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Waiting For God?

Waiting for God
Julian Rose, Contributor
Waking Times

After the recent carnage in France, the Dalai Lama was asked what should be done concerning such atrocities on this planet, and if he thought people should pray for Paris? This statement formed the central part of his answer:

“We cannot solve this problem only through prayers. I am a Buddhist and I believe in praying. But humans have created this problem, and now we are asking God to solve it. It is illogical. God would say, solve it yourself because you created it in the first place.”

So fundamental is the truth behind this response that it should serve to eradicate any doubts left lingering in the minds of those who believe that only divine intervention can save them – or indeed the planet – from whatever it is the that threatens to overwhelm both.

I am not a Buddhist, but if that is a central tenet of the Buddhist philosophy, then all power to the practitioners!  The Dalai Lama’s proclamation is rooted in deep common sense, and deep common sense surpasses religious belief and faith. It is a missing link in this world of virtual reality smoke and mirrors, in which far too many seem to feel that anybody ‘but them’ should take responsibility for helping to re-set the life-direction of this beleaguered planet.

In a vague sort of way many individuals appear to be waiting for some one, or thing, to make the decisions they don’t want to make. To take the steps they don’t want to take. To intervene and make things OK.

For others, the unwillingness to take responsibility often equates with the belief that life is essentially composed of random and chaotic events that have little or no meaning and no connection with each other. For these members of the human race, taking responsibility involves some sort of attempt to create an order, but a purely homophobic one. Strictly man made. Not a reflection of any all pervading cosmic order. Definitely not ‘as above so below’ – more simply ‘as below’ full stop!

Of these two lineages, the most deceitful is the first. The one which continuously shifts responsibility onto a third party and then seeks refuge in a higher power. Seeks solace in the fact that ‘another’ will surely sort-out the problems one has brought upon one’s self or the planet, by refusing to take a stand. This attitude constitutes a singular failing within much of human kind. Mainly, as the Dalai Lama so clearly states, due to the sheer illogicality of adopting such a position in the first place.

Yet disowning the need to participate in making change is widespread; as is the “there is no higher power/God” position. Between them, they probably account for the majority living in Western style ‘democracies’ and maybe a similar percentage in other regimes.

So where does this refusal to accept ‘response-ability’ have its inception? This unwillingness to acknowledge and act on one’s innate ability to respond to that which clearly demands a response?

For thousands of years the planet has been in the grip of top-down controlling regimes, many of which have been quite ruthless in maintaining their authority. Even with the advent of ‘democracies’, elitist, top-down political structures remain the norm. The only exception to the power seeking self interests common to both, are benign dictatorships in which wise and compassionate individuals have supported the wider socio-economic and cultural interests of their nations. There is another one: the tribal peoples of the world who acknowledge the wisdom of the tribal elders and maintain a close association with the natural environment. A position which is also common to almost all genuinely agrarian communities.

For the rest, however, life has been mostly about surviving under an insidious and persistent form of top-down repression, essentially lasting for millennia.

Of course, those who, by one means or another, managed to develop and maintain links with the ruling classes, life was probably quite bearable or even good. But they learned that one has to play  one’s cards astutely. And then to accept the consequences, which involved living a kind of pretend existence in which obeisance to the master can never be dropped.

With the rise of organised religion, the down-trodden people found solace in the idea that a benign god could lighten their load, and that obeisance to this heavenly master offered some escape – at least for the mind – from the impositions of their earthly masters. The church let it be known that only this god could bring the greater change so many desired.  Thus under this regime, people were once again absolved from the need to make the change happen themselves.

Where within this picture I have painted, is there any opening for the rise of an enlightened faction willing and able to ‘take responsibility for helping set  a new direction for life on this planet’?

It seems to me that the odds were stacked against the sort of liberation of spirit that could achieve this form of break-through. Where it was perhaps possible, for instance during the European Renaissance period, it was the artists who had gained favour with the aristocrats which led to the explosion of light, colour and form symptomatic of that period. But little or nothing was done to help spark a revolution for the emancipation of the people. Many artists, who were best placed to stir the sparks of a greater action, retreated into ivory towers, concentrating their concerns on their own creative endeavours. Does that sound familiar?

Thus it seems likely to be the case that we have no genuine precedent for what is now called for.

That the reason why so few ‘take responsibility’, beyond fulfilling the functions of daily life, is because for millennia, it simply wasn’t something ‘people did’.

