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Why Are There So Many Psychopaths in Positions of Power?

PsychopathsAnna LeMind, Guest
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A 2010 study that examined a sample of 203 individuals from different companies’ management development programs revealed something interesting. It was found that about 3% of business managers scored in the psychopath range while the incidence of psychopathy in the general population is approximately 1%. So why are there so many psychopaths in senior management positions?

The Study

A more recent study, published in 2014 in the Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology, shed new light on the behavior of psychopaths, which could explain this phenomenon.

During an experiment, a group of people were given a standard test of psychopathy. At the same time, the participants were shown a series of picture aimed to test their levels of empathy. For this purpose, the researchers measured their galvanic skin response to examine their emotional reaction to the shown pictures.

The research showed that psychopaths with average or high levels of intelligence were able to control their galvanic skin response. As a result of this, their responses appeared normal. At the same time, psychopaths with low IQ exhibited abnormal test results, which are typical for individuals with psychopathic tendencies.

What the Results Mean

Psychopaths are great manipulators, and this research provides new evidence for that. The results of the study suggest that psychopaths with high IQs are able to hide their true identity, faking their emotional responses and probably personality traits as well. As a result, they often show a different picture of themselves and trick others into believing this is their real self.

Carolyn Bate, the first author of the study, said:

“The ones who are at the top of businesses are often charming and intelligent, but with emotional deficits, as opposed to psychopaths who are quite erratic and tend to commit gruesome crimes and are often caught and imprisoned.”

She also thinks that psychopaths in positions of power could be far more than 3%, because if people are aware they are psychopathic they can also lie – they are quite manipulative and lack empathy.”

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These findings are quite interesting to consider and could apply to other spheres except for the business world. I’m sure that if psychologists had the opportunity to study those in positions of political power, the figure would go beyond 3%. Being manipulative and able to fake one’s emotions is a quality that certainly helps one become a successful politician. Not even to mention that in order to reach the highest levels of political power, some lack of empathy and conscience is a must.

Dr. Paul Babiak writes in his book, Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work:

They are masters of impression management; their insight into the psyche of others combined with a superficial – but convincing – verbal fluency allows them to change their situation skillfully as it suits the situation and their game plan.”

Doesn’t this sound like most of our politicians? They are just playing their game, tricking people into believing that their concerns about the world and society are sincere. They pretend to care while in reality, they only want more power and money. And we don’t even need a study to know this for sure.

About the Author
Anna is the owner and lead editor of the websites and, and staff writer for The Mind Unleashed. She is passionate about learning new things and reflecting on thought-provoking ideas. She writes about technology, science, psychology and other related topics. She is particularly interested in topics regarding introversion, consciousness and subconscious, perception, human mind’s potential, as well as the nature of reality and the universe.

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  • S_Dawn

    I appreciate, again, your extensive search for TRUTH. i agree, if i’m understanding you correctly, with your analysis of the EGO as being the mechanism that we are quested with understanding and mastering…not because it is a “bad thing,” but because it is the CPU of our existence.

  • S_Dawn

    didn’t we agree on the cautioning against using brain scans as proof?

  • DonDong

    Hi, Marie. I’m sorry you had to go through that initial nightmare “family”. They sound like refugees from a Rob Zombie movie. I don’t know how some children survive. I’m an HSP (and I HATE acronyms; “highly sensitive person”), and had quite a bit of trouble years ago with that when I quit drinking. I came upon flower essences. Actually I was reading a book on the subject of HSP, and the author recommended a lady who made fantastic essences. She’s at featherhawk (online), and they really saved my sanity. Try them if you haven’t and need a little “protection”. Take care. ;^)

  • Joel W

    Never took it that way. When I said thanks for clearing it up I really meant it.

  • What exactly is the point you are making? The signal beneath the noise.

    That you feel rage toward a raging version of God – and with those that align obedient under such terror, who thus sacrifice or deny their free willingness so as to feel ‘loved’ by NOT being hit?
    And that you feel hate of those that operate hate agenda by which they are allowed set privilege in return for deceiving and leading others to sacrifice – including being allowed to live.

    Do people present a surface mask to others when they feel threatened – including professed beliefs? Then those are not believed but asserted.

    Do people learn to grow a mask to themselves so as to not feel the pain, rage, fear or heartbreak that has nowhere to go because it is hated as weak or dangerous and is actively denied acceptance – and is part of this mask the self-denial of feeling switched into the blame-hate of others – or indeed the world and the god that is presumed to have brought such a hell into being? (Rather than the thoughts we assert and identify in – as if they are our ‘self’).

    Is it not the mask that says “don’t look within for you are worse than worthless” – while others who tune into that have their own same issues and are trying in their own ways to cover up, hide it or… seeking to uncover and kill it.

    Any examples you suggest – point to patterns of self-hate, violence and deceit that are pervasive and yet held undercurrent by societies in any number of ways – because the source of fear, division, conflict, pain, loss and guilt is mutually and tacitly held unconscious – excepting via blame to be assigned to hate-objects who are then deserving of being killed or given hell. Hence self-righteous self-deceit.

    Most of what we call thoughts are blocking or jamming signal to ensure that no Listening In can rise to awareness. Jesus saw that as the lie and the father of the lie – and put it out from or behind him so as not to be baited into ITS framing narrative. Living Thought has a Feeling to it and like light – banishes or undoes a state of darkness. When you recognize and feel yourself – there is no thinking needed – but in taking a fake passing off as real – all thinking is corrupted – and that is a kind of ‘death’ to the Feeling of being You.
    There are no Living Thoughts in a framework of Lie – excepting the Life Essence that sacrifices to it – gives it Life and then meets the corruption and distortion of a fragmented and conflicted self – as if it is overwhelmingly real. And as experience, it is really experienced – and yet can be revisited and revised from a fresh perspective.
    Where would that come from?
    From a Living Thought.
    How can that get in?
    When there is an unwillingness to persist a life-denying mind, it opens a willingness for acceptance of some moment – at some level – in some way.
    But the conviction in worthlessness – however masked or covered over – will
    deny or abort or subvert and usurp all Living Thought (You) – and so there is the way of growing beneath the radar – without ‘giving you self away’ – until there is a sure sense of purpose that isn’t negatively or fearfully defined – because that fearful definition is the backdoor through which a negative agenda works you and your world. If you don’t want it – don’t give it, trade in it or deal it out.
    You cant ‘save’ anyone from their own choices – but you can compassionately extend to their willingness, a reminder of the nature of the choices and the freedom to make them. The freedom to hate is the same freedom that can accept releasing hate to discover a fresh perspective.

    Why the emphasis on Euclid’s geometry? Is that a source of light and sanity for you. Geometry indicates – to me – a resonance pattern of frequencies that ‘give form’ to Living Thought within a non-local field that can be called Mind – except mind has been ‘stolen’ as the local god that fragmented into rage and terror – beneath the mask of control. But I feel to redeem or trade in the ‘mind’ that doesn’t really have belonging in me – for an innocent curiosity.

    I felt into what may be moving in you – beneath the presentation. But of
    course through my own resonances. Isn’t that how it works? Owning our
    own feelings and the conditioned thinking that both triggers them and is
    then hidden by reaction of belief it is true. Thinking is what you
    choose to focus in and accept for the purpose you hold – in the moment
    you hold it.

    Hating the dark only keeps the dark.

  • Nom De Plume

    “Sociopath Next Door” is what I call a ” McDonalds cliff note” book, I sent you a good list….hope you got it. Schizophrenia is actually curable Dawn…but not by modern medicine. These people are trapped between dimensions….so what they are experiencing is real…they truly can’t help it……….and once cured are truly brilliant people. I am in the process of moving, but when I can I will get you in touch with a Peruvian medicine man that can help….that is, if this is something that you would like? Manic Depression and Schizophrenia are diseases and are curable. Many elderly who are deemed with dementia have no such thing…they are just caught between two dimensions because their transition dates are near. But you poor thing….you really have been through the wringer….much love to you!

  • Marie
    Thankyou for your civility. Nothing is curable where there is no willingness for healing. But what we meet in our life can be pragmatically addressed and restraint and rehabilitation offered – where that is achievable. Or say NO to that which seeks to undermine your integrity by whatever means works for you.

