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Resonant Frequencies and the Cure for Cancer

cancer cell purpleChristopher Fontenot, Guest
Waking Times

3‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’~ Nikola Tesla

For nearly a hundred years, research into the cause and cure for cancer has been widely funded by charities and governments, worldwide. The amount of money collected for research must be staggering. But, pales in comparison to the enormous cost of conventional treatment; which incidentally, have an atrocious statistical cure rate. There’s little wonder, main stream allopathic medicine hasn’t found a cure for the most profitable disease on the planet.

Cancer is a product of our changing electromagnetic environment. Our technology is affecting the natural healing vibrational forces of the Universe and more importantly, our bodies.

“It is observed that both biological effects and epidemiological effects appear to be the same or very similar from ELF exposure and from RF/MW exposures, including calcium ion efflux, melatonin reduction, DNA strand breakage, chromosome aberrations, leukaemia, brain cancer, breast cancer, miscarriage and neurological effects.”

“A frequently used method for falsely dismissing evidence of effects is to consider effects in small frequency and intensity bands. In fact, biophysics shows that the dielectric constant decreases monotonically with carrier frequency across the EMR spectrum, Schwan (1985). Vignati and Giuliani (1997) show that for a unit field exposure, the induced current increases significantly as a function of frequency.”

“Calcium ions were induced to flow out of or into cells, depending of the combination of exposure conditions. These combinations are known as “windows” because nearby conditions have markedly different effects. Figure 7 shows RF induced Ca2+ efflux which is associated with enhanced programmed cell death (Apoptosis). The ELF induced and Ca2+ influx is associated with enhanced cell survival of damaged cells, i.e. it enhances cancer.” [Source]

While the modern age of cancer was in its infancy, visionaries were discovering the nature of these vibrational forces, their impact on humanity, while testing ways to defeat this scourge upon modern society.

“The beginning of the 20th century saw the first medical applications of electromagnetic fields (EMF), notably in the diagnosis and therapy of various diseases such as cancer. The assumption was that external application of electromagnetic energy could correct disease-causing altered electromagnetic frequencies or energy fields within the body.”

“Rife hypothesized that a number of bacilli were causal factors in many diseases, especially cancer. In the mid 1930s, he developed a microscope able to see these bacilli and invented the Rife Frequency Generator, commonly called Rife Ray Machine, which he claimed could diagnose and eliminate diseases like cancer by tuning into electrical impulses given off by diseased tissue. The American Medical Association condemned Rife’s experiments.” [Source]

Modern alternative medicine is now starting to understand the benefits of vibrational energy in cancer treatment. It promises to change the face of accepted cancer treatment.

“In the past century, there have been many attempts to treat cancer with low levels of electric and magnetic fields. We have developed noninvasive biofeedback examination devices and techniques and discovered that patients with the same tumor type exhibit biofeedback responses to the same, precise frequencies. Intrabuccal administration of 27.12 MHz radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic fields (EMF), which are amplitude-modulated at tumor-specific frequencies, results in long-term objective responses in patients with cancer and is not associated with any significant adverse effects. Intrabuccal administration allows for therapeutic delivery of very low and safe levels of EMF throughout the body as exemplified by responses observed in the femur, liver, adrenal glands, and lungs.”

“In vitro studies have demonstrated that tumor-specific frequencies identified in patients with various forms of cancer are capable of blocking the growth of tumor cells in a tissue- and tumor-specific fashion. Current experimental evidence suggests that tumor-specific modulation frequencies regulate the expression of genes involved in migration and invasion and disrupt the mitotic spindle. This novel targeted treatment approach is emerging as an appealing therapeutic option for patients with advanced cancer given its excellent tolerability. ”

“Dissection of the molecular mechanisms accounting for the anti-cancer effects of tumor-specific modulation frequencies is likely to lead to the discovery of novel pathways in cancer.” [Source]

The cost of this delay in medical advancement and cancer treatment can be measured in the millions of lives lost, families destroyed, and high cost of treatment. No cure, means continued profits for those behind this censorship of knowledge and continued suffering for millions.

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  • Hi there!

    Quantum Science + Consciousness + Thought = Matter? Is it really so simple? Is that all there is? Yes, Virginia, there is another Reality that you have the power to create at will!

    In 1969, when I was 22, my Mother introduced me to a very elderly Gent for whom, as a Linguist, she had been translating some documents. In his time he’d been a leading member of the Australian Establishment, having also held high Public Office. He was also a man who inhabited two worlds. He cast my Mother’s horoscope, and though initially sceptical, she was so impressed with the detail (she’d been a teenager in Warsaw during WW2) that she asked him to cast mine. Certain aspects of it resulted in him requesting an introduction, and when we met in his office he noticed that my breathing was a bit laboured – I’d had Bronchial Asthma since 12. He then asked if he could “feel-out” what was wrong, and I can still feel the not-too-gentle touch of this tiny man’s fingertips moving over my neck vertebrae. Within seconds I was “miraculously” breathing with ease, my Asmol untouched in my pocket. What an introduction! Unfortunately the relief wasn’t permanent. Please bear with me, it doesn’t end there.