It was the job of the masters, both secular and religious, to set the agenda and for everyone else to follow. The church introduced its own form of hierarchy and berated the people for their non conformist sins. Cajoling millions into believing that the authority of a highly judgemental ‘God’ must be respected if they wanted to avoid going in the wrong direction after death.

The church thus misinterpreted the teachings of Jesus Christ and declared that ‘The Divine’ is separate from the human and that one’s duty is to pray and to remain passive, even in times of crisis.

Millions of congregations around the planet have been encouraged to believe that the Messiah will return and offer salvation to all those of a pious nature and humble mind. And that, in the meantime, there is nothing much they could or should do other than pray for forgiveness and remain obedient God and Government fearing citizens.

That largely remains the case today, even if the sources of influence have changed somewhat. So we should not be surprised to find that it’s only the few who stand-up to face the various crises besetting this planet. It is still only the few who seem able to take genuine response-ability and to manifest intention and action.

‘Waiting for God’ is not how most would describe their affliction of passivity and disinterest in challenging the status quo. Yet, the symptoms of this sickness are pretty much identical with those of former years.

The ‘waking-up’ of the human race is contingent upon recognising the truth that “humans have created this problem, and now we are asking God to solve it. It is illogical. God would say, solve it yourself because you created it in the first place” (Dalai Lama).

God would surely be correct. There is no other way forward. But once we do take this step, the greater universal powers spring to our aid, revealing that after all we do possess divine powers and do not need to get permission from some authority to use them.

But in the meantime, the universal higher powers feel obliged to fill the vacuum left by a distracted and dumbed-down humanity. To save the planet from absolute destruction by wilful acts of psychotic madness that are almost a daily occurrence at this time.

Isn’t it time to give them a break?

A New Year dawns. 2016, the year of giving back. The year of offering replenishment and nourishment to the Source which has unstintingly provided for us millennia after millennia.  Time to show that we have it in us to enhance rather than destroy the gift of life that we have inherited. Time to take our creator by the hand and proudly reveal the emergent powers of all that is innately divine and determined about we humans. Let us honour His ecstatic vision of the glorious and turn it into reality!

The time of waiting for God to act is long passed, lost in the mists of time. The moment of rising to our own godliness is upon us. No more fruitless longing. The Messiah is Here and Now. We are    his progeny, reborn as glowing lights in the midst of darkness and war. Casting aside the swaddling clothes of old. Rising up, emergent, co-creators in a perfect storm of healing creativity.

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Julian Rose is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, international activist and author. Contact Julian at to find out more.

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  • Meter

    That we are the creators is always a good reminder, yet your turning this simple teaching into a sermon on responsibility is of questionable value. Haven’t you noticed that your approach is not working? Do you see your own negativity?

    Since when are people not being responsible? I see them being responsible all the time. They are responsible for aggression and destruction and oppression. They work very hard at it, make no mistake. They believe in it deeply, and devote great energies to it. If you merely seek to create something else, you will feel their ‘being responsible’ in the form of powerful resistance.

    People are happy with the way things are. That’s why they are the way they are. As soon as people aren’t happy with them, they will change. No sermon or pushing needed. It’s simply a natural flow.

    I think your real issue is that you just can’t believe that people really want aggression and destruction and oppression. You mistake their whining for their will. Yet if you get to know them well, in the conduct of their daily lives, you will see it is true. You also seem to doubt just how self-correcting such behavior is in the long run.

    Using fear to frighten people into change simply doesn’t work. It’s not vision. Perhaps instead of going on about why we must change, change, change everything, perhaps you should share your vision of the perfect world, and how to arrive there sooner rather than later.

    Overall I see many people complaining, but little vision or passion shared. This is the whining ego, ever complaining, yet never wanting to really let go of its problems, because they are the self.

    > This attitude constitutes a singular failing within much of human kind.

    No, that is a judgment. It simply represents an arbitrary choice. Yes, people do choose to be cruel, and all the other things you don’t like seeing reflected in the world. Yet the human world is merely a perfect reflection of the human will, as you yourself said. It’s not failing or broken. It’s merely an arbitrary collective choice. And it will change. Everything does. Ego will not stop intelligence from arising; it is an emergent property of life. Ego will have to adjust (just what it has been fearing).

    Your frustration with the slowness of your neighbor is not convincing. Is he in the way of you walking forward? Yet it’s always good to remember that we are the world. I agree there is no external ‘God’ that is going to override our creation. The God I know always says, “What would you like to create with me now?”

