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The Corporate Push for Mandatory Vaccines in Canada Begins

Vaccine Syringe NeedleDave Mihalovic, Prevent Disease
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As American legislators remain embroiled in draconian measures to enforce mandatory vaccination, leaders of Canada’s largest doctors’ group are calling for the same policies under heavy influence by the American Medical Association to change the way medicine is practiced in Canada. 
There are more Medical Doctors Opposing Forced Vaccinations around the world.

At its annual meeting in Halifax, August 23-26 the 80,000 member group of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is intending to vote on a “mandatory vaccination” resolution requiring that all children registering for school or daycare show proof they are fully vaccinated.

Under the guidance of some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, and in addition to calling for proof of vaccination, the CMA board is endorsing a multi-year plan to increase vaccination rates.

The most extremist pro-vaccine lobbying groups, those that are strictly endorsing that all vaccines are safe and effective for all people, all the time, by force if necessary, is now part of the extended network of the medical mafia matrix.

The CMA is aligning its policies with the American Medical Association and other powerful medical lobby groups that have pushed resolutions to eliminate parental choice from vaccine decision-making. This recently occurred in California where Senate Bill 277 struck California’s personal belief exemption for vaccination, applying to public and private school students and children enrolling in day care.

There was sufficient evidence as to why SB 277 should not become law, but this was ignored:

  • it is not based on scientific evidence or compelling state interest;
  • it is a violation of parental and human rights;
  • it requires children to risk vaccine injury, while vaccine manufacturers and doctors administering vaccines are shielded from vaccine injury liability;
  • it discriminates against children to deny them a school-based education guaranteed by the California Constitution; and
  • it will be excessively expensive to administer and enforce.

It seems Canadians will soon also be deprived of their medical right to informed consent, abrogating Constitutional guarantees under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms of that nation.

It’s an aggressive attempt to disempower parents from deciding which, if any, vaccines a child would get, and when they would get them.

Vaccine Choice Canada has provided a fully referenced letter to the CMA here. It details both the legal and scientific issues surrounding mandatory vaccination

Tell the CMA you are against their resolution calling for “mandatory vaccination of children” because:

  • It is illegal to mandate vaccines in Canada without personal and religious exemptions due to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • Mandating vaccinations without personal and religious exemptions would breach the following laws, codes and conventions on Informed Consent which is the right to understand the risks of medical treatments and the right to choose or refuse them:
    – Canadian Medical Law
    – Provincial regulations such as Ontario’s Health Care Consent Act
    – The CMA’s own medical code of ethics
    – International Conventions to which Canada is signatory, including
    the Nuremberg Code, and Helsinki Accords and the UNESCO Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights
  • As a matter of justice, a policy of mandatory vaccination which carries medical risk must be accompanied by a vaccine injury compensation program. Unlike every other Western nation except Russia, Canada does not have such a national compensation program in place.

Mandatory vaccination threatens our basic human rights because it:

  • Undermines the right of families to protect their children from unwanted medical interference
  • Invalidates the personal freedoms of conscience and religion and the legal right to security of the person guaranteed to all citizens by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • Violates our right to know and understand what we are putting in our bodies, and to refuse unwanted medical treatments, whether ‘preventive’ or ‘therapeutic’
  • Ignores the thousands of vaccine adverse events reported in Canada each year and health injuries that are occurring – the majority to young children
  • Exposes families to the risk of vaccine injury and death without any National vaccine injury compensation program
  • Changes our relationship with the medical profession, making Doctors into medical enforcers and Judges, rather than professional resources we consult with in order to make our own medical decisions

Please sign this petition and send a message to the CMA in time for their annual meeting in Halifax, August 23-26: NO MANDATORY VACCINATION IN CANADA!


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  • I don’t know what the big deal is here, in my province of Ontario there are already a dozen or so mandatory vaccines for children, you cannot enroll your child in school without them. It has been so for at least 35 years, when I was a child. Perhaps some provinces lag behind and they just want to harmonize the system across the country. It’s not like I agree with it, but at least everyone I know got the shots without getting autism or whatever…

    • RealeyesRealizeReallies

      If you can’t see the issue it’s because your not informing yourself and that’s ok for you. But if you think everyone else should be like you then you have an ego problem.
      If they push for this, I believe it’s an act of outright war against the people and it will not end pretty for anyone.

      • I am informed on the subject, which is why as an adult I have refused any optional vaccinations like the flu shot. The simple reality is that a small percentage of people have adverse reactions to vaccines which can in extreme cases lead to neurological disorders. The establishment simply doesn’t care about those few, because they are focused on the many. They eradicated Polio, what do they care about the few people who ended up with MS because of the Simian virus that tainted the culture medium. My wife got cervical cancer from an HPV infection, if the Gardasil shot existed when she was a teenager than all of that might have been avoided. I worried about the shots that my young child was forced to have, but she seemed to have come through unscathed. I still have yet to hear of any outbreaks of scarlet fever, measles, or polio in my province, so vaccination programs actually have some benefit to the community. As with most everything in life there are always risks, but when you refuse the mandatory shots on your child’s behalf, you are taking risks with not only their health but the health of others in the community…

        • RealeyesRealizeReallies

          You hit the nail on the head with your very first sentence. You have a “choice”. Children in some states and provinces do not.
          The simple reality is we as people do not have one iota of an idea of what harm has come from vaccines considering any legal cases are sealed shut on settlement never to be heard from again. So your guess, everyone’s guess is just that a guess. But there are plenty of people & professionals who have come forward worldwide. The fact we have to dig to find out it’s a guess is a problem.
          They did not eradicate polio, polio was already in significant decline prior to the release of the vaccine due to significant improvements in hygene . This information is easy to find online.
          I’m sorry about your wife. But risky business is risky and venereal warts can be taken care of if dealt with early. It’s when they are not dealt with that these problems can arise. Gardasil is not the answer, perhaps abstinence.
          Children should have choice just like you have. Informed choice would be ideal. Those disclosures that are contained in every single dose of vaccine do not contain warnings for nothing..:)
          I do appreciate your opinions.

  • Hp B

    In 2003 ‘O Canada’ sailed full steam into The Yehuda Triangle
    (New York-London-Tel Aviv) …. and out sailed Zio-America Jr.

    As the judge said to Ernst Zundel – “the truth is no defense!”

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