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Tracing the Occult Origins of Christmas

Christmas Occult

Makia Freeman, Contributor
Waking Times

Is Christmas really magic mushroom, sun and Saturn worship in disguise?

Christmas has come around again, and as we all scurry about hanging lights and stars everywhere, and adorning our trees with red and white ornaments, how many of us reflect on the occult origins of Christmas? How many of us realize that this merry festival has roots, in fact, in ancient traditions of magic mushrooms, Saturn worship and sun worship? Today’s Christmas is truly a hodgepodge of ancient rituals and celebrations, with roots as far back as 4000 years to the Mesopotamians. This is not surprising, for Christianity itself is a borrowed religion, built on top of previous Coptic (Egyptian), Mesopotamian and Babylonian religions. Christmas really has nothing to do with the alleged historical birthday of a human called Jesus. Let’s take a look at some of the traditions which have formed Christmas, so we can gain a deeper understanding of its symbolism.


Jesus again pictured in religious artwork with magic mushrooms.

The Christmas-Magic Mushroom Connection

John Allegro was a free-thinking Dead Sea Scrolls scholar and archeologist. In 1970 he wrote a fascinating and highly controversial book entitled The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross, whose subtitle was A Study of the Nature and Origins of Christianity within the Fertility Cults of the Ancient Near East. In it he put forth the unique idea that Christianity was an expression of an ancient cult which worshipped sex and mushrooms. To straight-laced scholars and prim-and-proper Christian apologists, this idea was simply too much for them to contemplate, but Allegro provided an impressive amount of evidence to back his claims.

He showed how the mushroom – specifically the red-and-white magic mushroom Amanita muscaria – came up again and again in Christian art. He explained how the Eucharist – where Christians believe the bread wafer is transformed into the body of Christ – is a re-enactment of the sacred ceremony of ingesting the flesh of the Amanita magic mushroom. Allegro argued that the entire story of the Jesus in the Gospels was a code for the ancient journey of conscious self-exploration, the hallucinogenic “trip”. You can imagine how the majority of people reacted to his “sex-and-mushroom cult” theory in 1970 in England!


Is the Amanita magic mushroom the fabled Holy Grail?

Yet his ideas have merit. James Arthur and others after Allegro further developed the idea of the Christmas-magic mushroom connection. Amanitas are also linked to fertility and sex; they have a sexual appearance, representing both the male and female. At different stages of their growth life cycle, they resemble a phallus, breast and yoni.

It is interesting to note that Jesus pictured in religious artwork with amanita mushrooms around him. Is the red-and-white Santa Claus or St. Nicholas a modern representation of the village shaman who had the knowledge of pharmacopeia? Is the holy grail actually the mature Amanita with its edges curled up? Were Amanitas the source of power and insight for the old ruling class of priests? And perhaps most importantly, what part does the Amanita play in humanity’s origins and the extraterrestrial Annunaki who were mining for “gold”? These are interesting questions to ponder as you decorate your tree in red-and-white with mushroom ornaments this year.

The Christmas-Sun Worship Connection

Thanks to groundbreaking research of investigators like Jordan Maxwell (whose work was the basis of one major segment of the hit movie Zeitgeist), people have begun to become aware of the link between Christmas and sun worship. At its core, the Illuminati and secret societies that run the world are deeply intoblack magic, which, defined, is the use of mostly unseen and unknown forces to gain power and control over others. The Illuminati are black magicians. They utilize certain powers and then, through their control of the media and academia, put out disinformation and lies to prevent people from believing in and accessing those very powers, lest their power base be eroded.


A typical Christian art interpretation of Jesus. Note the sun cross at the back.

Christmas is all about the birth of the “son”. But what if it is actually the birth or rebirth of the “sun”? A sun that goes through a “spring”, ascends to a height (summer solstice), then goes through a “fall” (autumn)? Christianity tells us that Jesus the son is our savior. Yet literally speaking the “sun” is our savior; without the sun there would be little or no life on Earth. So it is only natural that sun worship was practiced by early cultures all over the world, especially in the keys days following the winter solstice, when the sun disappears over the horizon in northern latitudes for 3 days. Jesus was dead for the 3 days. Is this the symbolic “death” of the sun? December 25th is the first day when the son or sun makes his triumphant return. Many people make fun of early religions and brand them as primitive, without actually realizing that Christianity itself has either stolen or built upon (depending on your viewpoint) these exact traditions.

