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The Case of the Incredible Disappearing Cancer Patients

Tracy Kolenchuk, Contributor
Waking Times

It’s been almost 20 years since I met my first disappearing patient — a nurse in her early 40s, let’s call her Kate. Kate was diagnosed with breast cancer. As a nurse, she had seen the results of breast cancer treatments. She was terrified, and determined. She was not heading for surgery, nor chemotherapy, nor radiation.

But Kate worked in a hospital. She worked with the doctors who diagnosed her cancer, and she worked with the surgeon, who wanted to schedule her into surgery “as soon as possible.”

The first thing Kate did was slow down. She did some research. It didn’t take her long to remind herself that in Canada, and in the USA, the treatments for cancer are akin to law. No hospital would dare deviate from the deadly three (cut, poison, burn).

Kate’s cancer was not large. She had been tested for cancer last year and no cancer was found. She knew it took many years for cancers to develop. At first, she was furious, “If it is here today, it must have been here last year. Why didn’t you find it last year?” It had not metastasized. It was not growing rapidly and was not affecting her health in any way. In theory, she had lots of time. So, she took some time.

But Kate didn’t look for magic cures. She didn’t search for the latest “cancer medicine.” She wasn’t interested in curing herself. She knew she was a nurse, not a doctor. She searched instead for the “cured” – patients who were diagnosed with cancer, and no longer had cancer. She knew from her work in the hospital, from conversations with patients, and with some staff, that these people existed — but from the perspective of the medical establishment, they seemed to disappear.

It didn’t take her long to find some patients who claimed they were cured. They hadn’t disappeared from life. They were eating, drinking, loving, and living full healthy and prosperous lives. But according to the medical records, they didn’t exist. They were “never cured.”

The medical system treated their cures as “anecdotal.” It ignored them. There was no attempt by any doctors to understand what happened to these cancer patients. They were no longer sick. The medical system looks after sick patients, treats sick patients. These patients were not sick.

Kate looked and listened. Her interest was not clinical science vs. anecdotal evidence. Her interest was personal. She talked, listened, compared stories. From several, she learned about a clinic that did not claim to cure cancer. It did not use medicines to treat cancers. But patients were cured, somehow. This clinic was not in Canada. It was not in the USA. She would have to go to Mexico to learn more.

There are lots of alternative treatment clinics in Mexico. Are some of them valid, using important techniques to cure cancers? Are some of them scams, wanting to take money from desperate clients? Do some of them have a cure that works sometimes, but might not work for her? Kate didn’t know. She did more research. She called the clinic.

The staff did not claim to cure cancer. Claiming to cure cancer is dangerous, even for a clinic outside of North America. They suggested Kate visit the clinic and see what happens there, no charge for a visit, but she would need to pay for her travel to Mexico. Kate had done her research. She had met and talked to patients whose cancers had disappeared.

Kate made her decision. She was familiar with cancer diagnosis techniques in Canada. She had undergone a physical examination, a mammogram, that detected a lump in her breast. Then she had a biopsy, where tissue was taken from the lump and was sent to a lab for analysis. The lab technician tested and examined the sample and issued a diagnosis “cancer” or “not cancer.” Once the diagnosis is issued, everybody swings into action. Kate knew that the mammogram had a high false positive rate and a false negative rate. Many people who are diagnosed with a “possible cancer” by a mammogram do not actually have cancer. She was also aware that cancer biopsies have a false positive rate and a false negative rate, as well. Her work in the hospital, with real patients, had made this very clear.

She didn’t really know for certain if she had cancer. Her surgeon, on the other hand, was still pressing her to schedule treatment.

Kate knew one thing. She had time. She cashed out some savings and booked a “holiday” in Mexico.

At the clinic, Kate was surprised that there was no “cancer diagnosis.” They did check the presence and size of the lump on her breast. But they didn’t repeat the biopsy. The clinic read her diagnostic reports, but did not investigate them further. There was instead a very thorough analysis completed by a suite of doctors. It took two full days of tests and interviews, if I remember correctly.

Kate was asked about her family’s medical histories. She gave blood samples. She was questioned extensively about her diet, about what she eats on a regular basis. What foods does she like and eat often. What foods does she not like and never eat. Doctors examined her lungs, her heart, liver, and other bodily organs with various tests. Her immune system was tested. Extensive interviews about her life, her work, her relationships, and more.

