The Original Sin – A Myth Whose Time is Up

Adam and Eve AppleJulian Rose, Contributor
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Of all the deceptions pulled on humanity over the ages, The Original Sin is probably the most devastating. Yet hugely successful from the perspective of the perpetrators.

Almost everywhere the doctrine of Christianity forged its zealous mission to convert the masses, so the Original Sin accompanied it. Imposing the rationale of guilt on untold millions whose open minds no doubt thought they were receiving a message of emancipation and light.

Not so my friends, you were in fact receiving a message just about as dark as darkness gets!

The extraordinary power of a message, properly formed, packaged and publicized, is something we have all come to learn a lot about in recent decades. ‘The medium is the message’ declared Marshall McLuhan back in 1964. And that edict could easily pass for the moment the first biblical texts let it be known that a man called Adam and a woman called Eve got the whole human race off to a very bad start … from which it appears to have never recovered.

However the reason it got off to a bad start and has still failed to fully recover, cannot be pinned on any fault of Adam and Eve, as we shall see, but lies squarely at the feet of a masterful plot to falsify what is actually a potent story of human emancipation and growing inner conviction.

This ‘human race’ to which the biblical text refers, was set on its way by a starting pistol fired by someone who didn’t want anyone participating in this race to actually win. He or she or it, only wanted losers; and that’s pretty much what they got.

See what I mean by successful?

The story goes like this: there were just two human beings on this planet at the moment the starting pistol was fired. There was a beautiful garden as well, and in that beautiful garden were these two humans: a man called Adam and woman called Eve, and there was also an apple tree (in full fruit) and a serpent.

In this ensuing myth, God makes it clear to Adam that he can do whatever he likes in this garden except “eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.” But, well, being human, and having been given ‘free will’ by divine rite, he doesn’t really see the logic in this command from above. The serpent seems in accord with him in this, and somehow or other tempts Eve into plucking this big juicy apple and taking a bite before then offering it to Adam.

“And he did eat thereof.  And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons.” They were, we are informed “ashamed.” Both on account of taking a forbidden action and of being revealed unto themselves as ‘naked’.

It is around this infamous ‘eating of the fruit’ – an action most of us would likely have taken out of simple curiosity – that millennia of Christian shame and guilt have their inception.

Here is where a pervasive irrational suffering concerning our natural physical condition has its origins. Where our ‘private parts’ became privatized. Where the natural pleasures of physical intimacy were turned to guilt: unless of course the so-called ‘Church of God’ authorized such acts via formal marriage in the Christian place of worship.

A great plethora of ‘thou shalt not’s’ were soon pinned onto what was essentially Adam and Eve’s courageous original act of ‘civil disobedience’: the refusal to be cowed by a seemingly higher authority.

Yes, by looking deeper into this infamous story, we see that Adam and his accomplice Eve did something pretty special in this Garden of Eden. Their action, when viewed in a manner freed from the typical conditioned response, looks very much like a ‘giant step forward for mankind’. Something which Neil Armstrong was told to say while getting out of a papier-mache lunar capsule constructed and filmed in Pinewood studios, London in 1969.

But the mythical Adam was not faking it, as Armstrong was on behalf of those who worship a god named ‘technology’. He and his mythical Eve conspired to start a great ball rolling down the ages which would, one day, lead to man acquiring real knowledge, real independence and real self-awareness. Except, of course, that this was the last thing that the manipulators of this story wanted.

On further examining the symbolism of this tale, one can recognize that eating the apple of the Tree of Knowledge opened the eyes of this man and woman to the fact that they were adequately equipped to take their destinies into their own hands and forge their own path in life. A path which would reveal to them that they were not just subjects to be ordered around according to the will of their master, but were blessed with a unique gift: the ability to think and act creatively and rationally. Even to reflect on their own condition and existence. And, equally contrary to the classic interpretation, it was indeed their Creator himself who wished this to be so.