    But I do not write to invite a crusade to heal ‘others’. You must know that that is itself a psychological displacement and does not work. I write from my own willingness to accept healing – or a re-integrative movement and purpose in life – and thus to a like willingness in others. I believe that the structure of society and of our conditioned mind, is accountable for in terms of psycho-emotional and physical defences against separation trauma that has a collective as well as a personal energetic – which the mind generally is the device of denial of.

    It is easier to say what sickness, disease and breakdown of mental and emotional communication are than to say what healing is. But there is no need to define a recognition of shared joy – but there may be a need to notice the definitions of joy that operate as denial of joy – such as need to win or be right, or indeed to judge others subhuman so as to cut of compassion – for is that not reflecting back the energetic you pick up on?

    I am in favour of doing what works on behalf of – and yet I am not in favour of designating some human beings as sub-species even if they have handicaps or behave criminally – or indeed insanely. There are lawful ways to deal with criminal acts and with those who are demonstrably a danger to others and themselves. But are you suggesting sub-species be culled? Or locked up without yet being criminals or exhibiting insane behaviour?

    It is not simply a matter of whether others benefit or suffer as a result of how we treat them – but that we can degrade and diminish our humanity by the way we treat anyone. I understand that this is difficult to accept when terror, hatred and rage are triggered – but this is the territory from which and with which some people are more imprinted or associated with – in patterns that persist and propagate down through generations. I suggest we need – as we are willing – to feel what we feel – and be pragmatic from an emotional honesty brought to acceptance – rather than denial. I am not talking about accepting psychopaths – but owning your response – which may well be to designate them sub-human and hope that this can be a way to lock them out or eradicate them.

    People of the lie are much more pervasive than psychopathy – for the lie has been a fundamental part of the human psyche since terror overwhelmed and fragmented us to ‘unconscious, subconscious and conscious’ facets

    This is not a nice oneness of loving pie. But beneath the coverings of a fragmented survival mask is an innocent awareness and a spontaneity of synchronicity that many glimpse and deeply treasure – for all true sense of meaning and indeed true humanity arises from or is inspired by such openings.

    A proper account of our own need for healing would change the paradigm of serving or helping others finding theirs – for so often we operate a management of others to make them fit societal norms – and indeed operate a medical model that was hijacked and repurposed by the kind of inhumanity you designate sub-human – for in behaviour it is – as is so much else that humans do.

    If you are sorted – well adjusted and happy in your life – then why waste time reading what I write? – for your mind must reject it until a need for peace, or the sanity of a truly connected joy in life becomes more to you than being adapted to an insane society.

    The demonic aspect of fear, guilt, and lust for power is woven within our world – as the tares among the wheat. Operating largely unseen – and yet we are more tacitly participant than we want to know. In fact the desire for unconsciousness and diversion is because we mostly do not whant to know – and call on and give power of acceptance to powerful people to operate a society where we do not have to know.

    “Forgive them, for they know not what they do”. Does not mean be a doormat or without integrity in communication and relationship – it means do not invest your identity in hatred – or you will die to your Spirit and suffer to be like that which you hate.

    Good intentions and well-meaning are bullshit! – or rather – they pave the way to hell. For they are a masking of a manipulative intent that is not being addressed or owned – even less corrected.

    I do not go forth to take on anything – but I feel to live this day well – that is – on purpose and in willingness for life. “Sufficient be the evils of the day thereof” speaks to me that what is ready and fitting to come up for me in my own life is what arises for me in my relationships, the events and thoughts and feelings that are part of them.

    The form of anything can be used to mask or hide in – and is used to both run hidden hate and to hide from the hateful. It is a deceit that sees the form as the meaning in itself. Our true origin is our Wholly Present Source – but our conditioning template is a history of denial within a mist-taken or indeed mis-taken identity that cannot be corrected by coercion nor made true by coercion – yet coercion remains the power that is in fact and deed worshipped and sought – but masked in socially acceptable terms. Until of course one is no longer willing to give allegiance and lives a willingness of a different foundation.

    The extremity of disturbance is one of the conditions in which a need for healing may awaken. I am not a stranger to the conflicted states or denial feelings I write about – but I am a willingness for witnessing that there is a quality of being that is unconflicted and without deceit – and I do not bottle and sell it – or marketize or weaponize it. But insofar as I am moved – I choose not to shut it down and deny it – for denial of the consciousness of the negative also denies the consciousness of the integrative. I’m not on board for a flat humanity of robotic golems – but nor are they sub-human who yet choose denial over acceptance – but of course I meet a like energetic from others that I must be vigilant to discern or I would lose my sense of presence to judgement in a moment – and often do – but not lost in the sense of being denied so much as noticing a need to pause or stop and listen in for a true honesty of being – whether irritated or struggling within itself or greatly disturbed. There is a false basis from which I am living when I am at war with myself. For while I may be said to contain all the personae I ascribe other – and my own ego – I am one self – and yet that is a misleading term for oneness here doesn’t mean alone so much as all one – or homogeneous so much as balancing within an ever expanding spectrum of diversity.
    Words define – and as such can mean very different things to different people and at different times. I choose or accept words that feel appropriate to communicate what of course is quite wordless. The nature of life is itself – and then we spell it live – or even backwards.
    Just because off-guardian is political in its intent does not mean that I am writing to a political mind – that seeks to change its world – often without any attention to how its seeing of the world is set by hidden agenda…

    The willingness to question and challenge the official narrative here is something I chime with at the mind level of the reader. I am certain that being the change you want to see or meet will bring with it a changed perspective – a different take. ‘The’ world is presumed to be one material universe – Out There. But one can ONLY experience it in consciousness – and through the model or template of definitions and beliefs that structure our consciousness – and our body-mind.

    Deal with or rather, heal, the inner psychopath before considering engaging with one who embodies that in your world. The nice spiritual people would rather put their denials on the sub-humans and ascend to leave them behind – over and over again. Top of the pyramid elitism. “Many who are first shall be last”… I feel it calls for a different quality of inner listening or focusing. But where you look to for guidance or support is your choice – not mine. But the mind of a segregative and cut off sense of threatened existence does not see any choice within – but only in fight or flight relative to what is believed without.

    • Nom De Plume

      You wrote a very long post….so I will just point out the important things. The word “rehabilitation” means something that is not in it’s normal state and needs to be corrected. These sub-specials ARE in their normal state….so there is nothing to correct. It would be like taking a female Praying Mantis and trying to rehabilitate her to not eat her mate after copulation. It is what this species does and is perfectly normal.
      The only people trying to cull others are the exact sub species and their minions and useful idiots I am referring to. Since I believe in self ownership I would never take the life of another unless it was self defense or defending my family or a helpless victim. And I pray with all my might that that is a decision I will not have to make in this lifetime.
      I am not rejecting anything you write…..I often enjoy reading some of your thoughts and opinions and at times they have made me sit and ponder and let my mind wonder in to different areas that they may no have, had you not contributed in these forums… for that I deeply thank you Binra.xoxoxo

      This, I feel is simply an area where you have not walked in those moccasins……….so this is not your area. We are all students and teachers at the same time as you know?:)
      Love and hate are neighbors….indifference is the opposite of both. When you raise your consciousness and vibration in this hacked matrix….it makes it more and more difficult for the Archontic virus to sustain itself…..they can only exist in lower dimensions. I am working on this from my experience of having these sub species in my life. Which actually they are no longer in my life and one is dead. Feeling complete indifference is one of the most freeing and joyous experience you can imagine….because it is complete acceptance of what was. I have no inner psychopath Binra………again, that mere sentence tells me you have no understanding of this subject. That is like asking me to heal the garden nome that resides in me. It actually makes me giggle!

      • Hello Marie

        I felt you’d pick up on rehabilitate! I simply mean the action and the extension of humanity that can be of service to a willingness for any level of healing and not necessarily with requirement that someone under restraint – medically or criminally (these are often the same social exclusion and control) – should or can re-enter society if that willingness for rehabilitation is not clearly demonstrated.

        The extension of worth is the only way to have it as our conscious awareness – of our corresponding vibrational participation in a Universe of multidimensionality – in which at lower levels of vibration, a blind hate serves the awakening of free willingness – which your own blessing testifies to acceptance of. Thankyou.

        When one accepts the hatred and denial of the other as wholly justified as oneself – it results an ‘en-trance-ment’ (not unlike cutting or burning off the channels of Communication – and that is why I kept the recent typo mist-taken identity – for judgement of good and evil operates upon the power of hate – or an anti-life.

