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Citizens as Collateral Damage in the Geoengineering War on Planet Earth

ChemtrailV. Susan Ferguson, Contributor
Waking Times

The American people are beginning to realize that the ‘Land of the Free’ is no more and has been taken over by a corporatist global regime that cares nothing about us. We do not benefit from this dreadful American Empire that only serves the 1% and most of us never wanted. Not only has the corporatist regime used the privately owned Federal Reserve banking system to decimate the middle class here in the United States and impoverish the rest, it also appears to be using the American population as ‘collateral damage’ in its geoengineering industry that has in fact been in effect for 60 years.

The people beneath the toxic aerosol ‘chemtrail’ spraying that is raining down on us every day as part of Operation Cloverleaf are seen as expendable by the corporatist state which conducts ongoing programs implemented by the military industrial complex, among which are electronic warfare, climate control and weather manipulation.

Profits of Doom

Geoengineering is highly profitable for the corporations said to be involved, like Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing. The Guardian UK has reported that Bill Gates has put millions into funding geoengineering techniques, such as spraying the stratosphere with sulphate to block the sunlight. Many climate scientists are beginning to agree that geoengineering is only making the world’s climate far worse. Heating the ionosphere and spraying the skies with toxic aerosols is blatant interference in our planet’s delicate balance, and there is increasing evidence overhead spraying is making people, children & the elderly in the USA, Europe and the world weak & slowly sick as the immune system is attacked daily with aluminum, barium, strontium, and the very weird Morgellons.

Morgellons Fibers

Morgellons Fibers

The corporatist global regime agenda is also in control of America’s foreign policy, which does not serve the American people, benefitting instead the giant multinational corporations who use our tax dollars, while they are sheltering themselves with complicated tax exemptions. The demonic financial wizardry of algorithmic fast-trading has all but destroyed the middle class, and financial collapse has already left millions unemployed and desperate.

The Death of Our Oceans, Air and Land

The corporatist global regime agenda is ruining life for everyone except the 1% with their insane compulsion for power and global domination. Their insane globalist ambition to rule the planet is destroying the environmental health of our oceans, air and land. The global multinational corporations are abolishing traditional law and replacing it with corporate law, for example the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, are being rendered impotent with secretive trade agreements like the WTO, the TPP, and AFRICOM that over-ride national sovereignty, and protect only corporate shareholders.

In a recent interview Craig Hulet says that corporatism has no ideology, meaning they don’t care about fascism, democracy, etc. They have an empire that they own. The new world order is now called ‘The Global Regime of Economic Interdependence’ and it’s here now — and it’s “what’s bombing people everywhere.” Hulet remarks that the Pentagon’s new 1200 page war manual, entitled ‘Department of Defense Law of War Manual,’ is “basically a blueprint to suspend sovereignty and constitutional rule throughout the world including here in the USA.” Hulet says that the document is full of legal language that portends a future where, “the Pentagon will dictate to countries what they can and cannot do, enforced by military might.”

Corporate Mercenaries

Our military no longer exists to protect our borders, which are being overwhelmed with young men of unknowable origin that are said to be wanted as military recruits to fight in these endless foreign wars. Our military is being used by the corporations for their self-serving greed to confiscate resources around the planet with the aid of what is little more than debt thievery from the IMF and Goldman Sachs.

Paul Craig Roberts has been warning the world that the Neoconservatives in power in Washington DC are just crazy enough to start WWIII and even use nuclear strikes. Are the psychopathic control-freak 1% monsters — who are reported to have extensive underground bases to hide in —pushing the entire world toward WWIII? We can’t let them do that. Time to wake-up!

“When Self-knowledge declines then ignorance prevails, causing fear. Ghost-like it appears, assuming specific names and forms in the most terrible manner.

This world, non-existent on its own, is terrible like an infernal city. Such is the way the all-pervading Lord mysteriously did make appear the whole universe.”