For this Creator felt the pain of loneliness – and longed to have company in the great quest of life. But in order to have this company, his Adam and Eve had to pass the first great test: that of defying false authority and daring to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. Only then could they start on the road of becoming ‘strivers with God’ and companions to the supreme; blazing that unchartered course whose direction only becomes known through embracing the insecurity of the creative process.  Taking that momentous ‘leap in the dark’ which is the mother of all great quests. All great adventures.

However, the biblical text upon which we were all raised, tells us something very different. It tells us that Adam and Eve were ‘cast out’ of this Garden of Eden due to their unforgivable and sinful act of disobedience. Disobedience to God himself, no less. Which caused them to be ‘ashamed’: both of their nakedness and their disobedience.

We are told by the church, which sees itself  as the spokesperson of this biblical story, that thanks to Adam and Eve, we all carry ‘the shame’ to this very day. That we must pay the price of this ‘original sin’ and be humbled by the magnitude of this human error. An error of such supposed gravity that it became known as ‘The Fall’ .

In this translation of the stories surrounding certain key events of prehistory, man ‘falls’ before he has even begun to walk – and everything that follows is tainted by this supposedly tragic error of human judgment* ( see the link at the end for further reading).

What does this Nakedness really symbolize?

It is the moment when we realize that everything we thought was one thing actually turns out to be another. A lot of stuff drops off us in that instant. We become naked, because the old clothes don’t fit any more and the new clothes have to be woven from fresh wool. It is the dawn of true knowledge. Knowledge that makes us aware that there exists a divine state – and also a corruption of that state.  That, at any one time, both exist. And that we must choose our course in life based on this knowledge.

The Garden of Eden is representative of a state of essentially ‘passive’ potential. An as yet unignited and unmoving potential. What was needed was a spark to set the whole thing off. And that spark came when Eve, who was in subconscious communication with the serpent, reached up and plucked that ruddy round apple and took a bite out of it. It was she who broke the ‘obeisance to authority’ taboo.

How about The Serpent’s role in this drama?

The serpent is the anima of a rising energy. The Kundalini serpent, entwined around the spine (trunk) of the tree of knowledge. Get it?

When the serpent spoke to Eve, it was ‘the word’. “In the beginning was The Word”. However this word was not an actual word, but a vibration. An impulse. Energy directed  from within. And this energy said to Eve “Do It”. And she did. Her action bears the hallmark of the first stirrings of a divine mission: the stirring into movement of that which is fecund – yet unable to act.

The female divine force it was – which enabled Adam and Eve to ‘come awake’ and find that they were no longer just innocent hippies frolicking in the cozy garden of the unconscious; unchallenged and unaware of the greater reality of existence. It is a prerogative of ‘attaining the knowledge of good and evil’ to then set off on that path of greater knowledge, no matter what!

And what about The Tree?

The tree itself is a powerful symbol of growth. For it outwardly expresses the manifestation of a condition essential for man’s own evolution: the putting down of roots and the spreading out and up of trunk and branches – as a ‘simultaneous act’. An act transmutable to we humans, almost literally:

starting at the navel, where the umbilical cord has nourished us is the womb, and moving simultaneously down and up from here.

It has the great quality of annulling the ‘either’ ‘or’ option, which is the hallmark of much of our dark side formal education. Real human development, in body mind and spirit, is both a tap root into the deep and a crown reaching into the beyond. In equal measure. Always both – never just one or the other.

So the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden is indeed just that: a tree of knowledge. It is not “the forbidden tree” as is commonly taught in the Christian church.

So why did the church choose to promote this forbidden factor?

Because this ‘knowledge’ is capable of exposing the tyranny that lies at heart of human slavery. A knowledge that must not be allowed out for fear of its repercussions on the control system which was already in place, and to which the church was – and remains to this day – an accomplice. The command ‘not to eat’ of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge did not come from God, but from some other force implacably set against all that is divine.