        If you are now without triggers for the demonising a projection of hate onto Other – then your indifference is indeed sublime. And your persistence of being the owner of Your thoughts and Your feelings saves you from attracting manifestations of hate or fear into your life – so as to ‘work through what is yours and what is not’.

        Throughout my life I have learned I am ever a beginner – for I am never as I thought – and nor is anything else. I make no claim for ‘expertise’ or to a defining of truth at all – that is your willingness – as I live mine in such integrity as I can yield into and give form. It isn’t form that is true – but a form can be a vehicle of Communication rather than a placeholder block to relationship.

        And what we call our personal is yet a part of and containing a collective. So though YOU may be enjoying a significant freedom and joy in life – your resonant connectedness with your fellow human, The Earth family and its – shall I say lost or forgotten family – means you will in some degree meet with issues in others whom you are now in a position to serve in synchronicity – just because your presence is available and your ‘communication channel’ is open.

        So enjoy your freedom – I am not out to spook you or anyone into fear – but to awaken vigilance – within. I’m bot ‘talking’ to psychopaths – as you must well know, they are not listening. But we humanly have attractors and resonances with denied negative feelings and denying or negative thought – as part of our ‘experience of physicality’

        If you know you are healed of such attachment and attraction – then why do you still use it to present an identity of expertise that must undermine another to prove itself?

        If that is a subtle spiritual pride – then is that not evidence calling for an ongoing wakefulness rather than presuming to know. Is not presuming to know the condition of ignorance that does not check in or communicate to feel – but asserts itself at whatever expense – because its ‘knowledge’ blinds it?

        I see that hate is a call for love unrecognized – not necessarily in the OTHER – but in myself. Sure it takes forms that are hateful, terror inducing, sickening and all the other emotional reactions that testify it as something OTHER than a lack of love – that is remedied by an embrace and acceptance – not of the OTHER – but within oneself. This healing – and it is healing – automatically communicates itself in tangible or intangible ways that are best unselfconscious and don’t have the bullshit factor of trying to change an OTHER. BUT in the presence of a vibration of love – for a true self-acceptance is love – many who are in its field pick up on and use that quality as part of their own regaining consciousness – for a delusional fragmentation and adaptation in lies is hardly Awake to the recognition of love – and its extension and embodiment in whatever you now feel the movement of being truly You – and I include household chores and any/all the pragmatic stuff of living a human life.

        The way you present ‘sub humans’ is an indication that you are yet to understand the reverse energy exchange that hatred operates via unwary reaction. But judgement gives the illusion of superiority in power of invalidation and denial of others. But you can simply choose what you feel moved to focus in, without using the invalidation of others – or of any part of your Self – from the freedom that is awake, fearless and freely available to a true acceptance of what is – as it is – rather than a concept of how it ‘should’ or ‘must’ be’. That is never a self made achievement – but a joined willingness in place of a withholding in judgement.

        You don’t heal a psychopath – in fact you don’t heal a sick one – you accept the healing of your mind – in relation to whatever seemed to be true – by relaxing from the self-assertion that it is true. Partial truths can be uncovered in the bathwater that is thrown out by judgemental reaction – and these can be redeemed.

        Sub-human behaviour? tell me about it! Everywhere in various interdependent forms.

        Sub humans in our midst? Witch burning ahead! We need to chip these people… and these other people – and in fact everyone. If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about.

        Never mind the collateral damage – you have to break a few eggs to make your new world omelette. Yes the law was supposed to be used for terrorists – but…

        Yes to your blessing – no to the trojan idea. I sense you are unaware of the intensity of identity operating denial but you have met that intensity of ‘will’ and it does not see you or care for you but will use you and abuse you and it is very very quick.

        Many call to wake to evils ‘out there’ in alarm and to oppose, counter, or overcome them – and though there is a natural part of our response and participation in our relations with our world – the lack of awareness of evils within our own thought means that we are already ‘infiltrated, subverted and corrupted’ before we have set forth – and the reflection of that somewhere down the line is simply a result of un-owned baggage that propagates and recycles itself. One HAS to deal with what cannot not be dealt with – but the WAY we do so is fundamental to the outcome.

        You personally may take no joy in hating – but if your diagnostic label sticks a mass hate will be only too willing to pour through it – and establish the ‘basis’ of a new version of the old paradigm. And of course being ‘scientific’ it is free from the stink of political agenda. Like vaccinations, or medicating the catchment of an ever expanding diagnosis of disorders with chemicals that effect the condition they were supposed to solve or at least salve.

        And lastly – of course I am responding to you here – but also to the points raised between us – to a wider attention – and so you don’t have to take every point as a personal criticism.

        And I use the term blessing for what you shared of your journey of freedom from entanglement with cold, denying and abusive people – because that was my appreciation of reading you. And is still.

  • Eudoxia

    Marie – where your blood family type O rh negative blood? I am extremely curious about this.

    • Nom De Plume

      All I know is that I am O positive. What i do remember is that they all had different blood types, I was the only one who was left handed and the only one who was “sensitive” to energies. This question makes me curious. Why do you ask? If you have more information to teach me I would love to know. All I know is THAT WE ARE NOT ALL ONE.

  • wayne

    When it comes to self growth “Seeing Other People As The Problem Is The Problem”.
    This is probably more than an ego or flight or fight mental and emotional habit. The perception of distance like here and over there reinforces separateness and singularity. The more our actions differ, the more distance we see between us and them. If we are of one mind, the more we say they are like us and cooperation trumps and suspends competitiveness. To blame is to see a large distance from where they are, as to where I perceive myself to be (or desire to be).
    According to biblical scripture we are discouraged from judging others. This however is impossible using the fight or flight mechanism of survival.
    To protect your child, and thereby encourage the best possible outcomes for happiness, you make a judgement that a pedophile would make a poor choice as a babysitter for your child. Without any condemnation your judgement is both protective and wise. But judgement moves from the temporary and flexible (your feelings may change someday), to the rigid and permanent (condemnation or hatred) if your child has been hurt in such a manner. So judgement may be justified to avoid hurt, repair, inconvenience and blame as guilt or hate (regret).
    Years ago I read about an exercise to suspend hate and limit judgement. It simply involved saying to yourself “I AM THAT” whenever you looked upon another person and garnered a quick superficial judgement about what you saw or felt about them. It is an exercise in eliminating distance and singularity.
    The thief, the killer, the rapist, the liar, the cheater, the prostitute, the drug addict, the poor father, the broke, the disheartened and the destitute, all things THAT I AM, not just capable of under the >same< circumstances, but AM, as there is only oneness and therefor no difference or distance, as both space and time change everything!

    "No tree has branches so foolish as to fight amongst themselves"

    If one believes that to EVERY action there is an equal but opposite reaction, then those with the greatest deplorable, disgusting, habits and challenges in life, may also be the worlds greatest assets.
    Those therefor that hate may also be those most capable of expressing love in proportion?

    • Terms of usage can already encapsulate judgement – so as to ‘interpret’ all events, relations or communications to support a framework of judgement – which is a self-assertion of a narrative reality upon self-other and world.
      I see that everyone always chooses what – in that moment – is the better or not the worse choice for them relative to the definitions they are judging or working from. Most of which are ‘already hidden’ as subconscious habit and unconscious or denied self.

      I would say that you cannot judge but in the wish-belief to be the judge you can only judge the self you made – and ascribe it to self-inadequacies or guilts, to others and to the world and life or God. This IS to make a world in our own image unlike true Creation.

      Self growth can mean anything – but in the sense of growing in capacity for honest relational recognition, balance and communication within our whole lives – (from out of a partial sense given to exclusivity) – yes it is the relinquishment or passing through of judgement that removes the block to the recognition of love (and I don’t talk here of the substitute for love that passes as currency of manipulating intent).

      The psychopathic blindness presumes the right to unfettered pursuit of happiness – in the terms set by the self he or she believe themselves to be – but is unwilling to engage introspection excepting to make a better weapon or mask of deceit by which to get.

      Intellectual discussions about the need for judgement tend to be in the realm of validating, and rejecting – through the use of judgement – in terms of already accepted judgements.

      Insofar as judging thought arises – one can be oblivious and let it run as if it is your mind, or one can notice it, watch it and see and feel what it is, where it is coming from, the purpose or intent it embodies and importantly… feel it – rather than let it tell you how to feel and therefore how to react.