At the time I talked to Kate, I didn’t realize that she was not getting a “medical analysis,” she was actually getting a “healthicine analysis.” Her tests and questions fit perfectly to the hierarchy of healthicine: genetics, nutrition, cells, tissues, organs, bodily systems, body, mind, spirit, and community.

Kate’s genetics were analyzed through family history. There may have been further genetic analysis, I don’t remember all of the details. Her nutritional status was analyzed, not just by analyzing what she ate, and what she preferred to eat, but also by studying what she didn’t like to eat, what she deliberately never ate, what foods she believed she was allergic to. Her cells and tissues were analyzed directly, through blood samples and physical examination, and indirectly through medical history and other tests. Many of her organs were tested for healthiness. Her bodily systems, immune system, circulatory system, respiratory system, hormonal systems and more were analyzed and assessed. Her physical body was measured, weighed, and examined. Her mental health was assessed, as well as her spiritual healthiness. She was in good spirits, even in light of a potentially life threatening illness. Her community health was analyzed as well. Her family, her relationships with her children, her spouse, her parents, her work community, and more.

After a few days, Kate met with a group of doctors to discuss her health, not her illness, her healthiness. Diagnosing illness is difficult. Analyzing healthiness is more complex. It took several doctors and several hours for Kate to learn and understand what they had learned about her healthinesses and her unhealthinesses.

They then “prescribed” two weeks, if I remember correctly, of healthiness training, tailored to Kate’s specific situation. She spent the next two weeks at the clinic, learning to be healthier, not learning how to be “healthier in principle,” rather – learning what Kate needed to do to make her diet, her body, her mind, her spirits, and even her relationships with her communities healthier. She could not change her work community. But she could change how she reacted to and interacted with it – to improve her own health. After two weeks of learning at the clinic, her breast lump had started to shrink.

Kate went back to Canada, to put her learning into action. The lump disappeared. Her diagnosis was still there on paper. But her “cancer” had disappeared. She was retested at her hospital and no cancer was found.

Then Kate began to disappear.

When the surgeon asked again, she explained that she was not going to surgery. The surgeon looked away. He refused to look her in the eye after that.

But Kate didn’t disappear from her family. She went back to her family. She didn’t disappear from her job. She went back to her job. She disappeared from the cancer system. Her cancer disappeared, so, as a cancer patient, she disappeared.

Was she cured? We don’t know. There is no useful definition of a cancer cure. No medical or scientific test that can prove a patient has been cured of cancer. Our cancer treatment statistics have no count for people who are cured of cancer. Patients that are cured, whether they are cured with medicines or not, are not counted. No breast cancer patients are officially cured by medicine. If their cancer goes away without treatment, they disappear from statistics. If their cancer is killed by radiation, chemotherapy or surgery, they are not cured, they are a “survivor.” Everyone knows that cancer survivors are always waiting for the cancer to reappear. Their symptoms are in remission, but their cancer is not cured. They are not cured. With no proof of a cure, it might just be hidden.

Kate no longer has cancer. She paid, from her own pocket, for her trip to a clinic in Mexico. After the trip, her cancer disappeared. She had medical insurance. But her insurance wouldn’t pay for her trip. Insurance pays for treatments, not for cures. It pays for treatments, even if they fail. But it does not pay for success. Success disappears.

There are two ways for a cancer patient to disappear. You might be cured by health. Or you might be cured by a medicine that is not approved. In both cases, the medical system will ignore the cure, and ignore the patient.

In healthicine, there are no incurable diseases. If it is not curable – it is not a disease, it is a handicap, a disability, a deficiency, or simply an attribute of the person. All diseases can be cured by definition.

I have since met several cancer patients who have disappeared, and not just cancer patients. Maybe you have too? I’ve met more by internet, email, etc. There is no way for me to determine if a disappeared patient actually had cancer, if their treatment cured their cancer, if their body cured their cancer or if they still have cancer. We can only tell if there is another cancer diagnosis. Nothing can be told from the absence of a diagnosis.

There is no way for any doctor to tell either. There are no tests for a cancer cure. There is no way to recognize, much less document a cancer cure. There are no statistics for cancers cured.