As the story tells us: “around its trunk a serpent is entwined.” From ancient times this serpent has been recognized as a source of special energy. Particularly, as said earlier, in the descriptions of the Kundalini practice of Tantra Yoga. It is the rising energy which illuminates, one by one, the seven chakras of the human body by moving up the spinal column – just as the serpent is moving up the trunk of the Tree of knowledge – awakening (in this case) the succulent glory of the famous apple. A bite out of which moved Adam and Eve into a certain ‘state of awareness’.

The serpent and the tree are thus powerful symbols – and tools of human enlightenment.

And The Garden?

I have already alluded to the notion that the garden is a place – or a condition – which remains untainted. In this it is a symbol of our childhood. A time when we were not yet conscious of historical karma and therefore able to freely explore all that which becomes manifest, within and without.

It’s a place in which one remains, as in the case of the plant and animal kingdoms, in a state of instinctive response to divine energies, with as yet little or no involvement of individual will.

But that is not man and woman’s lot in life. Nor is it why our creator made manifest a state of ‘conscious awareness’, a state associated with the use of the higher mind.

In order to activate this higher mind Adam and Eve could not remain forever in their childhood garden, but needed to ‘eat from the tree of knowledge’ thus recognizing the actual challenge that lay ahead. The challenge of moving from unconscious sub-awareness to conscious full awareness. From childhood to adulthood. A long and winding road indeed! But a road in which each step carries with it a fuller understanding of our greater role in the divine plan.

This is the ‘road of genius’ that British 18th century poet William Blake referred to when he wrote: “The straight road is a road of ‘progress’, but the crooked road is the road of genius.”

And the Divine Plan itself?

Ah, we are not really privy to the full architecture of the divine plan. For it is a ‘state of being’ and as such cannot really be described, only attained, through the lasting application of true intent.

However, I believe we can recognize that, put very simply, our Creator remembered his own coming into movement from that which lacked movement; and he wished to celebrate this, ‘his birthday’. The day movement was born.

But one cannot celebrate a birthday without the presence of other empathizing beings with whom to share the joyous occasion. So ‘in the beginning’ this creator was most fortunate in being visited by a complementary, yet opposite and deeply receptive energy. This great coming together of opposite

yet deeply complimentary energies was of huge significance – because out of it emerged a state  which we call ‘equilibrium’, movement. Something which is going somewhere – with a sense of purpose. No longer just a becalmed state of fecundity.

Movement owes its origins to a female energy. In Indian mythology this feminine force is called Shakti, the female principle of God. God, whose omnipotence expresses the consummated marriage of the creative and receptive principles, is thus dual in nature. Both male and female; female and male. And everything in this universe is an expression of this duality. Everything that comes to life, comes to life through the friction made manifest by this hugely potent and divine love affair. A love affair between the two energetic components of a primordial and primal duality. The ever present Yin and Yang of existence.

And what we call sexuality is actuality ‘sex-duality’ – the consummated act of divine union which gave birth and made manifest what we call Life. And perhaps most wonderful and mysterious of all is that an omnipresent and omnipotent force called Love infused and nourished this great primordial act of union which we ourselves are an expression of. One might even say that this Love preceded the one we call the Creator … but that is another story in our deep and unfathomable past!

For now it is enough to recognize that Adam and Eve, the Garden, the Tree and the Serpent, were all critical elements in kick-starting the evolution of mankind – and indeed all sentient life forms. We can now most clearly state that ‘The Original Sin’ was precisely the opposite of a sin – it was the birth of man as a free agent in pursuing the divine intuitive message which leads us (back) to our Creator. But this time as responsible realized beings – as microcosmic Gods in our own right.

Then the Creator will greatly rejoice at the results of this divine union and will welcome us to the “Great Celebration” which cannot happen until the moment of our participation, as equals, in his Godliness. An event keenly anticipated by sowers of truth – and greatly feared by spreaders of the lie.