      Discernment is a gift of – or freely arising recognition – you may cover this with self-justifying judgement to ‘maintain a sense of power and control’ but the movement of being is not self-controlled from some presumption of ‘outside self’. There is no such thing excepting virtually As If. So indeed the virtual self is at war within itself – and while we want it to be true we use it to block our native or natural awareness of our true being – by our own will and word. And so we have our reward and feel or experience the receipt of the thought of intent we give – according to the ideas and definitions we accept true of us.

      Mind is inherently reflective – that is – whatever is held and accepted or given focus of desire, in awareness, goes forth to multiply as form, embodiment and be experienced, felt and known. “And He saw it was very Good!” is a sense of Self-recognition of perfectly aligned or unconflicted Creation.
      The ‘Prodigal Wasteland’ is a reflection of no less perfectly reflected experience – of a segregative, conflicting and separating SENSE of self-specialness. AS IF – to take an inheritance from a Living Father so as to serve a separated virtual sense of self – experienced in place of Reality.

      “I Am” can only be truly spoken and felt by true being – of a true Source. Listen within. For the term “I” can refer to awareness of Reality – in no way separate from all it beholds – or to the self-concept “I” through which all things are judged fitting and supportive – and so ‘good’ or unfitting and weakening or threatening – and so ‘evil’. Lording it over Life is an oxymoron or self contradiction, but glorying in self-image is an image of self as primary, to which all else must conform or align in – or be denied and punished as if to ‘correct’ the form – as if the form is the true meaning or had built in and fixed meaning.

      A world of ‘correctness’ is a coercive deceit in which hollow forms are joylessly sacrificing to such tyranny.

      The Tree of a true knowing is not rejecting of itself – in order to possess for itself – and thus become possessed or blocked by mind of judgement.

      If one observes and thus recognizes and accepts that to EVERY action there is an equal but opposite reaction, then it is one’s own receiving and giving that must be brought into a light of honest account – for it is what you accept as the meanings arising from the definitions of any situation – that is your life – and the basis from which you live and therefore give or demonstrate.

      If coming from a fearful or hateful self-belief or intent – no matter how well hidden or disguised – then only fruit in like kind can result. That you have capacity to accept hatred is the capacity to refuse it – but you will not refuse that which seems power or protector to your self – and so a willingness to enquire and feel into what is moving – while it is moving – instead of being triggered into reaction automatically. To use the ability of control to operate on the action resulting from conflicted feeling and thought – so as to allow awareness to ‘rise’ as a calmer mind allows – in which to discern or know and feel who you are in the “I Am” by yielding the self-concept and all its conflict to a FRESH take in place of a mis-take. Wholeness of being is ‘already’ moving – but a fragmented mind engages and diverts attention within its OWN version of ‘self’, relationship and reality. To notice anew is to feel ‘connected’ again in the living – restored to a felt quality of wholeness in which a sense and support for how to be in the situation at hand is implicit. Until the habit of “going it alone” or managing within a sense of isolation or un-supportedness – triggers the defence mechanism as if a natural focus.

      A lack of love is not in itself an existence or true being – but it can be given a sense of autonomy through fear, guilt and denial.
      A lack of love can therefore mask itself as anything and everything – and seem to run the world. The investment in hating evil – as each judges it to be for them – is the core identification by which to assert a limiting or denying sense of segregative self – apart from and OTHER to the hated, feared or shameful sense of reality – of self. This is the ‘power to separate’ – or the nature of separation trauma. But it is a deceit – because what is denied or pushed away remains with us – but manifests in ways we wont recognize because – in a sense – we swore never to un-hide the act by which to seem to live a life WE our self judge or control so as to limit a sense of total loss of self. Is such ‘thinking’ not our first born son? Is the willingness to release it in desire for truth the way of receiving gift of all that is true in what we made?

      “The holiest
      of all the spots on earth is where an ancient hatred has become a
      present love”.

      • wayne

        I don’t know who you are, or where you came from, but you definitely brought a world of wisdom with you when you came.
        You seem to be the perfect balance of knowledge and wisdom which is from my experience, very, very rare.
        I really enjoy reading all your comments and find myself printing them, reading and rereading them over and over to grasp their intended meanings, depth and implications both collectively and especially personally.
        Navigating ones own mind with all the distractions, illusions, desires, interactions, and convincing feelings is the labor of life it seems.
        “The greatest journey one will ever embark is the distance from head to heart”.

        Thanks for sharing your comments and wisdom.

        • But you do, for you meet in a like willingness. You may not have ‘handles’ about me – but you can also feel between the lines. You are welcome and yet watch out not to set me up – for you ascribe to my person what does not belong there. If you think “I” have what you ascribe me – then you don’t fully recognize the well is where the water is drawn from – not the bucket.

          Definitions are a key to opening perspective – for as you define your mind so will you experience it. If attracting experience that aligns with who you truly feel and know yourself to be is meaningful to you – then embrace your life rather than make a labor of it. Find the ‘journey’ as the willingness of living the moment and the day you are being. Is it a homecoming? Is it rising ever new? Is it exciting and challenging and yet fulfilling desire you didn’t know you had until it was answered?
          Oh… is it a struggle with your self (which one!) and set up as a drama that wears you out and wears you out…

          Navigating qualities and energies that are manifest in ever changing relations is like sensing the currents within the movement of being and feeling the way to move within them. In a sense this is mind-less – excepting that mind holds a fluid focus through which communication extends and reflects the heart. When head gets ahead of itself, heart feels ignored or denied and mind spins in heartless and headstrong struggle while a heart calls in vain to that which only denies it and so becomes armoured against receiving rejection.

          It is all about restoring trust to where communication has broke down – within ourselves – yet within the context of genuine relationship – with others and with our world. Not living up to an idea but a genuine presence – as is. This is nothing special – but in a world of specialness sought, it may be the natural result of an unselfconscious freedom to be this – whatever is unfolding.

  • Michael Duberson

    Bureaucrats, when tested by MRI, always fail the psychopathy test because the MRI demonstrates a reduction in grey matter in the anterior rostral prefrontal cortex and temporal poles, meaning they have psychopathic personalities. They cling tightly to the power of the rubber stamp.

    All bureaucrats, government officials, politicians and paper pushers are disqualified from those positions by objective medical testing.

  • L Garou

    Here’$ my gue$$ why..

  • Jo Syphus

    Those aren’t psychopaths, just regular jews

    • Sam Nelson

      What, two hundred million (conservative estimate) WW2. One tribe, people refuse to look behind the curtain that is the Holohoax. Until we are all dead there will be no peace. Trying to get us into another horrific war right now. Christians, are mind mesmerized by their tactics. You obviously know the story so I am not alone in my feeling of helplessness. Stupidity, has increased a thousand fold since the sixties, that was the idea then and now. Like a virus, that just keeps on killing.

    • Power elitists ‘play’ their respective compliant populations. They operate ‘narrative identity’.
      Unless one recognizes the operative ‘identity’ – one is run by it – and it runs to keep darkness defended against light.
      If anti-semitism isn’t constantly refuelled – the Jewish identity would fade to national integration. That is not to be allowed – and so the deep fear that everyone ELSE will turn upon you and kill you is kept never too far away. Such fears operate beneath rational thinking – as every advertiser and propagandist knows.
      I recommend you beware of hatred – and its capacity to likewise trigger reaction from unconscious fear. Perhaps recognizing the lie of a false identity uncovers a self-hatred that few are willing to pass through – whatever their cultural background.
      But instead of projecting it away onto OTHER – we can recognize a lack of love in our mind that calls for healing and not for stamping out or scapegoating onto the OTHER. So whether you are paid to inflame hate or part of a zombie army – Jewish identity politics is different from any kind of Jewish – Semitic or otherwise – inheritance.
      And humanity suffers from false identification that power-seekers (on all levels) exploit and nurture – so it’s up to you to check in with more honesty than your conditioning will allow you to open to. Hate is blind and I could say, psychopathic.

  • amuncat

    Have you ever seen Hillary work a crowd? No eye contact,it’s as though she were an actor. Also, you will note that when she is speaking, she never looks at the audience and often looks way above their heads looking from side to side…

    Go to youtube and look up Hillary catheter! This woman is perfect health now wears one, you can see the imprint of the tubing down her thigh and the square bag above her knee. It’s apparent in several of the pant suits that she wears, we just weren’t paying attention! Who knew?