Many cured patients don’t disappear quietly. They speak out. They write books and newspaper articles. They blog. But it doesn’t matter. They still don’t count. Once cured, they disappear. The medical system does not study their cases, does not study their diagnosis, does not study their cures. For chronic diseases, like cancer, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, even obesity, and many more, there are no techniques to document “cured patients.” As a result, there are no statistics for “cured patients” of any chronic illness.

Once they are cured, they disappear. Health doesn’t cure illness, it disappears illness. And medicine doesn’t count people who have disappeared.

To your health, Tracy

About the Author

Tracy Kolenchuk is the founder of Author of two books about healthicine; Healthicine: The Arts and Sciences of Health and Healthiness Healthicine: Introduction to Healthicine.

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  • Saby

    What a great article! You broke the code. My wife is one of those patients who disappeared. Let me explain. When she was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer 7 yrs ago she made up her mind she was not going to allow the system (I call it the Mainstream Medical Vortex) to gobbler her up and dictate what her treatment would be and how she would be treated by the system. She refused to be treated like a widget in the assembly line of medical care. And the worst abusers are the Big Academic Centers. They are so full of themselves, so arrogant about what should be done however for all of their overconfidence they all lack the basic tenants of being real healers. They lack being patient centered. They lack compassion and they almost NEVER listen to the wisdom that patients offer their so called healers. Western Mainstream medicine is built on conformity not creativity or compassion. They have been taught not to question the status quo because that is the best their is to offer patients. You must also understand that the funding arrangements with insurance companies is designed to reward volume NOT quality or ultimate outcomes. Most chronic diseases are considered incurable by Western Medicine. They blatantly disregard those pioneers practitioners who have dedicated their entire careers to helping patients regain their health because it does not meet their narrative, not because their is no evidence that what they do works. On the contrary my wife is a walking testament to the possible with the help of good practitioners and her discipline everyday (very strict organic diet, nutritional supplements, proper exercise and stress management).
    So when a patient like my wife comes to a Big Cancer center (which she did – Sloan-Kettering and U of Pennsylvania) they will never share her story with other patients. In fact what they routinely do is do everything they can to keep patients from speaking to patients. God forbid a patient who is doing good shares their story with one who is suffering and looking for answers. That is forbidden at all costs.
    Even after my wife’s complete recovery from surgery, Chemo and Radiation therapy they wanted to put her on a Fosamax (a horrible drug used to treat osteoporosis) which has been proven to cause Liver damage among other things and categorically does not make bones stronger. She refused and went to a trainer who worked with her for a year completely rebuilding any bone loss caused by the Chemo. Even then that physician tried to scare her into taking it. She refused.
    One of the many benefits of social media like this is that regular folk can read the stories of others suffering with the same situation. They can offer the hope that too many physicians and hospitals don’t or won’t. They can seek out success stories of those who are healing themselves with the help of competent practitioners of all kinds without the use of debilitating drugs, radiation and surgery.
    What the Medical industrial complex doesn’t get is that people are waking up to the fact that they are not there to heal them and they may disappear from their statistics but they are not disappearing from the world. The really smart ones are winning the fight against chronic diseases by seeking out knowledge from alternative sources without the participation of their physicians. And once they understand the answers are out there they either fire their doctors or like my wife stop telling their physicians what they are doing (lest be ridiculed) while at the same time refusing debilitating and ineffective treatments like Chemotherapy, pharmaceuticals, Surgery and Radiation.
    We are all on our own journeys but the people who ask the best questions of their physicians and of themselves have the best chance of healing and living a long and vital life. We need to stop expecting that the system who denies the origins of Cancer and who refuses to acknowledge the impact polluted air, water and food has on optimal health will come up with an effective solution to eradicate cancer or at least listen to what the patient is telling them and treat it more effectively.

  • When you tell a doctor about the way something happens with your body, if it doesn’t fit their idea of what should happen, they just say “that’s impossible, or that is not related” and move on to tell you what they think. There is no sense of curiosity whatsoever, no “really, well let’s look into that a bit more”, no acceptance of any sort of possibility that they might learn something interesting, new, or even helpful. In a couple of cases I have looked at them with obvious disbelief and they have said in shocked voices “You don’t believe me, do you?” and I have said “No”. I mean after all I know what is happening with my body better than they do and if they dismiss what I am telling them happens, how can they possibly know what’s going on! They have blatantly tried to tell me something that I am very clear is not true. Okay so that is my view against theirs, and after all they are the doctors…. surely I should bow down to their ‘superior’ knowledge….. but why would I bow down to someone who dismisses the evidence out of hand? After one such exchange a local dermatologist actually said “Well, it was nice to meet you anyway.” My response was “I wish I could say the same.”