All the confusions surrounding sexuality and sexual relations stem from this distortion called the Original Sin. Our sexuality, far from being something to be ashamed of, is that which connects us directly with Divine. It was – I repeat once again – due to that glorious consummation between two poles of irresistible mutual attraction – male and female – that this Universe came to life. That ‘life’ which forms the birth place of our very own cosmic essence.

Only something expressing an extreme position of alienation to this joyous truth would wish to lay such a sinister and divisive trap for mankind. A trap which, by proclaiming the celebration of our sexuality ‘a sin’, epitomizes the state of reversed truth which still remains central to the workings of our strangled Western societies.

What that force is which is so adept at twisting truth into its opposite is another story for another article.

For now, let us take pleasure in having put the divine plan right back on track. On having reconnected to the roots of our true nature and found that, far from being ashamed we are proud to go forward in full knowledge of our innate divinity.

Let us rejoice in the fact that this innocuous debacle known as The Original Sin has been properly exposed as a deeply divisive myth whose time is well and truly up. May it finally crumble to dust under the iridescent rays of a rising Aquarian sun!

About the Author

Julian Rose is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, international activist and author. Contact Julian at to find out more.

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  • G Dianne Taylor

    This article is a conglomoration of mistaken speculation but it does get a few things right:

    1. THE 1ST MAN AND WOMAN DID NOT CAUSE THE FALL OF ALL MANKIND, Humanity is in the state it is in because of the choices made by each of us indivually. And each of us has the power to move our lives to the place where we want them to be and get free. We have that God-given power and no one can stop us from being free.

    2. The destructive force that wants to keep us enslaved with guilt and hopelessness uses the bible and the church to perpetuate that myth of being trapped. There are many avatars who have come to reveal the truth to us but the most famous of these is Jesus. When they couldn’t block his message by killing him, they took his message and spun it to make it seem as if he was the only one who could do what he did. His message was just the opposite, we all can be free by our own efforts.

    Each of us is an individuation of God. I don’t know if It was lonely or what caused It to indivualize Itself but the Great I Am created “each seemingly separate individual.” We are all of the same Source and we are all one.

    There are other God-beings who made different choices and have never had to deal with the condition of being human. The universe is full of such beings.

  • Luc Dazzi

    Totally agree. Very well said. I would like to add that also the problem wasn’t eating the fruit, no sire, the problem was blaming God Almighty: so Adam said it wasn’t his fault but “the woman THAT YOU (GOD) GAVE TO ME” and Eve said it wasn’t her fault but “the snake THAT YOU (GOD) PUT IN HERE”. So they ate the fruit and became evil very quickly indeed. They learnt how to deflect the blame instead of saying SORRY MY GOD AND MY HOLY FATHER, IT’S ALL MY FAULT, I AM NOT WORTHY OF BEING CALLED YOUR SON. PLEASE FORGIVE ME AND GIVE ME ANOTHER CHANCE. No, they weren’t responsible and mature adults capable of admitting their own mistakes and asking for forgiveness, they would rather blame God Himself, even knowing God had nothing to do with it, being all good and perfect. No wonder God wasn’t to impressed. PRIDE is the root of all evil.

  • I was raised in a non-religious home, and from a religiously unindoctrinated perspective, the Garden of Eden myth reads very differently. When I first encountered it, it seemed to me that Eve was the true heroine of the story. She was willing to risk her life to find out who was lying and who was telling the truth. I found it bizarre that the religious interpretation deemed it not important that the serpent told the truth, and that “God’s” (or rather “the gods”= Elohim, in Hebrew) first act, after placing his alleged creations in the garden, was to lie to them in order to test their obedience. What kind of a total psycho would create beings with free will, and then punish them for using it? And another thing: That forbidden fruit was supposed to have given “the knowledge of good and evil”. Isn’t that another name for conscience? And isn’t a human being without the ability to tell the difference, the very definition of a psychopath? I just can’t accept the proposition that the Supreme Being, the One True God, would desire humans to be obedient psychopaths. Even if such a “God” were real, I would refuse to worship him on the grounds that he is my moral inferior.

