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In 2013 a Rothschild Insider Warned of an Elite Planned Race War in America

race-war-4-1Lucas Dare, Staff Writer
Waking Times

“I’ve just been told the current scenario is this whole race war thing… that’s the plan at the moment.” ~James Casbolt aka Michael Prince, May 2013

As if following a script or some explicit stage direction, the narrative of racism and division is being pushed by mainstream media, and the idea of an American race war is edging further into public consciousness. No one among the ranks of the citizenry stands to gain anything at all from a blood bath between blacks and whites, but here in 2016, we suddenly find ourselves on the precipice of such an apocalyptic clash.

Who benefits?

In 2013 James Casbolt, aka Michael Prince, a self-proclaimed Rothschild family insider explained to Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot how the world political elite were planning to catalyze a race war in America as part of a conspiracy to advance the agenda of depopulation, to destroy the black race, to further destabilize the nation, and to create the conditions necessary for martial law in the U.S.

Casbolt claims to be part of the Rothschild bloodline, someone who has spent his entire life being groomed as an assassin for the world’s most powerful family, a Super Soldier as he puts it. Now serving time in prison, some consider Casbolt’s credentials to be rather shady, however in many interviews on the subject of the world’s ruling elite he has presented insight and information that bears out as being both well-informed and shockingly prescient.

In this case, he was asked by Cassidy, again over three years ago, what he thought the global elite were planning in order to expand their empire of control in coming years. His reply seems almost prophetic today against the backdrop of riots in several major U.S. cities and the emergence of the George Soros funded fifth column revolution movement, Black Lives Matter (BLM).

Casbolt’s reply:

“The enemy now is, they’re instigating a race war in America. They’re socially engineering it, a race war against blacks and whites because they’re trying to reduce the population so they’re targeting blacks in America as the first group. And it’s an extension of what was going on in Africa with them depopulating the blacks in Africa with engineered AIDS and things like that. So they’re engineering social situations in America now, and that group is being currently targeted, you know the blacks in America.

There’s a lot of race issues being brought into the media, like Obama’s talking about, ‘let’s talk about race.‘ In the media a lot of things are focused on race to get people’s mindsets geared up for that.” ~ Michael Prince


Social engineering programs are the chief export of the global elite, as history demonstrates. Casbolt goes on to connect contemporary events to events in the sixties when the CIA is known to have infiltrated the counter-culture movements working against the establishment war machine.

“In essence it’s a continuation of social engineering programs from Haight Ashbury in the sixties in San Francisco. You know, the Manson family, the Charles Manson murders, and he was programmed at China Lake, for that, for the social engineering. He, Charles Manson was talking about Helter Skelter, which is a race war, an apocalyptic race war in America between blacks and whites, and the Beatles triggered that, the Helter Skelter song, and then that was, the Manson murders were supposed to trigger that, and that was, the race war was supposed to start in Haight Ashbury, the hippie colony in San Francisco.

They’ve often tried to, with the Fourth Reich being based on the West coast, they’ve tried to trigger this Helter Skelter apocalyptic race war in California. With the L.A. riots they tried to do it again, and they’re going to keep trying to do it until all hell breaks loose between blacks and whites in America, because… the black race is being targeted currently in America, the African-American.” ~ Michael Prince

Referring to a faction of the ruling elite as the Fourth Reich, a living continuation of the Nazi movement that destroyed Europe in the 1940’s, Casbolt speaks of an engineered race war as key component in the plan to depopulate the planet.

“The Fourth Reich essentially is going to keep socially engineering these situations, you know like the Helter Skelter or the Manson in the sixties, the L.A. riots, things will keep happening, because they want to reduce the population, but they need to start with target groups.” ~ Michael Prince

Three years after this interview, as this exact scenario inches evermore closely, comments such as these should serve as warnings that we are being tricked into participating in our own demise, and as the mainstream media twists real events and injustices into a false flag race war, we must counter the divide and conquer strategy with a popular campaign of unity while identifying and calling out the true global forces playing us all like puppets.

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  • Sami Cohen

    This guy is no Rothschild insider. People who believe this are very gullible.

  • J.j. Cintia

    Fourth Reich, thats sweet. The Rothschilds are jews. They aren’t Nazis. They hate White people and have the mad fantasy of ruling the World where each lazy jew has 2800 brown slaves serving them hand and foot. Its the kind of childish crap you’d expect from a retarded little girl. But thats globalism. Puerile fantasies of power by retarded girly boys.

  • Bedbugger

    Casbolt is a ‘nutter’. Project Camelot got ‘shafted’ many years ago. I spoke to Casbolt on the phone and he seemed quite normal, but some people can be quite deceptive.

    ht tp://

  • bluewater

    refers to an ideology that one race is inherently superior to another
    in every respect. But the term is used by Jewish subversives to
    stigmatize racial distinctions in general. (Similarly, “sexist” denies
    any differences between men and women.) These Jewish subversives are
    racists in the true sense because they believe Jews are god-like while
    the goyim are cattle. This is the racist ideology behind the NWO. In
    Israel, a Jew can be jailed for two years if he marries a non-Jew. “We
    will destroy every collective force but our own.” Protocols of Zion, 16-4. Collective force = Race, religion (god), nation and family (gender.)

  • Sam Nelson

    What the Super Elite want is for white people to wipe out the non-white people in all the world, save for a few handy examples, they can use for their own purposes, to keep white people in line. Look at You Tube, it is full of kill whitey stuff, when this crap hits the MSM and it will in time, the right time, then white people will really understand: it is US or them. Obama, got the shoulder in China because Chinese do not like dark colored people, neither do the Indians, we know that from the wars, the way they, the Asians, acted when the “Allies” sent their browns in too “free, the people” hmmm, rape the people. Red Carpet, you gotta be kidding. Read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, it is all in there.

  • Birdog

    I do not think the elites know as much as they think they do. I know there are a lot of black and white americans that will fall for this, get worked up for a couple days, and maybe fight but most people are peace loving and are positive.

    Their think tanks believe they can exploit some sort of deep racial division but i honestly to not think this divide is as deep as they think. Maybe in some inner city neighborhoods and some small country towns. But with the urban sprawl and most residential areas being suburbs that are a mix of white and black, I don’t see this war ever coming to fruition.

  • Race, class, religion, etc… divided we are conquered. The global elites have humanity divided along every social construct imaginable. It is 100% intentional.

  • bluewater

    Do not be surprised if there is NO ELECTIONS…..Financial reset in October…

    • freewheelinfranklin543

      It would have to be something bigger than a Civil War,a World War,or a great depression. Something bigger than all 3 put together like a major asteroid strike.
      There is no Constitutional authority to call off a national election and it has never been done even for the 3 things listed above. These staged riots,look staged. The riots in the 1960’s were real and much,much bigger. They called out the military for several like Detroit. The 82nd Airborne Division was used in at least one riot.
      Americans! Do not fall for divide and conquer.United We Stand! Divided We Fall!

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