    We also need to bear in mind, that doctors simply cannot know everything. Yes they study a lot of things, but there are also a lot of things outside their area that they know very little about. We shouldn’t expect them to know everything, but we should expect them to listen to our story about what has been happening, and not make 2 second judgements that allow them to write prescriptions and call in the next ‘dummy’. They should investigate further rather than try to stick their version of things onto something where it clearly doesn’t fit. And if they don’t know, or aren’t prepared to try to find out, then we should find someone else to help.

  • Tom Lowe

    We have a local doctor who loves to hand out lung cancer diagnoses. Then the patient commits suicide on this belief. Have seen that happen twice so far.

  • petseeker11

    this article is a bunch of hokey-pokey….

    • PJ London

      This article is a dance step?

      The hokey cokey (United Kingdom) or hokey pokey (United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean) is a participation dance with a distinctive accompanying tune and lyric structure.

      My goodness, who let you near a keyboard.

      • petseeker11

        MY GOODNESS…who believes in silly, unproven ‘treatments’ in Mexico, no less?

        • PJ London

          The thousands of people who go there and come back cured

          • petseeker11


        • Exactly my point. Even if you are cured, ‘treatment in Mexico’ ensures that the medical establishment is not interested in investigating. Dismiss the treatment, don’t check the results. Was she mis-diagnosed? The hospital, the doctors, don’t want to know. They were certain enough to schedule surgery, but not certain enough to check the cure. The moment she left their care, she disappeared from the science of medicine. Her success was not viewed, not noticed, not measured, in fact it was actively ignored. That’s hokey pokey a dance still goes on today.

  • Me. I disappeared in 1990. Stage III Ovarian Cancer was discovered on pathology with my TAH-BSO (total abdominal hysterectomy, bilateral salpingo oophorectomy).
    My surgeon reported the findings to me at my two week check-up and told me that I had to have chemo.
    I refused and signed release of responsibility papers. I did not pursue any further treatment and have had no further issues.
    What is most odd about my story is the reaction I get from other cancer survivors. Those who have suffered through the poisoning and burns seem repulsed by me. I no longer attend the local Relay For Life event as a survivor as I feel I am not welcome. I guess I didn’t earn my badge. Or maybe it’s because I’m not shouting about my cure from the rooftops. Meh.

    • petseeker11

      perhaps you were mis-diagnosed in the first place.

      • PJ London

        And perhaps you make a living by selling the expensive and useless treatments.

        • petseeker11


    • I can understand the doubt. But no. I saw the pathology report and received a copy of it. I knew both of the pathologists who examined my tissues. I was an RN employed at the time at the hospital where I had the surgery.
      I have nothing to gain by telling this story and nothing to sell. My fear of chemo was greater than my fear of dying. It’s just that simple.

      • When chemo kills, the patient disappears as well. They call it ‘cancer’.

        • James Peters

          Citations that chemo kills please?

          • Duh. You can’t be serious. We know chemotherapy is poisonous and can lead to death. If you work in a cancer ward, you are constantly on alert for heart failure in many chemo patients, because specific chemo-therapies are documented to lead to heart failure..

            British Journal of Cancer. “This demonstrated a chemotherapy-related death rate of 13%.” it took me less than 30 seconds to locate it. Challenge yourself. But I’m guessing you’d rather challenge me, it’s easier.

            Does a doctor put ‘death by chemo’ on the death certificate? Which doctor would dare undertake such an action, no matter how much they believed it true? When chemo kills a patient, it is politically correct to blame cancer, or heart failure, but it is medical profession suicide to list ‘chemotherapy’ as a cause of death.

