Reversing The Edward Bernays Effect

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How to end a century of lies and mass mind manipulation ushered in by one man…

America has been plagued by a powerful mind control tactic which was suggested, experimented with, and fully implemented over a century ago by a man named Edward Bernays. The time has come for Americans to come to grips with the content and theories that Bernays used to influence American history. It’s time to call out the legacy of deceit and manipulation that this man brought to American history; by doing this, only then can America begin to heal from the web of psychological damage inflicted on a nation.

This tactic of psychological manipulation, control and deceit has spawned into a world-wide media propaganda practice (which he personally developed for the CIA) that has proven venomous and destructive, and that has been directly and indirectly responsible for the death of tens of millions of people in the past century alone.

It was the deceptive Bernays who studied his uncle’s work (Sigmund Freud) on psychoanalysis and thought through his own theories about human behavior and how to manipulate the masses. When speaking of Bernays we are talking about a man who seemed unattached to human suffering. Bernays seems to have walked through life proud of what he had discovered. There seems to be no indication that he ever actually realized the magnitude of the damage he inflicted on humanity by putting into practice his deceptive mind control theories, to be used for promoting ideas that were not necessarily true and ideas that would be used to control humans. Bernays’ pride seemed to have come from knowing that his predictions about human behavior were correct. There are no indications that he felt any remorse for what he had done.

Despite all of this, Bernays is respected and esteemed in a positive manner by Hollywood and constituents. He seemed to have walked through life under the radar of fame. He managed to manipulate the world, including showing politicians how to sell wars to the general public while millions of innocent people and troops from both sides of the world wars died in vain.

It’s time for America to come together to reverse the Edward Bernays effect. Let’s do what we can to expose the deceptive public persuasion techniques he implemented and let the world know there is a manual on how to lie to the public and manipulate the masses into believing propaganda lies.

3 Steps to Take to Solve the Problem

As a nation we can begin to peel apart the lies and deception of Edward Bernays one by one and tell the public today what Bernays refused to tell them then. Three steps can be taken to trigger the reversal of the Edward Bernays effect:

First step is to educate those we come in contact with about exactly who Edward Bernays was. It is important to note that he was the nephew of Sigmund Freud, the most popular and influential figure in the American psychology books and literature. Understanding who Bernays was will likely shed a very different light on how many perceive Sigmund Freud and his work. It will make you wonder if Freud’s work would even be spoken about today had it not been for his nephew promoting his uncle’s work.

Second step is to realize that although humans CAN be influenced by getting them to respond to unconscious primitive urges, that doesn’t mean that we should be striving to do this. Just because something is possible doesn’t mean we should seek to do it. It is possible to skin a cat alive, it is however, a crime and an immoral, heartless and psychopathic thing to do. Bernays was apparently so manipulative and self-absorbed he managed to stop humanity at the first level of logic which I call the ‘Frankenstein experiment’ level; ‘since it is possible, then let’s do it and see how it works.’ In other words, Bernays agreed to be an instrument of deceit to destroy the lives of many just so he can observe the results and receive the glory of being the master manipulator or more officially the founding father of modern day public relations.

By all standards, humanity recognizes that if someone does something that causes the death and destruction of millions, then that action should be punishable and recognized as an evil or immoral deed. No such case when dealing with a historic master manipulator; Bernays died with more blood on his hands than possibly anyone else in American history, yet he was never tried for his crimes against humanity or was ever in jail for what he did.

Third, once you realize the damage implemented by Bernays’ lies and deceit it is up to you to work toward reversing these lies and deception. Let’s tell the world that truth is not determined by a billboard, a cleverly timed mass media article, a TV commercial, a movie trailer or any stage that feeds information to the masses. Truth is not determined by how you FEEL about it or how the messenger delivers the message. We have feelings and those feeling have NOTHING to do with what is true. Let’s admit that we are all vulnerable to manipulation by messages that are based on emotion and sensation. These emotions and sensations can be manipulated with sound and sight, music and emotional outbursts, powerful speeches and rhyming phrases.

Let’s equally realize that human intelligence, commonsense and reason is a special gift that though it doesn’t serve government much, it serves YOU the individual very much. Edward Bernays could have just as easily studied how the people can manipulate governments or how everyday people can promote themselves to corporations to live dynamic and successful lives. Instead he chose the dark side and gave all his work to government and the process of controlling the masses in such a way that it gave controlling governments all the power to kill and destroy.

Will you be someone perpetuating the Edward Bernays lies? Are you willing to look into this topic and see where this man pulled humanity and America in the wrong direction for over a century now? Think for a minute what this world would be like if we can pull together to reverse the evil etched into the consciousness of humanity by one man? I absolutely believe this reversal is possible and is already in progress. With every passing day more and more people are hearing and wondering a little more about just who this guy was and why do most American have no idea who he was.

Moving On

Enough of the dark theories which have plagued humanity for too long. It’s time to move on from the basic lessons learned. Marketing and public relations are based on lies; all politics and politicians live and die by public relations, lies and carefully timed talking points and sequential messages. The government NEEDS the press and all of its marketing tools to deceive the public into believing what it wants the public to believe. This persuasion IS the matrix of lies and deceit we live in, and this system of cognitive persuasion authored by Bernays IS the very lifeline of the establishment government. To believe anything different is to believe in fantasies and conspiracies.

