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10 Basic New Age Deceptions and How to Correct Them

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Editor’s Note: This list was gathered and collated by Brendan D. Murphy with kudos to Mark Passio, Tim McClew for the distillation, and Juliet J. Carter.

“Real compassion kicks butt and takes names and is not pleasant on certain days. If you are not ready for this FIRE, then find a new-age, sweetness and light, perpetually smiling teacher and learn to relabel your ego with spiritual sounding terms. But, stay away from those who practice REAL COMPASSION, because they will fry your ass, my friend.” – Ken Wilber

Mark Passio’s 10 Basic New Age Deceptions

1. Ignore the “Negative”

The notion that you make things worse by focusing on negative issues is false. Ignoring negative issues, like ignoring symptoms of an illness, only serves to make the issues worse. Refusing to look at critical information, just because it makes you uncomfortable, is willfully choosing a state of ignorance—to remain un-conscious.

Correction: Seeing the negativity for what it is creates an ability to steel oneself against its harmful effects and perhaps avoid them entirely.

2. Never Get Angry

“No one should ever get angry, it’s an emotion that needs to be purged from your system.”

Correction: While non-righteous and unchanneled anger is counter-productive to individual development and collective efforts to bring about collective change, righteous indignation can be a major motivation to create positive change in the world. If you are not outraged by what’s happening around you, you are not paying attention—you are unconscious.

3. It’s All One, So it’s All Good

Many New Agers tout concepts such as Right & Wrong as “dualistic” and therefore invalid. They try to convince us that EVERYTHING is OK because “we’re all one.” This is dangerous moral relativism.

Correction: “Conscience” literally means: “to know together”, to have “common sense”. It is the knowledge of the objective difference between “right” and “wrong.” We live in duality, Spirit is NOT superior to Matter—and it is NOT all good.

4. You Can Never Really Know

New Age Solipsism: The ideology that knowledge of anything outside of one’s own mind is unsure, there cannot be an objective reality and nothing can be truly known.

Correction: Perception is NOT reality: our work is to align the two. Solipsism is a defining hallmark of spiritual infancy. Departing from this diseased ideology is a sure-fire sign of the beginnings of human maturity and spiritual development.

5. Accept Injustice, Never Resist

The abuse of meditation and yoga. The New Age Movement has been distorting these practices into means to take people’s minds off the fact that they have been enslaved, and make it easy for them to accept the current condition of the world as their lot in life. “Never take action to try and change the things that are wrong with this world.”

Correction: Meditation’s correct purpose is rebalancing the left/right balance in the brain. Yoga’s proper purpose is to help us discover what our TRUE WORK is, and to motivate us to DO IT. Start saying “No.” The correct use of “force” is NOT the same as “violence.”

6. A Watered-Down Law of Attraction

The New Age variant of the Law of Attraction is largely based in the modality of Service-to-Self.
Correction: Natural Law: The REAL Law of Attraction is a system of Universal, non-man-made, binding and immutable conditions that govern the consequences of behavior. It is Service to Truth, not Self. We co-create our reality in harmony with Natural Law.

7. Turning the Other Cheek (it evens out the scars!)

The false notion of unconditional forgiveness.

Correction: True forgiveness does NOT mean continuing to excuse the willful commission of wrong-doing an infinite number of times. That is naiveté at best, and complicity with evil at worst. We must stand up for our beliefs and NOT tolerate the harmful actions of others.

8. Chaos Should Be Feared

If I give up my freedoms, then I’ll be safe. The current Control & Slavery system is about limitation of Free Will, of aspiration, through the destruction of possibility: the Death of Imagination.

Correction: Bridging the Divide: True freedom includes infinite possibility, which, by definition, includes the possibility of Chaos. This must be embraced without Fear if we are to be truly Free.  “Anarchy” does not mean chaos: it means “No Rulers, no Masters.” We need to stop believing in “Authority.”

9. We Must Feel Good all the Time

We innately want to be comfortable, and this is played upon by our rulers, who constantly distract us with more and more ways to insulate ourselves from reality.

Correction: The Truth of the current human condition SHOULD make us feel uncomfortable. This is called awareness, consciousness. We should use that discomfort to motivate ourselves to create REAL CHANGE in the world through our ACTIONS.

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The latter procedure, however, is disagreeable and therefore not popular.” —Carl Jung

10. Truth Doesn’t Need to be Defended

Never confront anyone on their bullshit (even though it is harming people). There is no need to defend truth.

Correction: WE are the vehicles by which Truth operates in the world. Wrongdoers should be held to account. A different reality can be spoken into existence by us, if we care enough to learn the Truth, and then develop the Courage and the Will to defend it at all costs.

Summarised from Mark’s Youtube presentations which you can find here

Final Thoughts

“That which can be destroyed by the truth should be.”—P. C. Hodgell

“When you discovered the damaging affect of fluoride and you shared that information are you judging…yes…because judgement is an element of evaluation. The whole pseudo-spiritual yoga kirton pick-n-mix CULTure is toxic…it dovetails perfectly with the I’m-all-right-jack creed of the rainbow fascists and positive police who would have you believe that smoothies, yoga, permaculture, recycling and chanting the names of trendy Hindu gods…are all you need to put the brakes on the ever escalating apocalypse we find ourselves in. Whatever you do, don’t mention genocide or pedophilia or any number of global deceptions in their company. Any reference to Aliens or the moon will be the nail in the coffin of your reputation amongst their circle.” – Juliet J. Carter

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  • hem

    Um…. then what are you? Cause when us Christians say New Ager. We mean you! Anybody that talks about the “cosmic consciousness” is labeled a New Ager. Including but not limited to New Thought people, as well.