  • charkee

    I was married to a high IQ psychopath. She could feign love, empathy and anything else she wanted to. She was very manipulative, sneaky and fooled everybody except her own family that she was a true saint. But behind closed doors she scape goated me and the kids to ruins. Never was there a moment of peace. I consider her a demon incarnate, a master of deception and evil to the core.

    • S_Dawn

      I’m sorry for your pain. Figuring out that mess can make a sane person feel crazy. I was raised by “one” (I call it Sociopath – stepdad) and then married one. I was internally motivated to confront the concept again as an adult, the process seems to dictate. Out of the two experiences, I would definitely say that higher IQ, combined with the lack of empathy, is the more dangerous. As a gamer, I look at it like distribution of “skill points.” Higher IQ = more points to dedicate toward one’s cause. Heaven help us if that cause is nefarious.

      (Also, I hope your kiddos are recovering.)


      Sounds like the new Amerikan woman. I miss the 50’s, all a woman wanted was a washing machine, a string of pearls, and a fur coat.

      • DonDong

        They were around then, too. But I miss the 50’s, too. And the ’60s. Most of the cars were huge, and SO friggen comfortable to ride in. Now, I feel like an uncomfortable giant in cars (I’m 5’9″). The food is gmo-tasteless, everything is mo’ expensive (comparitively), the music is beyond suck, the pols are SO psychopathic… (how psychopathic are they?) they don’t even try to hide it. Etc., etc. The only plus is… Da-Da-Da-Daaaaaa…. the Internet!!!

  • Art

    FMRI scan all psychopaths who hold public office and hold them to account for their criminal activities through non corrupt Courts. Nothing positive emanates from these subspecies predators. They are mass murdering, money stealing war criminal parasites who must be removed. Say No to everything they propose. The solution is simple.

    • S_Dawn

      I’m not so sure of the reliability of this method. I recently watched a documentary about a man who has dedicated his life to finding killers and bringing them to justice. In mid-life, this man discovered that his own family history included several serial killers. He had the brain-scan done, and it revealed that his own brain shares the patterns associated with pscyhopathy.

      It appears to me that there is more to it than observable biology. I am increasingly believing in the adage, “it takes one to know one.” It is possible that some of us can “know it” without acting on it, and can thereby be on the front-lines of combating it.

      • Eudoxia

        You’re talking about John Fallon he’s a neuroscientist. I’ve read much of his work. He used PET scans and blood tests to determine if his family had the right make up to be psychopaths and observed the orbital cortex along with blood tests to determine if the MAO-A gene (monoamine oxidase A) was present. This gene regulates serotonin in the brain – the calming affect and psychopaths have a certain version of this gene which is referred to as the warrior gene and their brains don’t respond to the sedative like affects of serotonin.

        I think Fallon is living proof that psychopathy requires another component and that is childhood abuse and violence to become a fully fledged psychopath. Fallon was brought up by non psychopaths in a loving environment therefore his childhood imprinting was morally sound and he was taught a sense of right and wrong and was taught how to be responsible for his own actions.

        I can’t agree on your adage of it takes one to know one, given that when you meet one they are initially charming and display all the qualities that win you over. It’s only as time goes by do you discover there is something not quite right with these people. When you get a job you also don’t know if your boss is a psychopath. But knowing how to recognise them is a huge benefit. The only thing to do is when you have the misfortune to become involved with one in any capacity is to remove yourself from the situation promptly.

        • Nom De Plume

          You are 100% correct. They also don’t like to be “outed”….so outing them is CRUCIAL… works wonders!

        • S_Dawn

          i suppose my own “warrior brain” tendency causes me to, rather than leave the “situation promptly,” stay around and see what i can do within the situation. i have learned, over time, when efforts have become futile…to leave 😉


      Where are you going to find a court that isn’t corrupt? Today you are not even entitled to your day in court, you get a corporate tribunal !

  • palcau ioan

    great site! love it!

  • Mimi Routh

    Wow, good stuff here! Stuart Wilde has dealt with this. I’ve encountered “power trips” at every level including Water Guy in a soup kitchen, dental office managers, and manager in senior HUD housing. Everyone wants respect. Getting old is as hard as coming of age! Thank you, binra!

    • Nom De Plume

      Power trips and psychopaths are two TOTALLY DIFFERENT ANIMALS!

  • bsroon

    i think in different terms for what are generally the self annointed “elites”. These wealthiest 5% own CONTROLLING shares of all major corporations – and by this means control what and how a company does business. The majority shareholders are the ones on the board of directors. They tend to be upper management – CEOs, CFOs, and more.

    When they decide to harm others to squeeze another nickel into their pockets – unnecessarily (they can well afford to feed their cat, lol) this is a conscious decision. Well, we have a couple hundred years now of the planet being run by the richest people on the planet in an industrial/technical context – did you bother to look at the result?

    EVERY system on this planet which makes life possible is dying. It is dying at an accelerated rate, with a logarithmic increase in damages accruing to all systems. This is literally threatening life on earth as we know it. GMOrons literally came within about 3 weeks of killing off virtually all plants – which means all animals too. Look up Klebsiella Plantigo or better yet, read Druker’s “ALTERED GENES, TWISTED TRUTH”.

    So – these leaders induce their businesses to literally kill the very planet which they must live on – unless they have another one tucked away to retreat to? This is called, bluntly, suicide and the termination of your progeny. In many people’s minds such actions are indicative of idiocy. The total lack of wisdom to not see the consequences of their action is frightening and disturbing, at the least. The moral retardation to decide that you want more unnecessary income, more money – regardless of the amount of damage caused to all others is a chilling example of self-absorbed, INFANTILE greed.

    i think the INFANTILE word best sums up those super-wealthy people – the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, the “elites” whom the German leader just said are not the problem makers yet have managed to cause EVERY planetarily significant problem!

    Think on this – unless you have a nuke power plant in your closet – ALL the radioactive poisons are industrial and then sold to govt – but industrial in basis. Unless you are bootlegging roundup or other toxic ag poisons – it is corporations which put that 2 millions of poisons on the US this year. It is corporate pollution that destroys the water, the air, the soil, poisons the food and makes it very non-nutritious.

    When you look at poverty – it is the wealthiest 8 families controlling 93% of the planet’s wealth that cause that. That poverty causes increased hunger and starvation which contribute to illness and disease – and includes many deaths. The wars are fought for economic gain so that some fat, rich people can get richer and fatter – at least metaphorically.

    So the wealthy people and those running corporations are the cause – directly and indirectly – of every significant problem on this planet which can be rectified by human action and human restraint.

    Kill the corporations.

    • You assume it is not by design?
      Once corporations have undermined nations I suspect they will be downsized so as not to hold any influence that could become a rival or threat to ‘power’.
      But as you are aware the power to destroy or deny life is not power of Life – but a deceit that uses Life against itself.
      What does it take to wake to the true nature of a choice – and thus be CONSCIOUS in your choice of what you accept as you?

      The human ‘condition’ includes the power struggle that works against the whole to divide and break open and exploit, but its root is in our consciousness. If what is going on is not a call to bring a deeper honesty to the working of our mind – then nothing will. Blame is simply the sacrifice to the false god that sucks power from your own denial… and hate does its bidding…

      I feel to note that much of what we have took and still take as reality is in some sense a staged and distorted lie – for whatever reason we have become involved in.
      If a false narrative can control the world – then look at the narrative mind and check it out. Do we run on false stories? You bet. But is that our true being – nope.

      • bsroon

        Why would you assume i don’t believe it isn’t designed? Obviously some of it MUST be intentional. On the other hand i suspect that most of these people aren’t the brightest – maybe cunning, ruthless, infantile and obsessed with moremoremoremoremore – for them at everyone else’s expense. Those fools have the same ultimate effect and damage, but don’t necessarily do it FOR the damage, but their personal greed and mindset.
        As for the rest – yes SELF vs ego. Consciousness vs thinking one is their mental construct and fictitious legal entity as programmed. It’s not as much complicated as disturbing. Those intending the damage, control, theft of power etc – are scary and evil. Those unaware are appalling in their stupidity and lack of caring, unawareness (i hope) of the results of their psychopathy

        • I mean that what seems a failure of intelligence may be a successful execution of an entirely different agenda – which only uses fear and greed in others to get them to work it. So destruction may in fact be the purpose and the fact that there is a short term opportunism for various gratifications – including lust for wealth or power is woven into the self justifications that the mind is used to provide – while it is operating a personal sense of evading and protecting against ‘disturbing, scary or evil’ outcomes for itself. Training and keeping people stupid is helped by the fact that many back away from what they feel unable to cope with or out of depth with – intuitively and instinctively. In this they are not entirely stupid – because if their mind buckles they are in a worse position than armoured in ‘stupidity’.