    Leaving my Mother to continue her work we repaired to a tiny Coffee Shop where I learned of his “second” life. He explained that he’d been a Dowser for many years, and pulled a small white closed plastic tube (approx 2″x0.5″) attached to a short silver chain, from his pocket. I couldn’t touch it, but it had some loose material shaking inside. He explained that the contents were relative to the sought vibrations. I learned that he’d been commissioned by Petroleum interests to show, by overflight, where to first begin searching for their resource in the oceans and islands to the North West of Australia, thus saving millions in initial expenses. So much for the Science of Geology, it only got a second look! As a result of these efforts he’d made certain non-relevant discoveries that, if substantiated, were quite awesome in their implications. He offered me a chance to join his small organisation, and to choose between two options, one material, the other non-material, which could have changed my life forever had I the wisdom at the time to think rationally and choose wisely – I chose the former. This was a project that required the utmost secrecy, with a level of danger attached that, in light of a recent publication, makes me realise just how dangerous it would have been (think Yamashita and Chichibu). At the time I was rather rebellious/directionless and heavily involved in the emerging Alternative Culture (read: drug-fucked), and didn’t think very seriously about anything important at all, so that due my inactivity and procrastination nothing ever resulted from these events, and I moved on. Apparently, either the potential shown in my horoscope was subservient to my weak will, or I had a Guardian silently watching over me, whatever. A few years later (after his passing) I synchronistically connected with a powerful man who claimed to have known him very well, and also claimed that they were still “in touch”. He verified some of the things I’d already been told. It appears my putative mentor had a very rich “third” life as well!

    Moving along four or five years, to when I initially heard of Rife after reading a book by an Indian Academic/Holy Man on “Radiesthesia” – my interest having previously been stimulated. I can still clearly envision the book, and title, but not the author. Subsequently I discovered a talent (doesn’t everyone have it?) for Dowsing, and that began many years of slow inquiry covering a myriad of disparate subjects, which always, synchronistically, returned to the nexus of Orgone, Chi, Prana, Breath, Middle Pillar, et alia. Labels are merely a method to assist our understanding of the incomprehensible, so I feel that it’s all just vibration if we sit still long enough to “hear the silence”. If the research capabilities of the Web had been available all those years ago, then today not only would we KNOW we are Gods, today we would BE Gods!

    My life has been a bagful of serendipity and synchronicity, pushing me towards I know not where, so that I learned of Edgar Cayce at the same time, and his life and work have had a powerful effect on my conscious and subconscious thought processes, especially during the last year or two due to an almost fatal illness. I consider him the perfect role model, a beautiful, even flawed, human person, but feel uncomfortable with “New Age” claims on him, as they twist everything to suit their own very narrow “feel-good” paradigm and can only misinterpret and damage any understanding of where he actually came from. Maybe that’s the plan?

    I now regularly refer to my subconscious for assistance via my crystal pendulum, and find that it can reveal shadowed or hidden aspects to a question that aren’t achievable by “normal” intellectual methods of reasoning. Every extra sign post on one’s journey can only help to clarify the path, and smooth out the rocks, so why would you chop down the signs because they doesn’t fit into your own personal paradigm jigsaw?

    Now, to finally arrive at my point: A few years ago, my revived interest in Healing and distrust of Allopathic Disease-Medicine led me to wonder if Rife Frequency Technology had evolved, and to what level, as the theory behind it seemed so solid and reasonable to my untutored amateur perspective, and I didn’t want a huge steel box filling my lounge room. A short search soon revealed that indeed the Rife Frequencies had been converted to software, which also includes the ability to convert the Frequencies of Hulda Clark for use in the machine, thus far extending its range. After further research I acquired a licence. I was soon in Healer’s Heaven, and even sooner found that it’s a very solitary place. When I attempt to explain the theory and the possibilities of Energy Healing (Rife, Cayce, Regardie, Atkinson) all I receive are patronising nods, pursed lips, and disinterest. I shake my head in confusion, and sadness, as most of these folk are already of advancing age with relevant health issues, not to mention the impact of years of unresolved psychological stresses on their physiognomy, and their puppy-like naive trust in their Disease Maintainers (Yeah, you might be right, but what can you do…? You’re a Healer, hey? So’s my dog!). One might assume that when fewer and fewer straws are available, one would clutch at as many as you can hold in your hands… BTW, the program also claims to balance the Chakra system via frequencies, along with about 700 conditions pertaining to our human minds and physiognomy, and without revealing too much detail, has helped to relieve issues that I myself am facing as I fast approach a very young 70.

