All Eyes Are On the Control Matrix

Eyes on MatrixPhillip J. Watt, Contributor
Waking Times

No matter if you’re asleep at the wheel of life or have awoken to not just the consciousness of reality, but also the corporatocracy that has hijacked our world, most of us are paying attention to our shrinking wallets, as well as the political circus. The system is in the limelight, but not how the power structure would like it to be.

The social engineering agenda of dumbing the masses into good little minions of the system has been highly successful, however too many people are now suffering and looking for answers why. Sometimes it feels that the alternative media gives them too much credit too, because it’s also been highly successful at exposing itself and therefore waking up people to their enslavement, as well as the lies, deception, toxicity and control-matrix itself.

In response, grass-roots truth and sovereignty movements are budding all over the earth in a decentralised and impenetrable way. People are organising all across the planet to peacefully resist the encroachment on our freedoms and build healthy and progressive alternatives to a profit-before-morality model which has infiltrated our economic, political, medicinal, entrepreneurial and philosophical spheres.

Money has talked, but the real people have started to walk.

In addition, those who lie in the middle of the lie are curious about all the noise happening in both the alternative and in the matrix-media, so their concentration has been captured too. Simply, most eyes are focused on the money, and the political arena.

And hasn’t the existing order embarrassed themselves.

Their propaganda narratives have been indisputably exposed again and again, and are therefore falling apart before our collective eyes. Ask any average joe on the street and they will tell you that they’re not being represented, or cared for, by the corporate and political elite.

This great shame is the beginning of the end to their game.

The type of attention that is generating from an increasingly unsettled populace is unwanted by the powers-that-will-no-longer-be. They’re fumbling as a result. They’re making mistake after mistake. They’ve also shown conclusively that they’re not as powerful as they would like us to think; even with all the control they have over the money and the information, they have not been able to stop the paradigmatic shifts in our collective consciousness.

They had no chance anyway when an energetic expansion has been working against them.

Their time is nigh but make no mistake, they won’t go down without a fight. After all, this shadow order still controls the system at its core. It’s an absolute embarrassment that we’ve allowed it to get this far, but we can find solace in the fact that it’s all part of the process, it’s all part of the spiritual experience that we designed for ourselves.

The energetic shift which is guiding the emancipation of humanity creates an internal conflict in anyone who ‘chooses’ to stay ignorant of the way the world really works, which surfaces as either a subconscious or conscious search for alternative answers. Whether we’re aware of it or not, we’re all looking for new ways of being, which is why all eyes are on the control-system by default.

If the hidden hand had its way, it would just continue with the same old story of a left/right illusion where the people actually feel like they’ve got a genuine choice in the affairs of their future. The political system should no doubt be capitlised on to educate society and facilitate the actual change we need, but depending on the old duopoly will always end fruitlessly.

This is why the Thump vs Hitlery vs Flanders theatre has actually been a good thing for America, and the rest of the world, because its illustrated clearly how money, not morality and intelligence, is what controls who is in power and what decisions they make.

Of course there are still those who fall for the left/right deception, but too many of us now know – regardless of how little of the big picture we understand – that a choice for either side is still a choice for the status quo. And nobody who understands the gravity of this mess wants to continue to line the pockets of the so-called elite and transnational bodies at not just our expense, but our future generations, and our natural systems too.

Inspiringly though, there are many serious issues and concerns which are strongly garnering not just the attention, but the response of the people. The hibernating inner activist has been shocked into action for more and more individuals.

Examples include this political sell-out, an impending fiat-debt implosion, our environmental degradation, a dying middle class, increasing health issues, big money tax evasion, widespread socioeconomic disadvantage, Middle East tensions, societal unrest and the drugging of our society by the pharma monopolies, to name but a few.

Even the most highly indoctrinated can somewhat see the plethora of issues we face.

All this chaos, however, really is about creating order. A new order. The control grid is of course designed to create a ‘New World Order’ and who knows, they might be successful. But if so, it will only be for a short while. That’s because waves of higher consciousness are sweeping through a tsunami of truths that will inevitably crash onto the shore of our system. The tide has already turned; eventually, the new order will be one of truth, equality, abundance and freedom.

Ultimately, one day we’ll all look back at our current state of affairs and see it for what it is; a matrix of control that enslaved us not just materially, but spiritually as well. As an individual we have the responsibility for our own emancipation too, yet we musn’t forget that we should also dutifully represent it to our fellow man.

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  • Nothing will ever change for Human benefit until We start real democracy: the Peoples’ own system designed to perpetually DEFINE the true will of the mind of Mankind regarding everything for all to know. No country has ever done this. The will of the People can not become the law of the land unless it is relentlessly defined for all to know. That’s why our overlords don’t allow it to be defined.