The Edward Bernays work is a clear record of the cognitive manipulation of humanity. Don’t ignore it, instead confront the reality of it and join humanity as we work to REVERSE this effect for good.

Humanity is gifted with reason and highly intellectual cognitive skills that are far superior to the skills of other animals; yet even animals, many of which are incredibly resourceful, instinctual, intuitive and highly respectful of nature, won’t do some of the things humans do. Will you allow the work of one man erase these incredible skills you are equipped with? Often people speak about waking up, elevating consciousness or going down the rabbit hole of truth and it may just be that these terms refer to simply reversing the Edward Bernays effect. What do You think?

About the Author

Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.

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  • Andrew146

    The use of Bernays like tactics of mass mind control must be treated like a deplorable act, and a crime against humanity. It is our only hope.

  • Thebes

    I highly second the recommendation for the BBC documentary series “Century of the Self”, free at the BBC’s website or of course there are torrents at the usual places.

  • The key is waking people up to the ‘reality’ that we have all been under a staggering amount of mind control since our birth. Not only have our thoughts been manipulated buy how we think those thoughts as well.

    IMHO this is the most important topic of all. Regardless of whatever ‘event’ that shakes someone from their deep sleep and they then partially awakened. If the populace remains unaware of the numerous techniques used to control their thoughts and actions then we will forever be enslaved.

    I wrote an article that would complement this one well. It’s focus comes from Aldous Huxley, another member of the gang. But one with more conscious than Bernays. It’s about a talk he gave speaking about the different methods of ‘control’.

  • TimeToWakeUPAmerica

    EVERY American needs to realize that America was HIJACKED on Dec. 23, 1913, when President Woodrow Wilson signed the so-called “Federal” “Reserve” Act. To learn TRUE HISTORY, go here:

    X22 Report: Central Bankers Can’t Stop The Economic Collapse Instead They Will Cover It Up

    Be sure to read ALL comments, click on ALL links, & read, view, listen to ALL content. TAKE NOTES, IF NECESSARY.

  • hp

    The sacred Dollar Bill should have an image of P.T. Barnum on one side, and the little snake in the grass Eddie Bernays on the other.

  • dan

    We have all been mesmerized by these black magic sorcerers. Generational wealthy philanthropists run this show. The subjects always need to be kept in line.

  • blu

    I think this was a good article but I agree with the other commenters that it was very focused on the ‘Bad Man’ Bernays which can lead to getting caught up in a one part of the bigger picture.

  • Danny Miles

    I wonder at your demonizing Edward Brenay. It resembles the same tactic used by our mind control hosts in focusing on a “leader” such as Saddam Hussain, and then blaming him for the entire result of historic social forces. Mr. Brenay did not work alone. There were many dozens of social scientists involved in turing mass psychology into the marketing monster that has resulted. They saw nothing wrong in using peoples natural tendencies to forge a new society.
    In the erotic fantasies, and death wish discussed by Freud, are rich urges which can be shaped by media. Indeed Media and it’s owners can be more easily faulted than Brenay for the result of his research.
    If we are indeed to reverse the trends of mass marketing, the first step would be to turn off the T.V.set.

  • Lee Welter

    In 1928, Edward Bernays, “The Father of Public Relations”, published his book,
    PROPAGANDA. His opening sentence reads: “The conscious and intelligent
    manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element
    in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute
    an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.”

    Thirty-seven years later, Jacques Ellul authored PROPAGANDA: THE FORMATION
    OF MEN’S ATTITUDES, concluding fewer than 10% of us can resist propaganda’s
    powerful influence.

    Thomas Jefferson warned: a poorly educated society will not remain free. That’s probably why politicians maintain America’s K-12 monopoly school system.

    I do not fault Edward Bernays: like George Orwell, he revealed the techniques of deception. It’s the gullible, influenced by the psychopaths, among us I blame for the resulting degradation of society (and especially politics). The remedy is to properly educate our population. One step is to provide school choice to every family — not just to those who can afford to pay twice. Monopolies produce lower quality at higher cost: free markets produce higher quality at lower cost.

    • thomas

      The best comment I’ve read in a few days, couldn’t agree more

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    Freud & Bernays = “immoral, heartless and psychopathic”. Both devoted to the mind control of gullible people. Both part of the European Jewish legacy to the world.

  • carol

    The reversal is well underway Mr Suarez. A whole new world of thinking, feeling, life giving energy is vibrating through each and every one of us!
    I hope your words make all those who are unaware of this odious little man’s perverted midas touch on humanity, stop, read on and feel repulsed by his open contempt for the sanctity of life.

    Thank you. I love being made to question my questions again…….

    • Anonymous

      The reversal is well underway? You apparently live in a pretty small world. There are 7 billion or so people on this planet and by far, most of them are still under the spell.

    • kurt

      Perhaps you could expand on your comment and provide evidence and examples /lynx to support your claim that “The reversal is well underway”


    • kurt
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