          In some way everything is serving the purpose that brought it into being. But then often runs like a background program when it apparently no longer serves – for the conditioning that brought the belief and strategy has become invisible, background, ‘unconscious’. Hindsight allows judgements that are not real – because when such programming is triggered, we simply are not in our right mind and can not see what is going on. However, we can resolve that we want to see, and notice more of our mind and emotion and so have more choice where before we had already reacted before – sometime later – we come back to more sense of our self present and wonder what got into me etc.

          I have reservations on using psychopath as a diagnosis – but blind hate is part of self-righteousness which is also associated with the self-certainty of psychotics. I feel that terror plays more role in our consciousness that we like to believe and that we give power away to NOT have to feel or be exposed in it – as the lesser evil…
          But global events are now such that the whole mess is ‘rising from the Deep’ and the capacity to retain a private protected psyche is disappearing fast. Many of society’s ‘guardians’ have become corrupted guards of exploitative confinement – rather than some sense of guiding and supporting the balance of the whole. For when people actively refuse their responsibilities and demand others meet their psycho-emotional needs – they invite and attract external forces to take over their lives. Some of this is a backlog of human inheritance but there is a significant element of mis-education also. Dumbing down was planned a long while back. Those who control the narrative of idea – effectively get everyone else to fill in the directions as set. Social engineering, mind-control, mesmerism, scam, – but one has to be willing on some level – no matter how tricky the device used to get us to choose to be used.
          Education has to get past continual fixation of horror and fascination with the ‘dynamics of conflict’ – or of course we poison our mind with hatred and fear.
          Jesus said “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do” – without any focus on what they had done. I can also feel one could say this to one’s own loveless thought – as the way to release the entanglement of conflict.
          I have an image of the ‘psychopathic’ urge as a pre-consciousness movement that is simply not available to or part of what we call consciousness and yet uses consciousness against itself – against the urge for opening and experiencing relationship – and without any opening to feeling – as an attempt to deny or regress to a sense of self that is perfectly free of relational feelings and all the mess and encumbrance and unworthiness of such ‘disturbance’.
          I don’t write to close down in definitions but to consider and expand perspective to such willingness as anyone is moved to listen in and feel for themselves. I say ‘feel’ because a coldhearted rationality is no way to discern the true of anything – but rather a way to invalidate and dominate while denying the feeling being any expression. One does not have to be at the extremity of the spectrum to recognize un-relational and manipulative thinking and behaviour – and of course an emotionalism can seek to attract in and trap rather than in fact relate. I’d say it is very complicated – but everyone can feel bullshit in another’s approach if they are honestly looking or listening – they don’t have to ‘understand’ to know something is out of true. We educate that sense out of ourselves with all kinds of rational ‘shoulds’. Guilted out of our nature and fearful to ‘come out’

  • Manna Made

    “Our greatest opponent hides in the place you would very least likely look to find him”
    Julius Caesar

    “There is a voice in your head and you think it’s you, but it’s not.”
    The Movie: REVOLVER

    All your waking hours you are having a conversation using a technology called language, how would you think without it, further who are you talking to? How do you differentiate between the two voices?

    The Divine Self would never hurt itself or do things that are detrimental to self, especially over something someone else has done, but that other voice would and it’s that other voice that is in everyone.

    Remember, we have free will, this is not about the freedom to choose your toothpaste, it’s about the freedom to choose your emotional response to any given circumstance, never choose the response that is detrimental to self, i.e. anger, wrath etc.

    You can learn the character of this other voice, your opponent and recognize it in yourself and in others, it’s the same character. It’s the EGO and it is the dualistic nature of man’s conscientiousness.

    In order for a motor to create motion you must have electrical polarity (+/-) and in order to have E-motion you must have duality of conscientiousness, they are inseparable. Like the PH balance of the body, you want to be slightly to the alkaline side (7.4 out of 14). So to with conscientiousness, like the Buddha has stated, it’s the middle road you want to be on.

    • S_Dawn

      I like how you brought many types of sources into your analysis (history, art, spirituality, science.) Are you referring to ego with the “E-motion” concept (Ego-Motion?) Are you indicating that the ego is our “opponent,” or are you indicating that it is a necessary mediator (between the higher and lower self?) Is this concept your own, or are you referencing someone? I’m definitely intrigued. I believe you are describing a concept that I have been working on internally, myself, but haven’t yet packaged into a teachable/relayable concept.

  • Huck-Finn

    I think “They” have evolved into Sadism..They actually enjoy watching others suffer as entertainment, hopefully Karma is real.

    • S_Dawn

      Yes, I have also observed the sadistic attribute. I used to conceive of it solely as their being “amused” by the way that they can make others squirm in a way that they, themselves, cannot be made to squirm…kind of like how an alien from another planet would probe and experiment on a human captive in a movie. My supervisor recently introduced a new description for the motive of sadistic action for me. She said that it is the “internal pain” that these types feel, due to not being able to be “normal,” which drives them to make others suffer. According to this idea, they seek to alleviate their discomfort much in the way a misguided angry, or depressed, person will take out aggression on others. I’m still pondering this second possibility of motive.

      • the rage mind rehearses what it should have done – wishes it had done or shall do – and this rehearsal of the past imposes onto a present relationship in which the past is triggered – and the rage expresses or is suppressed – and yet active or passive, it communicates this internal pain – but rage is often the last form of communication that another will discern through and so they meet denial that reinforces the original pain – lather rinse and repeat…
        While the denied rage is active – the normal sense is replace – and its perceptions with it. The past is re-enacted. Powerlessness seeks validation in power and needs the previous power to be humiliated or put in its place!

        When we feel denied our natural being we have pain of separation and loss. The fact that we ‘normalise’ this via societal conditioning does not mean the pain has in fact gone away – and of course we are triggered every day in many ways – while mostly our anger is suppressed – some dumped on others – much dumped into emotional charge in the body.

        Ascribing motives to others is always risky – because we can only see or know through our own. We are always involved in what we perceive. An innocent will not see hate – though it may feel a call for love and give itself – as children do – and even ‘take on guilt’ for the parents lack of love. I hold that whatever we do it is always choosing the more pleasurable over the more painful – in the terms of self definition operating at that moment. So regardless what motive we think we see operating – it is a result of a mind that its safety or protection or power of fulfilment are served thereby.
        A living cell moves away from a toxin and toward a nutrient on a petri dish – but we don’t relate directly – but via mental and emotional conditionings that can and do reverse our perceptions so that we choose against our good and are attracted to toxicity, conflict, and death by degrees. Thus the call is to drop the mind and relate directly – as a fresh take – or be condemned to repeat the past over the presence into the future, indefinitely.

    • Insofar as I have it – what you desire or give to others is what you establish in yourself. If you want the perp to suffer – is it so that they can wake up to what they have done – the suffering it has brought and the denial of the lives of others that were over-ridden? Is it so they can recognize Life and truly repent or relinquish the hate-arrogance of a delusional self and truly rejoin and serve humanity in heart and mind renewed?
      Or is it that you so hate this in yourself that you would send it to hell forever and turn your back to its cries?
      These are rhetorical questions.
      The revenge pattern is very deep in human personality traits and may well be the undercurrent and icy rage driving the psychopath.

      Lots of people watch tv and enjoy watching people suffer. I know it is vastly different in form and yet it feeds the same energy of gloating over the misfortunes of others. And many use sympathy as a destructive objectification of a separating condescension – oh you poor thing!

      I feel that what you give out is what you get back – as the very nature of Mind. But the attempt to get specialness at expense of another takes what is not mine and gives a sense of lack or inferiority to others by ‘seeing what is wrong with them’. I may not realise I~ am degrading and belittling myself while gloating in private judgemental ‘victory’ over the masses of ‘them’ – because of course I am right and they are – well – just look at Them!

      I feel to beware of being conditioned to cynicism and despair as a result on fixating in horror – and there is a horror in the war within and among us.
      Hate begets hate – and in fighting it – we become it – is that not ultimately a self-chosen outcome rather than THEIR fault?