– Narayana Guru, Darshana Mâlâ I.7 & 8; Complete Works, translated by Muni Narayana Prasad

About the Author

V. Susan Ferguson is the author of Inanna Returns, Inanna Hyper-Luminal; her own commentary on the Bhagavad Gita and the Shiva Sutras; and Colony Earth & the Rig Veda. Her website is Metaphysical Musing.


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  • Padraigin Eagle

    Bill at The Gates: Denizens of the Rotchild varietal, red shields in the sunset, blue skies hardly ever yet.

    Just ask the South African farmers, 5000 plus white farmers killed since 1994 (the end of apartheid, the beginning of aparthate) via orchestrated land based attacks, murder most foul their reward for feeding the nation, orchestrated geoengineered aerial assault now well established, livestock and crops in rapid decline, drought the result of incessant spraying down the line, Agenda 21 by another name, who needs farmers when Monsanto and friends rule this insane toxic game, but then who needs people when the Cabal prefers 500 million or so over which to reign, compliant chipped slaves entrained and contained.

  • AntiLieGuy

    This is lies! The chemtrails sprayed every day globally are hiding Planet X and anyone saying anything different or censoring this post is an evil POS lying government criminal that belongs at the end of a rope! The day of the next false flag using a nuke and blamed on Iran is the day amerikka-the-stupid will be exterminated by Russia, China and the SCO.

  • AntiLieGuy

    This is lies! The toxic chemtrails sprayed every day globally are hiding Planet X! The day of the next false flag using a nuke and blamed on Iran is the day amerikka will be nuked and invaded by Russia, China and the SCO. This is the war of Armageddon and you can know it is now because of Planet X which will end the war. All your politicians are completely evil, treasonous lizards — they are not human!

  • Awake And Aware

    Could you please stop referring to articles like this as an American problem. In the first sentence, just take out the word American, because this is a global threat and all people on this planet are being affected by geoengineering, not just America. We are in South Africa and we are sprayed daily too and people here too are awaking daily to it.

    • Gaia

      This truly is a global problem. The ONLY way for needed change to happen is for people worldwide to band together and take this genocide on.

      • Eileen Kuch

        Nailed it!!!!!

      • PhoenixSunFireWarriorPrincess

        Stop purchasing the products of the globalists. Cut off their life-blood = = MONEY!

  • Pete

    I get to it again, I done it before many a time, people are not listening! STOP PAYING TAX. Try anything and everything to get out of paying tax! Let me put this (again) in simple terms, so people understand (hopefully) this time.
    After you have worked hard for a month and finally get payed, I come around and tell you that you have to pay me 50% of what you have earned, would you tell me where to go? Yes you would tell me to get and get F1U2C3K4E5D, and rightfully so. So why do you keep on giving your Hard Earned Money to the Government? Duh! Give it up folks, they do nothing for you, so why should you do something for them? Start doing things for yourself!!!!!

    • BDBinc

      The debt slaves are not listening?
      Its shocking the level of deep subconscious mind conditioning the Empire’s corporation( govt) has done over hundreds of years to get billions of non thinking, obedient debt slaves. All willingly paying their taxes( and voting) not knowing that tax goes to the private banksters and keeps them in debt slavery, believing tax goes to the bankster created dependency on social welfare and “public education” …. education (the irony- hahaha?!).

      The empire has always ruled america and there has not been a state of freedom.
      The usa govt is a corporation.
      The military has always been funded to protect the Crown interests.
      Now is the time that people are seeing this and the madness of the system.

  • BDBinc

    It was always run by the empire( never independent), its just now so many people can see it and don’t believe the govt lies.
    Its not the puppet politicians( Bush Clinton Obama ) that decided on ww3 but “Washington” the military industrial arm of the empire and the consent by silence and ignorance in the ongoing war as this consent and belief in ww3 “West vs East” just supports their war machine/ terrorism creation.
    The Crown’s “Washington” military was always set up as a FORCE to support their power against the people, to govern through their Corporations (govts).
    The global military( France, usa,Russia Turkey, Israel etc) are all mercenaries, their current function is not to protect their nation. They are also acting as terrorists invading & bombing countries killing civilians for the Crown banksters.

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