  • what if…

    What convinces me that the myth is FALSE is that a major Illuminati/Freemason Church has a quite repetitive, sorrowful “program” (as in mind–CONTROL) emphasizing the guilt for wanting to know the truth that God does, to be more like him in the Garden.

    This completely covers up our own personal relationship with God, wherein we are CREATORS WITH FREE WILL TOO! Free will is why we exist, of course we will make mistakes and sin, but “original sin” & GUILT are not our reasons to exist, especially if it is used against us to hold back our ascension, FREEDOM (as in free will) and our closeness with and to our Creator. Yes, you ARE welcome to have freedom from guilt, once you have knowledge of good and evil, just as the Creator does!

    Guilt is a creation of man to CONTROL mankind. Freewill is our opportunity to create A BETTER WORLD! Control of humanity is to create a lesser world where evil thrives, and we are separated (by controlled religion) from our very own Creator. of whom we are a part without intermediaries. If you cant feel the truth in your heart, what kind of soul are you? We are told to LOVE the truth. Truth includes knowledge of the positive and negative (as in love and fear).

    Yes, the churches have been infiltrated (since the beginnings) by groups, Corporations (like big churches____ &_____&_____) and tax exemptions for not talking out of the school of control, which makes Religion truly a VERY lucrative business! I have seen a religion reportedly keep 99% of huge donations, and only barely/begrudgingly give a little more than 1% back to continue to “preach their own gospel”. It is rumored they have huge underground vaults for their gold.

    Donate heavily so that mankind can be controlled further if that is your belief, or to help pay for your own families enslavement, if you believe you can buy your way into a better afterlife. May God and the religions of mankind Bless You for using your freewill for something you believe is GOOD anyway!

  • Kat Day

    Perverse, sorry dears the article propagates perversity.

    There is a lot of wisdom in the tale as this is similar to
    the trauma based programming of human neurons, similar to the satanic US gov
    experiment of MK Ultra as they have taken a cue from their master. What the tale means is that it was Adam who
    was the centre of the way earth’s creatures functioned and he was appointed at
    the top of hierarchy. Everything evolved
    round his consciousness. Once his neurons got poisoned a proverbial extra atom
    was added to the human consciousness and the rules on the earth started to
    alter similarly, i.e. good and bad became equal partners in running of this
    universe. This is the best philosophical explanation as to why things are as
    they are now. It requires a very good deep understanding.

  • John Cook

    Absolutely brilliant article! Even as a child I intuitively knew that the eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge could not have been a Bad thing. After all it was the tree of knowledge, not the tree of false knowledge or lies. Later I saw it as the coming into consciousness of man – no longer an animal we had to plot our own course henceforth. Julian takes it further, integrating symbols from advanced knowledge developed by religions infinitely superior to the primitive Tribal dogma of ‘Christianity’.
    BTW I think that the religion of Christ would have been a force for good instead of the evil it actually engenders if only someone hadn’t been permitted to smuggle the ugly poison of the ‘Old Testament’ into it.

  • zloppolz

    ¿¿ “The Original Sin – A Myth Whose Time is Up” ??

    Guilty you are of breathing out. Pay your Carbon Taxes.

  • john smith

    ” Something which Neil Armstrong was told to say while getting out of a papier-mache lunar capsule constructed and filmed in Pinewood studios, London in 1969.” give me a break! so….. we did not go to the moon? conspiracies are everywhere……

    • David Fiske

      I agree, when I read that I gave up reading.

  • BDBinc

    Bla bla bla agent Sir Rose.
    Sin is to miss the mark.

    • Veri Tas


      • john smith

        ….meaning that this discourse is so darn useless: it presents a myth – or a series of myths – to cover another myth, thus it is blah, blah, blah…..

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