    So, while I finally believe that, though many years too late now because I ignored the signposts at the time, my purpose in life has been to help myself first, then others whenever I can, with no expectation of any reward other than the (selfish?) satisfaction of un-agendered STO, It may be too late for me, but merely talking about such things may spark an interest in another, leading to an exponential effect on others. I also believe that if I can open one person’s eyes and heart to the power, glory, and beauty within, then I can pass on fulfilled in this incarnation with a job well done!

    Probably said far too much, but if anyone is still with me then I thank you for your patience and interest. It’s been freeing to share some of my story, as in my real world such revelations would have me called a dreamer, a bullshitter, and a wanker.

    Of course, anyone with half a brain knows that it’s all Pseudo Science and Voodoo…! Maybe they should grow the rest of their brain?


  • Trevski

    Well stated and very interesting. The thing is more and more people know it but how and when is the nonsense going to stop. When will we all wake up and say NO? My Father was diagnosed with lung cancer. They gave him chemo and said he would have 4 to 6 years with the treatment. He lasted 3 months as the chemo caused `complications` and other cancers to develop. Having saying that there are those that say the chemo saved them and I respect that for sure. However much more reseach money should be diverted into to alternative/natural remedies. Unfortunatly `Big Pharma` and governments will never allow it unless enough of us speak out. I dont know how we really tackle this distortion and inhumanity but I hope that the new generation will be more awakened. If I see huge changes in my life time then I will die happy, hopefully not from Chemo poisonong. Bring on the Conscious Revolution. Sooner the better for all. Peace and love

    • Salmanfarsi

      Peace be upon you fellow humans. Trevski sorry to hear about your.I have lost a family member to chemo-kill-therapy.Agent orange springs to mind!
      Are you acquainted with the story of Ashya King who was taken from England for private treatment to Prague Proton Beam Therapy but the British establishment (Pseudoscience) sent police (Gestapo) to arrest them in spain but due to petition the “Authorities” had to release them.The boy is recovered from brain cancer.Bless him.Which part of the world are you from Trevski?

      “Oh humans do not think of yourself so insignificant there is a great Universe contained in you all. Ali Ibn Talib (RA)

      Peace be on all humans,animals,plants and minerals.

      • Trevski

        Hi Salmanfarsi and all. Yep I know about the Ashya King situation. Very disturbing that parents have to fight in the way they want the best treatment for their son and choosing not the state or Big Pharma`s remedies. I am in the UK at the moment but have lived in Indonesia for the past 12 years where I `mentally grew up`. Spent time in Israel and Palastine too.How about you, whats the story? Peace on you and all too. You sound very enlightened, thanks for the chat.

        • Salmanfarsi

          Peace be upon you fellow human.I am a cosmopolite, citizen of the world, born in Kashmir raised in England and I respect every human regardless of colour,creed and religion animals,plants and minerals too.Unfortunately disabled due to ignorance pogonophobia,xenophobia and envious fascist’s at work for over five years and a brain damaged child who is 8 “autism” son who the avaricious imbeciles won’t let us fix him!!! Any suggestions how to chelate mercury and arsenic,aluminum from his brain and the rest of the pus? We do wet cupping and organic diet? Hair analysis test found the substances!!!
          Thank you my consanguineous fellow human.You are enlightened too yourself and may the Law of physics protect and bless you and your family and all of us in these tumultus times.Luton.

          ” Be not entangled in this World of days and nights thou and I have another time and space as well.” Dr M Allama Iqbal

          Peace be on all of us.

          • TrevorD

            Hi Friend. Sorry for your challenges and more sorry that we know what caused them and still we await change and universal justice or forgiveness. Upto you on that one. Cant begin to understand your challenges with your son, am very sure that he has an amazing father who does the best. Just been on holiday to The Isle of White, found some peace and a bit of fun and adventure too. Peace and joy to you and family. Checked out the movie `Cell`, yep got the message loud and clear. I dont know if they will allow on this site but maybe i can send my email , what you think, can only try?. Peace and love to you and family and for sure all reading this and following this great website

      • Roberg

        Peace be on all ‘animals’? You must be vegan 🙂

        • Salmanfarsi

          Peace be upon you fellow human.Nop.I am a organic carnivore that are herbivore and organic herbivore.I respect animate and inanimate beings.Plants have frequency, energy ,vibration, they talk,feel sad,happy and die but their frequency we can’t hear.It’s like the air we can’t see it but we do breath it.Freedom of choice there is no compulsion in anything.Free will. Animals don’t have thinking ability!

          “Animals, Plants and minerals are bound to predestination.The faithful is bound to Divine orders.” Salmanfarsi

          ” The Angels were created with reason and no desire.
          the humans were created with reason and desire.
          The animals were created with desire and no reason.
          If the reason overtakes the human he is higher than an angel but if the desire overtakes him, he is lower than an animal.


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