    Science has recently proven that OBSERVATION IS MANIFESTATION. When We can all clearly see that almost all of Us want only PEACE, TRUTH, JUSTICE, FREEDOM and PROSPERITY for Posterity, Our global OBSERVATION of these truths will automatically MANIFEST them. Currently, the ruling monsters have Us imagining (observing through fear) their new world order nightmare more than any other potentiality.

    My own 2001 attempt at a system of democracy, the “votable” Issue Forum System at, was destroyed by the banksters’ cyber goons soon after it was uploaded to the Internet, because Our unity is their worst nightmare. Starting real democracy should be everyone’s first priority, because with genuine democracy, We can peacefully enable Our best minds to solve all Our common problems and trigger Our golden age from Our easy chairs in Our spare time.

    One of Our first mandates would probably be that the quadrillions stolen from Us and Our forefathers be confiscated from the banksters to create a global fund that gives every Human a debit card that pays for any necessity. Those wanting luxury could work a job or otherwise create value for extra income.

    Please, sign the Real Democracy Petition to End Political Corruption at and call attention to it. Thank you.

  • Kim

    “God destroyed large populations in the past to reduce His pain.” Yeah that’s it. NOT even close. Perhaps you should come at this from a non-religious perspective. Considering all the murders, torture, rape, child molestation that occurs every second of every day all over the world, I would say if this was true god would be taking out these evil, immoral ghouls. Yet, nothing happens. Even our justice system is light on most offenders.

  • Julian O’Neill

    we are living in this techno-matrix dystopia. Look even at the cedo the corporate hos choose for their kitchens. it is all computer greys and black, utterly colourless, pattern-less, coulless. Computationalism is the theory of how psychology ‘works’ which is bascially the idea we are all computers. How’s this come about. Do ‘great thinkers’ come to our aid OR are they chosen by the very elites that want certain myths to prevail to suit themselves? The latter obviously. So we get the likes of Rene Descartes promoted who claimed animals, the physical body, and the natural world were mechanical (and he and his horrid ‘thinkers’ go on to torture animals thinking their cries of pain are noises of machines!), and then pops up the creepy-looking (not that Descartes had any thing going for him looks wise) Wilhelm Wundt and his ‘experiential psychology’ propaganda who claimed that humans were now machines. Who did this suit again.? Vile bodies who want humans as cogs in their factor-ies is who. Same now, we are being made to think of ourselves as computers–ohhh what a co-incidence. And theories are being put out that reality is a computer stimulation. And soon there will be pressure to have their technomatrix literally inserted into the physical body, just as like now there is pressure to have a little phone with you everywhere you go
    In this brave new nightmare world with all its gadgetry, and ‘info-mation’ and ‘transparency’ and acceptance of transgender, yet STILL a person cannot on average grow cannabis plants, or pick magic mushrooms. This is THE big give-away, and shows you that it really is all about a corporatocracy that wants to protect and expand its god PROFIT and making sure to continue controlling peoples minds
    For all the talk of a ‘psychedelic resurgence’, in THIS world I see it more as a move by the same crowd to try and contain psychedelics by medicalizing them, and limiting their potential for radical change by their use of psychiatric- terminology eg ”magic mushrooms will ‘treat’ your cluster headache, and ‘depression’.

    But that is not enough. We wanna resolve the ROOTS of unhappiness, and it is oppression.

  • Miguel Lahunken

    The most suppressed secret in history has been some knowledge about our own bodies. Excitation of the parasympathetic nervous system, also called the “muscarinic” nervous system, overrides the brain’s inhibitory neurons thereby awakening the brain to more that the normal 10% brain use. LSD does the same thing by blocking seratonin, the neurotransmitter of the brain’s inhibitory neurons. The largest nerves of the parasympathetic nervous system are the left and right vagus nerves. The vagal trunk emerges from the brain through the nasal pharynx, divides into the left and right vagus nerves, which descend into the lower body of flesh, not through the spine. Plexuses of the parasympathetic nervous system branch out from these vagus nerves. When these plexuses and nerves are stimulated the stimulation spreads to the brain causing more than 10% brain use. All this can be simply printed on one bumper sticker, “Vagal stimulation is as effective as LSD”. To put in contemporary terms, the mental effects of the “choking game” are not caused by oxygen content, they are caused by vagal stimulation.

    In 1959 an expelled lodge member told my friend and I all the secrets. The lodge uses Biblical symbolism. They represent the human body by the Temple of Solomon. The Holy of Holies represents the nasal pharynx through which the vagal trunk emerges into the lower body. The letter G secretly represents the Hebrew word “gorun”, throat. The compass represents a circle, the square represents a line, the combination represents squeezing a circle into a line, the quadrature of the circle. In 1962 I wrote this and lesser secrets in a term paper I titled “Superstition in America”. I got a 98% for it, and graduated with honors. Later, the instructor of that class sold that term paper in the term paper black market, the wrong people read it, and detectives were sent out to hunt me down. I found out that Ben Franklin invented the modern mental health system to imprison all those suspected of knowing this knowledge about their own bodies. In the Twentieth Century twenty five million Americans were locked up in the mental hospital gulags. That was one quarter of the American population.