Is it purely a coincidence that the date of Christmas is always December 25th every year, exactly 3 days after the 22nd (or night of the 21st), the date of winter solstice? Is it another coincidence that Jesus is pictured everywhere throughout Christian art on top of a sun cross, showing the sun’s journey through the 4 seasons every year? Is Christmas an elaborate ritual to lure back the “prodigal sun” from death?


There is a Christmas-Saturn worship connection through the ancient festival of Saturnalia.

The Christmas-Saturn Worship Connection

Finally, we come to the Saturn connection. The Christmas-Saturn connection is far from the only connection Saturn has with many modern (dark) activities. Saturn is the ancient roman god of time, harvest, law, tyranny and death. In the ancient Greek pantheon he was Chronos, meaning time, and from which we get words like chronological. For those investigating the global conspiracy, Saturn has particular significance. Why? Because Saturn – and what it represents – is the object of worship of some of the secret societies that are running the planet today. Indeed, the worship of Saturn is a theme running through the priest, the lawyer and the academic classes, as can be seen by the use of gowns and square mortarboards in the color of black – Saturn’s color.

To quote Jordan Maxwell:

“When you graduate from high school you come out processionally with a black robe … and wear the square mortarboard on top of your head. The square mortarboards are, of course, used by the Freemasons for their plaster, so that is why you wear a square mortarboard when you graduate, ultimately becoming an Alumni. It all has to do with Freemasonry; it all has to do with the control of education in this country.”

In the early first centuries A.D., Saturn had a very strong presence in the most powerful city in the world: Rome. Every year from December 17th to 25th, there was a wild, licentious festival in his honor, named Saturnalia. For these 8 days of the year, people would cut loose in a period of utter lawlessness; Roman courts were closed and Roman law dictated that no one could be punished for damaging property or injuring people during the festival. There was widespread intoxication, people running around naked, rape and orgies. There was even human sacrifice – a theme that continues to underly some of the strange, dark rituals practiced by today’s ruling elite at places like Bohemian Grove.

According to some sources, Christmas was invented to compete with the pagan celebrations like Saturnalia, because it was just so popular. It was a successful strategy. Over time, the Church adopted many pagan rituals in their attempt to make Christianity more attractive to converts.

What Does Christmas Mean to You?

Ultimately, we all imbue our lives and activities with our own sense of meaning. You can decide what Christmas means to you. However, it is always good to be aware of the occult origins and hidden symbolism of traditions and events, for as Confucius said, the world is ruled by signs and symbols, not words or law. Symbols communicate directly with our subconscious and guide our lives from behind the scenes, so choose consciously to which things you give your attention and energy.

About the Author

Makia Freeman is the editor of The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at, writing on many aspects of truth and freedom, from exposing aspects of the global conspiracy to suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system of peace and abundance.


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  • David Mowers

    I am saying that Caesar is quoted saying the Celts of Britain worshiped a god who died on a cross, went to heaven and came back to earth named (J)esus.

    It’s an historical fact. It is also a fact that Celtic Druids worshiped this god at trees designed to look like a cross which they called a, “Thau, Tau.”

    I am saying that modern people ignore etymology and linguistics entirely thereby missing key historical evidence such as the Hebrew translation of the Roman god’s name, “Jove.”

    “Jove,” in Hebrew was pronounced, “Yahweh.” -Jupiter is the Hebrew god.

    Christians and Jews ignore history choosing only to hear what they feel reinforces their own beliefs.

    Jesus was an astrological character based on a long line of other more ancient astrological characters. There are plenty of historical debates about the humanizing of Jesus even statements from Catholic bishops that his story was false but was the basis of their wealth and power in the world.

  • David Mowers

    Saturn was circle of heaven long before it was a planet. It is in the name which is Sumerian and translates to, “Revolving blackness.”

    As Kronos he was the swallower of his children IE: At the horizon(where the Egyptians placed the ecliptic plane) his darkness engulfs each child, or star, or planet or constellation named after his children. As Typhon he is depicted with wings that have stars on the inside of them showing him to be the BACKGROUND of space itself containing all the stars and planets.

    You are confusing later interpretations.

    The highest order of being was the highest visible state in all systems. His manifestation as a planet was an ASPECT of his being. As the full God he contains all the ASPECTS of every celestial object in the night time sky. It is this way in Sumerian, Egyptian, Vedic and Chaldean. When you see a being with three heads, one having a crescent, one an eye in the forehead and one a crown you are seeing a representation of a “god,” in three aspects; Sun, Moon, Stars. This means that god can be any one or all of them at once or individually for there is only one god at the core of all religions.

