Medical Marijuana Legalized on Entire Continent of Australia

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…will the US be next?

Australia’s population is roughly 23 million – while the US has approximately 318 million potential medical marijuana patients. All the same – lawmakers in the country have just legalized medical marijuana for the entire country, with a vote made by the Australian Parliament last Wednesday.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Senate lawmakers have officially put their seal of approval on amendments to the Narcotic Drugs Act, which, in turn, will engender the creation of an authority to oversee the licensing of cannabis farms and the nationwide distribution of medical marijuana products. People will be allowed to grow their own medicinal marijuana from Perth to Melbourne to Queensland near the Great Barrier Reef.

Minister for Health Sussan Ley said in a statement:

“This is an historic day for Australia and the many advocates who have fought long and hard to challenge the stigma around medicinal cannabis products so genuine patients are no longer treated as criminals. This is the missing piece in a patient’s treatment journey, and [we] will now see seamless access to locally produced medicinal cannabis products from farm to pharmacy.”

The details of legalization are still being worked out by the nation’s federal government, but patients with a valid prescription will have access to both purchase and grow their own cannabis products. Specific types of marijuana that will be allowed are still being discussed, with an initial crop being expected to be planted within months.

Lucy Haslam launched a campaign to legalize medical marijuana in Australia, after her son, Daniel, died last year from bowel cancer.

When petitioning Parliament to reform the nation’s marijuana laws, Haslam told lawmakers that she used cannabis to control the nausea and vomiting her son experienced as a result of chemotherapy treatments.

Haslam said after hearing Parliament’s decision:

“[Daniel] would really be at peace today. He didn’t want to die…but it would give him peace to know this is going to help so many Australians. I think he’d be proud.”

There will be regulatory issues to overcome, as well as a learning curve for physicians who are not well versed in prescribing pot, but allowing cannabis use for medical patients for an entire continent – that’s an example the US could surely stand to follow.

Australian lawmakers say they are fully prepared to reintroduce legislation in the future to address any issues that may arise from legalizing medical marijuana.



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  • Jerry Cook

    Bogus misleading article!
    FROM FARM TO PHARMACY (controlling govt minister/secretary Sussan Ley) is for Big Pharma only, nothing else, not home grow or dispensaries using the whole plant. No flowers or seeds for sale, just partial help pills & sprays that can never work as good as the whole natural plant. No profits for BP in whole plant cures or use (does not suit their work process for profits), just plant parts or synthetics for poor results & long use. Its not for general use home growing or dispensaries. Read the whole new law. Any growing permits & licensing is set for Big Pharma only, approved or not by Secretary Sussan Ley only.

    Any user from any source that drives in NSW is not tested for impairment, just for having it in the system even long after use, and is then busted for it with hefty fines & loss of drivers license, and is then targeted for more busts.
    Try growing it..good chance to be busted. The politicians & police are on a rampage to bust people for cannabis here right now…”YOU WILL NOT ESCAPE” they proclaim. A local town court, Lismore, is swamped with 50-70 busts a week. Helicopter raids & police squads just did a major crop & bust exercise. Does that sound legal to you?
    The plant is a long way from legal in Australia, so far..even if from BP who can now sell their versions only..and you can still be busted for that on the road with “random testing”, no probable cause or warrants. Even hemp seed as food is is sold in few places..”not for human consumption”..and that too can end in a bust.

    Your title & article is far from fact! Again, read the new law!

    • Luke

      In places like California, where you need a licence to grow, they are getting rid of small farmers. Government(Corporations) is raiding small farms that are legally growing but are “breaking code” aka doing nothing wrong. It’s becoming a monopoly. New York is the next state, allowing only 5 medical licences to grow. It is multi-billion dollar companies, Investing in a multi-billion dollar industry that is the fastest growing industry of all-time, controlling everything once again with the backing of the U.S government. It fascism at its finest. I like it to become legal but only allowed to grow it, no buying or selling of the herb. Its giving more power to the 1%. That idea is going to translate to most countries. Like you said Farm to Pharmacy.

  • Griz Hart

    well I live in Australia and it’s the first i’ve heard of it being made legal…. sure there has been discussion…. but that’s as far as it’s gone…this jumps the gun , but then it’s media and made for entertainment huh…

    • Linda

      First I heard of it too. I live in New Zealand….. We are hoping and trying to get the law changed, but it feels like a long road. My sister died of cancer – she was living in Hawaii at the time and in the latter stages of her illness she was given medical marijuana…. The difference it made was HUGE…. I saw it with my own eyes. She was happy, the nausea went…. Please let us wake up!

  • John Chard

    “People will be allowed to grow their own medicinal marijuana from Perth to Melbourne to Queensland near the Great Barrier Reef.” Can you tell me where did you read that people can grow their own medical pot.

    • Veri Tas

      The article did mention that only those with a valid prescription will be permitted to grow some at home.

  • BadClown

    ‘Dem Aussies should takes MORE leads from Canada!

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