3 Critical Ways of Reclaiming Freedom in Our World

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“The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles. Freeman and slave, patrician and plebeian, lord and serf, guild-master and journeyman, in a word, oppressor and oppressed, stood in constant opposition to one another, carried on an uninterrupted, now hidden, now open fight, that each time ended, either in a revolutionary reconstitution of society at large, or in the common ruin of the contending classes.”Marx & Engels

All human epochs have had their respective oppressor-oppressed dynamic unfold. Our epoch, the epoch of the fascist plutocrat oppressing the debt slave, has a very unique side-effect that epochs in the past have not had: psychological and environmental collapse.

We live in a world with over 7 billion people in it, the majority of whom are living in abject poverty caused mostly by the minority of whom are living over-indulgent lifestyles. The global economic system is fundamentally unsustainable, unjust, and unstable. It works remarkably well for corporations, but horribly for human beings and ecological systems. Poverty is a business. Profits are made on the labor of the poor, the consumption of the poor, and the debt of the poor. Like Daniel Quinn said, “We have an organizational system that works wonderfully well for products. But we don’t have a system that works wonderfully well for people.” Hint: we need the earth more than the earth needs us.

  • This epoch requires a new type of revolutionary: a self-actualized, self-sacrificing, interdependent, eco-conscious, ego-moral middleman who can bridge the gap between debt-slave and plutocrat; a proactive New-Hero that has the ability to put the “whole” into holistic and the “thorough” into Thoreau. A person who is willing to die bringing water to the wasteland.

    Have no doubt: the human condition, as it stands, is a wasteland of monumental proportions, at risk of being devoured by its own livingry turned machinery turned weaponry.

    As I’ve written before, freedom is not a given. If you want to be free, then you have to prove it. You have to earn it. You have to fight for it. If you earn the right to be free every single day, then you earn the right to free others. Like Rob Brezsny said, “The revolution begins at home. If you overthrow yourself again and again, you might earn the right to overthrow the rest of us.”

    You want a revolution? Then be the revolution. Get uncomfortable. Question authority. Turn the tables on entrenched power. Poke holes in all the so-called answers regurgitated by this fundamentally unhealthy and unsustainable culture. Accept that the truth is more likely to come as a slap than as a kiss. And then be proactive about what it means to change. Hint: you’ll (at least) need thick skin, a soft heart, ruthless courage, and a good sense of humor. Also, the following three ways to undermine an unjust system can help you become a more-aware revolutionary moving forward.

    1.) Abolish corporate power and eliminate poverty:

    “This is called revolution. It is about ripping power away from a cabal of corporate oligarchs and returning it to the citizenry. This will happen not by appealing to corporate power but by terrifying it.”Chris Hedges

    Ask yourself: why do you value pieces of paper more than the earth itself. After answering that question, ask yourself another: what are you willing to do to begin using money and loving people, instead of using people and loving money. Then proceed to abolish corporate power, because it is precisely corporate power which has conditioned us all into believing that profit should trump people, equity should trump equality, and money should trump the human heart. It’s also the reason why we have auctions instead of elections.

    The problem, as Oscar Wilde saw it, is that “Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” Let’s price out the debt-slave masters and turn the tables on those with an illusory monopoly on value.

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    Let’s start with the Federal Reserve. JFK, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, and all the signers of the constitution, all thought it was a good idea to get away from centralized banking where money has debt and interest attached to it. Like Charles Eisenstein said:

    “The true culprit, the puppet master that manipulates our elites from behind the scenes, is the money system itself – a credit-based, interest-driven system that arises from the ancient, rising tide of separation; that generates competition, polarization, and greed; that compels endless economic growth; and most importantly, is coming to an end in our time as the fuel for that growth – social, natural, cultural, and spiritual capital – runs out.”

    Corporate power, especially banks, without checks and balances, will suck every last bit of wealth out of human society and the ecosystem before its inevitable collapse. Unless we do something about it. Let’s instigate a real fear in the hearts of the bankers and the plutocrats by laying siege to their empire through whatever means necessary. Let’s declare nonviolent war on the fossil fuel industry, sabotaging their infrastructure through radical civil disobedience. Let’s plunder the plunderers and then spread the wealth, eco-consciously: in order to once again balance nature and the human soul; and ego-morally: according to prestige and merit, built upon a foundation of non-poverty (basic needs met for all).

    In an immoral system, amoral action is a moral duty. One must amorally rebel so that morality may exist.

    2.) Slash the military industrial complex and demilitarize the police:

    “On a planet that increasingly resembles one huge maximum security prison, the only intelligent choice is to plan a jailbreak.”Robert Anton Wilson

    In Jailbreak 101, I wrote about three different types of prison: one of the mind, one of the body, and one of the soul. The military industrial complex is a prison for all three, especially when one considers the overreach of mass surveillance. Couple that with militarized police and profit prisons, and you have a mind-body-soul prison industrial complex that has a major complex.