          • James Peters

            Water, just like any other substance, can be considered a poison when over-consumed in a specific period of time. In my view when a person states something along the lines of ”chemo is poison” they are using emotionally loaded language. This is to involve strongly negative reactions beyond their literal meaning. Chemo not surprisingly, is easy to demonize. There are few treatments that can cause so many unpleasant side effects, and when taken to its fullest extreme, such as complete ablation of a patient’s bone marrow in preparation for a bone marrow transplant, it can be brutal. This is all part of the ”cut, poison, burn” terminology that believers in alternative medicine like to use to describe conventional cancer treatments, it is the ”poison” that causes the most fear and is most viciously demonized in the alt-med ”literature”. Also anything can lead to death, like eating or crossing the road. So life is 100% risk free.

            The study you gave lists curative or palliative treatment intentions. Also the definition of chemotherapy treatment included cytotoxic drugs and biological agents, such as cytokines (small proteins that are important in cell signaling) like interferon and monoclonal antibody therapies (MABs recognise and attach to specific singular proteins on cells). It also didn’t look at all types of cancer, there are 100-250. It didn’t take into account the different types of chemo drugs, and there are many. It didn’t take into account age of the patient or how healthy they were before starting treatment. So there are many ”flaws” in it. Also most deaths were due to disease progression in the palliative setting. Only 12 of the 161 deaths occurred in patients who were receiving potentially curative chemotherapy to give a mortality rate in breast and gastrointestinal malignancy of 0.5 and 1.5%, respectively. So the risk–benefit ratio is in favor of treatment with chemo.

            The 10 year survival rate in breast cancer in the UK is 78.4% and in gastrointestinal (stomach) it is only 15%. The one and five year survival rate is 41.8% and 18.9% respectivly. The prognosis of stomach cancer is generally poor, due to the fact the tumour has often metastasised by the time of discovery and the fact that most people with the condition are elderly (median age is between 70 and 75 years) at presentation. So that’s why the treatment with chemo has a higher risk in patients with gastrointestinal malignancies

            (1) Devita et al. 1970 MOPP cures advanced Hodgkin’s disease (Pubmed 5525541)

            (2) 69-74% cure rate for pediatric ALL in 1990. It’s better now, fortunately. Over 90% in many cases (1670723)

            (3) Success at treating disseminated germ cell tumors as reported in 1987 by Einhorn’s group (2437455)

            (4) CMF Chemotherapy after surgery reduces the chance of dying of breast cancer, after 30 years follow up. as reported by the Milan group (PMC546063)

            Data from 2010-11 in the UK and across all types and stages of cancer show’s that 50% of patients will survive for 10 years or more, and this has gotten better of the years

          • I looked at your Disqus profile. Now I understand.

          • James Peters

            Sorry, I don’t know what you mean?

          • Tom Lowe

            Your post was ignored here.

          • Tom Lowe

            A reputable journal to you is one that I will not even bother to look at. Go back and study some high school physics if you want to learn what chemo does to living cells.

            ‘Reputable’ means it came from a fellow criminal medical scammer.

          • James Peters

            Physics involves the study of matter and its motion through space and time, along with related concepts such as energy and force. So how would this help?

        • Tom Lowe

          Chemo and mammograms both cause more cancer than they find or cure. But they make a lot of money for the usual suspects, funding huge incomes and lavish lifestyles.

    • Thanks for sharing. There are many more people like you out there. I’ve met quite a few in person, and more via the internet.

      I’ve even thought of starting a club – but I’ve only cured by arthritis, and my plantar fasciitis, and nobody gives a damn.

      It’s hard to make cures visible, because, as you say, it’s not just the doctors, not just the medical systems that want them to disappear.

      Other patients, who fear they might have suffered unjustly, don’t want to hear the truth, don’t want to believe it. You shouldn’t need to shout your cure. The medical systems should be digging into it, to learn what happened. To understand. To learn how to fix our broken system.

      Our medical system is being held captive by the current paradigm, and it is suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome.

      • James Peters

        ”A new treatment for hepatitis C “cured” 90% of patients with the infection in 12 weeks, scientists said” from the BBC. If you look at Pubmed PMC3893124 and 24725238 you can find the data. What’s more is that one of the companies behind these treatments what’s a 95% cure rate across most, if not all genotype’s and in 6-12 weeks. The cost of HCV over the lifetime of a patient can run into high six figures. The cost of transplant alone, can run up to $300-$350k. The cost of the cure? ~$70k. So these drugs are life saving game changers.

