disentropy

    One concept that emerges is that of entropy. A profoundly important concept in my opinion, it explains the PTB’s efforts to break down the human condition in every sphere to it’s most basic level since natural energetic forces tend to produce creativity, bounty and opportunity, while Controllers want the opposite.

    Entropy, first of all, covers a wide range of fields in its application, including thermodynamics, mechanics, communications, economics, information science and technology, linguistics and even music.

    For humanity it is not a good thing.

    Entropy is the principle of reduction of complexity, thereby liberating the stored energy. This takes place when we burn fossil fuels, split the atom or basically any technological process that mankind has recently come up with. Entropy is the idea of destroying something in order to utilise it or rather a minimal aspect of it!

  • We can find that the scientific paradigm of mainstream 20th century thinking understands only processes that are based on entropy. The ultimate idea of entropy is death because at some point in the future all differences in energy levels (potentials) must necessarily be depleted.
    The concept of orgone postulates a principle that is opposed to entropy, a creative organising force. This force can be equated with life.

    Strangely, although our well equipped and funded corporate and state scientists can describe many intricate processes in living organisms the miracle of life itself must and does remain an enigma to them.

    We find the idea of two opposing tendencies in the universe in the old eastern teachings of Yin and Yang but also in Sigmund Freud’s (an early Mentor of Wilhelm Reich) Eros and Thanatos.

    Learning to harness the creative power of Orgone will lead to an understanding of what is now called “free energy”, a concept ridiculed by entropic science because it contradicts the “2nd Law of Thermodynamics”. (read 2nd Law of Entropy)

    Here is Something about the Gifting Movement (from

    Orgonite: A proven effective solution.

    This is a purely informational site about orgonite, a simple compound anyone can create in their backyard with fairly inexpensive, widely-available materials which balances ambient energy by turning the negative energy into positive energy, with many easily-confirmed effects. Orgonite does this continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without electricity.
    Quick Facts About Orgonite:

    Simple. Easy to make. Works continuously.
    Turns negative energy into positive energy.
    Purifies the atmosphere, detoxifies water, ends drought.
    Helps plants grow better, repel pests & require less water.
    Mitigates harmful effects of EMF radiation.
    Disarms and repels predatory forms of life.
    Inspires a pleasant demeanor and balanced, happier moods.
    Frequently remedies insomnia and chronic nightmares.
    Helps awaken your innate psychic senses.

    What Else You Should Know

    This is not a joke, or a game, or an advertisement. This is not a business opportunity. We don’t want your money. Orgonite vendors exist only to serve those who are not able to or interested in making orgonite themselves. Orgonite does not require belief or conscious intention in order to work. This is not a religion, a cult, or a product of disinformation of any kind. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the “new age movement.”

    We have found that tactical deployment of orgonite (e.g., “gifting”) by throwing, hiding or burying it near sources of electromagnetic radiation or other pollution or in polluted areas, such as near cellphone/TV/radio towers, power plants, in lakes, rivers and ocean harbors, has a powerful and noticeable effect on the area. The skies get clearer and return to the deep blue color you remember from your childhood, complete with normal puffy white clouds. Water pollution levels decrease precipitously, as documented in Toronto, Ontario. Drought conditions are reversed, as documented in South Africa and in Death Valley, California. The general mood or “vibe” in the area improves dramatically as people are kinder, happier and more easy-going. Neighbors either become friendlier or suddenly leave town. A renewed sense of hope begins to pervade the community. We have seen this effect in our own communities as a direct result of tactical orgonite gifting, and have found it truly self-empowering, but don’t take our word for it. Try it yourself and see what happens!

    There are those of us involved with this “gifting movement” who believe that the proliferation of electromagnetic pollution, cellphone towers and chemtrails are not an accident, but are intentional acts of malfeasance by the parties who seek to benefit or profit from inflicting illnesses upon the populace. We don’t ask that you believe us, or subscribe to our beliefs. What we do ask is that you help combat the pollution that is wreaking so much harm throughout our communities around the world. We ask you to contribute to the health and well-being of your friends, family and neighbors by following the simple steps outlined on this site, regardless of whether you agree with our personal opinions and convictions. We ask that you follow the instructions here and seek your own personal confirmation of the effectiveness of orgonite. Source

    Does orgonite really work?

    There are many ways to demonstrate the efficacy of orgonite. We have undertaken countless orgonite gifting expeditions on the African continent and photographically documented often dramitic changes, visible cloud changes, the dissolution of chemtrails, weather changes, the stopping of droughts. We consider the sum total of our orgonite gifting work as a body of evidence

    Other observations include increased plant growth on farms and in gardens of orgonite users.

    Various systematic plantgrowth experiments have shown that orgonite prompts the growth of abundant healthy biomass which could make it an important part of the solution to our current worldwide food problems .

    Guess which sample was grown with orgonite? Yeah right! And it produced 3 times the biomass in the same time and much healthier looking too!


    Take a look for yourself. Pretty cool stuff and gets you thinking. One thing you can’t deny, there’s a fabulous life force we need to tune into and utilize for the betterment of humanity. The entire human body is a conductor of energy. We’re fundamental fractal crystalline structures with all sorts of receptors and generators, including our powerful DNA.

    That such a simple device could enhance our lives doesn’t surprise me. Look what crystals can do, or the power of sound. Light waves can heal. It’s all energy forms from the same underlying cosmic source.

    It’s ours to discover and learn to use responsibly any tools necessary for the healing and empowerment of our Universal environment at any and every level.

    This technology is worth looking at and then decide for yourself.

    Be empowered, however you can. Stay open to new sources and go with your heart.

    Love, Zen
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