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The Shadow War Between the Banking Cabal & Global Alliance is Escalating

Nuclear ExplosionPhillip J. Watt, Contributor
Waking Times

It’s been a wild couple of months in economics and geopolitics. We’ve seen chess moves that have changed the dynamics in global power for the positive of humanity, as well as those which are only barely maintaining the status structure.

It’s definitely reaching a do-or-die state of affairs for all involved.

As a contextual overview, there is a shadow war taking place. A western cabal, driven primarily by US and Israeli forces, have been in power for dozens of decades (you can read about it in depth here, as well as some but not all of the most powerful families here). Fortunately though, they are slowing losing grip on their monopoly of control.

There are many names for this power structure, including the deep state, cabal, globalists, elitists, banksters, Zionists and Illuminati, to name but a few. This elite cabal serve to destroy that which doesn’t align with their interests, which as you may have guessed is chaos. In addition, they might still have a successful psy-op campaign on the masses which is inducing some people further into their coma, yet this is disintegrating fast as they no longer dictate the perspective of alternative thinkers.

The reality is more and more truthseekers are breaking free.

They have so many names because they have so many fingers in so many pies, so it must be made clear that they’re the ones primarily controlling certain governmental action (including US national and foreign policy), the matrix-media and a high proportion of the global economic central and private banking systems.

They have many other layers and factions too. There are secret societies, corporate arms, patents on technological advances, legal mechanisms and political power, as well as a wealth of minions that blindly do their bidding. If only these puppets realized that obeying their perceived masters is at the long-term expense of both themselves and their families, they would stand up and be counted as those who oppose the bloody take-over of our planet.

That leads to the main goal of the cabal; global governance. Once they solidify an overarching legal, social, psychological and even spiritual framework for the worlds people, then their power will be untouchable. They will live on as ‘the men that united the world’, however the truth that wouldn’t reach the history books is that they desecrated, devalued and demonized so much of the cultural and natural wisdom that permeates humanity’s heart.

They are being challenged though. There are alliances that have formed between power brokers from both the West and East. This alliance, which I will call the Western-Eastern Development (WED), is the group engaged in a shadow war with the banksters. At times they are engaged directly, such as the fiasco of the Middle East, and at others indirectly, such as through the creation of new economic structures.

The WEDs are a force of some Eastern power brokers, as well as many people and interest groups in the West who are opposed to the Zionist and New World Order agendas. You can read a fantastic breakdown of some of their recent chess moves here and here.

Of course the new occupation of Syria by the Russian and soon-to-arrive Chinese military is a direct ‘fuck you’ to the cabal. After all, IS was funded and weaponized by them to oust Assad so that economic and political control could be further instituted throughout the Middle East. With a union formed there they hoped that the European and American unions, along with certain Eastern sell-outs, could combine for the successful implementation of a global governance.

Yet the tables appear to turning which is highly influenced by the energetic and consciousness shifts happening in our era. This may lead them to even more extreme measures, such as a false flag event which leads to WWIII with Russia, China, Iran and their affiliates. On the other hand, their next move might be an orchestrated global economic meltdown so that agreements such as the TPP, TiSA and TTIP, as well as the UN’s ‘The 2030 Agenda’, could come into instant, dramatic and full-blown effect.

It must be recognized at this point that the UN was created by these shadow puppeteers and that these trade agreements are designed as precursors to a one world government. For an objective critique of the trade agreements, read here, and for the UN agenda, read here.

Furthermore, the stories that the sleeping masses are told, and even our so-called leaders, are full of lies, manipulation and propaganda. We cannot afford to fall for this as a society any longer, otherwise we will continue to be complicit in an agenda that serves to immortalize the blood lines of these mentally ill people, at the expense of human culture, livelihood, health and life itself.

Now of course no power structure is free of corruption and greed, so the WEDs will need appropriate investigation too. Ideally it would be great if they all just came clean and was transparent with the masses so we could work out a team plan. But given the current players have shown what they’re truly worth, its clear that they’re not the world leaders we need for an inclusive, honorable, healthy, progressive, equal and united global culture.

The vast majority of people just want love and peace. We need a progressive economy in which nobody slips through an intelligently and morally designed safety net. The environment should be cared for in sustainable ways. We also need a value system that will encourage the true virtues to manifest including cooperating, rather than competing with each other.

Ultimately, the global power dance is in full swing. With a faltering global economy, geopolitical challenges, the WED alliance and the droves of truthseekers waking up, the ivory tower need a new plan. If sense prevails, they’ll work with us to implement a transparent and truly just system for all of humanity’s future, however given their track record, its doubtful they’ll see the light.

Never say never, though.

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Phillip J. Watt lives in Australia. He best identifies as a ‘self-help guide’. His written work deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as self-development. Follow him on Facebook or visit his website.

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  • Everything is fraud. Governments are corporations. Banks don’t lend money. The national debts (for which We are the collateral) represent the amount of money defrauded from the each country’s People by their central banks. “War is a racket” ~ Gen. Smedley Butler. In your mortgage, you’re referred to as “the Tennant.” Our psychotic overlords legally but unlawfully own everything of value and everyone in their “free world.” We desperately need actual democracy: Our own system that perpetually defines the true will of the People regarding everything for all to know. Our will is never defined. It’s maligned. The problem is that We have no voice, no mechanism to enable us to speak collectively.

    Science recently proved the universal law that observation is manifestation. Such a system would show everyone that our vast majority only wants peace, truth, justice, freedom and prosperity for Posterity. Our global observation of these facts will manifest them. If you wish to end this insanity, then redirect your resources toward creating real democracy for the second time in history. (The first was my own 2001 attempt at
    or dot com.) Save your children from a “Soilent Green” future
    peacefully from your easy chairs in your spare time. I’ll help if I
    can. Thanks for reading.

    • BDBinc

      Co -governing with the “corporation of the usa’s” congress?
      Isn’t that kind of what they want to do with the Pope’s climate change religion- a majority rule- collectivism, mob hijacking the positive changes that we desire for the world and imposing the NWO?

      Are you also recommending to people they stop supporting the illusion of “democracy” (the majority mob rule) the banksters set up to control /govern the people?

      So do you tell them to stop voting as that is fraud. How to loose the “legal name “to step outside the Crown’s legal system.
      What do you think would happen if we all focused on peace?
      Our will (with the understanding that we are co creators) would manifest. Its not as we are pre programmed to feel powerless that we should be ruled. All the appearances/manifestations at this time are created, fueled by the media, cultural beliefs and Hollywood. We are told by the media what is happening, we are literally juiced for the emotion fear .

      Its all our belief in and our silent consent for what is happening.
      Thinking that we need private banksters to create money from nothing and then loan it to our nation in exchange for our debt slavery. The govt keeps most people busy in meaningless work. Too busy to question, not exposing it and stepping out of it. Keep others feeling degraded dependent upon on a small welfare payment (which goes into their corporations hands anyway food & utilities).

      Our feeling peace and love will manifest it.
      A desire for peace makes one restless .
      Each one of us must feel it and be the peace we want in the world.

  • BDBinc

    Or the Russian bombing of Syria was done as a deliberate escalation. I am not a big believer in virtues of the heated up cold war as the same banksters set up the BRICS and ADB.
    What can you really say you know about the ‘global alliance’ ?
    I also see the media set up of Putin as a ‘good guy ” (ie good vs evil) as though the made up false media cause would somehow justify the war.
    For what good can come of ww3?

    Another point would be the economy is totally fictitious. And the economy is under the banksters control. The “fill in the blank ” state of the economies is due to what the banksters will not loan your govt or corporation ( the bankster cuts) and also what their media arm tells you.

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