        • Tom Lowe

          $70k for a bunch of drugs worth $20? What a total ripoff. I’ll take the Hep C instead. It can be lived with. A $70k ripoff cannot be lived with.

          • James Peters

            Chronic Hep C is a serious disease that can result in long-term health problems, including liver damage, liver failure, liver cancer, or even death. It is the leading cause of cirrhosis and liver cancer and the most common reason for liver transplantation in the US. It also costs a lot over the course of a person’s lifetime, and the drug treatments are far cheaper and cure most people

      • Tom Lowe

        The medical system suffers from worship of the almighty dollar, and health be damned.

  • Tonino

    This state of affair comes from the false belief, the confusion, that it’s the treatment (drug or whatever) that cures. It is the body that cures itself. When it can’t, the disease becomes chronic or kills. That is why any medicine that promotes healing can work.

    • Yes. The only cure is health. Medicine believes the common cold is incurable, but health cures it easily in a week.

      • Matt Sharp

        I had never thought about it like that before, mind blown!

  • “Healthicine” sounds like another psuedo-science scam and I am unsurprised that one would have to travel to a corrupt third-world nation to find a clinic that practices it. I know from personal experience that the healthcare system in Canada is not just some kind of surgery factory. Doctors here tend to make their bread & butter off of diagnostics. There are huge wait times for surgery and doctors have little economic incentive to schedule unnecessary procedures(unlike in the private system in the U.S.). It strikes me as highly risky to ignore the advice of a licensed professional to seek out a quasi-professional in a highly unregulated jurisdiction. I wonder how much money this woman spent for basic nutritional information which could have been found in the public domain. Don’t get me wrong, nutrition can oftentimes be the determining factor of overall health, just as there are foods that can cause disease there are foods that can prevent it. For every story like this of seeming success(though this seems more like a misdiagnosis than a legitimate cure) there are many individuals who died ignoring a doctors advice. The problem with these kinds of anecdotes are only the one side is around to tell their story. It’s not that I have 100% faith in the current system, I do not take prescription drugs to treat symptoms, but if my doctor tells me I need to cut a tumor out of my testicle you better believe I would do it without any foolish thoughts about it making me less of a man…

    • PJ London

      Hey sunshine, your body, your testicles, but why pretend that you know about “more like a misdiagnosis”, you do your thing and let others do theirs in peace.

      If you spent even 2 days researching Cancer, you would know that the diagnosis and treatment is the biggest scam in history.

      Ask any real doctor, “If your child had cancer would you prescribe chemo, surgery and radiation?” If he was honest and even mildly competent he would tell you no-way.

      You can start your research with Gaston Naessons, whose 100% success caused him to be struck off and jailed in Canada, his methodology was then picked up in (OMG) Mexico. Then read about Dr. XVI Burzynsky, all you are showing here is your ignorance.

      • petseeker11

        he wouldn’t be much of a parent if he relied on hooey and ignored his child’s treatment…he’d also incur a visit with child protective services…

        • PJ London

          You are entitled to your opinion, ignorant, uninformed and infantile as it may be.

          You obviously do not bother to inform yourself about the background, and current status of the cancer debate.

          You clearly have not read or considered the doctors that I referenced, and are a danger to any person for whom you are responsible.

          You would have agreed that the government had a veto over the treatment provided to patients, regardless of outcomes and would rather go along with the idea that you somehow know better than a person who has studied the matter.

          Some 400,000 people per year die as a direct result of medical intervention! This is not debatable. These 400,000 died not from disease but from the treatments and drugs that were provided and enforced by persons with your attitude.

          Go in peace, but do not presume to tell others, better informed and directly involved, what actions they must take.

          “The parents of five-year-old Ashya King, who were detained after taking him abroad for brain tumour treatment, say their son is now free of cancer.

          Brett and Naghemeh King were held in prison in Madrid last summer after taking their son from hospital in Southampton against medical advice.

          They took him to receive treatment in Prague that was unavailable in the UK.

          The NHS Trust that treated Ashya has declined to comment on his current condition.

          Mr King has told the Sun newspaper a recent scan showed “no evidence” of the tumour.”

          You are a disgrace. You would have killed this boy. the British doctors would have killed this boy. The experts would have killed this boy. The government would have killed this boy.

