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A wise man once said that though we may travel our earth path alone, we carry with us ghosts. Ghosts of loved ones, ghosts of those that have passed, as well as ghosts of thought such as worry, obsession, regret, sorrow and challenge. With such a chorus of voices, is it any wonder that each of us at some point in our lives have experienced varying degrees of insecurity and bewilderment? Wondering beyond the mundane “Am I normal?” or “Am I doing the right thing?” to a deeper point. A philosophic imperative given to us by the Great Spirit of the Universe and it funnels down into one simple question: What is my purpose in life?

Such a sacrosanct inquiry will never be answered on this earth walk. Nor is there one way to arrive at a destination. But the contours of this inquiry and what it means in your life are chiseled through your own experiences and actions.

Imagine, if you will, that each of us is a thread in a magnificent tapestry of life with colors far beyond what traditional color spectrums show. Rich hues made more vibrant with the added dimensions of light, touch, smell and taste. And these colors are either enhanced or dimmed by our decisions. Not just our decisions but what we do in the face of these decisions. Will I take the good Red Road or will I elect to indulge my baser instincts? Instincts that are not founded in the universal law of love but in a law counter to love; one that results in suffering.

  • When we examine our life path it is usually at a juncture when we’re starkly reminded that what we’re doing is not satisfying or is, in fact, painful. We are born with a pure intuition that makes us ask questions. We, in turn do many things in our quest to find the answers. When we’re younger, our attempts at self-discovery are awkward and clumsy like a child learning to walk. As we get older and use this information in the way it was designed—experience—we find that some behaviors serve us better than others. We are also baptized by the pain inflicted upon us by others, warranted or not, in the forms of heartbreak, death, trauma, scorn, being ostracized, etc.

    These very human experiences can place in our mind’s eye what we believe to be a truth especially if we’re young when the first betrayal of love’s law is breached. This impression follows many of us throughout adulthood affecting our choices and the subsequent aftermath of those choices, good or bad.

    No experience is ever wasted and no suffering not without a lesson. With that said, how does our past help us understand our true self? Our soul’s future? More importantly, how can we transform our desire into something more satisfying even if we are unclear of how that desire might manifest.

    There is no one answer but there are ways we can all use our built-in radar to find the joys that bring great fulfillment to our lives.

    Have faith that the Creator of the Universe is ever-present. Ever watchful. Ever faithful and ever loving even if we are not present for Creator. And you were designed to be exactly who you are from your big green eyes to your penchant for chocolate or your ability to sprint like a cheetah. It therefore stands to reason that this unique DNA combination was designed to serve you on the most important mission of your life and that is to achieve your soul’s purpose.

    The laws of self-discovery are vast but they start with having a relationship with your Source. The Divine guide, counselor and friend. Regular communication and mindful meditation help to connect you to your Source. The body, mind, spirit connection isn’t there by fluke and when we do something positive, the joy we feel emanates outward like rays of sunshine. When we do things we know do not serve our higher self or the greater good, we feel shame. Ever wonder why you get a headache or can’t sleep at night in the wake of a misdeed? A cross word to your son, driving by an injured animal or blowing off a friend’s birthday celebration create a vortex of angst. That tornado is your inner radar telling you you swerved off-course and now are experiencing turbulence. Intuition calls to you that there is a better way and you don’t need anything exotic to achieve it. You have all the resources at your disposal if only you’d look with a quiet mind and heart.

    Determine what it is that you do not want to do, be or have. Think about it, you might not know how your talent in growing an abundance of tomatoes in your family garden might result in achieving your soul’s purpose but you do know that putting together accounting reports would be a fate worse than death.

    Our soul’s destiny is not a singular magical moment to awareness—though that has occurred—but is more likely a series of vignettes in your life that stand out. In retrospect you see each experience like a brick in the foundation of your life. When they’re sufficiently placed you begin to see the outline of the “house.” This inspires you to continue even though you know that building the house is hard work. That won’t dissuade you. Best of all, you can make changes as you go, adjusting your vision for dormer windows into spacious glass enclosed gothic arches instead. The house’s foundation won’t be shaken by adjustments necessary to make it a place of joy in which to view and reside. The same holds true for your path to higher self.

    There are no must-do’s in life but there are do nots. Do not think your value comes from what you do either as a profession or talent. We are much more than the sum of our elements. Do not base your value on what you possess other than thoughts of gratitude, love, faith, forgiveness, empathy and hope. Do not live for the expectations of others. Instead pursue the direction of what you know to be true. The truth that is felt in the deepest part of your heart for this won’t lie to you.

    Do listen with your heart and your mind. If painting houses is your passion, do it! Not just for yourself but maybe for a local charity. Do remember that Creator will help guide you if only you ask. Prayers are answered though not necessarily in the way you want but surely in the way you need. Its not enough to travel to your soul’s fulfillment but to recognize the connection we have to everyone and to support them and love them in achieving their destiny too.

    From Plato to the Dali Lama, Descartes to Sark, Chief Joseph to Paul Coehlo, our contemplations are complemented by the observations of others but cannot replace our journey in finding our own sacred place in the world. Nothing is too small and nothing is too large but everything is possible if that is your soul’s truest path. Remember too that you will be given the time necessary to achieve your soul’s purpose if you follow it with integrity. Embrace it, understand that you will never know it completely but have faith that if you follow the good Red Road of life, you will feast on the bountiful joys that counter any of pains of living.

    Live, laugh, learn and, above all, love.


    About the author

    Sharon Chayra has been covering healthcare, cultural and Native American issues for over two decades. She is half-Apache and half-Scottish but one hundred percent invested in personal development through all modalities that enhance the body, mind, spirit connection.

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