3 Things More Critical to Americans Than Bombing Syrians

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Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer
Waking Times

“Any man whose errors take ten years to correct is quite a man.” J. Robert Oppenheimer

With the United States government mobilizing to live up to expectations that it would eventually find justification for the bombing, destruction, and occupation of Syria, those of us who’ve overcome the fear propaganda of the security state are forced to watch in unspeakable sadness as the resources of this nation are again stolen by our geo-political chess masters. The institutions that we so faithfully support with our tax dollars are once again demonstrating their disinterest in serving us, opting instead for blood in foreign lands, off on some veiled agenda of the elites, leaving America to toil in ruin. The expenditures of the American war machine are totally insane.

The United States has the unprecedented capacity to initiate crippling conflict on any of it’s target nations in a span of days, not weeks or months. This speaks volumes about the concerted potential of the American people to inversely positively affect the world, yet, we find ourselves again helpless, while our vast intellectual and material wealth is being commandeered to harm others rather than to improve things in the homeland. One wonders how great life in America could be if our national priorities hadn’t been totally hijacked by psychopaths, but, since they have, and since we no longer have recourse, redress, law, Congress, procedure, or anything else to stand in the way of the war criminals, any indulgence over the prospect of American potential is a daydream right now, another distraction from true concerns.

  • Prosperity, health, and happiness are under siege in very serious ways, more critical to us than any shadowy threat of chemical weapons use in a far away land. Yet for the most serious problems threatening the ordinary American, the government is either silent, has no plan, or is culpable in some suspicious way. Life in America is changing swiftly, for the worse, and it is growing more and more difficult for the sheep-like American people to continue swallowing the war propaganda when there is clearly a list of things going dreadfully untended here domestically.

    Like a tragic comedy, it is laughable that our leadership can produce no motivation to address our immediate and tangible concerns, but is terminally capable of producing every whim of the military industrial complex.

    For the record, though, or perhaps because daydreaming is a healthy exercise for the mind and the imagination, here are 3 critically important issues facing the American people that would be much more quickly and painlessly resolved if the full weight of the great American spirit of ingenuity and determination were organized and brought to bear upon their timely resolution.

    1. Fukushima

    With upwards of several hundred tons of exceptionally radioactive water flowing directly in the Pacific Ocean every 24 hours, and estimates of up to 40 years before this can be contained, containment of this situation justly warrants every conceivably possible effort on our part. Why are our resources sailing East right now, with intent to kill, instead of initiating a new Manhattan-style project to put this apocalyptic genie back in it’s bottle?

    2. Pollinator Bees and GMO’s

    Genetically modified organisms, ‘GMO’s,’ has become an umbrella term for the popular struggle erupting against the complete and total takeover and bastardization of the world’s food supply and seed sources. Not only is our food being tampered with by unpredictably dangerous corporate science, and the nutritional biodiversity of food being totally eradicated, but, seeds are also being patented and made to grow only in combination with toxic chemicals that are poisoning our eco-systems.

    The most startling by-product of this trend in farming may very well be the global bee colony collapse, which is being linked to neonicotinoid pesticides. What could be a more pressing national priority than addressing the demise of bees and other pollinator species that are so critical to life?

    3.  The Economy and Banker Engineered Collapse

    Rooted in fiat money and presided over by a global private banking system that has entirely too much influence and dominance, the world economy has become an instrument of imperialism, and debt has become the greatest tool for enslavement and national conquest the world has ever seen. If our government was operating in our interests this would simply not be the case as an honest and sound economy, which we could easily have, is so obviously fundamental to stability and security, and would surely be near the top of sane national priorities. Why cannot we not elect to move our resources into reconstructing our economy and abandoning the eons of banker imposed indentured servitude that we are facing today?

    In Defense of Common Sense

    Laughing at the universe is easy when the human race is governed by such insanity, and if you’ve ever laughed out of delirium, exhaustion, or frustration then you know the kind of laughter this invokes. In fact, in times like these it is comforting to reflect upon the fact that some of our greatest wisdom and common sense comes from comedians who seem to have a cooler calibrated sense of right and wrong than the leadership we have today.

    To that end, here is the legendary comedian Bill Hicks, hysterically reminding us just how insane this all is… 20 something years ago.

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    Alex Pietrowski is an artist and writer concerned with preserving good health and the basic freedom to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. He is a staff writer for WakingTimes.com and an avid student of Yoga and life.

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