  • againstcorporaterule

    This article is on a great track until it gets to the part about “misinterpreting the teachings of Jesus Christ” and then it gets sucked right back into the lie and becomes the exact same fool it claims to want to help.

    They control both sides! Jesus was a fictitious character created by the ancient Roman elite to keep the population under control, and it has been working out well for the elites for 2 thousand years now…

    Please, somebody at Waking Times, check out Joseph Atwill’s ‘Caesar’s Messiah’ -the documentary film is the best!!! As well as John Lash’s 2006 expose on the origins of Christianity, called ‘Not In His Image,’ and it will all make so much more sense.

    • Julian

      Thanks for the advice – May or may not be a ‘myth’ but some myths pack at least as much power as ‘realities’ – and the main point is that it was the church which preached pacivity in the face of authority control.

  • BDBinc

    Merry Censorship.

  • Victor Gagnon

    Very good article and a great response from J James.
    Like many of you I have looked in so many directions and many times I think there is no hope for this world, this planet.
    Since the Bush administration religion has been up front mixing religion openly with politics and now religion seems to control politics again and so again justification to kill comes in the hidden message its about our safety or its Gods will. Fear. Gods will for killing has been used as a justification for war for thousands of years when none know what or who God is. The answer is simply to blame someone else and not take responsibility.
    I admire all those like Waking Times who puts out this information, these opinions for me and others are there to dissect for ourselves. There is so much on the internet today and it is a powerful tool because it encompasses the world. All one one has to do is filter out the BS over the real and I might suggest that one does this by understanding their own belief system first and keeping an open mind to everything. There is so much stuff on spirituality that where does one start? What does one believe? So whatever change means to any of you than just do it.
    I believe an answer that is now going around the internet these days which is simply a message asking us if we would like for the Aliens to simply show up. Whether you believe in Aliens or not the message to simply think on your own to say yes or no. Thats free will. I ask what does one have to loose. You get to vote and nobody knows your vote but if you want change this maybe an opportunity to put up or shut up. I am told they will just show up and do nothing but show themselves in their crafts. I believe that just showing up will crush the worlds belief systems as we know them. Will there be chaos you bet there will be. Do we not have chaos now with ongoing killings of human beings and the destruction of our planet. Do we wish to simply talk about it like we always do or do want to be part of a really change. I say bring it on.
    I have been reading sites like these for years with similar articles talking about the same thing over and over again with different opinions and that is always good. Somethings are being done by many groups but now these need groups need our help, a push.Again the status quo is not working and we all know that so ask yourself what do we have to loose by simply wanting Aliens to show up and no one absolutely no one will know your vote.
    Do you think its worth it.
    Well simply another man’s opinion. Thank you

  • J James

    It is classic disempowerment in the perpetuated belief paradigm of praying to an outside entity to “save us” from individual and collective mind dysfunctionality. We gladly give-up our self-control to religions because we have been conditioned to do so for centuries. Much of this is due to blind faith because we have very little knowledge as well as very little desire to understand the real sources of our pain and suffering. We feel that all the answers to our problems are “out there,” either in the religions themselves or in the deities they preach when, in fact, the answers we seek are already within each of us.

    The problem is further complicated due to the nearly infinite “ways” or concepts that others have developed or concocted with the specific intention to “help” others find their answers – almost always for some remuneration – which greatly muddles and even distorts our problems because we simply trade old dysfunctioning beliefs systems with shiny new dysfunctioning belief systems.

    Some people are actually aware of the games supposed “spiritualists” play and while there may be some nuggets of insight that are actually helpful, they are aware enough to use such insights as stepping stones in building their own individualistic life path rather than simply falling for the illusions of others and thus following the paths of others.

    Another aspect to consider is “herd mentality” or “safety in numbers” analogy that is deeply ingrained in the human species as a survival mechanism to thwart rejection and abandonment. Most everyone desires to be connected to other human beings and many of us often go along with the crowd rather than be seen as someone truly unique – for often the risk of rejection is simply far too painful to bear, irrespective of whatever our truest purpose in life is calling us to do.

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    To paraphrase Lao Tsu: a Buddhist who says he is a Buddhist is not a Buddhist.

  • BDBinc

    Methinks you should stick to theater & GMO agent of the Crown Sir Julian Rose.

    Humanity waking up does NOT depend on them playing the “self blame game ” for the “problems” of the world as that just generates guilt.

    And guilt is what the Crown wants to push forward its NWO Climate change=fake green pseudo environmentalist agenda.

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