    There are three depths of psychedelic experience. Perinatal matrix one, 10% to 20% brain use, is heavenly. Perinatal matrix two, 20% to 50% brain use is frighteningly powerful. From 20% to 30% brain use, what ever is artistically symbolized will become your reality, by the strong thought drawing you to the probability timeline where what you vividly symbolize is your reality. From 30% to 40% brain use, what ever you write will become your reality. From 40% to 50% brain use, what ever you say will become your reality. “If you have the faith of a mustard seed and say to this mountain move, it shall be moved”. You go to the probability time line where the mountain is elsewhere. But, from 50% to 100% brain use, every thought manifests as your reality. Who can handle that? Soon, one wishes one were someone else, and, one body switches into that someone else who probably only has the normal 10% brain use. But, it not being one’s own body, when that body sleeps or dies it’s off to another body; and this body switching backward and forward in time goes on for a duration of about a hundred years. Of course, with this one suffers everyone’s sufferings.

    Perinatal matrix three is used as a punishment. LSD was used for this, but some effects of LSD have been found to be permanent, so, recently “waterboarding” has been used to inflict this “Clockwork Orange” treatment. As it stands today, Dr. Stanislav Grof’s “Holotropic Breathing” increases the percentage of brain use, and, of course, the “choking game” causes increases of the percentage of brain use, but, the actual cause, vagal stimulation, has not been admitted to. Also, recently even percentages of brain use are being denied and are called mythical. They just wont let it all go, and allow all human beings the right to know these certain things about our own bodies. For the American way it is advisable to spread this knowledge.

    • Julian O’Neill

      ‘overrides the brain’s inhibitory neurons thereby awakening the brain to more that the normal 10% brain use.’ It is a myth that brains only use 10 percent

      • Miguel Lahunken

        It was Scientific American that exposed the true definition of schizophrenia as having extra axons and dendrites connecting neurons, caused by the gene DISC1, thereby increasing the percentage of brain use beyond 10% brain use. Also, the MRI lie detector was described as showing one blob of light in the brain indicating a true answer, and two blobs of light indicating a lie. It was also explained that the total volume of such blobs of light showed the percentage of brain use at any one time. In the past, Scientific American also explained that LSD works by blocking seratonin, neurotransmitter of the brain’s inhibitory neurons, thereby allowing more than the normal 10% brain use. Since Scientific American’s article that said “all secrets are revealed on the internet”, followed by an article exposing an attempted bill to criminalize stumbling upon any internet site containing any suppressed secret, Scientific American has started lying by denying the facts of percentages of brain use, perhaps to help the suppression of the supreme grand lodge secret, put in medical terms, “vagal stimulation is as effective as LSD” by over riding the inhibitory neurons of the brain and thereby increasing the percentage of brain use.

        • Afshin Nejat

          It seems to me plausible to suggest that bodily configurations which have properties as you describe, vis. brain activity and bodily activity and inhibition of activity (via symp-parasymp activity, through yoga for example), might go a way to explain some situations we see in the world. It might also help explain things to suggest that morality is derived from fundamental positions on what is pleasurable or not. But evil derives from having an essentially aberrant characteristic in the substance of an entity which is trying to “create reality” by devouring others, all because it has no fundamental existence apart from doing that. So it is over-reductive to speak of pain-pleasure morality as of one sort. Sado-masochists exist in a different ontological polarity than wholesome and Good Beings, and are antivalently evil to them. But this is not symmetrical, and Good Beings are either food, or escaped food, for the evil, S&M beings. And they are not going to resolve this except by the extinction of one or the other type of being.

    • OldeSoul

      Miguel, thank you for sharing this information. My body resonated like a bell while reading it. Having experienced some of the perinatal matrix expansion you described, so much fell into place upon reading your comment. This expansion leads to instant manifestation and of course they do not want all six billion of us to have that power. That would definitely up the ante in the Planet Duality Game.

      I so love the Interwebs…

    • Cerbellum Vibrations

      Miguel Lahunken, Kudos to you, I will now be as a deep sea diver and go and unearth the rest of this info for application.

    • Veri Tas

      Thank you! Do you have any links for my research on this?

      • Miguel Lahunken

        Yes. Go to, and Grof Transpersonal. Also, Google lahunken.

      • Miguel Lahunken

        Just Google lahunken, and unusual words and names used by lahunken, e.g., “theophysiology”, “Clerics of Azagthoth”, etc.

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