    • Ron Kramer

      Funny, Christianity was created as a form of social engineering by the Romans (the first Pope being a Caesar), then in the 1900’s it was decided by the powers that be that in order to have a one world government, patriotic isolationist philosophies would have to be done away with. Christianity and family values became a target as they were the core of the social structure or old world order, though they still use the remaining Christians and patriots as tools of support for attacking non-Christians.
      The sixties psychedelic movement and multiculturalism was engineered by the ‘powers that be’ through the CIA which they have controlled since it’s inception.
      I know, it sounds crazy ‘why would they start a movement against themselves and their war in Viet Nam?’. The answer is, as attributed to Joseph Stalin “The best way to control the opposition is to be the opposition”. Divide and conquer, out of the chaos that they engineer, they offer their solutions toward a new world order. Anyhow, the original Viet Nam war protesters were clean cut college kids, when the freaks started joining in the protests they were suspected of being CIA agents.
      So, Christianity is just an old New Age Movement. Not that there is no value in it, faith in divinity, motivation for keeping families together and the contemplation of eternity are worthy and up-lifting endeavors.

  • Eileen Douglas

    I am not a New Ager, however, I am a New Thought minister which is vastly different. While I do agree with some of the arguments and basically agree with them, there is an overall feeling of anger in the piece. I wonder if the author feels he has been wounded by New Age advocates?

    • Ron Kramer

      Many have been wounded or at the very least, misdirected and used.

  • Truth is known and felt and extended and reflected and shared in the heart and while the mind follows and serves the heart – they are one movement.
    When truth’s forms are asserted in proscriptive and self serving sense of righteousness – they become subverted to a hateful or loveless agenda – because they are framed over and against others being wrong.
    Such adulterations arise from dealing or trading in ‘truths’ or claiming identity by association.
    Wherever you have been and whatever you have become is as valid and integral to where you are now as anywhere you will ever go or could ever become. When you invalidate your past or another who represents it to you – you are invalidating yourself.

    Anti-new age deceptions are the same old deceit. Just be alert for the signs of deceit – for there are always the fruits that reflect the roots – and a self assertive righteousness is not the correction of mistaken identity.

    Self-honesty is not bolstered by the dis-integrity of others. But the dis-integrity of others can trigger a deeper discernment of why this reflection or synchronicity is manifesting to any negative (dis-integrative) outcome in me. What judgements (invalidations) am I holding upon myself here that are triggered by meeting this situation?

    The personality level has much beneath its presented face that is hateful; the urge to assert self upon and usurp Life to serve it own image or concept. However, the only way to correct that is to look upon it without recoil or judgement – and the correction is the release of identification with image and concept so as to be open in the presence and spontaneity of Life. The extension of such presence occurs automatically and unselfconsciously to ‘bless all involved’ because it is not the nature of blessing to withhold itself. The re-assertion of inverted thinking is the basis for covering the light – and so the blessing is not being wholly accepted and received if it does not fruit!

    Love transforms everything. But the usurpation of love denies recognition of wholeness in everything. Where you don’t recognize yourself, are judgements held that you want to be true. Until you change your mind about your mind.

  • BadClown
  • Defiant

    Hilarious that some folks needed this article to tell them that those…items…are just a crock of BS!

  • J James

    “Perception is NOT reality: our work is to align the two.” This article fails to describe what “true” reality is.

    One clue though: this list is but one version of it and it may only be true for the author (which it also seems to be subscribed to by others as indicated in the beginning of the post).

  • idontknow

    Spirit was before matter , matter is the work in progress from regress , uhhmm polarity yes/no, what governs the consequences of your behavior is what YOU think about your behavior, who determines how YOU feel about your actions? your natural laws and facts? Self is truth , Help yourself and then you’ll know how to help others because we are ONE! SELF SERVICE ALL THE WAY; ‘LUCIFER’!!!! HAND ME YOUR LIGHT SAVER!

    • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk


      • idontknow

        YEA, the fall, universal laws, evolution ,mind control via beliefs on true nature of reality, lucifer=light bringing(could enlightenment be found in lucifer)??? if people threw away their bible programme , we’re rebelling jst like lucifer ironic isnt it how liberating that would be…yet its what ‘the designers’ made us fear the most..who knows?

  • Barking Shark

    The light and spirituality is all good and well as long as it doesnt lead to inaction, the darkness is a product of the light because without the concept of light there cannot be the concept of darkness, i for one doesnt like problems, they tick me off and thus i will solve them in whatever way i find the most fitting for the situation.

    You could sweep the dirt under the carpet but that doesnt change the fact that the dirt is still there even if you cant see it anymore, eventually someone will have to deal with it, if you want something done well you have to do it yourself, if you got time to bullshit about stuff that happens in the world, you got time to act to solve the bullshit aswell.

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