          His parents and their courage saved him from fools such as you.

          • petseeker11

            child officials would intervene n such a case and see to it the child got proper care and treatment.

          • PJ London

            You are a stupid person, the hospital had told them that there was no cure, that all they could do was alleviate, they went to court to force the family to agree the treatment knowing that it was not in any way a cure.
            The family grabbed the child and fled to Spain, where the Officials had them arrested!
            Your ignorance is alarming.
            Nonetheless, you get to vote for the pimps and paid prostitutes called politicians, who vote these measures. I am disgusted.
            They took him to a better country where a different methodology cure him.

          • petseeker11

            you’ll believe anything…

          • PJ London

            I am then in the shadow of a double Nobel prize winner. (Who you probably have never heard of)

            “Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts,” said Richard Feynman in the 1960s

            Any time you want to discuss QED, come back with some facts.

          • petseeker11

            I’m not the one believing in quackery…

  • PJ London

    I think it is actually worse than she says. I had an uncomfortably large cyst on my neck, so I went to the doctor to have it drained. He declined to do it (too big to handle at his surgery) and referred me to a surgeon at the local (NHS UK) hospital. Obviously, he could not see me as he was too busy, but his office would call as soon as a slot became available.
    While waiting I became interested in something called “Th*** Healing” as I had experienced some “instant” healing of earlier injuries.
    I took a course and it occurred to me that I should “heal” myself, rather than wait. Well it was not instant, it took me two weeks of whatever, to get it to go away.
    When the hospital called 8 weeks later I told them it was all right I did not need them any more, and they informed me that, such a thing was not possible, and I would not be allowed any services from that hospital in future.
    Not only did I disappear I was not permitted to re-appear either.

    • Crystal Lewis

      Could you please tell me what the healing is you performed? In your post it just says “Th*** Healing” I love reading up and studying everything I can get my hands on.

      • PJ London

        Hi Crystal, It was /is called Theta Healing. Like most of these schemes, (Dianetics, Holistic …) the concepts were great and one or two of the people were very nice, but the main aim of the set up was to extract money from people like me, (us) to become practitioners.
        The delivery of courses and material was less than I expected but the techniques and practice (as in physician heal thyself) was in my case excellent.
        If you want a nice experience with nice (Kumbaya ) people and don’t mind the cost, good way to spend a weekend or in advanced case 3 weeks.
        Not a way to make a living, and unless you have a lot of friends who like meditation tech, you will battle to recoup the cost.
        PS working with CBT and Dianetic concepts is more result oriented and brings better result.

    • Yes. Thanks for sharing. Medical systems are not interested in success. It challenges the system, challenges their view of un-reality. tracy

  • BrianFraser

    Good article!

    I work at a hospital and I too am really disgusted with the American approach to “health” care, which is really sickness care. Legally, cancer is not “cured” unless it is “killed”. But there are many things that can simply make it go away.

    One thing that women need to be aware of is that women have an especially high need for iodine: the breasts, thyroid, and ovaries are avid concentrators of iodine, and iodine, is, for several reasons, deficient in the American diet. Iodine is very important for normal immune system functioning. See:

    For more about cancer, see “Critical nutritional deficiencies” at:

  • whoami

    Oh, the irony! -A ‘nurse’, you say? That would be one of those people who are just ‘following orders’ when they inject you or someone you love with various vaccines.
    Maybe it was the nagalase that was causing her own alleged problems?
    Maybe I’m wrong, perhaps she works for the good-type doctors, but from what is presented here I doubt that.
    So, my point I need to make is this: did she get what she wanted then go right back to making other people sick and/or dead for a few dollars?

    • Guillotine_ready

      Good question. I feel where you are coming from

      • wakinglioness

        We need a system where everyone can prove that they can grow enough food to sustain themselves. We need a system where a young person cannot become independent or obtain indipendent housing until he proves this. We need a system where no one can get a job until he proves this. Forget the Background checks. Let´s do garden checks. Then people will have a choice of going back to work.

    • Nurses are people too. Well meaning people. We need to respect every person while we challenge specific actions.

      As far as I remember and know, she went back to helping people who are sick. If it was me, I would have had a wry smile every time i had to work with the doctor who refused to acknowledge my cure, being present,not invisible.

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