    Let’s slash the U.S. military in half. With the money we can localize food and rebuild infrastructure, including mass transit, roads, bridges, schools, libraries and public housing. We can wipe out student debt and enforce free higher education. Like Chris Hedges said,

    “We must slash our obscene spending on defense—we spend $610 billion a year, more than four times the outlay of the second-largest military spender, China—and cut the size of our armed forces by more than half.”

    It is high time we plot a jailbreak. It is high time we destroy this industrial complex, lest it destroys us. Consider me, Morpheus, offering you a red pill. You can choose to remain a cog in an unstable clock, a pawn on an unsustainable chessboard, or a victim in a victimizing culture. Or you can choose to be mother-fucking Neo!

    The police will continue to equate dissidents with domestic terrorists. So let’s give those bitches something to bitch about. Let’s terrorize them with ruthless non-violence and line-drawn-in-the-sand loving kindness. Let’s terrorize them like Christ, Thoreau, Gandhi, and MLK Jr. terrorized the orthodoxy of their time. Let’s terrorize them with freedom, by becoming so absolutely free that our very existence is an act of rebellion. Let’s terrorize them by blurring all borders and all boundaries, by shattering the mental paradigms, stretching the comfort zones, and flattening the boxes that they so desperately try to think outside of. Let’s terrorize them by whistleblowing and forcing accountability and transparency upon them. Like Daniel Ellsberg said, “History is on the side of those who seek to reveal the truth, not on the side of those who seek to conceal it.” And finally, let’s terrorize them with love. Yes, love. By showing them that love does not imply pacifism.

    Let’s lay siege to their profit-over-people empire of nothingness by showing them that we have squeezed every last drop of slave’s blood from our mind, body and soul; knowing that had we not done so, had we not challenged the entire notion of slavery, that we would have just become a new boss or master in a violent exploitative dog-eat-dog system. But if all the blood is painfully squeezed away, then a free person emerges. We are Christ. We are Thoreau. We are Gandhi. We are MLK Jr. And not even death can stop those who are free.

    Again: In an immoral system, amoral action is a moral duty. One must amorally rebel so that morality may exist.

    3.) Eliminate the vote and decimate bipartisan entrenchment:

    “We are the governors as well as the governed. This means that all of us who care about life need to force accountability onto those who do not.”Derrick Jensen

    This is a tricky one. The vast majority of people are ridiculously ignorant to civics and power dynamics. Like Noam Chomsky said, “The general population doesn’t even know what’s happening, and it doesn’t even know that it doesn’t know.” This is because we are, as T.S. Eliot put it, “Distracted from distraction by distraction.” We are conditioned to be ignorant, and it’s only by reconditioning our preconditioning that we are able to unwash the brainwash and finally see the truth of how everything is connected. People need to understand that the vast majority of politicians don’t care about the well-being of their constituency. They only care about power and money, and maintaining both.

    “The only way you can get the parties’ attention is if you take votes away from them.” –Ralph Nader

    Cue the political pundits cringing in their one-size-fits-none pantaloons. Cue left-right-wing bipartisan fucktards with their heads up their respective mascot’s asses, cowering at the thought, while cognitive dissonance cripples the majority of us into believing that there can be no other way but to vote. But there is always another way. And there always will be another way. We just have to be more imaginative.

    Here’s a revolutionary idea: let’s eliminate the vote altogether. Let’s vote for no president in 2016. Let’s vote on the street, with our feet, stomping justice into the soft ignorance of the meek, and imprinting fear into the hearts of the politicians, the lobbyists, and the plutocrats who pay them to write unjust laws based upon fear-first courage-second, and profit-first people-second, bipartisan logic. We can then repeal the Patriot Act and Section 1021 of the NDAA. We can tell the powers-that-be that their power is useless, unless it helps human beings evolve into a healthier species.

    Revolution is its own vote: a vote against the unhealthy, unsustainable, unfair and unjust system and a vote toward a healthier, sustainable, fair and just system that works well for humans, but maybe not so well for products. Too damn bad for products. Healthy human evolution is primary. Products aren’t even secondary, even when they work toward healthy human evolution. Let’s vote to get the horse back in front of the cart. Let’s vote to pull our heads out of our politicians’ asses.

    Or, even better. Do away with elections (auctions) altogether. Bring back sortition through lottery by way of assembly, forcing everyone into proactive citizenry. As it stands, the citizenry is lazy, apathetic and ignorant. Sortition would level the playing field, keep power from becoming entrenched, and educate the masses.

    Then if we can somehow combine sortition with time-tested egalitarianism and eco-centric reverse dominance strategies to keep the social power dynamic balanced, we could truly become a healthy force of human governance to be reckoned with. It’s worth a shot. Easier said than done, sure. But as Spinoza said, “All things excellent are as difficult as they are rare.” But that’s no reason not to strive for excellence.

    Again: In an immoral system, amoral action is a moral duty. One must amorally rebel so that morality may exist.

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