3 Children Whose Stories Support the Case for Reincarnation

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Past-life recognition in children is being studied extensively by various scientists and psychiatrists around the world to prove the survival of consciousness beyond the physical realm.

Reincarnation research was advanced by Dr. Ian Stevenson in the 1960’s, who interviewed thousands of people who had recollections of past lives. Dr. Stevenson discovered that recollection of past lives by children was much more common than many expected and he developed categories to help screen for cases worthy of further study. Dr. Jim B. Tucker, colleague of the late Dr. Stevenson and an associate psychiatry professor at the University of Virgina Medical Center’s Division of Perceptual Studies, has compiled over 2500 case studies of reincarnation, which document young children recollecting their previous lives.

In addition to recalling memories of past lives, people may also carry over physical characteristics from one body to the next, and Dr. Tucker notes that about 20% of the children with whom he’s worked also recollect the time and space where they were between death and reincarnation into a new life.

The three examples below are some of the most staggering stories that might make you question if the soul and human consciousness continue to survive beyond death and are reincarnated to live many more lives.

  • James Leininger

    The story of James Leininger is truly stunning. Since birth, James was obsessed with airplanes and as a young child started having nightmares about flying, weapons, and a plane accident. Shortly after the nightmares started, James stared to recall his previous life as a fighter pilot. Eventually, James was able to share more details about his past life with his parents, such as: the name of the pilot, James M. Huston Jr.; the Navy ship on which he served, the Natoma; his co-pilot’s name; and the fact that he was shot down at Iwo Jima. With just a little effort, James’ father was able to track down Huston’s co-pilot Jack Larson and Huston’s living sister. From that point forth, the boy was able to recall events and people from Huston’s life with such clarity, that there was no reason for his family and Huston’s sister not to believe him. Check out the short video below, and you will also find it difficult to doubt that James Leininger is in fact pilot James M. Huston Jr. reincarnated.


    Edward Austrian

    Edward Austrian is another case of possible reincarnation. Since very early in his life, Edward had a phobia of dark, drizzly, damp weather and often became ill with throat problems. What made the latter strange is how Edward identified with his throat illnesses, calling it his “shot”. By the time he was 4 years old, Edward developed a cyst in his throat and was taken in for tonsillitis surgery to prepare for further treatment of the cyst. After his surgery, the boy confided to his mother Patricia with a recollection of his previous life as James, an 18 year old soldier, and his life in the trenches during a war. Edward also told his mother how he was killed; he was shot in the throat. After his recollection of his past life to his mother, Edward’s cyst disappeared, something that his doctor was never able to explain.

    Gus Taylor

    Gus Taylor started to recall his previous life as his grandfather, Grandpa Augie, when he was about 18 months old. During a diaper change, Gus told his father that he used to change his father’s diapers. As most parents, Gus’ father didn’t think much of it until a couple years later. One evening when Gus was 4, he and his parents were looking at old photos of his grandfather, which they brought to their house following Gus’ grandmother’s funeral. Although he had never seen the photos, Gus was able to pick out his grandfather in group pictures when he was just a little boy and identify his grandfather’s car (calling it his own). Additionally, he recalled that his sister was murdered, which is when his parents really took notice. Something that the 4-year old was never told was that Augie’s sister had been murdered, her body dumped into the San Francisco Bay.

    “I understand the leap it takes to conclude there is something beyond what we can see and touch. But there is this evidence here that needs to be accounted for, and when we look at these cases carefully, some sort of carry-over of memories often makes the most sense.” ~ Dr. Jim B. Tucker (source)

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