    Chaldeans explained all of this to the Greeks.

  • Hp B
  • David Mowers

    To the ancients Saturn was never a planet. It was the highest manifestation of the heavenly circles. The roots in the word don’t even come from Latin at all as they are a blend of Celtic/Greek and Sumerian.

    The Sumerian can be found in ancient Egyptian as, “Sah,” meaning black, darkness, nothingness, space.

    “Turn,” was Tur which the Greeks modified into “Tournos,” meaning to rotate or revolve so combined the name, “Saturn,” literally means, “Revolving blackness,” or the nighttime sky which moves.

    That is the highest visible section of heaven; outer space.

    A good test that an ancient word doesn’t come from the language in which it is used is that it is never defined by any ancient scholars. Another test is finding a more ancient use of the same word with a meaning attached to it that translates the same even in it’s foreign-use context.

  • David Mowers

    According to Caesar all Celtic people’s worshiped a god named, “Esus,” or, “Hesus,” and that god died on a cross and ascended to heaven in human form.

    On his known stone epigraphs he is shown guiding sheep and carrying carpenter’s tools.

    The Celtic, “H,” translates as a, “J,” in the Roman Latin.

    Now explain how Celtic people were worshiping Jesus before he was born in England?

  • David Mowers

    The system for understanding how ancients perceived a, “story,” in celestial movements is defined by Plato in the Cratylus.

    It is called, “heteroclitic,” meaning, literally, randomized to the individual. That is, the individual telling the story. It is explained as system personalized by the story-teller which allows seemingly disconnected events to be connected by erasing the time between them happening.

    An example would be Jesus as the Sun in Zeitgeist, who enters the, “tomb,” meaning for three days during the Winter Solstice the Sun’s position on the horizon stays the same while at that same time, at night, his anthropomorphized self as the constellation of Orion reaches its peak viewing each evening at the highest point in the sky due South in mid-evening.

    “Jesus,” as Orion has “risen,” from the tomb of the horizon.

    He also “hangs,” in position having reached the top of an annual cross whereby in Spring/Summer he dips below the horizon which was in ancient times(according to Egyptians) the ‘ECLIPTIC PLANE.’ In other words, “he,” Orion as Jesus, over the course of one year goes from the bottom to the top while each evening journeying ‘ACROSS THE SKY AT NIGHT’ side-by-side, east to west, forming a literal annual cross pattern.

    To make it even more applicable, in Jerusalem when this happens another constellation that has been hidden all year long becomes visible at night; the Crux.

    A literal crucifix or cross.

    Read Gerald Massey’s works and Frances Rolleston. Ms. Rolleston even points out the entire story of Jesus’ birth can be found in one section of constellations at Ophiucus.

  • DebL.

    So I guess only atheists know the truth (well, according to Archarya S, anyway…she also of Zietgiest fame). and yes, Christ was NOT born on December 25 (a date used to lure pagans into the faith…everybody knows this, why do atheists keep harping on it?), but maybe he was conceived on that date (according to Bible scholar EW Bullinger).

    • David Mowers

      On December 25th in Jerusalem the constellation Coma Berenices sits at the Meteroa above the city. According to the Arabs from the region(in the 1,800’s) the constellation included Canes Venetici and was anciently called, “The Swaddled One.”

      Meaning a swaddle-clothed newborn baby.

      Read Frances Rolleston’s Mazzaroth.

  • J James

    Christmas is just another of a great many illusions humanity has been conditioned to believe for the last 6,000 years that includes the need for money. Ironically, both “secular” traditions and the need for money are fabrications of religions themselves with the penultimate goal of controlling both the physical and metaphysical worlds humanity perceives as reality (from a divide-and-conquer platform).

  • Kubrickian

    Agreed. It’s become too comfortable to bash Christianity. As a neutral party to it all I’m increasingly aware of ‘the plan’ to debase Christians around the world. They have no problem with a giant menorah erected on the white house lawn in place of a Nativity scene. Or the fact that hundreds of millions pilgrimage to mecca to rotate around a giant ‘Saturnian cube’ like some kind of Locnar seen in the animated classic Heavy Metal.

    Merry Christmas one and all!

  • xyz

    Great article

  • General [Galen]

    Santa Dressed like an Amanita, riding around in a sleigh driven by reindeer — who eat Fly Agaric, leaving presents under a pine tree — where Fly Agaric grow…

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