      Getting off on a sense of power is being hollowed out. In the realms of demonic possession… I would say devolved – not evolved. A false regressive urge wants to kill the life that does not meet its sense of perfection – which it believes it had before life or emotionality or phyicality or violated its ‘perfection’. Denial ‘spirits’ feed off of fears and guilts and rages that are hidden or ‘denied’ from healing and acceptance. It’s a mess!
      Insofar as we identify in denial of our fears – we have a mind that hides in darkness while also hiding from fear. Here you have the predator and prey – both – but fragmented in different personae or different facets of our personality.

      So if it was up to you – you might enjoy making “Them” suffer (predator) to balance out the experience of being denied and oppressed by “Them” (prey). It is common that the abused become abusers.

      I feel that if one accepts healing by yielding the false sense of self – then the renewed sense of self is free to put it behind them – excepting if there is desire to further explore the experience from other perspectives. Soul is not used much in these days of ‘rational enlightenment’ but it is a term for a more inclusive and timeless facet of our being – and transfering personality stuff to that level does not actually work or help.

      If “They” are baiting you to hate – and that is a part in your own evolution or path in this life – to notice it, pass it by and put it behind you – then they are offering you a service – whether they could imagine that or not.

      Death wishes work in all kinds of thinking and I feel that all kinds of death-thinking feeds the energy of such embodiment in our world-experience. However that I cannot prove to you – but you can prove to yourself that different focus of thoughts and feelings have a very different result in your relationship and perception and experience of life. But I don’t mean forced or false – but actually noticing what thinking goes on and the experiential result or experience it associates with. If you SAW that hating ‘Them’ dispirited and disempowered you – which in a sense gives it to ‘Them’ then you might well spontaneously shift your focus to something inspirational, centreing or grounding. You haven’t got to make Their choices – but you may have to watch they don’t suck you into joining Them by living what is truly yours.

  • “Psychopathic” is being used as a blame-hate invalidation. As a new word for evil.
    Insofar as it pertains to psycho-emotional sickness, it operates as a diagnosis for a condition of blind hate – that does not even feel itself to be hating – for it operates a particular facet of human conditioning, where cold rage operates as self-certainty that blame-hates a life and a world in which it is denied primacy of position or unfettered power to conform or create in its own image.
    Psycho is mind and pathy is sickness. Mind-sickness takes many different forms – and all forms reinforce the mind as split off from being and at war with itself. Psychotic displacement may be more consistent and persistent in its error and therefore more reliable in its results – but a reversed or inverted consciousness is hardly valid or true in its sense of reality.

    Our definitions operate creatively or indeed mis-creatively. As we define our self, our mind, our world and each other – so do we let ourselves into, or free ourselves to be, true being or mind-set into a dissociative private and conflicted experience of struggle.

    If in accepting a false or loveless premise of self and living as if it were true, we re-define Everything through a distorted and fragmented filter – that then reinforces our judgement.
    In terms of the experience of loss of power, violation of self, and entrapment in emotional deceits of entrapment and weakness – the call was for a forceful power by which to invalidate and deny that which seemed to deny us – in the sense of eradicating all opposition to our will – which represented our core sense and assertion of right to be, OVER AND AGAINST ‘otherness’.

    This rage operates a sense of self-survival and can be triggered readily in most of us – as a temporary blindness in which core separation trauma are re-enacted. However, when the triggering situation is no longer operating or is recognized not to be present – the hate will often be followed by guilt or self-hatred – which may be masked by attempts to justify and mitigate the pain and the act.

    Fearing emotional and mental conflicted chaos calls upon a mind unlike or outside ourself to stamp it out or enforce order. And this FORM of order operates what seems to be the salvation from total sacrifice – yet is a god-concept demanding sacrifice of Wholeness so that a part can ‘survive’ over and against ‘others’ and including the ‘world’ that is itself now seen as fragmented and separate things to exploit and use – as ‘other’ or not Me – and therefore to use or use up in service to a sense of ‘me’ that gets its ‘power’ from sacrificing itself to the mind or concept of self over and against other.

    How far up the pyramid one elects to ‘ascend’ is a matter of freeing oneself of moral or social constraint – for power is its own honesty – excepting its foundation is false and therefore all that it fruits is false. The seeming power that arises from determining NOT to allow introspection EXCEPT for strategy of power of deceit over life – holds the negative polarity for the experience of Earth in separated sense of segregation from Life. It is a death wish masking as a survival urge – as if prior to the act of OTHER – all was perfect and should be restored. But the RELATIONSHIP that Is the Movement of Creation is the giving and receiving BOTH as one – and if we believe we receive unfairly and unlike our giving – we are deceived or false to our own self-honesty – and this is the split of mind into ‘levels’ with conscious and unconscious aspects associating with various patterns of complex defence as self-assertion.

    What am I saying here but that the true resolution to our being is not in seeking to get power back from those we in fact ongoingly give it to by our own definitions – but to look within as a profound self-honesty in willingness for true foundation from which to re-cognize the power of Life – of a wholeness of being. Of course one can FAKE any FORM of ‘authenticity’ and get a private pleasure from false association – if that is what you honestly want. But is that true?

    • Bruce Hayden

      Perhaps you are a twisted genius that just needs a bit of a good writing school. Otherwise that regurgitation above needs to find a doctor.

      • Jo Syphus

        yeshiva jude detected

        • jazzfeed

          You model bigotry well, as an aspect of psychopathy.

          • SD888

            Blah Blah Blah. Have you read the Talmud? I think that’s a pretty BIGOTED book which has informed the behavior and philosophy of millions…to the detriment of humanity.

          • jazzfeed

            I believe my statement was succinct and is independent of whether I read the Talmud, not at all “Blah Blah Blah.”

            Yours and Jo Syphus’ statements paint you as bigots. Why not just own up to it? Acknowledging it gives you an opening to evolve and develop away from bigotry. This is a larger issue than what’s in a particular religious book among millions of other religious books.

            No, I have not read the Talmud. Therefore I could not be interested in what you think of it.

            The point is Yours and Jo Syphus’ statements represent bigotry, which is always irrational. I’m certain most persons with Jewish ancestry reading them are offended, whether or not they’ve read the centuries-old Talmud.

            Q1: What percent of Muslims who have read all the Islamic tomes do you think go around labeling people “infidels” and then summarily beheading them?

            Q2: What holy book(s) inform YOUR behavior, which I infer is ethically impeccable, and your philosophy, which I infer is 100% humanitarian? I’d really like to know, and why those particular books?
            I am a-religious but found this easily:
            “Our philosophy asserts that every human being is created in the image of the Lord and the primacy of integrity and honesty in all dealings without exception. I strongly repudiate any assertions in the name of Judaism that do not represent and reflect this philosophy.” – Rabbi Malkiel Kotler, dean of the world-renowned Lakewood Yeshiva, Dec. 16, 2003

            “What we will demonstrate is that the consideration for the Jewish community NEVER relegates those outside of this community to an inhuman status. Gentiles are ALWAYS respected and their rights are secured.
            The anti-talmudic lies are exactly that—lies. The wisdom of the Talmud has sustained Judaism for thousands of years and perhaps its very success is what has engendered so much jealous hatred.”

      • Perhaps Bruce loves to hate – but the freedom to accept hate is the same freedom that can step right out of it. As willingness allows.

        I find no real communication in what Bruce offers except an example of blame-hate. Clearly this serves him at some level or he would not allow it to operate in his name.

        If Bruce is reading this – I ask IS that Bruce being receptive – or simply a conditioned reaction from past grievance?

    • Nom De Plume

      With all do respect Binra…..this is ONE area you do not know of. Not all is ONE and we are dealing with VERY different species that look like us on the planet. We are dealing with a pernicious virus that the Gnostics spoke of…..we are also dealing with much much more………..but you are not in the “field” to even comprehend of what I speak of.

  • xyz

    Because we allow them to, very simple

  • gibbon

    hindu astrologers wrote 2000 years ago that in these times ethics and morality would be turned upside down. that those in power would be the least suited to govern ethically.

    • S_Dawn

      Ancient writings in the Christian Bible state the same concept. I sometimes ponder how it is that so many philosophers and religious writers in the past all foresaw the same concept. Did they tap into eternal consciousness to make their predictions? Or could it be that they were simply observing the world around them, and their own histories up to that point, and were remarking on the never-ending, always existing, cycle of human error?

  • wayne

    Psychopaths are different, usually through no fault of their own as genetics have gone array in developmental stages or from injury. Most people are at least somewhat empathetic but these others are simply void of empathy to the degree they often seem extremely cold and callous.
    That said, for those that understand not every seemingly human image is here to grow from life’s infinite experiences like many are, some others are dark entities or angels serving a different master with souls who’s light of Christ has been extinguished and are now incapable of compassion, caring, and loving. Many serial killers often exhibit hollow, cold, black looking eyes and sometimes froth at the mouth like a rabid animal, possessed by a demon entity, because they are. Exorcisms are not for the faint of heart, but rather for those seemingly with no heart.
    Of all the human vices available, pride from power is the one thing most destructive. Few men can handle extreme wealth as it usually morphs into an unbridled lust for an infinite pursuit of exalting one’s self above all others, even whatever or whoever they may believe God to be. The billionaires and trillionaires of this world are living proof of this. All that ease, comfort, security and privilege is simply not enough after a while.
    This gives rise to the possibility that psychopaths may even be self created as “power has gone to their head”, a very different power.

    Interesting article! Thanks.

    • xyz

      Oh yea, religion, the cancer of humanity!

      • wayne

        As a Christian (someone who tries to follow the example of Christ) I surprisingly but firmly agree with you. Living in a world of duality there is real science and junk science, as everything real, can be faked or counterfeited. “Religion” is simply YOUR belief in something beyond and higher than yourself. Therefor there is both accurate and counterfeit versions of religious belief. A person may believe there is not anyone or anything smarter, wiser and of higher understanding than themselves or they might not believe that.
        Just like cancer eats away and destroys and consumes the body, so it seems religious cancer does to the mind and spirit.
        There is certainly accurate religious belief but also the more common, counterfeit version to which you refer.

        Accurate comment. Thanks.

  • S_Dawn

    Great article! Study into this is a personal project of mine. I studied under the DSM IV, where the term “sociopath” was still discussed. I’ve made a simple distinction between “sociopath” and “psychopath” in my mind, similar to this: I understand it, though, the DSM V has removed both ascriptions, and replaced it with a general “antisocial disorder” heading.

    There is a great quote by Douglas Adams (author of “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”) which indicates,in paraphrase, that “anyone who wants to be a ruler shouldn’t be.” I believe
    the insinuation here applies to the concept in your article.

    I remember, in grad school, watching President Obama’s initial inauguration. My class cheered, while I sat somber. I remember thinking that, even if his intentions were
    initially pure, it was inevitable that he would become part of the “matrix” while in that position.

    • general observer

      What makes you think his intentions were initially pure? There is nothing to indicate they were and everything to indicate he was always a total fraud. I realized it when he wouldn’t meet with the mothers of this murdered couple
      if the murderers had been white, he would have met with them and made it a national holy day. God, the opaque-eyed delusion. Total media mind manipulation. I mean, really, anything he said made you think he cared about you?

      • S_Dawn

        I included the disclaimer, “even if his intentions were pure,” because, while I can have a “hunch” that they might not have ever been, I haven’t done enough research into it, myself, to state so with any real confidence. I am generally distrustful of all high-profile politicians, just based on “hunch.” And, while I didn’t believe he said anything that indicated that he truly cared about anyone, many in the nation – and many in my circle of people at the time – apparently believed he did.

    • Nom De Plume

      He was bred to be part of the Matrix. He was first used as a child sex toy for the elite and his mother was a beta kitten. Nothing about his “history” is real. I also believe from close observation….there are implants in his head and that is where all the scars come from.

  • Billy Bee

    Having the guts to call the psychopaths on their BS is step 1, the rest is easy =)
    If you stay silent and do nothing, they win.

    • S_Dawn

      the guts AND the where-with-all! 🙂 I think recognizing the BS for what it is took me a long time, due to my not operating that way, personally (ie, my operating with a conscience.)

      • Billy Bee

        we’ll win Dawn, have faith, even though the psychopaths running the media tell us that faith is for the weak =)

        • S_Dawn

          woot! <3

    • Eudoxia

      Can’t agree on that one. You can’t call them on their BS because they rarely leave proof of it. It’s about giving them enough rope to hang themselves and you have to be a lot smarter than them in order to stay one step ahead of them. They have low tolerance thresholds due to the warrior gene and they can snap easily if given the right opportunity. They are master manipulators and very good at gaslighting people. Dealing with psychopaths is never easy. So if you claim it is can you give a clear demonstration of your dealing with psychopaths 101 please.

      • Billy Bee

        I never pondered on making a course on “dealing with psychopaths 101” “Eudoxia =) I’m not sure if the following rants will make sense, but I’m giving a try. And my caveat on this is dealing with the office psychopath, outside of work is a different game. Outside of work I recommend screening people to the highest degree and not let the psychopaths into your inner circle.

        Calling BS. First of all, it takes guts to call BS. When the psychopath is a boss you have to be prepared that this person will want to get rid of you, and too many people are so afraid of losing their job that they won’t call out BS, but I digress. The giving them rope tactic is a good tactic. But I’ll disagree and say psychopaths aren’t smart. They’re phonies, and every phony’s story can be (eventually) seen through.

        About the warrior gene. A master warrior is humble and serves a cause with courage. Psychopaths aren’t warriors, they’re cowards. When they snap, just stay calm, let them melt down, not you. It takes real confidence to keep your cool in front of these nuts, but it’s worth every moment.

        The master manipulator part is where I can offer real solid personal advice. And that’s this, details. Understand details and you can kibosh a manipulator’s BS in no time.

        I guess what it comes down to is you gotta have guts and knowledge of details to deal with corporate psychopaths. If we stay silent, they win. My $0.02

  • Joel W

    First off let’s stop demonizing the word psychopath. Its not necessarily a bad thing. Now the reason so many are in power, because they have drive, determination, and will not kowtow or pander to snowflakes and such. Now the dangerous ones are sociopaths, which is pretty much same spectrum, just tend to have low self esteem but at the same time are highly narcissistic, which has the tendency to lead to violence.

    • Marie Beckett

      Sorry…you are incorrect. Sociopaths tend to become this way due to childhood circumstances and weak souls. Psychopaths are BORN this way and have different frontal lobes than the rest of humanity. ANYONE wanting dominion and control over ANYONE is unbalanced. Whether they mask it as being a “spiritual leader” or philanthropist. Psychopathology is DEMONIC….anyone devoid of empathy and remorse is to be watched VERY carefully. Drive, determination and courage are completely different. Clinical narcissism is on a different scale as is BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER. Witch and Queens Borderlines exhibit sociopathic traits, while while Hermit and Waif Borderlines exhibit extreme narcissism. All our cousins.

      • Joel W

        Well, you seem to be more informed on these topics than I am (my assessment here is just from cursory research into these things), so I’m gonna assume you are probably more correct than my opinion. Like most idiots on the net, I have no problem admitting I am wrong. And thanks for the info and clearing that up for me. Seriously.

      • S_Dawn

        Interesting analysis. Do you have sources for this info on sociopath vs. psychopath that I can look into?

      • Kazzie

        Would FMRI scanning these individuals prior to appointment or whilst they are appointed be a good idea to be used as a tool to medically diagnose them and expose them in order to remove them from their positions of power? We need to block them being employed because of potential and actual damage these demonic psychopaths cause to everyone? If they were not there in the first place we would not have to keep wasting our energy opposing their insane behavior. They block our evolutionary advancement. They are a danger to all living beings and our planet and beyond because of their lack of empathy.

    • Eudoxia

      It is very necessarily a bad thing. They have ruthless drive, determination and will use any means in their power to win. Sociopaths and narcissists are not psychopaths. Sociopaths and nacissists are perception based personality disorders, they are short on empathy as a result of imprinting by one or both personaility disordered parents who didn’t demonstrate or exhibit empathy – therefore nothing for the child to mirror back other than the parent/s erratic and horrific behavior – seeing this as normal the child also becomes that way.

      Psychopathy is a non traumatic brain injury basically, their limbic system is right out of whack. See my earlier comment. Psychopaths are born they are not made nor can they be fixed or cured. While sociopathy and narcissism aren’t easy to fix they can be eventually providing they understand they have a problem and wish to correct it. All of them can be physically violent, not all of them are but all of them are emotionally violent and will wage psychological warfare on those who they have their sights on. You don’t want any of them in your life and don’t make the mistake of thinking you can help them.

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